Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 16 String Customer feedback

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Comments: I'm a long time user of this string so I feel deserving of a comment. Pros: great ball bite, great topspin, decent pop, decent feel, super durable, little more "give" than RPM in my opinion. Cons: wild tension fluctuations, stiff, little unpredictable on launch. This string is taylor made for western grippers or big low to high swings that want as much top spin in their game as possible. With its high launch angle it didn't quite fit my game which is why I switched to ALU but a great string for sure. I recommend it!
From: Darrel, 2/15

Comments: I tested this string at 54 pounds. During the first several minutes, it's very stiff. When the strings settle in the racquet, you can feel the ball and you can hit big topspin forehands and backhands with no fear. The only downside was durability. After 8-10 hours of play, the strings died, I lost control on my shots and I started to feel pain in my arm. Do not play with dead polys. However, Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour is a very good choice! Ball bite and power are great!
From: Gustavo, 7/14

Comments: Great string for power and spin. Not a very good string for feel. Feels like hitting with brick wall.
From: William, 3/14

Comments: Tried tons of strings before coming back to this one again. Excellent feel and pop. Tension maintenance is only OK. If you haven't decided on the strings be sure to give it a try.
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: I found this string to have very bad tension maintenance and was not very durable. Great string for the first couple days, but then strings get very loose and you lose control of the ball.
From: Luke, 12/13

Comments: I do not have much experience with other polyesters or even strings in general, but this string is great for me. I am a pretty big hitter, but this string at 54 lbs. on my Babolat XS 105 does not seem to lose tension or break. I had previously used N.Vy 17g, and broke that in about a week's time. I have had this string for maybe two or three months and I play at least 7-8 hours a week, but this string still plays amazingly. One thing I would say is that it is not too low-powered.
From: Erik, 9/13

Comments: This is a good string for the price. I break it every 2 weeks though, but since I hit pretty hard, that makes sense. I hybrid with Alu Power in the crosses at 48 lbs. Try this combo if you want to -- I recommend it!
From: Daniel, 7/13

Comments: After stringing my PS90 BLX with RPM Blast, I decided that it was a little costly for me. So, I decided to try out the PHT since it was a little bit cheaper and very similar to RPM. Both strings give great access to spin but unlike PHT, a newly strung racquet with RPM gives a lot more spin, but for PHT, it takes time to get that lovely spin feeling. However, just like many previous users of RPM Blast and PHT, both strings drop tension around 3-4 lbs. Accompanying the tension drop, the strings start to die out. PHT however, has a lot more power when compared to RPM Blast which is a little bit more controlled during the tension drop. I honestly love the tension drop both strings give since its easier on the arm and it gives better feel (in my opinion) but I have to side with RPMs. It's a softer co-poly and is amazing from when it's newly strung and starting to die out. PHT takes time to adjust to but I just can't seem to get that feel RPM gives me. Nonetheless both strings are great. I string my racquets at 54 lbs but am thinking about stringing them at a lower tension so it's easier on the arm at first and get better feel.
From: Stephen, 11/12

Comments: I've been using the same string job for about six months. It is full set of PHT at 50 lbs (it sounds like it would be harsh on the arm, and it is). The string performs the same after six months of heavy hitting - absolutely incredible. I have noticed some initial loss in tension, and then it was consistent all the way. Control is so easy, changing direction, spin, slice, drop shots. Previous to this I have been playing with 17g version which plays slightly better, but drops tension dramatically after 10 hours of play. This is for heavy hitting, power servers who break strings very fast. This string is not for players who force the ball, it will grind your arm in 5 minutes when hitting with bad technique. Remember to string low, and you will have a blast.:-)
From: William, 3/12

Comments: This is a very good string but somewhat costly. It has good control, decent power, and ok with comfort. First time I strung it at 59 lbs and though it was ok it still had a boardy feel. I moved to 54 lbs and then to 49 lbs. At 49 lbs, it is perfect. I use it in my Head Youtek Prestige. Lower tension pockets ball more and is better for your arms. I hit with top spin.
From: Rashid, 11/11

Comments: I love this string! I use it on the mains in my Babolat Pure Storm racquet and it is truly amazing. I use it with Wilson Stamina on the crosses. The tension I use in this racquet is 60 lbs. This string gives me the spin, power, control, and pop that no other string has ever given me. I have tried several strings and this is by far, in my opinion, the best! I also use this same combination of strings on my Boris Becker Pro and Babolat Pure Drive, and it awesome on those racquets as well. I highly recommended it!
From: Marcos, 11/11

Comments: Perfect strings, love them. Great for a heavy racquet. It reduces the size of the sweet spot, but control and spin are incredible. It is also softer than I expected.
From: William. 11/11

Comments: For me this is the best string I've ever played with, period. Far more better that Luxilon ALU Power Rough, Head or Solinco, in terms of durability and overall performance. I strongly recommend this string for young and young once, beginner or advance level tennis player, you'll never regret using this string. Try it.
From: Erick, 10/11

Comments: This is a great string. The best I have used by far. I used to string Babolat RPM Blast at about 62 lbs but had to significantly lower the tension due to an elbow problem. I strung the Pro Hurricane Tour at 56 lbs and I was really worried at first because all my shots were gonna be uncontrollable. It was at first and I regretted lowering it so much, but after 2 hours of play, I've noticed tremendous ball pocketing and could feel the ball stay on the racquet as if it was asking for that additional spin. This is the greatest strings I've ever used. I am a 3.5 - 4.0 player.
From: Albert, 10/11

Comments: These strings are hands down incredible. Pro Hurricane Tour provides excellent ball bite, durability, and power. Highly recommended for top spin players as well as players who love to take big cuts at the ball.
From: Peter, 9/11

Comments: I find this string to be superb. I picked it up one day by accident, and I must say, its the best mistake I've ever made. I use Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour on my Wilson 6.1 tour,and I set it to about 65lbs. I take big cuts and posses a lot of spin on my shots. Nothing else feels quite like this.
From: Anon, 9/11

