Babolat Pro Hurricane 16 String Customer feedback

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Comments: Love, love these strings! They are soft and quite spin friendly. They require no break in and are not stiff at all!
From: Jesus, 2/15

Comments: This string is amazing! I strung it at 58 lbs on my Babolat Pure Drive (2012), and let me jut say it is loaded with spin, power and it is very soft.
From: Anon, 12/14

Comments: I have used a full bed of this at 55 lbs. for over 6 months in my Head Microgel Radical MP. (I alternate between two racquets, and playing 2-3 times per week, I found that the ideal time to re-string is at 6 weeks because after that, the strings become too loose, and I start hitting long. I also tried the tension at 56 lbs., but it felt too stiff for me). I switched from a synthetic gut and immediately noticed an improvement in power, spin, and control. I went from winning 33% vs. some opponents to 66%! I had tried Big Banger ALU in the past, and it gave me elbow problems. This has never happened with this soft poly. I had also trialed the Tour version, but I had much less control than with this string. I am a 3.5 hard-hitting, aggressive baseline player who hits with a lot of topspin, especially on the forehand side.
From: Warren, 2/14

Comments: Strung up my Blade 98 2013 with a full bed of these strings and I have to say, it really utilizes the control and spin. It does not have as much spin as say RPM Blast but still great spin. Durability on these strings is great and I expected a little arm discomfort but there was none. One of my favorite strings out there. If your a fan of Pro Hurricane Tour but are having a little arm problems, give this one a try.
From: Jack, 7/13

Comments: This is a good string for the price. I break it every 2 weeks though, but since I hit pretty hard, that makes sense. I hybrid with Alu Power in the crosses at 48 lbs. Try this combo if you want to -- I recommend it!
From: Daniel, 7/13

Comments: If you want a string that preforms well without spending a whole lot of money, this is the string. The one thing i really loved about this string is that it is extremely durable. I've had my Yonex RDiS 100 strung with it at 58 lbs for over a year. While being very durable is it also very good at holding it's tension. The only thing is if you can't handle a stiff string and can't generate your own power, don't get this string. But if you can, the Babolat Pro Hurricane will reward you with its control, touch, power and, feel.
From: Martin, 8/12

Comments: Great strings. These are very nice. I have a Babolat Pure Drive Lite and that racquet doesn't give me much spin, so I really get my spin with the strings and by myself. I also get a lot of control/stability from the string. I use a lot of topspin and these strings really give me the control I need for the ball to go in. These strings aren't stiff at all [for polyester], and I'm only 11.
From: Neal, 8/12

Comments: The only merit of this string is that it is indeed durable. If you're not a fit young male with muscles, you are probably better off staying away from this string. It is really stiff and not arm-friendly. Also spin generation is not good in my opinion. If you want to stick with Babolat brand, XCel is a much better option for the arm and spin.
From: Yalcin, 6/12

Comments: Excellent string for me. I've been using my first string bed of this poly for almost two months. The strings seem to be in perfect condition. However, they have lost just a bit of tension but it still generates an awesome power and control on my top spin shots. I've noticed my volleys got some lack of sensibility. Overall, a great poly.
From: Alfonso, 12/11

Comments: I generate a ton of spin and power (NTRP 6.0-6.5), and for myself and any other advanced players I can say that this is the absolute perfect string. I was previously using Ashaway 17g kevlar in the mains and Head Synthetic Gut PPS 16 in the crosses at 65 lbs. On my Babolat AeroPro Drive GT, but I became tired of the extreme loss of tension after hitting for just a few hours. So I switched to a full bed of this wonderful poly at 67 lbs and loved it from the first forehand. Feels exactly how I've always dreamed of my racquet feeling: Stiff to the point of being low powered (at lower tensions I'm sure it doesn't feel nearly as stiff). However, it's not too stiff to control, though, has great pocketing (even at 67 lbs.) and has almost no additional power. My new string of choice.
From: Patrick, 8/11

Comments: I found this string doesn't hurt at all as some below have claimed. This string is super durable as advertised. It feels just as good as other strings and gives ample amount of spin and power.
From: Sidd, 7/11

Comments: Great string since I can produce my own spin naturally. I really enjoyed it. It lacks a little bit of power and control but you can probably fix that.
From: Joey. 6/11

