Babolat Babol Color Stencil Ink White Customer feedback

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Comments: I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like this product is absolutely horrible! Didn't have much luck with the Gamma one either, does anyone know what a good white stencil Ink is?
From: Anonymous, 6/16

Comments: Doesn't work well at all. Pass on this and get the more traditional style ink and applicator.
From: Kris, 12/14

Comments: It doesn't last very long on the string. I will not get this again.
From: Ray, 6/14

Comments: Terrible. It's like the ink is allergic to the strings. Takes multiple applications to get a solid stencil. Plus, the applicator is entirely the wrong shape. Won't purchase again.
From: Dalton, 1/12

Comments: This item boasts the Babolat name but doesn't deliver. I recommend you stay away from this stencil ink. The applicator is the main problem. On first pass very little ink is transferred to the strings. If you want it to look professional and entirely white you must go back over each section. The applicator (non precise large thick rectangular shaped sharpie that breaks off onto your strings) leaves you with host of issues on application. Applying too much ink (starts to look like you used house paint, lol). Wiping off ink from the first pass as you reapply. I'm used to a roller type applicator that entirely coats the strings with ink. Also tennis warehouse doesn't take them back once opened. Mine is in the garbage.
From: Anthony, 10/11

Comments: I must be doing it wrong, then. Every time I put it on, it takes way more than - say, Prince ink. I have to go over each spot about four times to get a solid paint job, and - even then - it does not stay on long. I do not recommend.
From: Scott W. 6/11

Comments: Personally, I find the standard stencil ink applicators much easier for applying ink evenly on the strings. The Babolat ink applicator just reminds me of a large Sharpie.
From: Chris. 6/11

Comments: This ink is easy to apply but does not want to stay on very long. You will have you apply a lot in order to keep the inks showing for a long time.
From: Josh. 5/11

Comments: The ink is only good for a day of tennis. You'll have to put one each time you play to look nice on your strings.
From: Angelo, Crescent City, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: This works very well and shoes up very vibrantly and clear.
From: Shane, AH, CA, USA, 12/10