Comments: I haven't written a review before but now I am obliged to do so. These strings are superb, very spin friendly, and do not move easily with a reasonable tension maintenance. I am a level 4 player and I really loved these strings. I strung it on my Head IG Youtek IG Speed Lite racket at 61 lbs.
From: Hasan, 8/11

Comments: I string racquets for my son (junior USTA player) and we switched back to the Pro Hurricane Tour on the mains, and Babolat Tonic on the crosses. He was using Luxilon ALU Rough on the mains, but he was complaining of tennis elbow. The first tournament after using switching to Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour, he won the singles and is in the doubles semi-finals of an L1 USTA tournament. From my observations, his serve had more pop, spin, and power, his volleys had better placement, and his groundstrokes were more consistent. He was all smiles at the end of the long day.
From: Joe, 8/11

Comments: This string is really, really good. Ive been using this string for about 3 months and they still feel the same as they did the first day I used them. I play mostly every day of the week because I'm on my high school's tennis team. They haven't died down at all. It still has that pop too it. So far, this is the best string I've used.
From: Julio, Murrieta, CA, USA. 4/11
USTA Rating: 4.5

Comments: I used this string on a K Factor Six-One Tour, with the previous string being Wilson Sensation 16. I decided to string the Pro Hurricane Tour at 60lbs versus 58 for the Sensation and it was a completely different feel. The Pro Hurricane Tour felt like I was hitting with a board and it required me to take big cuts at the ball. When you hit it just right the feel is good and you can still generate a good amount of power, but I would say go at least 5 lbs lower than what you were used to, especially if this is your first polyester string. Also, it's not very friendly as far as shock is concerned, so if you have any arm issues this may be one to stay away from unless if you go really low on the tension.
From: Jaime, Lafayette, LA, USA. 4/11

Comments: Just went to the club for the first time this season with a Head Microgel Extreme freshly strung with PHT 16. All I can say is WOW. I have never felt so confident taking a full cut at the ball. I strung @62lbs, so on the tighter side. The string bed refuses to displace even on the hardest of forehand swipes, which results in a nasty bite. Stiff yes, but that is to be expected with any high performance string. Control was also exceptional for this first session, but it remains to be seen if the string can retain it's tight string bed for a few weeks. This string will fight the ball with intense ferocity when paired with the right swing. It did do some number on my arm (everything elbow, hand, wrist and shoulder) but no pain no game when it comes to polys.
From: Tyler, Milwaukee, WI, USA, 03/11

Comments: This string is awesome it's very control oriented and helps anyone to play with topspin; it's very good and you can play with it a long time.
From: M.saeed, Syria, 01/11

Comments: This string is great. The first time I noticed the spin potential was the first point I played with it strung in my Babolat pure storm ltd at 54. My friend served it and I hit a huge forehand return but right after I hit it I immediately turned around because I thought that it was goin' out but nope. It somehow magically curved in and it was a winner. I was amazed at the spin! It also has great pop and control. This is definitely something great to try out and probably my new string depending on how long it last. I played 5 hours of nonstop, moderate to fast play, tennis today. So far so good.
From: Benjamin, Oshkosh, WI, USA, 12/10

Comments: This is without a doubt the best string that I have ever used. I am able to produce amazing topspin forehands and backhands, not to mention slice shots. I have played with it for a total of about 6 hours so far and I don't see any signs of wear at all. I have it strung at 54 lbs and it is perfect. I have had problems with polys giving me tennis elbow in the past, but at the time I had them strung at 60 lbs. Big difference. Highly recommend this string.
From: Branden, Federal Way, WA, USA, 09/10

Comments: AMAZING string played with it and my power and spin have definitely increased. Only problem is that the string is very stiff and is not very arm-friendly. I would suggest using either the PHT/VS hybrid for power and comfort (my personal favorite even if it's a little pricey) or the PHT/Xcel hybrid for comfort. I always use the PHT for mains.
From: Pourash, Alexandria, VA, USA, 09/10

Comments: I love this string. I am a college tennis player that plays at the varsity level and have used this string for at least 3 years now. I have always looked for better string, but have never found it. I've tried RPM Blast, Luxilons, and synthetic guts, but I continue to come back to this. I string it at 60 in my KFactor KPro Open racquet. Great feel, great spin, great for power and accuracy. Best string I've ever used/
From: Jordan, Wall, NJ, USA, 08/10

Comments: I love, love, love this string! I have it strung on both my racquets the aero pro drive gt and the pure drive gt it gives me such good spin and speed especially on my serves I am a junior varsity player and this is the string that will help me make varsity.
From: Dania, Maple Grove, MN, USA. 07/10

Comments: I switched to this string after breaking one of the Signum Pro Strings and these offer no control or spin for me at all right from the start. They do offer a ton of more power though and I recommend this to players trying to add more POW! to their shots.
From: Ryan, New York, USA, 08/10

Comments: Have just tried these strings when the Alu Power Rough strings I was using broke. I now have 2 identical racquets (Wilson nPro) each with one each of these string types so can do a side-by-side comparison. Alu Power rough would seem to have more intrinsic power but the Pro Hurricane Tour offers more spin from a similar swing. I've found that the added spin of Pro Hurricane Tour actually lets me hit a more aggressive shot and still land in court, so in practice delivers more challenging shots to my opponent. Balancing that, I think Alu Power Rough has slightly better feel for the lower energy shots.
From: James, Manchester, UK. 7/10

Comments: I have played with luxilon alu for years. I tried the pro hurricane before. It was not a powerful. And, it is not as powerful. However, the control and spin is amazing. It also has touch, which I could not get from luxilon - too much spring. This string as spring and touch. So, I can volley very well, with power and control. I strung my head radical microgel at 55 lbs. I believe it is lower. The ball really stays on the racquet, which I like. I'm a 5.5 player. I love these strings because I can crush returns with my two handed back hand. I can also slice with my one handed back hand. My serve is just as powerful as it was with luxilon. However, I really have to have the correct technique. By the way, my friend switched and he loves them. His game is serve and volley.
From: Julias, Woodland Hills, CA, USA. 07/10