Comments: These strings are fantastic! I had the opposite experience that Javier did. These strings have not strained my shoulder at all. I've been using them for 6 months now (play at least 10 hours / week). I like the control, power, and durability that they provide. More feel than the RPMs. They seem to hold tension longer than other polys.
From: Jay. 6/11

Comments: I switched to this string about 9 months ago from the Pro Hurricane Tour because the shop no longer stocked the Tour version, and all I have to say is that I absolutely love it. I was apprehensive at first because the Tour had been serving me well, but this was cheaper and every bit as durable as the Tour. Great amount of spin and power, definitely recommended!
From: Mark. 5/11

Comments: At first the string was pretty good but as I played on I started to notice a slight discomfort in my shoulder. I hit a few more times and now my shoulder is pretty much shot. I can hardly pick up my tennis racquet. Strung on the same racquet and same tension, but now I'm out for a week or more thanks to this string. I do not recommend this string for people who have arm problems. OUCH!
From: Javier, Corona, CA. 3/11

Comments: Two words: Sick string. I loved it from head to toe. Great balance of power, and it's very hard to overhit with it. And with four hours of playing, still hasn't broken. Highly recommended!
From: Chris, Miami, FL, USA, 12/10

Comments: Great overall string. Great bite on the ball and creates a wonderful, lively feel on contact. It also has that stiffer poly feel that some players prefer. Most impressive though is that I have had an old racket strung with Hurricane for about a year and a half as a third back-up and it still has its tension and plays great so hurricane would be great even if you string rackets annually. I'm pretty picky with strings and I have nothing negative to say about Hurricane. Can't wait to try tour.
From: Brad, SK, Canada, 12/10

Comments: This is actually a horrible string. I tried this string to see if I can find a replacement for a cheaper version of the Pro Hurricane Tour and it was not even a comparison. The Babolat Pro Hurricane version lacks control and feel, and very rough on your arms. With the price, there are plenty of other strings that are better.
From: Matt, California, 10/10

Comments: This string is great! It provides good power, touch and spin compared to other polys I've used.
From: Luke, Wellington, New Zealand. 06/10

Comments: Great string. Especially good used as a hybrid with this used as the durability string. String this racquet 2 pounds higher than you normally would because the strings lose about that much tension after the first couple hours.
From: Anon. 5/10

Comments: Strung at 56 lbs on my Babolat pure storm GT after 7 hours of play it has kept the tension, the feel is good and so is the power and control, however I prefer pro hurricane tour 17 which has some more power. This string creates some good spin and doesn�t feel dead like Tecnifibre red code, polyspin or Luxilon big banger..good string for the value.
From: Rafael, Beirut, Lebanon, national level tennis player

Comments: This string is really not worth it. I got it by accident because my stringer didn't know I wanted the pro hurricane TOUR but I stuck with it anyway and boy do I suck now. This string at 61 lbs in my Babolat aeropro drive cortex is terrible. It�s just a wall and it takes a lot of force to get the ball over the net. There�s no pop or anything the sound is terrible. It�s almost impossible to control the ball too.
From: Tanner, CT, USA, 04/10

Comments: Nice string it also has good feel with the forehand, but just remember to string it looser like 50-55lbs.
From: John, New York, New York, United States. 4/10
Skill Level: 5.5

Comments: An amazing string, good topspin, power and control. But the only thing is poor durability. The strings bites into each other too much.
From: Dex, NJ,: USA. 4/10

Comments: When I purchased the Babolat Aeropro Drive Cortex from TW, I had them put this string in at 60lbs. I loved it. Given my game (a rafa-like lasso forehand and graf-like knifed slice backhand), I am amazed that the string lasted as long as it did and maintained a high level of performance. I play about 2 times a week for 2 hrs at a time and the string lasted 4+ months. Actually, it did not break. I just decided to try the 17 gauge version of this string. It's not the most elbow friendly string, but its highly durable and does generate a good amount of spin.
From: Ryan, Alexandria, VA, USA 02/10

Comments: An okay string. I used strung it on a KZen Team on full, currently using it as a hybrid on KPro Tour w/ Prince Synth Gut Duraflex for about a month. It loses tension rather steadily, but then it drops fast. It also seems to lose spin with prolonged use. However, I do have to say that these strings have awesome durability.
From: Ben, Columbia, MD, USA 11/09

