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Comments: I use the Babolat Club Line Blue 6 Pack Bag and absolutely love it!! Just switched to Babolat and have had a tremendous 2012 year with it!
From: Noah, 2/12

Comments: Just purchased the blue, 6-pack bag yesterday. Racquets and all my gear (extra clothes, balls, etc) fit perfectly with room to spare. The bag is very lightweight, which is one of the reasons I purchased it - very easy on the shoulders and back. Single shoulder sling strap works better than the two-strap system found on most bags. Very well made and sharp looking too! I highly recommend it.
From: Cathy, 12/11

Comments: I love this ace pack. It is not too heavy and not too light. I think it is perfect for a normal tennis practice.
From: Eddie, 11/11

Comments: I love my 12 pack bag. The design is amazing and it carries all 8 of my racquets (2 Babolat AeroPro Drives, one Babolat Pure Storm GT Team 2009, 2 Babolat Pure Storm GT Tour 2011, one Head MicroGel Extreme Pro MP, and my new pair of Wilson BLX Six.One Tour racquets) and also carries a lot of extra gear like shoes, socks and clothes and even a 660 string reel. Anyways, you better not leave it in the sun because it gets hot because of the black interiors. I give this bag a 10!
From: Alfonso, 9/11

Comments: I bought two bags to check out for my 11 year old son - the Babolat 9-pack Team and the 12 pack Club Line. We were looking for a bag that would hold 2 racquets, and some other stuff, not too big but roomy enough. Even though the Team Line bag looks better and is sturdier and seems like of a higher quality, it was extremely uncomfortable and even painful to carry on the back because of the wires that hold the shape of the bag being too stiff and hard. My son couldn't wait to take it off (and he is tall and strong). After trying the Club Line 6-pack bag we were very impressed: good quality, light, very roomy with three compartments, very comfortable to carry on the back. It would be nice if it also had a handle on the top and at least one thermal compartment, like the Team Line bag does, but it's ok, we'll just have to be careful not to leave it in the car during hot and freezing months.
From: Ilona, 9/11

Comments: Recently I bought the 6 pack bag off this line, and I love it! It holds ALL of my things, literally about 30 tennis balls until I get a hopper, and after? It'll hold several sets of clothes, shoes, 2-3 tennis racquets for sure, and the front pocket for my small accessories is perfect. I always come with my wallet, iPod, phone, and keys. However I would suggest when you set your bag down, make sure the small compartment is facing away from the sun. As it's black, and attracts a lot of heat so it could heat up your electronics substantially. Overall I would give this bag a 9/10!
From: Brendan, O'Fallon, Missouri, 7/11

Comments: This Backpack is way to small to hold shoes or anything that is that size that you need to go to the courts. I am returning it.
From: Tim. 5/11

Comments: The Backpack Bag actually isn't as bad as I initially found it. Sure, rainy days aren't the best of times to use it (I use a swiss backpack for such days) for school or work, but it holds well. After several months with it, and with school, clubs, actual tennis, camping, and etc, it really isn't that bad a bag. Again, this isn't rain's best friend, so water easily gets inside this bag, so no laptops, no mp3's, mp4's, tablets, books, or anything else that will tarnish when soaked. If you are looking for an all-purpose bag, go to swiss, this back pack is meant solely for tennis and does that job admirably, I've fit in textbooks, with tennis rackets (2), 2 cans of tennis balls, some drinks, wallet, phone, extra shirts, a pair of shoes, you name it (under common-sense logic). It made me look like a total nerd at school, but it can fit a decent number of items, say, 2 rackets, a couple shirt (sweatbands included), drinks, say 4 drinks, and a pair of shoes.
From: Anon, USA, 08/10

Comments: The 6 pack is a very high quality racquet bag for its price. However, it's a rather small racquet bag. It only fits 6 frames and that's it. The side zipper pocket is rather smallish too.
From: Jack, MD, USA, 07/10

Comments: Does the six pack have that thing where you put it on your shoulder to carry it?
From: Monty, Australia. 6/10
(There is a shoulder strap but the bag does not have backpack straps. -- TW Staff)

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