Comments: The string was amazing! Lot's of spin, powerful, control, but only the 1st 2 weeks (about 12 hours play in a week) it really was not durable. Here's my story, I was hitting the wall the first couple days of my new string, met and played with a 4.0 player. I actually beat a 4.0 player. (I'm only a high 3.0) The balls go wherever I want and it really has bite to the ball. (super loud POP sound, super awesome) Super powerful and best control. In the 3rd week, I played with some 3.0 guy, (should be easy win) I lose one game and won one game. It was soooo weird. It felt like a totally different string. The pop was totally gone, no more biting, way less topspin and spin serves are BAD. My shots sailed long that I worried to hit with full power. I realize that the shiny coating of the string is gone. I guess Nadal and the other pro player probably get new string after every game. If you putting new string on your racquet every week, go for it. If not, I won't recommend this string. Basically, it is the best string for the 1st 2 weeks of heavy play, but sucks for the rest. (The really good thing about this string is its coating but not the string.) I'm switching back to my Topspin blue string... (cheaper and way more durable)
From: Anon., Denver, CO, USA. 05/10

Comments: I have tried a lot of strings but when I tried the Pro Hurricane Tour you get tons of topspin and you can hit those hard power ball without losing control because of the spin on the ball.
From: Anson, union city, california. 4/10

Comments: Danny, you can't put that any better!!! Spin hitters, buy these strings. And flat hitters, don't buy these strings.
From: Anon. 4/10

Comments: These strings are the best I have ever used.. I tried to like the Luxilon, but they are just too powerful, and need adjusting every 5 minutes.. The Pro Hurricane's don't move at all, and are not too overpowering.. This enables you to really crack the ball. Yes it feels like your hitting with a wooden board, but that's a good thing.. The best thing about these strings, is that you don't need to go hybrid. You can simply use them on the entire string-bed, and let loose. The only string that is going to make me switch, is the rpm blast due in April..So bottom line, if you like a stiff string, with more than average spin potential, "buy this string". If you like what Nadal does with the ball, "buy this string". If you are a flat hitter that likes a soft feel, don't buy this string.. Its that simple.. Enjoy!
From: Danny, N.J. USA 03/10

Comments: These strings are really amazing. I'm a 9th grader who made the Varsity team with the help of these strings. I have wicked topspin and my kick serves seriously kick. My slice serve has so much spin on it it spun so unexpectedly fast and towards the opponent. I really recommend these strings to heavy topspin players. The durability on these strings are phenomenal, which is about a couple months before they wear.
From: Jack, 4.5 player Boise, Id, Usa 03/10

Comments: This is an awesome string! Only took about 20 minutes to break in. I really felt it improved all of my shots. What was most impressive was the spin. My slices stayed so low that they almost seemed to roll. The topspin was great too, especially on my forehand side. The shot that really felt incredible however, even though I usually don't use it often was my forehand topspin lob. Every time I tried it against my opponent it landed 3 inches inside the baseline, and he had no chance of getting the ball (he got really annoyed). Bottom line, if you're thinking about getting this string, get it right now, you won't regret it. P.S they look awesome too
From: Dale, OHIO 02/10

Comments: I am a college player and I use this string in the mains of my Babolat Pure Drive GT+ racquets. I string my own racquets as hybrids with Tecnifibre E-Matrix in the crosses with both sets of strings at 61lbs. It takes about a solid half hour of play to get them broken in together, but they are great together. I have never had this string break in the mains, however my crosses tend to fray after much use and, therefore, eventually break.
From: David, Adrian, MI, USA. 2/10

Comments: I used to use this string a long time ago in my Babolat aero pro drive+. The spin was untouchable, and the durability is unbelievable. However the string does lack feel, but what do you expect from a poly? Best setup I found with this string was to put it in the mains and string the crosses with Babolat xcel premium. The spin was still incredible, and the feel improved dramatically. Only downfall is that the xcel will break rather quickly and is pricey. A cheaper, almost as good alternative for me, was to use wilson sensation in the crosses instead.
From: Zach B, Tampa, Fl USA 02/10

Comments: Great string. I have been using this for the past 1 year. I haven't broken one string yet but had to re- string as they loose tension after couple of months. I am a heavy top spinner but impresses to see these strings hold good for 1.5 months. I strongly recommend for top spinners for awesome durability and extra pop.
From: Kay Kay V, Jax, FL, USA 01/10

Comments: The best way to use this string is with Wilson NXT 17, or even the NXT Tour 17 on the crosses, and the Pro Hurricane Tour on the mains. If you string it in the range of 62-65 lbs it gives incredible ball control, feel, and durability. I wish Wilson and Babolat would sell this in a half and half package.
From: Andrew Baren, North Richland Hills, The Great State of Texas, USA. 12/09

Comments: Pro Hurricane Tour is the best string ever. I use a Wilson nCODE 95 18*20 racquet. The combination of this string and my racquet is awesome. This string is for players who love to hit the ball hard and who love to play with top spin. I would recommend anyone to buy it. Go for it!
From: Ranjiv, Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India 12/09

Comments: I have a semi-western grip, and hit with a lot of topspin. I currently use Luxilon on the mains, and this string was much better. This is a GREAT string. It has perfect control and power, which compliments the spin nicely. I highly recommend it over any other polyester string.
From: Zachary, New York, NY, USA, 11/09

Comments: I hit 20 hard topspin forehands with this string and Wilson k pro team FX racquet and did not miss one. I recommend it for topspin players.
From: Jonathan, Miami FL 11/09

Comments: Great string! I have a Wilson K Six One Tour 90 and it is already a stiff racket, which I like, but, these strings after a couple weeks have held up very well. The tension has stayed tight and I have a big western forehand grip, around where Nadal's is, so I naturally hit with a lot of spin and the strings have not moved almost at all. They have nice pop, ball bite, and the right amount of control to a point where I can still hit with a lot of power when I choose to and it spins in heavy and its a great shot. All in all it is a great string, I highly recommend for any type of player!
From: Mack, Chicago, IL, USA 10/09

