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Comments: The lenses may be great but I wouldn't be able to tell you -- before I put them on I was curious about the interchanging lenses and tried swapping them out. Big mistake, because I cannot get them back into place without having them easily fall out. The construction seems really shoddy and the notch that is supposed to hold the lens in place is crude and ineffective. It wasn't for lack of effort, as I tried maneuvering the frame/lenses and applying significant pressure to try and lock them in. But to no avail. I wasn't able to play once with these which is extremely disappointing after shelling out $80 and waiting for them to arrive after being back ordered. Easy decision to return these -- there are plenty of other options out there which I'm certain have much better construction than these.
From: Todd, 4/16

Comments: I purchased these from Tennis Warehouse after struggling in bright noon Florida sun and 2 opponents had these and swore they would help. Right after the match, I bought the Vigilante and have been amazed. I have won my last 5 day matches with them. Reviews said the right lens comes loose but I have not had it happen. Love these and going to buy 2nd pair. I am 4.5 rated 55 years old.
From: Woody, 3/15

Comments: I love these lenses. The yellow ball 'pops' out even when it is overcast. The glasses are light weight, with comfortable cushioned nose and ear pieces. The only downside is that the rubber earpieces wear how fairly quickly and TW does not sell the replacement earpieces.
From: Brian, 8/14

Comments: Really like these glasses. At first, I had the same problem as others with the right lense until dicovering you can get it in by bending the frame down at the end, near the arm whilst locating the lenses. The case could be a bit sturdier, like the case that comes with the Bolle Bolt sunglasses.
From: Steve, 9/13

Comments: I've used these for over a year now, and they are excellent. At times, it takes me several attempts to get both lenses to "snap" into place properly. However, It's definitely not a design flaw, as other reviewers suggest. It just takes a little patience, and properly aligning the lenses in the frame slots. These are great sunglasses, especially at such a reasonable price point.
From: Jim, 7/13

Comments: Love these -- I have had no problems with them whatsoever!
From: Anon, 6/13

Comments: I have worn these glasses for years and the right lens is very difficult to replace. You must get it to snap into place or you can not wear the glasses because they will fall out of the frame. Buy some other brand. There are glasses on the market that are just as good for playing tennis.
From: Fran, 11/12

Comments: The right lens doesn't sit in the frame the same as the left lens. Consequently, if falls out every so often. I think it happens because the frame is too flexible, so the lens doesn't want to sit in the frame snugly. Looking at similar comments from people who purchased these glasses, it's clear this is a design fault. I think they should stop selling them and get the problem fixed.
From: Peter, 8/12

Comments: Could not use the glasses due to the right lens falling out. The manufacturing process was faulty by not aligning the cut in the lens with the bump in the channel, which rendered them useless. Frame is very flexible in order to accommodate interchanging the lens which makes any misalignment of the lens fatal. Otherwise, if I could have used them, I would have liked them.
From: Bob, 5/12

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