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Comments: Excellent racquet for hitting slice backhands and hitting volleys. Very comfortable with lots of control. Only complaint is that the racquet is a little sluggish if you have a huge backswing.
From: George, 7/16

Comments: Excellent racquet for $59. The best features of this racquet are comfort, control and hitting volleys. I have mine strung in Tecnifibre X1 Biphase 1.25 at 48 lbs. Those who like a hefty feeling racquet will like this one.
From: Tom, 6/16

Comments: Very solid racquet for the advanced player. I played with this frame for two years. Only major drawback is that I found it difficult to hit topspin backhands with different shapes (high deep topspin) One of the best slice backhand racquets around. String it with RPM Blast or Solinco Tour Bite at 55-57 lbs.
From: Jon, 4/16

Comments: Love this racquet! After playing with it for 6 months with RPM Blast, it felt too stiff and elbow pain reared its painful face. I changed to a synthetic gut 17 at 58 lbs et voila'! Problem solved! And the raquet is sublime. Feel is unmatched and control is perfect. Highly recommend it!
From: Jie, 3/16

Comments: I switched to this after toggling between the Pro Staff 90s (nCode and the latest version) and the Head Youtek Prestige Pro (with lead tape). The Melbourne has it all! I mean seriously, it has the plow of my Pro Staffs, but is a lot more forgiving. I love the full cap that reminds me of a Prestige. There are no vibrations or buzz to the stick, even on off center shots. I let the racquet do the work and it is amazing! I have 3 and they all weigh 12.5 ounces strung with an overgrip on my digital scale. Because of how well balanced it is (head light), it does not feel that heavy. I found it to be light, maneauverable, and has taken my game to the next level. It is also incredibly spin-friendly for an 18x20 pattern. Since switching, I've convinced four of my other hitting partners to switch to this frame too after trying mine out. Wish I was getting commission for how well I'm able to push these sticks! We couldn't be happier!
From: Danny, 12/15

Comments: A real hidden gem! Just bought a third for tournament play. I have played with all the major brands but this is the perfect racquet! Please don't stop making them.
From: Joe, 12/15

Comments: I find it hard to believe that this racquet does not get more praise. I have been playing for over 25 years and have tried all the most popular player's frames. The Melbourne is a solid all around frame with excellent plow through, stability, control, spin, comfort and good pop. This racquet plays well with a softer poly strung in low 50s or a multi in the mid to upper 50s. I did not need to add any weight to improve the playability. I am almost 50 and playing at the 4.5 level. The Melbourne is superior to the London in my opinion. The Melbourne handles pace well where the London does not have enough weight and twists with hitting off center. In addition, the Melbourne has superior control and has more versatility with string choices. I hope that more players will post comments and TW continues to sell this spectacular frame and Boris Becker continues add new racquets in the near future. Wilson, Head, Prince and Babolat can't come close to producing such a classic frame! Kudos to TW!
From: Ken, 10/15

Comments: Rock solid frame on all strokes and a pleasure to serve and volley with, especially in doubles. I have a western forehand and one handed backhand -- topspin and slices are effortless and rewards good technique. The 18x20 string pattern adds control but the weight of the racquet imparts stability and power especially with RPM Blast 17 gauge at 55-57 lbs. I purchased two and am enjoying them especially in doubles.
From: Joe, 9/15

Comments: Simply an outstanding frame if you string it at the appropriate tension for your playing level (with a higher powered poly in the mains and forten in the crosses (55x54 lbs). I get the same spin as I do from my 16x19 BB11 Mid/PB 10 Mid (maybe due to the recessed grommets in the 3 and 9 positions). This does feel low powered towards the tip and the sweet spot is not big so you have to hit the center of the racquet to drive the ball but the spin and control are excellent. However this is the best frame I have used for volleys, half volleys and touch shots. The full cap grommet adds stability but I had to add some lead (4 grams, 1 gram on each side). I also use the ProKennex Ionic Ki5 PSE and that is certainly more powerful and just as stable in stock form but much heavier and more demanding especially over a long match. The stiffness is slightly higher than typical Becker frames like the legend or BB11 Mid but feels very easy on the arm. No soreness.
From: Partha, 9/15

Comments: I decided to take a chance and buy this racquet. My only regret is that they have discontinued this model. How did everyone overlook this incredible racquet? I had been experiencing wrist problems this past summer and decided that I needed to switch from my Wilson Kfactor Six.One 95 16x18 racquets and find a more flexible racquet. This led me to Prince EX03 Tour 18x20. The Boris Becker Delta Core Melbourne is the perfect marriage between both of these racquets. The torsional stability allows for great volleys. The dense pattern provides amazing control and the flexibility and larger head of this racquet still allows you to access incredible spin. I've hit with 20 different racquets in the past three or four years and this is the best I've seen for my game. I play 4.5 with a full western forehand and a 1hbh from which I play lots of slice. Please bring this racquet back or make a 18x20 Organix.
From: Anon, 2/14

Comments: I like 95 to 98 square inch racquets that are 11 ounces and upward with a 20x18 string bed. I have played quite a bit with the Wilson K95 18x20 (a true hall of fame racquet). Didn't like the BLX iterations available for replacement (too mushy). Tried a whole bunch of racquets -- Yonex Vcore 89, Dunlop Bio 200 Tour, Dunlop 200 Light, Volkl C10 Pro, Volkl X10, Babolat Pure Drive. Nothing which I really liked. Came across this one, and put 10grams of lead in the hoop to push up the swingweight above the 340 range. It's perfect now. Near even balance, exceptionally fine responsiveness in the upper part of the string bed. 1 handed backhand, both slice and topspin are heaven. Forehand slices are very aggressive. You'll never play a slice more than 3 inches above the net (and you soon stop wondering why you did with other sticks). Volleys superb. Overheads call for timing and concentration. Serves like a bomb, both flat and spin. Doesn't give me elbow troubles. If you can handle this racquet decisevely, you get all kinds of performance out of it.
From: Andrew, 9/13