Comments: After stringing my Head Liquidmetal Radical with these strung in the mains and the NXT in the crosses, I was fairly impressed. Previously I used Big Banger mains. The only difference was a lot more bite on my forehand. Same power. Same durability. Whole new world of spin. Buy it! You won't regret it.
From: Gael, Chicago, Illinois. 8/09

Comments: Hands down PHT 16 or 17 gauge is the best string ever made. This stuff is absolutely sick. I love the board feeling and the massive spin you get with this stuff.
From: Jackson, Houston, Texas 08/09

Comments: The Pro Hurricane Tour 16 gauge strings are very nice, with few flaws. When they're new, they have a slick, glossy appearance and a very 'crisp' response. The response, when new, can be described as fresh-produce-like. Like breaking carrots or celery. It makes for a great deal of comfort and a nice feel when playing. However, after playing one match (in hot weather), the strings lose this crisp response. They also seem to lose tension and become more 'mushy,' kind of like natural gut strings when they're at that point where they need to be discarded. Also, I found these strings to lack an inherent ability to create spin on the ball, possibly due to the slick surface when they're new.
Pros: Very nice feel, sound and response when new. Affordable.
Cons: Durability is low. The strings lose tension after a short while.
From: Anonymous, 08/09

Comments: I love this string because it has a solid and massive spin generation. When you do a kick serve it pops high and less people can handle it.
From: Chris. 08/09

Comments: I've noticed PHT plays a lot better in a hybrid. I loved it in the mains with Xcel in the crosses but my Xcel broke in 8-10 hours of play and now I am breaking full PHT in about 12-14 hours. I am switching to ALU power Rough, and have hit with it once and liked it A LOT.
From: Conner, SD, USA. NTRP 4.0-4.5. 08/09

Comments: I got my new Head Microgel extreme strung up in this at around 57-58 lbs and I was coming up with boundless amounts of power and spin, the first time you hit with it, the strings can feel quite dead however you get used to it after about half an hour. Volleys are a bit hard to control as well, but if you take into consideration the fact that these were designed for spin, its no surprise. A full bed of strings will be wrong for most players and you'd need a pretty stiff frame to handle one (don't get a full bed just because Nadal does it!), a hybrid set up with these on the mains is gonna be a good choice as well. Remember though that this isn't the most arm friendly of strings and a prolonged use is going to wear away your joints; like I said though a hybrid with these on the mains, at a fairly tight poundage will do the business.
From: Tom, UK, 07/09

Comments: I got a couple of sets of the 16g pro hurricane a couple of weeks ago. I have been using the 17g as a hybrid with synthetic gut. I hate the 16g. There is no feel and it really does feel if you are hitting with a board. It sounded really cool, but I couldn't get the depth, spin, or touch that I could with the 17g.
From: Tyler, Lubbock, TX 4.0. 7/09

Comments: I used to use the prince syn 16, but they kept breaking like once or twice a month in the tennis season. So I switched to these strings cause I heard they were more durable, they looked like it too. I've been playing with them for about 4 months, no wear or tear, only prob is, that the tension gets loose so your gonna have to re-string them every 4 months or so, and when I first used these, they got so much pop. I was over hitting everything. then after a week, I got used to them, started to hit with more topspin and I could feel that my topspin was a lot better. I can hit flat balls much harder, just gotta bend the knees a little more and I can rip a nice winner. Slices are kinda awkward for me, they keep going out, but overall, ok strings, too much pop though.
From: anon. 07/09

Comments: This is probably the worst string I've ever used. If you enjoy hitting with a board, by all means, go for it. Normally I do not have arm/elbow problems, but I am having pain since using this string (in a hybrid with gut). I'll be going back to Luxilon and not coming back.
From: Lance, Washington, DC, USA 07/09

Comments: I put this on my Aero Pro Drive at 57 and it's amazing. I was having trouble hitting long and this string seems to be the answer. The comfort is great and also the pop.
From: Jordan, Tuscalosa, AL, USA, 07/09

Comments: Put this in my Prince TT Response @ 60 lbs. Was getting good kick when playing topspin. Very nice drift on the slice backhand. Durability could be better. Very nice feel and highly responsive to flattened returns.
From: Rohan, Sydney, NSW, Australia. 7/09

Comments: This string is very good for spin and durability. It has a lot more pop than Xcel. Not as comfortable as the VS or Tonic but more power and as just much control. My preference is a Tonic/Pro Hurricane Tour hybrid for that natural gut feel but more durable than solely VS and less expensive. Overall The durability on the PHT is unmatched. Always strung at 58.
From: Graham, San Jose, CA USA. 7/09

Comments: Don't be fooled. This string will not give you "10x more kick" or "massive topspin" it gives a little bit more spin and may help if you're missing long by a foot or two, but don't be fooled into thinking you'll have Nadal spin. It looses tension quickly and is kind of slippery so you really have to pull up with it when you first start using it. I personally like the prince synthetic multifilament 17 gauge, it's not as durable but hey it's almost half the price and much better quality. I found these to not make a huge difference in my spinny game. This stuff is bad ball don't waste the money.
From: Shawn, USA 07/09

Comments: Sadly, I took my Pro Hurricane Tour strings to the pro shop to string, and he broke them while stringing so he strung for me a Babolat VS natural gut string free of charge. After the strings broke, I asked the pro to once again string a set of Pro Hurricane tour and now, I feel like a pro on my APDC because my control has been amazingly better, my shots are producing more topspin, and my serves kick 10X more on my second serve. This string is fabulous, buy it and try for yourself, what have you got to lose?
From: John, CA, USA 06/09

Comments: Performance is outstanding, feel is poor. I've used this string many times and sometimes I need to use two rubber bands to dampen the pinging sound. But, that doesn't stop me from ripping huge topspin forehands thanks to the spin you get from these strings. Swing long and swing hard and you're rewarded off both wings. Serve wasn't my best shot with these strings, but I could swing hard and kick it like crazy and serve with a high %. Great string for a poly. I'd like to compare it side-by-side with Luxilon alu rough. 8 out of 10
From: Anon. 6/09

