Babolat Custom Damp French Open Customer feedback

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Comments: Great shock absorber. It's only fallen off once over the past 4 years.
From: Dennis, 3/12

Comments: This dampener is very good if you want to hit hard with control... great value!
From: Anon, 3/12

Comments: I really like this dampener. I have the yellow and black coloring and it never falls off. I don't know what is different about mine. It absorbs the right amount with or without the inside piece on it.
From: Ben, 3/12

Comments: I have a Babolat Drive Z Lite racquet and the string pattern is very tight. It was very difficult to get this dampener into the strings and then the strings were visibly stretched around the dampener (so they were no longer vertically straight).
From: Suse, 10/11

Comments: Feels great compared to the Sampras O dampeners. The Gel insert is also really helpful.
From: Andy. 8/11

Comments: It works perfectly against hard hitters especially when using the gel insert.
From: Spencer. 08/11

Comments: I haven't used this dampener for 4 hours, and I already lost both of the dampeners due to the fact that they fall off, so if you can be sure to fix that, these dampeners have a great feel.
From: Greg. 6/11

Comments: I have tried a lot of different dampeners and this one I find to be one of, if not the best. I take the little white capsule out and use only the O-ring. I find that with the type of rubber it is made of, it dampens just the right amount, but still lets enough feedback through from the string bed. Other dampeners, like the classic Sampras style O-ring made by the makers of Tourna Grip, I think dampen too much. The rubber material used for that O-ring is a bit more rigid and stiff. I have not had too many problems with the Babolat dampener falling off. Seems like it only does if I mishit the ball on the dampener itself. Otherwise, for me, it seems to stay on fine even without the additional capsule inserted in the center. The Babolat Custom Damp is my favorite dampener and would be hard to replace if they ever stopped making it.
From: Anon. 5/11

Comments: Here is how to solve the pop out problem with these kinds of dampeners: Use some dental floss and tie it around the two corner where the string intersect between the dampener. This will guaranteed the dampener from popping out.
From: TxT858. 5/11

Comments: It pops out of Pure Storm 16x20 stringbeds too frequently. Babolat should shrink the donuts slightly and use a slightly more dense rubber.
From: Ray, New York, NY, USA, 02/11

Comments: This came with my new babolat aeropro drive gt racquet and looks awesome and works great like any other dampener. Problem is that it comes off easily.
From: Jonathan, Seattle, WA, USA, 12/10

Comments: The yellow dampener is really for big hitting. The balls pop off the strings with a nice sound and the feel is buttery smooth. Keep them pushed up against the bottom row strings and they shouldn't pop out so much, but I think they stay put pretty well.
From: Anon, 12/10

Comments: It may look cool but I had trouble putting it on and it fell off multiple times I would like the normal Babolat o shaped dampeners.
From: Anon, 12/10

Comments: I'm top jv and play about 3 hours everyday, it comes off sometimes, but besides that its great; if you don't hit the sweetspot that often I wouldn't recommend it.
From: Mohammad, Upper Darby, PA, USA, 11/10

Comments: The dampener is okay it does come off sometimes, but not every day. It does kill some of the vibration but not all of it you can still feel the ball and stuff. I would recommend this dampener to someone but if you shank the ball a lot closer to where the dampener is think before you buy it.
From: Billy, Kansas City, KS, USA, 11/10

Comments: I received this with my Aero Pro Drive + and I fell in love with the feel. But than my stings started to get loose and then it started to fall out will try a re-string and use it again. I was told by my stringer that it may be falling off because of the type of strings and the tension. I am going to try some thinner strings and a pound or two tighter.
From: Lou, CT, USA, 09/10
Racquet: Babolat AeroPro Drive GT Plus
String type and tension: Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 17 57lb
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I have had this thing for 3 years and it rarely falls off. I use the Babolat Aeropro drive cortex racket and when I hit the ball I get no vibration with lots of feel. For the people who say it falls off too much you should try hitting the ball in the sweetspot and not trying to hit the dampener. This is a great product I recommend this to anyone.
From: Jack, Bloomington, IL, USA, 08/10

Comments: I like how this dampener feels. It dampens a good amount but you can feel the ball very well. The thing I really hate about it is that it falls off so very easily. I changed to this dampener after having been using the head logo one, and it rarely fell off. In the first week the custom damp fell off on my twice, but I was able to find it. The third time it fell off I couldn't find it. I really don't recommend this dampener to anyone, unless you're willing to keep buying them every time you lose them. I'm even using a dense string pattern racquet (MGRMP), I can't even imagine how much it'd last on an open string pattern.
From: Ronald, Lima, Peru, 07/10