Comments: I'm about a 4+ player. This string is great! It does not move hardly at all. Very durable. I highly recommend this string to anyone. Trust me. Get it!
From: Cody, KY, USA, 11/09

Comments: I have a mixed feeling. I had to change my playing style though. This string would create so much topspin that it would take a lot of pace off my groundstrokes. Also the strings moved a lot actually, but a decent string. I might try the revenge next time though
From: Anon, 11/09

Comments: This string has amazing durability and spin. It loses tension quickly in the few hours after the string job but holds tension nicely afterwards. Because of this, string it up +2-3 pounds than you normally string your racquets to compensate for tension loss. It doesn't have much power, so you have to be able to generate your own power. A shock absorber should give you a little more pop though. I am pleasantly surprised at how little these strings move. I hit hard and with a lot of spin. After four hours of play, these strings have hardly moved at all, and there is no ball fuzz between strings.
From: Dave, NJ, USA, 11/09
NTRP: 4.5

Comments: I just got these with NXT in the crosses. The topspin is amazing. But since I am a usual low hitting forehander, I hit a lot into the net because I was not used to so much topspin. Also the cons are that it took a bit off my pace.
From: anon. BG, USA 11/09

Comments: This is truly a great poly. I keep coming back to it because it does everything really well. I also like how the string adheres to itself in a full poly string job. Its almost sticky - unlike other polys.
From: Anon. 10/09

Comments: I usually don't hit that hard and when I got these (I use a Babolat Areo Strike) I had more spin on serve and better baseline shots. I only have to re-string this every 6 months- or Every year. Trust me get it.
From: Jaleel P., Perth WA Australia 09/09

Comments: I just want to attest to the durability of these strings. I put lots of hours on my racquet and normally beat the hell out of strings... I've watched some strings go from new to abused after only a couple hours, but these ones still look new even after a couple WEEKS of hard practice. I was impressed enough to write this review. I am a little confused by the people who have written that the durability on these is not good (seriously??!!). I would really recommend these if you want a string that will hold up to many hours of practice.
From: Johann, Antioch, CA, USA 08/09

Comments: I play with a continental grip and I have this string on both of my kblade98's at 58 and I will be stringing this onto my Youtek speed pro when I get it. anyways when I first used these strings it was pretty bad. I was seriously considering cutting out the strings but I stuck with it hoping that it would break in and it did. Afterward I was hitting pretty well I didn't get that feeling where I would kind of slow down on my follow through in fear my strings would launch the ball into the fence.It offers very nice control and spin as well as moderate power. It was a bit stiff and it still is but its a very nice string. I don't think I'll be changing strings. Also after playing for about 2 months I can conclude that it's very durable. No shredding and or moving around (FYI when you string it at first it will move around give it sometime and it will tighten up.) Also my second serves seem like they have a lot more spin on it. Flat servers not so special but maybe its my form or my racquet dunno. but overall great string if your looking for an arm friendly string with feel, playability, exceptional power, and durability. Trust me its worth the money and your time.
From: anon. Cerritos CA, USA 07/09

Comments: I'm an NTRP 4.5 and I strung this to 55LB. Though my shots are mostly flat landing near the baseline, I hit quite a bit topspin with a semi-western forehand grip to keep them in. I went from a Wilson Stamina to the Babolat Pro Hurricane, and I am impressed. The strings does not move at all, and there's a lot of pop on the volleys. This could be bad for inexperienced players who can't control their power as well. It provides much more spin on groundstroke, which is a benefit for me as my shots go very close to the baseline. I, however, haven't gotten any arm pain as some of the reviews claimed. I'd recommend this to any 4.0+ player.
From: Jak. 3/09

Comments: I have changed my opinion of this for the worse. I have not had it in one of my racquets for a while and kept it around for customer request. Recently restrung mine with it, and I cannot find a cross material besides itself, that does not try to adhere to the Hurricane. Surface cohesion issue, not rutting making for a stiff, small sweet spot, non pocketing stringbed even at 56#. Numerous softer mono polys on the market even at a third the price outplay it for comfort, power and spin control. At one time this was very popular, but should now be considered a stiff material for competitive play.
From: Tom, Albany, OR, USA. 3/09

Comments: I hybrid it with Wilson Hollow Cores(Crosses) on my Prince O3 Speedport Black and it works pretty well for me. I get the power I need and the spin also.
From: Mitchell, CA, USA. 3/09

