Babolat Duralast 16 String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: I am sorely unimpressed with this string. I do play tennis, but I did not buy this string for myself. Stringing racquets is what I do best, so I decided this would be a good opportunity for me to be able to keep my price low and still make a profit (since the reel was only $50). I have played with all of the strings (outside of the guts) I have in stock, so I will know how they feel on the court. Stringing this stuff is not very difficult even if it is a stiffer poly. However, on the court, the strings do not snap back, even after playing for ten minutes, less than half an hour after I strung it. Some people may like it, but for whatever reason, I have yet to come across a translucent polyester that I like.
From: Taylor, 3/13

Comments: I consider myself to be a developing 5.5 all-court player. As such, explosive transitioning from the baseline to the net is critical. And of course, the string you hit with, I'm starting to believe, directly affects your confidence in movement. Initially, movement was an issue with this string because I found myself not only having to stop before approaching the net, but having to stop on a dime. Afer a few hours of play, the string lost some of its stiffness, but not nearly enough. Because of this, I found myself consistently having to adjust my playing strategy. As an all-courter, I hurt my opponent with big shots on the move and this string plays too stiff and does not provide enough spin to allow fluidity in transition. On a more positive note, it's durable! I don't think I'm being too harsh on Babolat with this review, and even though my priorities are changing rapidly, this string is not for an all-courter.
From: Anon, 3/13

Comments: I have mixed feelings about this string. It feels like I'm hitting with plastic when I hit it, and then it's pretty stiff. In fact, one of the coaches at my club says it's the stiffest string he's ever felt. But after about an hour, the strings begin to settle in and it begins to feel different, little more pop, and increased spin. Volleys for great, touch shots made just over the net like I wanted. I wouldn't recommend this string but it won't hurt to give it a try.
From: Hyeoncheol. 6/11

Comments: I would give this string a great consideration when choosing your strings. It is true that the string breaks easily, but the strings enable you to apply lots of spin on the ball during play. If using a counter-revolution serve I would highly recommend it.
From: Vincent, Australia. 08/10

Comments: I am #2 in long island and this is my favorite string out of all of them but the problem is that it breaks in 4-5 days.
From: Kevin, East Quogue, NY, USA. 04/10

Comments: This string is fantastic, even though it does die fast, it still gives great ball feel.
From: Cole , Timonium, MD USA 01/10

Comments: OMG finally I have been having to ship these strings from over seas. I love this string. They never break, although they die in about a week but I just love these strings. I use 15 gauge I wonder if tennis warehouse will sell the 15...
From: Kumo, OK, US 08/09

Comments: I used this string on my head microgel radical pro, it had nothing special, it is not spin friendly. I broke these strings after 1 week, at first they looked good then the tension dropped really fast. I don't recommend it!
From: Rafael, Beirut, Lebanon 08/09

Comments: I don't know why people don't like this string. I just had it on my AeroPro Drive Cortex and it felt awesome. It had perfect spin and control and since I use a lot of wrist action and power on my forehands it felt perfect.
From: Spenser. 8/09

Comments: There are better durable strings out there and this string is not durable. Had to replace strings within a week and a half. Regretted hitting with this string because I started to feel pain in my shoulder and arm.
From: Joe, CA, USA. 8/09

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