Comments: This shock absorber came with my Babolat Aeropro Drive. This is definitely the best shock absorber I've ever had and it feels amazing. However, the shock absorber falls off way too easily. It fell off one time and it took me thirty minutes to find it, then it fell off at a practice and I lost it. So I just went out and bought some more of these shock absorbers. I would totally recommend this to all tennis players.
From: Jake, Dover, MA, USA, 07/10

Comments: I'm 17 and I play a lot of tennis (3 hours a day then I go workout then I go play a match). I have been using this dampener ever since I got my player's package from Babolat about 6 months ago. I think these are the best dampeners out there. I like the solid but "calm" feel and the "calmness" really comes in handy since I play with A LOT of spins. Some of people say, "It falls off a lot! So I don't like it." The only time this has ever fallen off (or any other dampener for that matter) is when a ball catches the tape (I usually play on clay) and produces a nasty hop. And I have not done that too often... So as long as you can not hit the dampener, this is a great buy!
From: Doug, Fl, USA. 06/10

Comments: I have been playing with this thing for 7 years and it never fell off. That's with the core part inside. I use a good racquet too, the Babolat Aeropro Drive GT with RPM strings. (Nadal's racket and sting choice). It's color is awesome too. Great dampener.
From: Sytev, Florence, Italy. 06/10

Comments: Amazing dampener, works great, however it tends to fall out often.
From: Ross, McFarland, Wisconsin, USA. 5/10

Comments: Love it! I've used it on every racquet I've used, and it's been great! I don't know what the others are complaining about though, for me it's only fallen off once in 3 years!
From: Jon, London, England. 5/10

Comments: Currently use these on my Yonex RQiS 2 Tour, and, with the little shock beads-thing, it falls off easily, without it, it doesn't vibrate and doesn't make that sound I hate hearing.
From: Anon. 5/10

Comments: Great dampener but like a lot of people are saying it does pop off easily. I am a high junior ranked player and been using the dampener ever since it came out I LOVE THIS DAMPENER!
From: Matt, Missouri,USA, 01/10

Comments: The best absorber I've ever played with. The only drawback is that it pops out very easily. My coach, and two of my friends lost both of theirs within a year. But other than that it's a great absorber.
From: Nick, Orlando, FL, USA. 11/09

Comments: I have been playing for 3 and a half years now and I am a 3.5 level player and 13 years old I have this absorber on my Babolat drive z tour cortex and it feels great and adds more comfort because my racket has the built in cortex system too which filters out the harmful vibrations it produces a "Pure" feeling and a stiff stroke. I read the comments above and it never flew off my racket. I have the all black one with the yellow Babolat written on it without the rubber insert in short love it!
From: Hassaan, England 09/09

Comments: Worked good while I had it. I lost it once hitting groundstrokes (took 30 min. to find), and then again while serving. Would not recommend to someone who is learning and mis-hits a lot.
From: Christian, Lexington, South Carolina, U.S.A. 8/09

Comments: I found this dampener after testing many, mostly of them are good (Babolat, Wilson, Head logo, worm, etc.), but I would say that is the best for me, as usual I will complain about losing one once in a while, but that happens when I mis-hit the ball.
From: Jorge, Buenos Aires, ARG, 07/09

Comments: 4.0 Player. I was using this dampener for a couple of years now, I had it on my Babolat Pure Drive and it was great. Then I switched to the Head Flexpoint Prestige and it felt even better. It's got a great feel to it, however, I have lost about 4 of them because they fly off and roll away. I need to get more of them.
From: Javier, Corona, CA, USA 06/09

Comments: This shock absorber works great. I have never had a problem with it coming off... great product.
From: Dylan, Crossville, TN, USA. 6/09

Comments: I love this dampener with my Babolat Pure Drive Plus. It feels very comfortable and gives a very good feeling. Awesome sound and feedback! I use the yellow one with the clear insert!
From: Luke, Germany. 05/09

Comments: Good dampener. It keeps falling off, so I taped it on the string using electrical tape and it never fell off ever since.
From: Charles, Burnaby, BC, Canada. 05/09

Comments: Yeah, I agree with those previous comments. The dampener really helps with the vibration on the contact of the ball, but it ALWAYS comes of the racquet. I also put the rubber bit inside it, but it still comes off. I nearly lost it one day when I wasn't rallying and the dampener jumped off the racquet, and I didn't notice until someone on the court next to me come and asked me if it was mine. Good vibration absorber but it'd be better to keep it still on the racquet not flying around.
From: Boss. 4/09

Comments: I am 27 years old beginner, after two years I find this dampener, for me is amazing, producing a "feeling" I really like; never jumped from the racquet.
From: Jorge, Buenos Aires, ARG. 3/09