Comments: The package says extreme durability and comfort. There's no comfort.
From: Jason, grand forks, nd. 11/08

Comments: I have just bought these strings and had added them to my n power. They are a string spin style string and I have gained extra top spin and amazing power, with them strung at 61 it took a week as all shots went out but when got use to they was great. Recommended to all topspin players and those who require more power.
From: Vincent, Farnborough, Hampshire, England. 11/08

Comments: I was recommended this string by my local stringer. Being the tennis nut he was, I took heed of his recommendation and gave this string a try. Having strung my Prince O3 White with this string at 58lbs, I started realizing problems with this string from the first ball I hit. Being a player whose style is to play flat with a little bit of topspin for safety, I absolutely hated this string. This string gave heaps of topspin (which is good for some players). While my groundstrokes were average with this string, the string was horrible with serves. I have decent technique, but with the setup that I had, my serves would miss the line by a considerable distance. That meant that I backed off my serve, and this resulted in serves spraying everywhere. Of course, this loss of confidence in my serve has affected the rest of my game; resulting in erratic play. For those topspin nuts who idolize the style of play honed by Nadal, this string is definitely for you (and would probably be fantastic), but otherwise this is definitely a string to pass...
From: Ben, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 09/08

Comments: Ehhh, it's average. Especially compared to the other stuff Babolat has come up with. I put this in a hybrid with XCel in the crosses at 59 lbs each on a Babolat Pure Drive Plus. That was probably what threw me off. I really didn't like it. My arm started hurting after using it. I ended up going back to my favorite string, Ultimate Duo. Even today, my arm still hurts. Go with Ultimate Duo if your stringer gives you a choice. I'm a 14-year-old in my 2nd year of serious play, and I'm afraid that I've already messed up my arm...
From: Jase, NYC, NY, USA. 8/08

Comments: This string was OK. For me it was hard to play with. It didn't have a good feel for me. It gave me a lot of spin, but not the control I was looking for.
From: Cody, Baytown, Tx, USA. 7/08

Comments: My old strings used to break every 2-3 weeks because I use an extreme western grip and I hit very hard with lots of topspin. Babolat pro hurricane improved the amount of spin in every shot. The best thing about it: it doesn't break!!
From: John, Baton Rouge, LA, USA, 07/08

Comments: I did this as I hybrid with Prince Lightning XX and wow that is a good combination. Never tried as the whole set although I have played three hybrids with this on the crosses.
From: Kiefer, Carlisle, Ma, USA. 7/08

Comments: Good power and durability. Although, Signum Pro is a better poly (in my opinion) with much more control. Similar in price.
From: Steven, Waldorf, MD, USA, 06/08

Comments: I hybrid these strings with Gosen OG Micro, and the first few shots were gross. Nothing went in, but after a few more minutes of play, it slow sunk in. I lost some spin, and the balls seemed way too flat for me. My serve was great, though. Flat serve had some good pop, and my kick really had that topspin action on it.
From: Chris, USA. 6/08

Comments: Best string ever, but they loose tension. I have a Babolat AeroPro Drive. If you want tight strings, string at 61 or 62.
From: Anon. 5/08

Comments: I use the Babolat Andy Roddick racquets and it made sense to try this string. I really like it. It is quiet stiff, which I find a positive. It has real power when needed but I think it has a good feel and response. It does feel a little plastic which is a good feel for me. The tension drops quickly though, next time I�ll have it done a little tighter.
From: Greg, UK, 01/08

Comments: Great string if you are looking for a durability string that never moves. Bad if you are wanting a lively string that delivers spin and feel with a little pop. Got discouraged and bought Pro Hurricane Tour and put it in my other stick and immediately loved the touch and spin. I then cut out the other strings and replaced with the Tour. I like a little extra control with my Pure Drive Plus so I string it at 65-68 lbs. I'm a 4.5 player that plays 2-3 times a week.
From: Rob, Kennesaw, GA, USA. 11/07

Comments: Pros: Lots of spin, power, and durability. Cons: Dead feel, very plastic feeling. I took me a while (a couple of weeks) to get used to the string. I know it's helped my kick serve and topspin. This string probably befits players who take big cuts at the ball. I used this on a Babolat Aero Pro Drive @60lbs.
From: Marc, Oakland, CA, USA. 10/07