Comments: Great String! I highly recommend to anyone who's looking to tween and improve their game. I use a Babolat Pure Control and string it at 40Ib's. It's great for heavy hitting.
From: WCH, Shelby, NC, USA. 06/09

Comments: I was playing horribly with a BB Alu Original and Bab Syn gut hybrid in my KSix.One 90, hitting flat shots into the net, not getting enough spin, it was way to soft and lost feel very quickly. When I changed to Pro Hurricane Tour my game picked up so dramatically that it feels great to whip top-spin backhands down the line again; something I just can't do with other strings. The feel is amazing for a polyester string. I set this up at 55lbs. The strings sits perfectly in the frame (heavy) and is so responsive. Every single one of my shots has improved so much.
From: Justin, Australia, 06/09

Comments: This is the best string that I've ever had! I use a SixOne Team and I string this string at 58 pounds. It has the best spin when I'm serving as well as topspin.
From: Matt, Lakemont, Washington, USA. 6/09

Comments: I've used Lux BB Alu and Orig, had no control with Alu and Orig played great for first few days but gave me arm problems and lost control after a week. Other Polys I've liked are Prince Tour, and Unique Big Hitter, both soft, good feel, and decent on tension loss. I just strung these in the mains on my Yonex RDS001 with Unique BH 17g in crosses @ 52 lbs. Good control on all strokes, surprisingly good feel even on volleys. No arm pain on first day out. Good control on serves. Noticed some tension loss after first 30 min but nothing drastic. Power was low to moderate but so is my racquet to begin with. I could see these helping to tame down a spin stick such as AeroPro Drive or Pure Drive. I'll see how they hold up before using them as full set as they're a bit on the pricey side and I tend to cut out my strings once they go dead or lose to much tension.
From: Lance, New York, NY, USA, 05/09

Comments: Really good string for those of you guys play a lot and hit heavy topspin & control. It will add better serving and more pop to your game too. I use the six one team and I string it at 56/57 more control and power for me. I used to use Luxilon Big Banger all power that didn't really have enough control for me.
From: Matt, Bellevue, WA, USA, 05/09

Comments: These are amazing strings to hybrid with Luxilon Big Banger ALU 16. I use an Dunlop Aerogel 2hundred with Big Banger on mains (55) and Hurricanes on crosses (57). Power, comfort, and control is there.
From: John, Palm Springs, CA, USA. 05/09

Comments: Good spin and power in my opinion perfect strings...but I know people who have broken them a lot but they moved to the 17 gauge and have had no more problems.
From: Dillon, McHenry, IL, U.S.A. 04/09

Comments: Well I tried these strings a long time ago, I do remember the phenomenal amount of spin and power you could easily get, the ball biting action from the strings was amazing. But i was a heavy spin player at the time when I used them so I just blasted all of my shots with heavy spin and the topspin was amazing. BUT it does play very stiff, and you can't feel much from the ball, and even worst, they died out after a few weeks, and just remained dead on my string bed. I prefer prince tour a lot more.
From: My, Westminster, CA, USA. 04/09

Comments: I think that this is the best string offered. I used to use Head Control strings and I broke them almost once a week. Then after buying the Babolat AeroPro Drive Cortex Racquet I started using this string. That was about 2 years ago, and I have broken them a total of two times, so they are the best when it come to durability. As far as using spin this string has been the best. I am a very aggressive topspin player and I use a kick serve for both first and second. I plan to use these strings for as long as I play tennis.
From: A.J. Anderson, Huachuca City, AZ, USA 4/09

Comments: This string is really nice but it is a little stiff, it needs some break-in time to do before the strings full potential comes out. I played in a lot of tournaments; I'm 17 and the string helped me out a lot in the playoffs.
From: Liam, St.Charles Missouri, Usa. 04/09

Comments: Amazing string. Very soft for a poly. A lot of pop and spin. String it at 56 lbs. Love this string.
From: Gerard, Metro Manila, Philippines. 3/09

Comments: Pretty good string. Its OK. Good control. Needs some more durability. BUT in MY Opinion the best string would be a hybrid of pro hurricane at the crosses and BIG Banger at the mains. MAKES The best HYBRID EVER!
From: John Paul, Texas, USA. 3/09

Comments: I've been using this string for 3 months now after not playing for awhile. I broke 4 strings in this time period. The durability is great. On the other hand I just tried a different string (Addiction) and it makes this feel like playing with a plank of wood, no feel, no spin, no power, no control.
From: John, Topeka, Kansas, USA. 3/09

Comments: I play Division 1 in Adelaide. I tried this string in a blend with Pro Hurricane in the crosses at 55 pounds. It is very stiff but I didn't notice. Overall it is a really good string for topspin and to flatten it out a bit more. It allows me to whip the ball in the caught with massive spin. One of the best strings I have used.
From: Alex, Adelaide. 3/09

Comments: I think this is a amazing string, it doesn't feel like it's a full poly string. I play with a heavy topspin, never do I hit with a flat shot, and that is where this string isn't for everybody. You must hit with spin otherwise a flat ball will go long. I string my Babolat AeroPro Drive Cortex with this at 57 lbs, and also my back up Babolat Pure Drive at 57 lbs with this string as well. I haven't decided whether or not to go hybrid, because I am very pleased with this stringbed already. I actually bought the 660 foot reel of this string, so I'm probably going to be sticking with this set up for a while. I'm a 4.5 level college player.
From: Chris, Riverside, CA. 2/09

Comments: No doubt it is a very harsh string, I strung at 50lbs with prince softflex in the crosses to mitigate what I expected to be a harsh string, 8-10 lbs lower than my normal 58-60. It felt like playing with a wooden plank like many reviewers have noticed...maybe I'll try it at 40? Overall the power was fine, but the sensation was awful.
From: Zaf B, Washington, DC, USA,
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: When I hit with this string it felt like I was hitting with a 5-inch plank of wood, very stiff, and hard on the arm. I won't be buying this string again.
From: Brad, Brisbane, Australia. 2/09