Comments: I bought two of these when they were on sale as a back-up for my two Volkl X10 325g. So far, it's been a miscalculation on my part. The racquets play surprisingly different, in spite of the very near identical specs (weight, balance, swingweight, twistweight, and stiffness all very close together) and strings. The X10's stringbed is a tiny bit more rounded, and the frame material is of course Organix vs. DNX. The X10 is very solid, really like a Wilson K-Factor Six.One 18x20, which I played before (at the cost of 30g more swing weight). It's a bit more forgiving, the sweet spot seems a bit larger, and it is a bit more powerful. This Melbourne needs to be engaged more center wise, it is more demanding, and the feel of the shot is a bit more dampened, but still crisp enough. The ball stays a tiny bit longer on the strings, and you seem to be able to press the ball a bit more. It results in a sort of super precision which you have to work for, which is not there in the X10. I think I'll string the X10 3-4 kg higher than the Melbourne next time.
From: Anon, 9/12

Comments: I have been using lighter racquets the last few years due to getting a little older, such as the Dunlop Aerogel 300, which I love, but it started giving me arm trouble. I went back to a racquet with more heft, in the Delta Core Melbourne, and I love it. Not as much pop as I would have liked on my serve, but overall great control and stability. I strung it with Dunlop Black Widow 16g at midrange. Next time I believe I would string it a bit tighter with a full poly. I will be buying another for sure!
From: John, 9/12
String type: Dunlop Black Widow 16g

Comments: First of all, I have to say that I'm new to reviewing racquets. However, I rather enjoyed my first play with the Melbourne. I have only played with the Head Ti6 and the Head Speed MP. I loved the weight and the balance of the Melbourne better than either of my previous racquets. I like the denser string bed. It lets me hit away with less chance shots flying on me. My serve is a problem, but I think it is due to the fact that I am still scared of just going for it. Overall, I think this will be the best racquet so far. I can get the spin I want with the strings I have, so I am elated. I might try stringing it tighter next time.
From: Joe, 9/12
String type and tension: Wilson Spin Cycle 16g @ 55 lbs

Comments: This frame is a definite improvement over the Legend. Better HL balance, torsionally solid, yet still flexible enough to provide the comfort I need from a player's frame. Spin generation is superb and the power level with a full string bed of gut is perfection. Excellent control and a really well rounded frame for competitive play. My new frame!
From: Basil, 8/12
String type and tension: Babolat VS Gut @ 62 lbs

Comments: This racquet is heavier and more powerful than the Legend, which it replaces. It is closer in spec to the Becker 11 Mid-Plus than the Legend, very stable off the ground and at net, good punch on volleys nice looking and generally well finished racket. I like the full cap grommet. I have only two criticisms... 1. it requires good technique or big muscles to generate racket head speed on serve, and 2. the frame is stiffer than the Legend. It doesn't have the same flexy feel, also not as arm-friendly. It's an underrated racquet though. I would say it gives more of the feel and plow- through you get when hitting with a mid-sized racket but in a mid-plus package.
From: Andrew, 7/12
String type: Wilson K-Gut Pro mains / Babolat XCel 16 crosses

Comments: Power? Check. Control? Check. Maneuverable? Triple Check. The power with this stick resides in the sweet spot, if you have a tendency to hit high in the hoop, this will feel very low powered but when you dial into the sweet spot, the pace and bite you get on the ball are out of this world with the cupping action this racquet has. This is the single best performing stick I have ever used as an all courter who plays a lot of doubles as well, from returns to serves, especially volley's. This stick is amazingly stable and precise with a feel that I haven't seen in a racquet since the mid 90s Wilson graphites. For someone that provides their own power, and loves to take aggressive cuts at the ball, this is worth a demo.
From: Sphinx780, 11/11
String type and tension: Still testing: Multis at 54/51
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: The tight string pattern provides exceptional control on all shots. I don't know how such a dense string bed can create the topspin that it does. It doesn't have easy power like an AeroPro Drive or Becker Pro, but does have awesome plow through capacity for those with the strength and technique to use it. It feels like it has significant mass in the head, which allows for good penetration on slices, though is still relatively maneuverable and cuts through the air nicely once you get it going. I think this racquet is for the all-court player who puts a premium on control and has clean, efficient strokes.
From: BK, Toronto, Canada. 4/11
String type and tension: Volkl Cyclone 16 @ 53lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: This upgrade is more solid, better balanced, and has more plow through than the Legend. The stick feels smaller than a 98 square inches as you drive the ball, but feels all of its size when applying spin. It still volleys and half- volleys incredibly, and if you hit below center as you apply topspin, the frame's response is still very lively. Its dynamic and static balance is good, with or without the vibration dampener, but the plow through is better with it, and you lose nothing in racquet head speed. Also, the ball cupping has been improved in this upgrade, so if you're looking for the traditional graphite feel, and the best of both worlds--a combined 16 and 18 main string feel--then this is the way to go.
From: TennisMaverick, NYC, USA. 3/11
String type and tension: Volkl Gripper 65M/61.5C
NTRP Rating: 6.5

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