Comments: I am a 15-year-old junior rated 5.0 who plays 5 days a week. I just switched to this string on both of my Babolats since I felt my past string (rip control) was not that great. I definitely recommend this string!
From: Justin, Westchester, NY, USA, 09/07

Comments: Very strong. Make sure to string about 3-5 pounds higher because it loses tension pretty fast. Also, this thing had way too much pop for me. I had to completely change my grip to keep the ball in. It also gave me arm problems. It is a very stiff string.
From: Chen, Birmingham, AL, USA, 09/07

Comments: I love the string. I used to use Luxilon Big Banger Alu power (which I liked too), but this one is even more durable. The string hardly even moves, last really long and it seems it has more feel than the Big Banger. Price is better too. I am 4.5, stringing it 58 lbs in "The Natural" racket (two-handled for ambidextrous play)
From: Suzanna, Venice, CA, USA. 7/07

Comments: This strings deserve props in all but one category... stringing! My little brother bought 2 packs of this string online and I figured hey just another string to string. Stringing the crosses every time you pulled it across it screeched like a bunch of 6th graders playing in orchestra for the first time ever. When you pulled the tension onto the string you could hear it skip over the strings from the obnoxious noise. As stated before previously it coils insane and is hard to fit into new grommets to tie off! Good performance and lasts forever so you only have to string it once in a long while! 9/10
From: Tanner, Blaine, MN, USA, 07/07

Comments: Well, I had been breaking strings like crazy. After I broke the first string job, the second one only lasted 3 weeks, and the third lasted 1 1/2 weeks (I was trying different types each time). The local pro recommended these after trying them himself, and I love them! They don't move around a lot, have great feel. I'm also going to put some of those plastic string savers on, just to try them.
From: Jon, Newton, MA, USA, 07/07

Comments: I never had elbow problems with this, but my hitting partner did have some slight pain. He still liked it, though. Does feel stiff, so should be softer in a thinner gauge or in a hybrid. Definitely very durable and has excellent control with decent pop. Spin was good for a 16g. I was able to go for broke and still keep my shots in the court. Rarely moves and even then only a little. Nice "thwack" on impact but otherwise the feel isn't that nice. I didn't feel as confident at the net. Also considerably heavier.
From: Terrence, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, 06/07

Comments: I really like these strings. They hit well and very durable. They hardly ever move and retain their position. I am a 4.0 player and would recommend these strings to those who like a good combination of durability, comfort, and power.
From: JR, Porterville, CA, USA, 04/07

Comments: Good string but hard on the arm. I've never suffered arm pain until I started using this stuff. Just a heads-up!
From: Tony, Los Gatos, CA, USA, 04/07

From:I used to play with string between 45-55 but strung my Babolat with this at 60, at first I was frustrated with ball going out, since then, it has lost some power and is hitting winners and is very powerful even on the defensive. Terry, USA, 11/06

Comments: With this you get a nice rip at the ball and get excellent control. It takes a lot to break it and. Just an excellent string with an excellent touch.
From: Mark, Denmark. 10/06

Comments: I have been using these strings for 2 years, except at 15L, which is probably not available on this site. It had a great feel for a polyester string, and lasted around 3 weeks for me (105 hours).
From: Jez, Denmark. 10/06

Comments: I have been playing with the Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour string for about 1 month and found that it was giving me too much spin and not a lot of power. I decided to use the hybrid of the Bab Tour 16 string with the 16 Babolat pro hurricane half set and it came to my attention that this was the best string combination known to man. It gives me spin, durability, power and control.
From: Rob, USA. 9/06

Comments: I put this in my Pure Drive Roddick and strung it at 62 lbs. I used it for the mains and the Babolat Conquest+ 17 for the crosses. I found the Hurricane 16 a bit difficult to string, but I was not surprised. It did like to coil up a lot while stringing. Clamps did not easily pinch the string and there was no slippage, which I found very nice. Tying off the ends took a little extra care due to the rigidity of the string. I liked how this string played for the first few hours, but after a couple of hoppers of practicing a hard, flat serve, I noticed some changes in the string bed. The strings started to vibrate and give off more of a "ping" sound, even with a vibration dampener. There seems to be a significant loss in tension as well and things do not feel as crisp. Not sure if I'll buy this string again as I'm a little disappointed. On the plus side, the strings absolutely do not shift and they are very durable.
From: Keph, Littleton, CO, USA. 9/06

