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Comments: For me, it has stuck fine. But one of the packs I bought only had 2 tapes in it when it should have had 3.
From: Jimmy, 10/16

Comments: Great idea but it doesn't stick. How could they not know this before selling it?
From: Chris, 9/15

Comments: Don't buy it! You will lose it in a week or two. Especially when you get a fresh string job. I put 2 at the inside of the frame, near the neck area to increase the racquet weight, then lost it in week. At the $9 price, it should be better quality. Looks really nice, but it won't stay in there for long.
From: Changsu, 3/15

Comments: I am thankful companies are trying new stuff. No lead is definitely a positive. Why are there only 3 strips in the pack? How about 4? At least one could put a strip on both sides of strings at 3 and 9 oclock. Just a thought. Thanks! TW you guys are the best!
From: Jeff, 10/14

Comments: I had the typical experience with this product. I am actually very careful to prepare the surface when using lead tape. I'll wipe the area down with some isopropyl alcohol to ensure the surface is clean before applying any type of adhesive product to something. I was not happy when I couldn't get this to stick to the squeaky clean surface I had just created. Until Babolat gets the adhesive situation sorted out regular lead tape seems to be the best option.
From: Dallas, 4/14

Comments: I bought this product last week without looking at the reviews. To my surprise, after playing for two hours two of the four strips I had placed at 3 and 9 o'clock (two 1.5 grams on each side) had disappeared and I later found them lying by the baseline. Two more hours of playing and the two other remaining strips decided to go find the missing ones. Did I waste the money? Well, let's say I paid ten bucks to find out that my racquet greatly benefits from lead tape.
From: Jordi, 3/14

Comments: I agree with all the reviewers that the Babolat tape does not stick well no matter how you handle it and in my opinion is a useless product for tennis racquets. I had great success with tungsten swing weight tape used for golf clubs. It comes in packs of 10 squares. Each is 1/2 inch squares with quality adhesive and can be cut to any size and weighs 2g or 20g total. Each square is equivalent to 4" of lead tape without the health issues. It's a little thicker than lead tape, but has been great for my needs so far. I love TW and if you guys had this, a lot of people would buy it.
From: Brett, 12/13

Comments: I seem to have had the atypical experience here, but the product has stuck extremely well to my (glossy finish) racquets. Have had it on for many months now and there is no sign of any adhesive failure. I think the adhesive may be apt to separate from the tape if you handle it too much while applying it to the racquet, so try not to finger the adhesive too much.
From: Mike, 11/13

Comments: This just doesn't stick well to the racquet, which makes it useless basically.
From: MS, 10/13

Comments: The concept of a non-lead weight is good, but Babolat's execution of this product was awful. As has been mentioned previously, the adhesive is subpar and it did not hold onto my racquet. As well, this tape is very hard to layer (perhaps due to the large Babolat embossing or the material or the adhesive). I'm switching back to lead tape and I'll just put some electrical tape over it for safety.
From: Andy, 10/13

Comments: The tape has very poor adhesive and the tape doesn't conform well to irregulaties in the fram, such as a Wilson PWS. The tape came off just from swining through the air! Very dissapointing. Stick to lead.
From: Andra, 9/13

Comments: This stuff is lame -- sorry to be so direct, but the only good thing I can say is the color is nice. But its rubbery and thick, and it doesn't stick very well. Its like rubber band rubbery. I think they should have spent more time in product development with this. I would love to get away from lead but jeez, just put out another metal looking tape that sticks like lead tape. I'm going back to lead tape until something better comes along.
From: Chris, 8/13

Comments: Pros: It looks nicer, is smaller and easier on the eye compared to the traditional Babolat tape. Cons: It falls off very easily. I am loosing a strip per hour which has forced me to take the tape with me to the matches so that I can replace them if they fall. It is also quite expensive.
From: Gonzalo, 5/13

Comments: They look good but they fly off the racquet with one swing. I'm assuming Babolat did not play test this product. Tecnifibre is currently my favorite company for odds and ends tennis products. I hope when they get big they don't throw quality out the window like Babolat did.
From: TJ, 5/13

Comments: Pretty expensive and heavier than lead tape. I cut the strips into thirds and it works pretty well so far. I did lose two of my mini strips which I applied to the 3 and 10 position, but the second application has yet to come off. Not as customizable as lead tape if you are looking to fine-tune weight.
From: Anon, 4/13

Comments: I like Babolat products very much but find this item to be garbage and that is putting it mildly. If you hit hard and with full strokes the tape comes off the racquet. I bought 3 packages and went through them right away since they lose their adhesive and fall off the racquet. One tape strip even went through the air to my opponent side when I hit the ball hard with a full swing. Go with the lead tape until they come up with something better. I never have had this problem with the lead tape falling off. I am really surprised at the previous comment recommending this tape. Maybe I received a bad batch, but to me it is very inadequate and a poor product with the right intentions.
From: Bill, 3/13

Comments: I'm so pleased that there is finally a non-toxic alternative to lead tape. But this Babolat tungsten tape is ridiculously expensive when compared to lead, but as long as one doesn't use a great deal of weighting tape the advantages of a more human and Earth-friendly alternative could more than tip the balance. The adhesive Babolat uses is among the best I've found. I'd equate the stickiness of this tape with Babolat brand head tape, which is easy to put on and remove, but otherwise unshakeable. Hopefully, the price of tungsten tape will drop, and I'd love to see tungsten alternatives to lead fishing weights, which most amateurs like myself still use to counterweight the inside of the racquet handle.
From: Timian, 3/13

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