Comments: This string is for really heavy top spinners. I am a flat hitter and I would not recommend it for flat hitters. Also it looses tension very quick but they never break. But they do really suck for flat hitters. Strung it on Babolat Aeropro drive at 55 lbs.
From: Jordi, Plymouth, MN, USA, 12/08

Comments: I used it on a Head Microgel Extreme Pro @61 lbs as mains. At first I felt like I was hitting with a wooden board. It was very stiff and harsh. But after 2 hours of play, it got softer. Then I got very good control and spin. If you are a player searching heavy topspin with good control and power, this string is the one for you.
From: Ozan, Turkey. 12/08

Comments: I use this string at 42lbs on my Drive Z Oversize and I get just what I am looking for - excellent power and control. Comfort is good and spin is good. Probably won't switch.
From: Anon. 11/08

Comments: I love these strings to death, they are simply amazing. I am kind of lazy about restringing rackets so I checked this string out and my god the durability is amazing! It lasted me 4 months no tension loss, and was amazing spin, thought the bad thing about these strings is there's very little feel, but truly it doesn't even come close to the durability you get off of these strings, a must have in hybrids.
From: Seth, CO, USA, 11/08

Comments: This one is a power-loaded string. Feel is good for a poly. You have to hit every ball with a lot of topspin or it's going to go out. I had strung my Aeropro with these at 60 lbs and there was no control whatsoever whenever I hit flat. Buy them if you hit every ball with lot of spin!
From: Nikhil, Atlanta, GA, USA, 11/08

Comments: I used these strings at the tension at 24lbs on my Babolat AeroPro Drive cortex. The strings felt as if it can really rip on the ball and whenever I would swing at the ball, I can tell that I was going to hit out....
From: Daniel, Houston, TX, USA. 11/08

Comments: Great string. Excellent control and spin, and some pretty good pop to back it all up; very durable.
From: Adam, Rogers, AR, USA, 10/08

Comments: This string is way too harsh. I string tight at about 62 lbs. With a rubber band I still had an unpleasant twanging sound when the ball came off the stringbed. Spin is still fantastic and there's decent power. A good string if you use a racquet at least 12.6 oz or something so it can dampen the string. I can't believe Nadal uses this string and such a light racquet.
From: Anon. 10/08

Comments: Really good string. Impressed with the amount of control and spin, which I can generate. But, most impressed with the touch and feel of the string for a poly.
From: Anon, 10/08

Comments: This is the best string ever, the first time I hit with it I said to myself is it possible to get this much spin. No wonder Nadal has so much topspin. This also has great power, and control. I wish they had this in light blue, white, or silver. But I'm still probably never gonna switch.
From: Shazeb, New Jersey, U.S.A. 9/08

Comments: Excellent string, but they're very harsh on the arm. With an open string pattern and a 12 oz weight, I still have to use two dampeners. A rubber band and a Sampras O dampener. With just the rubber band I still got elbow pain so I put the Sampras on it. Great string, though. It's very stiff, lots of control, amazing spin, an overall good string if you like to hit with very annoying spin.
From: Anon. 9/08

Comments: Wow best string ever. Amazing power and control. Feel is the best with this string. You can hit the ball when it's coming really fast and no shock and no vibration. The only thing I can say with this string is that I see why Rafa Nadal and Andy Roddick uses it. Oh and in a serve that you hit not so good this string forgives. I recommend using this in mains and crosses at 58 lbs. with Babolat AeroPro Drive with cortex .
From: Daniel Ch., Eagle Pass, TX. 9/08

Comments: This string has 3 phases. First it is stiff and you need to break it in (about 2 hours of break in time). The second phase is when the string is at its best. Awesome power and spin. I can see why Nadal uses this string, all your topspin shots stay in the court. If the string was like this the whole time, I would never switch string. But the string lasts too long and becomes dead and hard on the arm. My string would not break even after 2 months. So overall the string gets about a 6/10.
From: Clinton, Marion, IA, USA. 9/08

Comments: This string is perfect for me. I use it with a Prince 03 Speedport Red, and it gives my second serve a lot of power and spin. I have been using these for 3 weeks and they are still great. I am 13 and I play in some national Australian tournaments. This string is the best I have ever tried. If you want more power and you are not a flat player, then get these!
From: Jamie, Melbourne, Vic, Australia. 9/08

Comments: For topspin shot hurricane tour are amazing! You can also serve with great power and accuracy, in my opinion these strings gives their best with more than 59 lbs tension. I use 1.30mm version at 60/61 lbs. Hurricane tour are also very comfortable, their feeling is better than multifilament strings, but with more and more longer life. The best!!
From: Marco, Venice, Italy, 09/08

Comments: These are the best strings I have ever played with. They're not that good when you're a flat hitter but they are excellent when you hit topspin. They have got lots of spin and power and control. I'm 12 and in div 2 and a baseliner who uses a fair bit of topspin. I use a Head Flexpoint Instinct Team. Great for serves and volleys and excellent for groundstrokes.
From: Jake, Australia, SA. 9/08a

Comments: The best string in the world so much power, comfort, spin, accuracy, and durability no wonder Nadal can get so much spin.
From: Michael, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 9/08

Comments: You really cannot go wrong with this string, brought new life to my old Prince racquet, amazing bite, creates some ridiculous spin and has plenty of power for big bangers like myself. Takes a bit to break in, but if you put in the time you will not be disappointed. For serves you will literally see the ball cut the air stream thanks to these strings. Cheers Babolat, you are tennis gods.
From: Jonathan, Meriden, CT, USA, 09/08

Comments: So far these are the best strings that I have tried. When you buy them don't be too bummed if they aren't great at first because they do have about a two-day break-in period. Just play for like 6-8 hours and they become great. Spin is phenomenal, power and control are mixed well, and durability is the best aspect. My last set lost its tension after about 90 hours of play without even fraying. Bottom line, buy them if you hit with topspin or slice, you will not be disappointed.
From: Tyler, Marengo, Il, US. 8/08
Tension: 57
Racquet: Wilson Kfactor Kblade Tour 93