Comments: This stuff doesn't break at all. It is really good for drop shots. I don't know why but I can hit monster drop shots with these strings. They don't give very much spin though.
From: Steve, Bedford, NH, USA 08/06

Comments: It is fine when the first few hours of playing time with decent power average control on my nTour. After that it lost the bite to the ball (my backhand is completely gone) and about 25% of its original tension. But one thing amaze me, no matter how hard I hit the ball, the strings don't move around and it don't seem to be wearing off. The worse thing is they generate tons of vibration when it reaches this stage. Finally, I can't take it anymore and cut if off (well it is kinda fun cause I never cut off string before).
From: Keroro, Vancouver 08/06

Comments: This string was way too stiff for me by itself. I play with strings by themselves before crossing them. It seems to popular, just like the Babolat Pure Drive Plus racket but I can't seem to get into liking this string enough to buy it again.
From: John, Miami, Fl, United States 08/06

Comments: The pro hurricane plays pretty well. I get lots of bite on all my shots. These strings last a lifetime! It took me 2 months to break a set of these. Never the less I�d rather stick to the pro hurricane tour which has way more bite on each shot and last just as long. Tennis Warehouse will be carrying it soon!
From: William, Ontario, Canada 07/06

Comments: I've used Wilson Sensation for the last couple months but then I put on pro hurricane for my mains and Babolat VS Natural for my crosses. The difference was unbelievable I was drilling winners down the line keeping the ball in play putting more spin on the ball. Since I put it on I've been able to beat people I never was able to beat. And it�s so easy on my arm. I used to have arm problems but now there all gone and I�m hitting great.
From: Mike, GPP, MI, USA 06/06

Comments: Played like a trampoline for the first few hours and then flattened out. I was able to hit winners at will for the rest of the day. The next day when I first started playing w/ it started to play like a trampoline again but not as bad as first but then flattened out after 30 mins or so. Since then I have had no problem with it and I won my first tourney recently w/ this string. Very solid, good spin but while maxing out power on serves. Good job Babolat!
From: Andrew, Whiteville, NC, USA, 06/06

Comments: These strings are really good! The reason I tried these strings in the first place was because Nadal uses them and they felt great! But what was a MAJOR let down for me was when my coach told me Nadal doesn�t use the pro hurricane like Babolat says but the Kirschbaum touch turbo!! that's why when you watch Nadal on TV his strings are shiny and not a duller white like the pro hurricane. This was a major let down for me but I still love the pro hurricane! 9/10 for this string =)
From: Andrew, California 05/06

Comments: Took me about a month to break this string. Very tough, not a lot of feel, and hurts the wrists, shoulder and elbow. Strongly recommend mixing it with another string.
From: Thomas, Ruxton, MD 05/06

Comments: I strung my racquet with the Pro Hurricane 16 in the mains, and VS GUT 17 in the crosses and it is an unbeatable combination that has lasted me an unprecedented 2 weeks. Stringing your racquet solely with this string is like stringing your whole racquet with Kevlar strings. I recommend this string and the VS Gut (or tonic + if price is an issue) in 17 gauge as crosses for a blend of control, power, and decent durability.
From: Albert, New York 05/06

Comments: It hurt my feel at all. Less spin, less control and not comfortable at all.
From: Mat, UK 04/06

Comments:This string hurt my arm, gets me little topspin, and provides little to no feel. Why would Nadal use this? I say go buy some natural gut from Babolat if you want a good string.
From: Matt
Irvine, CA 4/1/06

Comments:I enjoy these strings a whole heap because it allows me to hit hard for hours on end and still last forever. The only problem that I have with it is when the strings get soft they get really soft and it looks as though they may snap any minute. These strings have lasted my Wilson for about a month now and still are good. So they are a top choice
From: Chris
Perth, Australia 3/10/06

Comments: I am an all-court doubles player (3.0) and I love this string for its durability and feel. I rarely have to adjust them on my new Babolat Soft Drive (tension 57, cross and mains). Just a great combo with the Soft Drive. I�m not one to break strings very easily but wouldn�t go to another brand or type. But the only thing I would consider would be the tension for myself to get more control.
From: Mike, Weatherford, Texas, USA. 2/06

