Luxilon Big Banger Original 16 String Customer feedback

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Comments: Great string for first couple weeks, however, it will cause forearm pain after 3 weeks of use. Never had TE so no history of injury. Had it as a full bed at 49 lbs and ball flew great from both wings. Ditched the string after having to stick my arm in bucket of ice 2 times a day when using (not kidding!). Be careful.
From: BAS, 1/17

Comments: This string is so incredibly good. First, I don't think it's as low powered as stated. Granted, I hit with a customized Head Graphene Radical MP, which is sitting at around 335 grams strung (leather grip + some lead in the head). This is a powerful stick in the first place. I had been hitting with Solinco Hyper-G 16L, which was providing me with good control, good power, but not great feel. BBO is the king of feel, as long as you like that crisp, solid, explosive feel. Like the one you hear when watching videos of the pro's training. It doesn't feel dead to me, at all. It hits an incredibly "heavy" ball. My flat shots are so much better compared to the shaped Hyper-G. Spin is not incredible, but more than appropriate to me. Now I just want to try the BBO Rough and see if I like it even better, but as of right now, this is very close to perfection. Have used it for 10 hours. Tension maintenance is good. Strung at 54 lbs on an electronic pull.
From: YNB, 6/16

Comments: I am a 5.0-5.5 player with an eastern forehand grip and a one handed backhand. I hit pretty flat with some spin. These strings are great. They lasted me over 3 weeks before breaking in my RF97. I strung it at 57 lbs. If your technique is sound, then you should be able to play with any string. I know different strings have different feel, but it's mainly technique. Technique keeps the ball in play. Doing the same motion will help you consistently hit the same shot. This string's tension maintenance helped with that. Although it moved around a lot at the end, it still felt great. Highly recommended.
From: Bob, 4/16

Comments: Have these strung at 54 lbs on the Prince Tour 100 16x18 for 2 seasons. If you don't like to change your strings that often, try them.
From: David, 4/16
Note from TW: While we are glad these strings are working out well for you David, we do not recommend keeping them in your racquet for longer than a month or two at that as they do become dead and can cause arm issues. Be sure to check out our article on strings and how often to restring on our Improve page -->

Comments: I loved this string when I first put it in my racquet. I use the Head Youtek Graphine Speed MP and strung it at 55 lbs. It was a bit too firm at first, but after three hours of playing, it felt better. I had the spin and control that I was looking for. However, after a week of playing, the tension dropped considerably and I had to cut it out. Strings are great for the first 5 hours of play.
From: Josiah, 5/13

Comments: The feel of this string is great. The durability is ok and the string lacks some power, but overall, this is a great string.
From: Anon, 4/13

Comments: I'm a 4.0/4.5 player with long, fast strokes and lots of spin. I love these strings. They feel crisp and lively on my 2012 Babolat APD. I strung them (full bed) at 55 pounds, undoubtably they have lost a little tension and still feel great. I was most surprised by how much control I felt like I had at the net. So far I haven't had any arm problems.
From: Anon, 2/13

Comments: Bought BLX90 demo 3 months ago, pre-strung with this string; I have long and moderate powerful strokes and heavy spin serves; typical synthetic gut lasted 1 month in my case. This one so far looks as new as the day I bought it, with that rate of wear it may take years to break. Power and control are excellent, similar to 5-7$ synthetic guts. My elbow, muscle are both hurting badly after using the racket, I suspect it is due to this string. The 5-7$ synthetic guts are much softer than this string.
From: John, 4/12

Comments: This string is great for playability and tension maintenance, but the durability isn't great at all. They broke after 15 hours of play.
From: Andrew. 7/11

Comments: This string really lasts, after paying for 2 months my strings have not moved and they're still all shiny and stuff. I ignored the tension rule, my racquet is the HEAD Microgel Radical, which has a petty good flex rating and I strung it at 59lbs and it feels great. No arm problems at all, good for chronic string breakers :)
From: Javier, Sunnyside, WA, USA, 03/11

Comments: Great string. I've tried it as a hybrid in both the main, and also the cross, with Klip Legend 16 being the other string in the hybrid. This Lux BB Original performed very well and is excellent for a hybrid with natural gut, if you are looking for power, feel, control, tension stability and durability (untextured meaning less fraying of gut). Definitely recommend this for a hybrid!
From: Simon, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 03/11