Comments: These strings acted a bit strange for me. When I initially got them strung at 58lbs I did not like it for the first few matches I played. They seemed to be stiff and unresponsive (I had previously played with Wilson Sensation.) I was able to get good spin, however, on all shots. After a few matches they seemed to loosen up and play livelier.
From: Anon. 8/08

Comments: Thus far these are the worst poly strings I have tested. First, the positive aspects-durability was outstanding. These strings lasted me longer than any other strings I have played with including kevlar, control was ok. Subsequently it was Niagra Falls. Power, comfort and tension stability were all below average/poor. Worst of all spin potential was also poor, which was the reason I bought these strings in the first place. I am a 4.5 player who hits with heavy topspin on both sides. I felt like I was hitting with a paddle, the strings felt dead no matter what I tried, and I tried just about everything(changed tension several times,applied lead tape and different vibration dampeners) to no avail. Judging by the other reviews these strings may be suitable for some players but not for me.
From: RCA, New York, NY. 8/08

Comments: This string and the Yonex RDS 001 mid is the perfect match... It suits topspin players and flat. It has a lot of spin for topspin, and for flat, well you can't hit totally flat without the ball going in so if you just swing flat, it will get just the right minimum amount of spin you need and great power. Stung at 60 lbs.
From: Anon, Bay Area. 8/08

Comments: These strings are super-durable, and they barely move at all. I'm a heavy topspinner and used to break other strings every month on playing 3 times a week. However, I've had these strings for over 3 months and they still look the same. I honestly don't think I could not tell tension loss in a racquet so I won't pretend to do so. I try switching to the 17 gauge but I've gotten tennis elbow since then, it might be too stiff or the racquet I have is too stiff. Either way that might be a concern if you have arm problems switch to the 17 gauge, because polyesters are in general pretty stiff I have read.
From: Den, Oakland, CA. 7/08

Comments: I strung this on my Babolat AeroPro Drive cortex at 59 and at first I didn't like them at all but then after 2 days I noticed that I wasn't doing a full swing at the ball. After that these strings became amazing, lots of control and topspin shots are crazy. If you want these strings, you need to have a full swing, and you will hit balls so hard without them being long. I'm a 5.0 player.
From: Jordi, Plymouth, MN, USA. 7/08

Comments: A good type of string with a good power/comfort/durability ratio. It has excellent power that is offered with great durability! The complete package! This string should be strung at around 53-62 lbs. for optimal performance. I enjoy using it on my Babolat Aeropro Drive and on my Babolat Pure Drive a lot!
From: Eric, Edmonton, AB, Canada, 07/08

Comments: Just tried this at 45lbs in my oversize drive z racquet and I get great power, feel and control. It really works better than the xcel I was using before at 55lbs. This does everything better and I like how I can punch it back harder now just by putting the racquet out in front or take a big swing at it and drop it in the court. Excellent string.
From: Anon, 07/08

Comments: Not a bad string. Babolat has made something to rival Luxilon's popular co-poly range. Great spin, good control, maybe more pop than the Luxilon ALU. Really good string overall. I prefer it in a hybrid with a soft playable multifilament like Tecnifibre X-One Bi-Phase, which combines great playability with great spin and control.
From: Brandon, NJ, USA. 7/08

Comments: I love this string with a cross of gamma asterisk spin. Crazy spin with a surprising amount of comfort. I strung the pro hurricane on the mains at 58 and the asterisk spin on the cross at 56. Can't go wrong with this combo.
From: Jon, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 06/08

Comments: Very spin friendly and durable. Manages to pocket the ball while still feeling quite crisp. Only downside is very poor tension holding and a loss of all feel after only about 10 hours of hitting. I enjoy it strung around 54 lbs with Babolat Superfine Play Crosses. Polyfibre TCS Rapid holds tension must better and maintains playability longer.
From: Jason, Washington, DC. 6/08

Comments: This string is great for me. I switched from a hybrid of Babolat Pro Hurricane 17 with Xcel. This string is good because it does generate a lot of spin. I have a little trouble at the net because this is more powerful than my last strings, but I am generally a baseliner. It also generates a lot of power in addition to spin. I like it because it has a polyester feel, but has power, too.
From: Sam, Hampstead, MD, USA. 6/08

Comments: These strings are great as a person who hits a really flat ball I still saw topspin being generated effortlessly and power isn't a problem either. Strung it in the crosses of my Wilson K Six-One 95 with Wilson KGut.
From: Darreus, Memphis, TN, USA, 06/08

Comments: Amazing string! It took a while to get used to on my one handed-backhand, but other than that, the break in period is a couple of hours, give or take a couple depending which string you're switching from. Groundstrokes weren't as good as the volleys, overheads and serves, but after a while you get used to it. All in all, you should consider giving it a try. It is very stiff (by the way). Other than that, a great choice.
From: Anon, 06/08

Comments: I used to play with Luxilon ALU Power, and I decided to give these strings a shot after switching to a new racket (Babolat Pure Drive). I played with Luxilon for more than 3 years, and 6 months with the Babolat string. In my honest opinion, this string doesn't even come close to Luxilon. It has a nice feel and generates decent spin, but the Luxilon is the best string I ever played with. The ball just flies with way more spin. Serves are a lot better. I'm going back to Luxilon. With the Luxilon, the ball goes like a missile.
From: James, Orlando, FL, USA. 6/08

Comments: These strings are great. They give great spin and power, and they last a very long time, but I switched to Babolat Duralast 15L for a few reasons. It is much cheaper (I can restring it 10 times for 35 dollars). I also thought that the Hurricane Tour had too much power. Overall it is a pretty good string to try out.
From: Tanner, USA. 5/08

Comments: I have played for 25 years, all through college and 5.0 tourneys, tried about 20-30 different strings, strings lose their liveliness in a very short period. There are some really awful feeling strings but the good ones are in close company. If you can hit full poly, most everything that's not $5 is pretty good. These strings and Tecnifibre Pro Red Code are my favs, Luxilon is overpriced but good too.
From: I P F. 5/08