Comments: Honestly, I don�t like this string at all. It has no feel over the ball. You cannot serve and volley, and you can only get top spin out of this string. I recommend the Head Ultra Tour over this one. I�m a junior who uses a semi-western grip and likes to be aggressive in points.
From: Chris, Union City, CA, USA 01/06

Comments: I was bored with using Head Ultra Tour 16L so I give this string a try. This string is softer and have more feel than the Head Ultra or the Wilson Enduro Pro for which I have also tried. It has good power and good control, and the spin is a bit better than the other two strings mentioned. When I used this string in a hybrid with Wilson Reaction as cross, I get lots more control and even better spin. However, the Reaction broke in just a few days while this string did not even scratch! The bad side of this string is that it moves around too much and looses it tension quickly. And when it does, the string bed seems to have a springy feel to it.
From: Robert, Vancouver, BC, Canada. 10/05

Comments:This is one of the best strings I've used, I hadn't even considered it until my stringer recommended them because I was sending him at least one of my rackets every weekend. I use Hurricane in the mains(the string I usually break) and a softer thinner poly in the crosses and its great. There's plenty of spin and if you want more control string it about 3 pounds higher than you normally would since it loses tension pretty quickly. If you need a durable string you need this.
From: John 10/1

Comments:I am a 5.0 level player. Strung my Prince Original Graphite Midplus at 57 lbs of tension with this string. This is a excellent string. It has very good feel and decent control. Two words I think best describe this string "PURE POWER". I played a match a couple days ago on this string and right away I noticed the balls I hit zinging off my racquet especially on my groundstrokes. If you are a big hitter give this string a try.
From: Bryen 9/30
Irvine, CA USA

Comments: I Love This String a lot. I get lots of power and control. I only recommend this string 5.0 level players and up.
From: Rooxie, Riverdale, New York, USA. 9/05

Comments: I recently tried Pro Hurricane and its a great string. Before I was using Wilson NXT and just kept breaking my strings, but I loved its feel. I tried Pro Hurricane and it has the same great feel but with a little something extra. Its true it does lose its tension fast, but that�s the only flaw. Overall, it�s a great string.
From: Connor, Flower Mound, TX, USA. 8/05

Comments: I am a left hander and have been playing on the ITF circuit for a year and a half now, and I recently signed a sponsorship deal with babolat. I tested out the pro hurricane string, and straight away I could see more power and control that I never knew I had! I recommend this string to any young budding tennis player.
From:Rafael City, State, Country: Spain

Comments: This String Sucks!! It drops tension in no time, has way too much power, and no feel. If you want to keep the ball in the court I don't think you should use this string. Kirschbaum Super smash is a better polyester.
From: James, Miami FL 08/05

Comments: Very good polyester string: soft, powerful, great feeling and extremely durable. I used a Kevlar hybrid for years but after I tried this good polyester I told myself to said good bye to the Kevlar. Babolat is Babolat, the best string in the world.
From: Boyd, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Comments: I liked it at first but then it got to powerful and I didn't like it. So, I switched to the Wilson NXT 16g and I liked it with the Head Flexpoint radical racquet.
From: Hilbrand Buurma, Holland,Michigan,USA 08/05

Comments: I found this string really springy with little feel. It loses tension really quickly. The strings don�t move at all. You can create lots of power although it is hard to control the ball with them, even strung at a higher tension. I would not recommend this string for anyone who wants to hit the ball in the court more than twice in a row.
From: Scott, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland 07/05

Comments: Try this great string and you will never go back! It has a thin crispy feeling and great comfort. I play semi-professionally and I used to play with the Luxilon Big Banger Alu, but this string is amazing.
From: Christian, Sydney, NSW, Australia 06/05

Comments: These strings are great. Decent topspin, good power, great feel, and pretty good control. I found that these strings work really well at mid tension. Also, they last for about 3 weeks before they start to lose tension. I'm a baseliner and I use a Wilson Pro-Staff Tour 90.
From:Blake, Tuscaloosa, AL, USA

Comments: This is a very trampoline like string. It has very good durability which i don�t like. I don�t like this because i get sick of the same string over and over. But the best part is you never have to adjust these strings. Overall it is great for its price.
From: Alex, Fountain Valley, Ca, USA. 04/05

