Luxilon Big Banger XP 16L String Natural Customer feedback

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Comments: This is the best string for the value. Especially when it is on sale (12 for $4.99) which I bought more than 12 at once to take advantage of the great pricing. Normally I use Monotec Zolo 16L (which is $6.99 and never on sale), but I could not tell the difference at all. It has very similar feel and power to it and practically I could not tell the difference from the beginning. However, it is lasting longer than Monotec Zolo which is a big plus. So far, I used it 15 matches and still it has not broken yet. For Monotec Zolo, I break it between 10 to 14 matches. For the reference, I always use string savers which gives me up to 4 matches more. This is the best string for the money and I recommend you to stock up as many as possible.
From: Alex, 8/12

Comments: It's a pretty decent string. It gives enough spin and power that I look for in a string. However, it loses tension after awhile, and by losing tension I mean it goes down by like 4-5 pounds. I strung it at 54, and it probably ended up with 49 or 50, but I still liked the string. When it drops in tension you need to have to control some shots, mainly slice and backhand. Serving with the string is lovely, even with a tension drop. Its more forgiving then Luxilon Big Banger Power ALU and more durable as well. I'd have to say it lasted for about a month and a half-ish before it snapped. I guess I still need to find my perfect string.
From: Stephen, 7/12

Comments: This string is awesome. it doesn't provide as much spin as the original big banger, but you really cant tell. Very very good strings, loses tension really quick but that's only on a minimal. These strings will feel a bit stiff for the 1st hour but that's it, after the 1 hour break in period, you will start to hear and feel the difference, the spin capabilities of this string starts to shine. oo did i say very durable too, I'm a string breaker, for most poly's I'd say they usually last me a good 8-12 hours, but these strings are past the 30 hour mark and they still feel good, doesn't die like most polys.
From: Chase, USA 12/09

Comments: My daughter (top junior) has been playing with the Big Banger XP 1,38mm, the stings finally broke. She gave her racquet and the XP 1,38 strings to her coach to have her racquet re-strung. Her coach said that she should not play with 1,38mm XP as she will develop arm issues. He said that she should use 1,25mm XP. Do you produce XP Luxilon stings at 1.25mm. if yes, where can I order it. My daughter loves the string but I do not want to risk any arm issues. By the way a few of us oldies who play top vets tennis love the string and won't use anything else.
From: Felicity, New Zealand. 8/09
(Felicity, the 16L version is 1.25mm. -- TW)

Comments: Ffirst time to use a poly string. Jared from Kuwait is right. This is not so good for topspinners, but gives tons of spin to your second serve. Felt dead and powerful at first, and after an hour of play you can get used to it. There's a little feel, and not too stiff like other polys. Strung this one at 58 lbs on my wilson npro.
From: Masaki, Manila, Philippines, 05/09

Comments: It's not so good for top spinners. I still prefer the Original Big Banger string.
From: Jared, Kuwait, 12/08

Comments: I love this string. I think it is better than the regular Big Banger. It may be just me, but I felt like I had more feel with this string. It was also amazingly durable. Tension loss was minimal. Playability never decreased with continued use. It played the same the day the string finally broke as the day it was freshly strung. There was more notching than you would normally see with strings from Luxilon, but it didn't seem to affect durability. I thought the spin was better as well. My slices and topspin forehand have never been better. (Strung on Yonex RQ iS 2 Tour @ 62 lbs)
From: Barrett, Bowling Green, KY, USA. 4/08

Comments: I have had my Wilson 90 K series for about 4 months. I love it. I switched from regular Big Banger because I was breaking that every two weeks when I was in college season. So I went looking for something more durable, and this is it. It has the same or better feel but is more durable. I got a little less spin, but I got used to it. I would say the product description is right on. Acts like Big Banger but more durable.
From: Shawn, Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA. 11/07

Comments: I played with the string and it lasted me 1 1/2 months. I found it extremely durable and had good all around performance.
From: Dan, Brisbane, Qld, Australia. 6/03

Comments: At first, this string felt very tight. Probably due to the minimal tension lost after the stringing job. I advise you all to string 10% less tension than your normal strings. But sooner, this string performed really well, good control over the groundstrokes and volleys. One thing that I like about it is that it does not move around like normal synthetic gut. Quite similar to the Ballistic Polymono from Babolat. However, notching is quite prominent after 2 hours of play. It does not sound as durable as it should. Strung in a Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.2 @ 60lbs.
From: Evan, Singapore. 7/03

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