Comments: Great strings giving a very good feeling. Does not loose its tension easily and does not often break. Plenty of tour players (ATP & WTA) rightly use these string. Just remember to lower your tension by 10% to 15%
From: Sebastien, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK, 01/11

Comments: Great strings! I was using a basic Head synthetic gut strung at 60 and was having serious issues with my strings moving as I began to hit with more top spin. After making the switch to BB original rough my strings hardly ever move. With the rough I feel like the strings grab the ball a lot better and can generate a great deal of top spin! I also started to string at a lower tension 54-55, which I found a lot easier on my elbow. I absolutely love this string!
From: Chad, Brandon, MB, CANADA, 11/10

Comments: Great strings! I was using a basic Head synthetic gut strung at 60 and was having serious issues with my strings moving as I began to hit with more top spin. After making the switch to BB original rough my strings hardly ever move. With the rough I feel like the strings grab the ball a lot better and can generate a great deal of top spin! I also started to string at a lower tension 54-55, which I found a lot easier on my elbow. I absolutely love this string!
From: Chad, Brandon, MB, CANADA, 11/10

Comments: This is the best string poly ever! Should be low tension, under the low range bh 2 pounds. Could hybrid with gut or multi in the crosses too. Unmatched control! Used 48 in Prince rebel full job.
From: Luiz, Brazil, 11/10

Comments: This string is great for pure baseliners, but not too good for all around players who want to hit spin serves, volley or play closer to the net with angles and touch shots. These strings just don't provide that feel for touch play and angled shots. They are fantastic for all-day baseline play however. They will change your game style if you decide to use them.
From: Simon, Sydney, 10/10

Comments: I have been using this for my main strings for probably the past 2 years. I absolutely love them. It retains it's tension very very well and the control is excellent. I especially love the dead feel which allows me to go aggressively at the shot without the fear of over-hitting. It can be rough on the arms though.
From: Matt, CA, 10/10

Comments: I use Babolat Pure Drive Plus Cortex racquets. I'm 3.5-4.0 with an all-court style with moderate- heavy spin. I have used Bab's Powergy, PHT's, PHT/Xcel combos and ended up breaking them all. Tensions I used were 57-60, but struggled with finding a good balance of power and feel with these strings. I finally tried the BB Originals (16 @55) and they are best so far. Great durability, spin, and control. The only con I have with the string is that I wish it had a bit better feel and it can cause arm problems but not too severe. I tried a hybrid with ACE (crosses-16@55) next, which corrected the problems for me. I really enjoyed this combo.
From: Jose, Chicago, IL, USA, 09/10

Comments: I've tried several strings now, and the BB original 16 is hands down the best string. I have it strung at 62 lbs, and it never moves, has great "pop", and has held tension very well. Worth a try for sure.
From: Anon. 05/10

Comments: I am a big fan of the Luxilons. I have tried the ALU, ALU Rough, BB Rough and BB Original. I like them all but the one for me is the BB Original. While yes, it is cheaper, it also gives me the power and control that I need while still giving the most hours. I blend my Pure Drive+ with BB Original(@53) mains with Prince Spin Plus on the crosses (@56) for a good 10-12 hours of hit time (I also use string savers on alternate +s in the sweet for the added 20% hours). I break strings regularly and with any other string I snap them 4-6 hours. The other 3 above last around 8-10, but these 10-12 sometimes even 14. In the beginning I did have tennis elbow and was lamenting changing strings. UGH. After all I would literally have to sleep with my hand and straightened arm awkwardly braced on the wall with fingers outstretched and tight! An easy decision you would think except when you realize how much you spend every month on just restringing racquets -- it makes you think twice about things. I needed to keep these. Well luckily, I made a desperate decision to modify my forehand instead of nixing the strings. Since then my tennis elbow is completely gone and my forehand is even better. I am hitting it a lot earlier, with the same if not more topspin, more aggressively and with more penetration as opposed to my previous bread and butter shoulder jarring, elbow snapping whippy topspin. My forehand was effective before, but in a different way -- I still use it, just not with every stroke. My new forehand has made me become more aggressive, coming into the court more so my all-around game is coming along nicely. I must also say that for me it was important to stretch my shoulder more to open it up, massage my elbow and forearm AND I began to strengthen my wrist, grip
From: anon. 03/10