Comments: I used to play with Luxilion Big banger ALu power 125 with Engnas on the crosses. I thought those were excellent strings. But compared to these strings;I was COMPLETELY WRONG! I use a 62 tension. The strings were great. I'm fixing to go to college and play tennis and I'm taking these strings with me. I had plenty of spin and power on my groundstrokes. I had good volleys. Great overheads. My serve is my biggest weapon. These strings just utilized that to my advantage. My kick serve didn't kick as high as I'm accustomed to but the power made up for that. Aside from that it would kick a little bit to the right and out of my opponents reach. I recommend these strings for intermediate to advanced level players (3.5 and up) Definitely worth any price!
From: Anon, 04/08

Comments: One amazing string, used it for a month then popped it went back to my old string job which was some crappy synthetic and got used to it again. But when my hurricane tours got put it I was amazed all over again. I had forgotten how good these strings were. BUY BUY BUY!!
From: Tom, UK, 04/08

Comments: This is almost the best sting in the world. I play 3-4 hours a day and I am a nationally ranked player. I play on my middle school team and I use this with Babolat VS Team on my KFACTOR KBLADE TEAM. The only string that is better is the HEAD ULTRA TOUR 16L string.
From: Andrew, Canton, MA, USA, 04/08

Comments: These strings are awesome! I put them on my Babolat Aero Pro Drive Cortex racquet when I bought it. These strings are incredibly durable; it's been almost a year and they have yet to break. The amount of spin you can put on the ball is incredible. It took a while to adjust my serving and volleying, but once I did, boy are they nice. They have been a little rough on my wrist when I have to whip up a low ball, but it isn't a major problem. I recommend this string to anyone that hits with a lot of spin and wants a durable string.
From: Nick, Brownsville, CA, USA, 04/08

Comments: Great string! It took a good 8 to 9 hours to break in, but after that it is incredible in everything except volleys, although it may just be my sub-par net play.
From: Collin, Minnesota, USA. 3/08

Comments: It's a fantastic string for power and spin but feels a little too stiff for me and can hurt a little at times so I'm going to try it with the Babolat Xcel on the crosses, I can't afford gut! Other than that I love it!
From: Anil, Houston, TX, USA, 03/08

Comments: Here's the deal with these type of strings. Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power is good for a softer feeling with power. This string, however, is much better for the crisp feeling you get when you brush the ball, and it has much more spin. If you hit with spin, this is the string for you. If you hit flat, Luxilon is for you.
From: Anon. 3/08

Comments: I am a huge polyester string fan and this has got to be my favorite. I just switched from Luxilon Big Banger ALU Rough and I am not switching back. I think the Hurricane Tour has more of a "crisp" and "solid" feeling if you know what I mean. It also "grips" the ball better. The Luxilon feels more "soft" and seems more powerful. The Luxilon feels dead after a week or 2 but the hurricane tour is much more durable and longer lasting.
From: Steve, USA, 02/08

Comments: Wow, I loved these strings. I combined it with Babolat Thermo Gut and, man, was it good. I took about 1-2 weeks to break it in. Not the best strings for a crisp volley, but at baseline they respond well, especially if you are one of those players that hit a lot of flat balls in a rally. Good long-lasting string!
From: Sidd, Illinois. 1/08

Comments: This is an extremely low-powered string. I use K Six-One Tour 90 and it's a disaster. I play about 3 times a week at 2 hours each session. It took 4 weeks to break in. After break in, it feels slightly better. It allows more spin on serves due to the octagonal shape. Do not use this in a low-powered racket like Tour 90.
From: Lionel, Singapore. 1/08

Comments: This is a very rough string, it hurt my arm a lot so I cut it out after around 12 hrs of play.
From: Anon, 01/08

Comments: There are two words that sum up this string: power and spin. Players without tennis arm who are looking for more power and spin should try this string.
From: John, Fort Worth, TX. 12/07

Comments: Great string, broke it around 8hrs, spins great
From: Mike, NW, Canada, 12/07

Comments: This string is the best when it comes to a hybrid. I have tried many hybrids such as Babolat VS natural gut, Prince synthetic gut. This string has lasted me a long time, and I had strung it 2 over max on my Pure Control Plus. I highly recommend these strings when it comes to a hybrid.
From: Jo, Hayward, CA, USA. 11/07

Comments: Great strings. I love the topspin the octagonal design gives. It puts more margin on my second serve. Babolat, well done.
From: Colton, Sherwood, AR, USA. 11/07

Comments: This is a bad string for player with tennis elbow. After a few weeks, my shoulder and arm hurt whenever I hit with it
From: Vinh, Houston, TX, US. 11/07

Comments: I just had these strings put in when my old ones (Luxilon Big Banger) broke unexpectedly. Everyone raves about the durability of Luxilon strings, but when I snapped them I decided to try Pro Hurricane Tour. What a difference. They seem more durable and don't move at all. They really bite into the ball and produce a lot of spin. I swing more freely off the ground and still maintain a large margin for error. With the added spin, my serve is more reliable and consistent. They are loud and lively, so depending what racquet you have, I recommend trying a vibration dampener. Good job, Babolat.
From: Oswald, Shelby, MI, USA. 10/07

Comments: These strings are very durable and helped me to generate more topspin on my forehand (even though I rarely try to hit heavy topspin shots) as well as helping my control a bit on my backhand. These strings are also good for a player that likes to hit with control as well as with a lot of power. I recently used them on my Head Microgel Extreme Pro and found them to be just what I needed to improve more on my baseline game.
From: Joshua, Kingsville, TX, USA, 10/07

Comments: Great strings for a baseliner or power player. I put this on my Prince Speedport Black strung at 55lbs and man these things really do feel great. I can hit awesome topspin shots swinging almost as hard as I can without fear of the ball going long. They lost some tension soon, but the strings actually perform better with a little tension loss. They are not the best strings if you have a touch or volley game so do not expect miracles at the net, but for hard-hitting baseliners and powerful servers, you cannot go wrong. The string stays in place and has awesome durability. My Speedport Black is strung with the port inserts, and I do not use any vibration dampener. I have yet to feel any extra vibration/tension in my arm/elbow either.
From: Chris, Keller, TX. 10/07

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