Becker BB Hero Natural Gut 16L String Customer feedback

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Comments: First of all, the 16L gauge feels thinner than the stated 1.27mm and it lasted only about 35 hours. I'm a 3.5 NTRP level petite female who hits the ball with a moderate pace and spin. I've had other brand 17 gauge (1.25mm) natural gut last twice as long. The string movement was quite high. The stringing part was quite easy due to a heavy coating which keeps the string somewhat stiff for a natural gut. The playability was just so-so, thus a little disappointing overall!
From: Rhea, 3/13

Comments: This was my 1st go around with natural gut. I strung it at 60 lbs on a BB DC London in stock form. It took about 15 minutes of rallying for the bed to settle. There is a good amount of power on groundstrokes and 1st serves. The bite was decent as well on the same shots plus kick serve. I was expecting it to feel much softer than any other multi I've tried, but it wasn't. I'm currently hitting with Prince Premier Attack at the same tension and the comfort is slightly better than the Hero. The feel and bite is on par with each other, and the power is more with the Hero. I have another racquet with Hero unplayed at the same tension. The orange dye is a bit lighter. My favorite things about this string is that even though there is a high amount of power, the string shines if you play aggressive. The shots will find there way in and will push your opponents back if you keep pressuring them. If you are timid and guess your shots/strokes, the ball will either sail long or be a sitter for them to kill the ball. I want to try Klip Legend and compare the two during the summer months just for curiosity. At the price though, I will most likely stick with PPA at a lower tension to make up for the lack of power between the two.
From: Anon, 12/12

Comments: I have been a natural gut user for many years and when this string became available I tried a couple of sets. During stringing it unraveled a little bit which worried me. It plays very well. Not as good as VS but very good for the price. Unfortunately the durability was rather poor. I got far less playing time from this gut than comparably priced gut from Klip. Overall not bad but not a gut string I will be buying again.
From: Malcolm. 5/11
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This is my first experience with natural gut on a modern frame. I switched from Big Banger Original to save my arm from injury and increase playability. Big Banger went dead so it was the perfect time to restring. The Pro shop wasn't sure if this was actually natural gut so be sure to insist that it is because it's harder to string.
Playability: I needed to break the string in for about a half hour of rallying. After that I noticed good pop with less than usual effort. Good bite on the ball, but this string helps reduce the strain on my arm. I might try the Babolat or the Wilson natural gut, but I love how this plays and the price can't be beat. Hopefully they come out with a reel of this stuff.
From: Mano, Russell City, CA, USA, 03/11

Comments: Love the crisp feeling when striking the ball. I felt that the string needed to be "broken in" for two hours and the third hour and beyond the playability was excellent. The ball pocketing was great and the power was very evident from the beginning. I highly recommend Becker Hero Gut.
From: Aaron, New York City, NY, USA, 12/10
4.5 NTRP

Comments: I just strung my racquet at 63 lbs today. I was pleasantly surprised by how durable it was during stringing. Most natural gut you have to be so careful with, but this didn't even shown crimp marks from the clamps. I have a crappy table drop weight stringer with composite clamps that I have to really tighten up to get the string to hold, and this string took the abuse no problem. Also, the string is orange! That completely surprised me, I was expecting a natural color. That is definitely a plus in the cool category! Playability wise I can't really tell the difference compared to Babolat. Tip: When stringing with gut, use Babolat Elasto Crosses (string savers), it will extend the life of natural gut by 10 times and natural gut retains its playability so well it makes it worth it. I think it's the only time it's worth it for the string savers. If you use them with any other string, the string just ends up going dead and you have to cut them out anyways. Actually, you end up spending less than if you were to string with a synthetic multi filament because it lasts so well. And, nothing compares to gut for surgically repaired shoulders. Spend the money on gut and Elasto Crosses. It's worth it!
From: Tyson, Phoenix, AZ, USA, 10/10
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Great playability. Has a traditional feel of natural gut, but there's so much power, power, power. Oh, did I mention this string has power?
From: John G., Westport, CT, USA. 04/10

Comments: Unbelievable string power from all areas of the court without sacrificing control an A+ for this string. Give it a try you wont regret it.
From: Anon, 03/10

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