Comments: Good string but not for everyone. Key is finding the right tension for you. Has excellent ball pocketing, thus the ball spins. Durability & holding tension are A plus. Wrong tension may result into arm, elbow & even shoulder pain. In my case from 54-56 lbs, went down to 50 lbs for the Luxilon BB Orig. Just right.
From: Rob, Manila, Philippines. 7/09

Comments: I am from Argentina and for the last 15 years I have been playing with polyester strings. Reason: they lasted longer than nylons. But in the quest for a cheap and durable string I found more spin and the touch was not damaged. Polyester is Argentina's preferred strings. All our juniors and pros play with polyester. Personally, I don't find any difference between an Ashaway polyester string (cheap) and a Luxilon (expensive) one. I consider that I have some experience in this sport, having played and coached for many years all over the world. I had players playing with hybrids for the last 10 years. The best suggestion is to pre-stretched the poly string and you will forget about losing tension, or string your racquet with a constant pulling stringer. Also, if you want more spin, sand the string bed with a very light sand paper. The extra roughness will add an incredible amount of extra spin.
From: Ricardo, Reading, PA, USA. 05/09

Comments: First of all, I found that these strings have much less feel than ALU Power Rough and Pro Hurricane. Either way I like this string in terms of power and spin, I have it strung at 55lbs on a Pro Kennex Silver Ace (one of the old ones) and I would highly recommend stringing lower than you usually would to get a good response from a racquet with a small headsize such as a [K]6.1 Tour or ProStaff 6.0. But then again I'm used to racquets that sort of "suspend" the stringbed like my HyperProStaff 7.6 and AeroStrike so I guess I'm not entirely used to my Silver Ace.
From: Austin, Houston, TX, USA, 05/09

Comments: These strings are pretty awesome. I'm not a string breaker, I do use a moderate amount of topspin, and couldn't hit angles when I was playing with PHT in the entire stringbed. My quality of play suffered as a result. Finally I switched to BB original and it's everything I thought it would be. Giving me a ton of control, don't hit the same balls out, actually am starting to get too much control on some shots, haha. Its opened up angles on my forehand and backhand that I wouldn't have previously pursued, and if I had before, with little success. I really feel these strings have allowed me to finally play at the level I have always been capable of playing at, and maximized my strengths. If you're looking for control, not too much power, you should definitely look into these. By the way, I highly recommend hybrid-ing it with a softer cross string. I used synthetic gut since I had it lying around. Plus it'll save you money for your next string job. I've heard stringing it a few pounds less, but I think that's more due to the stiffness of the string if its in the entire string bed. I just put a cross string in at 59/61 so I don't have to decrease the tension because the softer cross string kind of offsets the stiffness. I'm pretty young, but I noticed the last time I played my arm was a bit sore, I think that's more due to improper stretching, loss of strength, as well as some contributed by the stiffness. But definitely keep that in mind before stringing at your normal tension, if its 58+, and/or if you have a history of arm problems. It's also not that expensive either. Check it out!
From: Anon, Atlanta, Ga, USA, 03/09

Comments: Great string! Control, power, and spin are the main attributes of it, simply the best.
From: Diego, Barcelona, Spain. 3/09

Comments: I ordered these for my Prince Ozone Tour Mp. One word is wow. These are the best polys I have ever played with. The control and power is unmatchable and the tension maintenance is the best I have seen in a poly by far. I strung these at 60.
From: Anonymous, San Ramon, California. 1/09

Comments: I recently switched to these from the BB Alu. I have about 25% more control and about 10-15% less power, which for me was exactly what I was looking for. However, I'm starting to get elbow pain. I use on Babolat AroPro Drive. I will try reducing the tension to 54lbs from the 58 I had used in the main (with 60lbs Wilson NXT Max in cross). I also used with Prince Duraflex in crosses. Seems like it plays they same with any decent softer syn-gut in crosses. If it still hurts my arm at lower tension, I'll have to try something else. But I hope that will solve the problem, as I really love the way this string plays. It allows me to hit as hard as I want without worrying about hitting long. Good for spin but also good for smacking flatties! Volleys supper crisp and servers are great flat or with spin!
From: Lance, New York, NY, USA, 12/08