Comments: The dampener overall does a great job of reducing shock. However, like many others have posted it DOES have a problem of coming off the racquet. It fell off for me 3 times during a doubles match and only ONE of those times came off a mis-hit. I think it has to do with the space created by the dampener when applied to the racquet. It really does separate the strings a little. I also play with a good deal of topspin and I use a Yonex rds 001 midplus. Overall, a good dampener but could have been a GREAT dampener if it could just stay on the racquet.
From: Giovanni, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 01/09

Comments: Good dampener..2 piece but the middle one (clear piece) is lost. Now I have the color one alone..still going, but the combination was really quiet.
From: Dr.Manikandan, Coimbatore, India. 11/08

Comments: This is really great. You should use the one with the core if you use poly strings and such. The one without the core makes you hear a higher pitched sound and gives you a bit more feel. The one with the core removes most of the string vibration and gives you a deeper, more boom-ish sound. If the dampener gets hit with a ball a couple of times it'll fly off so it pretty much encourages you to apply the number one rule: KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE BALL AT ALL TIMES!! So now, mine never flies off.
From: Gerard, Las Pinas, Metro Manila, Philippines, 11/08

Comments: I love this dampener a lot. It feels good and works great. The only thing is I ran out of money trying to buy more. lol it always comes off and at the time when I need it most. Maybe you could tie a string to it or something.
From: dream, Ca, usa. 8/08

Comments: Good dampener. If you use the rubber bit in the middle, I assure you that it won't fly off.
From: isaias, auckland, new zealand. 8/08

Comments: I like the dampener ok. They do the job. But I don't like stopping play trying to find the darn thing 2 OR 3 times a set. Like others have said they will come off.
From: Dennis, Burnsville, NC, USA. 8/08

Comments: I used this for my Yonex RDS 001 mid size, which is 90 sq inches with a 16x20 string pattern. It never falls off with the center piece. It works great and you can hear the solid sounds. Everyone keeps complaining that it keeps falling off... well you guys must love hitting the ball on the shock.
From: Anon, San Ramon, CA, USA, 07/08

Comments:Does a good job. I like the feel of this dampener, and it is nice to have the option of two different levels. I much prefer it without the core. It does fit a little tight (too tight with the core for my racquets), and it has only falling off once in many months of usage, a miss hit. Not sure how it is falling off for others, must have to do with the string gap the dampener goes in. Worked great for me.
From: Sean, 07/08

Comments: I bought this dampener and played my first match with it last night. So far no problem. I read the feedback that others posted about it coming off and had some concerns about it. I hit hard flat shots mostly, with heavy topspin when needed and it stayed on. It did kill the vibration without losing the feel. The only thing is I wish it came with only yellow. The yellow is very cool. I didn't try it with out the core. It worked so well with the core, no need to change.
From: Dennis, Burnsville, NC, USA. 6/08

Comments: Great dampener but I do not use bubble in the center since it fell out frequently. Plays about same as older red dampener.
From: Bob, LA, CA, USA. 5/08

Comments: I hate this dampener. I had to look everywhere to find it! Every time I would hit a serve or an overhead it would come flying off. I think this is a horrible dampener! Do not buy it!
From: Sam, North Carolina. 5/08

Comments: Best dampener out there. I wouldn't play without one. I never had any problems with it falling off. I would only use with center piece, though.
From: James. 4/08

Comments: This is a really good dampener that killed all vibration without losing the feel of my Babolat AeroPro Drive Cortex. I found that the dampener worked better with the bubble in the center. It looks great, plays great.
From: Joe, London, UK. 2/08

Comments: This dampener lets no vibration through to the grip, and there's no noise when you hit. Great colors too.
From: Richard, GA, USA, 02/08

Comments: Love the feel and play I get on the ball with this thing but I am now on my second one b/c the thing will not stay on.
From: Anon, 11/07

Comments: I like this dampener a lot but it keeps on falling off every time I hit it I bought this thing twice and in the same day I bought both of these they both fell off. I would've used the other 1 but I didn't have the thing in the middle so I can't use it so unless you don't like the thing in the middle then I wouldn't get this.
From: Alex, Louisville, KY, USA, 11/07

Comments:Replaces the older red/white Babolat dampener, which kept falling off. Same excellent dampening qualities but stays in place. The dampener is rubber so it molds into a more oval shape between strings, which distorts the wordings on the dampener. Black/yellow color is cool and goes well with my Aeropro Drive Cortex.
From: Satchman, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA, 10/07

Comments: I put this thing on my Babolat Pure Drive Plus, and it has done wonders with my vibration! I get just the right amount of feel, and an awesome sound with this combined with the racquet's Cortex system! Looks cool too. This is recommended.
From: Jase, Manhattan, NY, USA, 10/07

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