Comments: This string is awesome, its playing is awesome, it last for a long time, and it gives a lot of power and top spin, if you hit with a lot of top spin and your strings break like nothing, this string is for you. Babolat is the best
From: Binny, Highland, CA, USA. 04/05

Comments: I have been using this string for 2 years. Pretty consistent durability. The feel is not great though. I agree with others that this string does lose tension very quickly.
From: Gs, Canada. 03/05

Comments: Hey, this is a pretty nice string. It barely moves and sounds funny. I don't think it'll ever break on me because I'm not a frequent string snapper. The funny thing is, I think I play better with this string than I do Wilson NXT MAX.
From: Kelvin, Fountain Valley, CA, USA. 02/05

Comments: When I first bought my racquet from TW, I had it strung with Pro Hurricane 16 in the mains, and natural gut (Bow Brand) in the crosses (trying to copy Roddick's string set up, without the VS gut price). After the gut started to shred, I re-strung the racquet with Pro Hurricane in the mains, but this time used the cheaper and thinner gauge Babolat Super Fine play 17 g in the crosses. I was extremely surprised to find that I actually liked using the much cheaper Super Fine play in the crosses, as opposed to the natural gut. I don't know whether it's because SF play is softer than gut, or whether it's because of the thinner string. Whatever the reason, it's a great combo. The string bed is lively, I get more of a dampened feel than with gut, and the spin is much, much better (I'd estimate that I'm getting 25% more spin than when I used the natural gut in the crosses). I would highly recommend that those who are string breakers (like myself) who want the durability of a polyester string, but don't want to sacrifice power, control, and spin, should give this set up a try.
From: Jason, California, USA. 10/04

Comments: These strings don't move very much, and are very durable. Excellent feel when hitting. They're lasting more than 3 months for me, but I'm not a frequent string breaker anyway, the feel is gone though, but they're still decent. Overall a very good string for the price.
From: Anon. 9/04

Comments: This is a great string overall with only one downside. It loses tension way too fast! I would recommend using a hybrid or stringing the racquet at a higher tension. I used it on a Dunlop 300G strung at 65lbs and thought it was a great string. I am now using the Wilson NXT Tour 16 and the Babolat together. Great combo.
From: Ryan, Rochester Hills, MI, USA. 9/04

Comments: This is a very good string. I love this string. It�s durable and feels good. I use it on my Babolat Pure Drive Team Plus, OMG it felt so nice and amped my service up like five mph. My forehand got faster, topspin was heavy but using it so much I adjusted to it. GREAT STUFF. The only time it ever snapped on me was when I hit my frame too much. All the other times I cut it because it started to lose its feel after three months.
From: Michael, Fountain Valley, CA, USA. 9/04

Comments: I'm a hard hitting baseliner using a Liquidmetal Radical MP. I had my racquet strung with Babolat Powergy on both the mains and the crosses, and was breaking strings every few days. After talking to my stringer he recommended that I try Pro Hurricane in the mains and keep the Powergy in the crosses. WOW. I can't believe the difference that this made. The power and control is unsurpassed. Since I play on clay, using a soft string on the mains just doesn't work; they break in hours. However, I believe that Pro Hurricane is probably the best polyester string out there. I'm getting the nSix-One 95 soon. This string hybrid with the Wilson stick will be deadly combo.
From: John, Hilton Head, SC, USA. 9/04

Comments: Ouch! I'm a pretty hard-hitting 4.0 player and this string hurt both my arm and my game. Admittedly, I usually wire up my Babolat Pure Drive Plus at 62 lbs. My advice: check out Luxilon's Big Banger ALU Rough. My results: no pain, lots of spin, more free-swinging depth on serves, forehands and backhands.
From: Arlyn, NY, NY, USA. 08/04

Comments: If you are tired of adjusting your strings back in alignment, and not getting enough spin, then this is your string, TRUST ME. I've not had to adjust them once, THEY DON'T MOVE. This string also provides plenty of topspin, enough for anyone. Hard hitters, this is your home run string.
From: Smiley, Fayetteville, AR, USA. 0/8/04

Comments: This is my main string from now on. This string plays similar to the Big Banger Original with a cheaper price tag! Awesome power, and tons of spin with fantastic price. If you hit hard, you should definitely try this string.
From: Fred, GA, USA. 07/04

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