Comments: I have been using these strings for a few months now and have to say that there is absolutely nothing better for my game. I am a very hard-hitting baseliner and get about two weeks out of these on in my Aerogel 200s. These strings have brilliant control, spin, durability and power (If you have a fast swing). I have not had any arm problems with them and they don't feel harsh at all! I only suggest them to people that are able to create their own power and above 4.0 - 4.5 level though.
From: Matt, South Africa, 10/08

Comments: I play a Yonex RDS 001 MP and string my racquet at 24 kgs. I play with a lot of spin and also like hitting hard. The string lasts very long (the string lasts around 2 weeks if I play intensely). I've played natural gut strings and multifilaments before. With the BB Original I got a lot more power and control at all kinds of strokes. I've read that the string causes tennis elbow. My elbow has never hurt. When you string up your racquet with Luxilon BB strings you should take off 10- 15% the tension. Originally I had the racquet strung at 27 kgs, now with the BB it's at 24 kgs.
From: Jonas, Biel, Berne, Switzerland. 10/08

Comments: I use a full BB Original job (60 lbs.) on my Wilson n6.1 95. I hit flat groundstrokes and have an aggressive style of play. The control and power from the BB will enhance the playability of control-oriented racquets. These strings are sometimes cited as a reason for diminished performance after switching from a previous brand. Moreover, these strings are blamed for arm problems. I experienced both situations somewhat, but I adjusted my technique (such as driving further through the ball on groundstrokes) to achieve better results with less pain. For me, it's technique, not effort. I would avoid stringing the BB (as a full job) at low tensions or use them on light and stiff racquets. That will kill your arm. Make sure to get fresh strings once the stringbed feels dead.
From: Bobby. 9/08

Comments: This string is durable by far. Even if you hit a western forehand like me, it should at least last you 2 weeks. But I recommend people to get this only on the main and put a softer string on the cross because these string can cause tennis elbow.
From: tep. 8/08

Comments: With all the hype surrounding these strings I had to see for myself and WOW it exceeded my expectations! Prior to Luxilon BB, I played with the Gosen Biogut XPC at 65 lbs which had excellent control and touch but only lasted 3 weeks on average as it frayed faster then fungus in sunlight. These BB have the same excellent touch and control but also has added power, better yet -the strings don't move much. I'm not adjusting strings anymore as the strings seem to find the memory grove they were strung at. I play with a Gamma Ipex 7.0 (very similar to the Dunlop 200g XL) and it feels that I've upgraded my racket. I hit with heavy topspin groundstrokes that use to fall at the baseline and beyond but now the balls are landing 2 feet in so line calls are no longer an issue. The stings felt pingy at first but that's probably because I switched from a Biogut and I did follow the manufacturer's recommendation to string 10% less to 58 lbs. I got use to the ping quickly as my game has definitely improved. Flat serves are faster, slice serves angle out more, volleys are crisp, directional change for cross- court winners are easier, need I say more? For a player who use to suffer with tennis elbow (Wilson Hyper Hammer 4.0), 4 weeks with the BB playing 3-4 times a week 2-3 hours/day and the elbow shows no signs of inflammation. I called Bob at TW and ordered 10 more. Nuff said.
From: Rod, Cleveland, OH, USA, 07/08

Comments: This string retains tension very well. It plays good, too. I love it. I used to use Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour and switched to this because 1)cheaper 2)plays better in my mind 3)holds tension better 4)lasts longer.
From: Jake, Lansing, MI, USA. 6/08

Comments: Coming from Wilson Sensation 16, I wanted more reliability, but after playing with the Big Banger once, my arm kills, and was having a terrible time getting the shots to go in, too much power, I don't like it. Pass.
From: Kevin, Saratoga, CA, USA. 5/08

Comments: This string is terrible if you ever want to serve/volley. I felt like I had no precision placement or spin on the serve. It does have power and plays well, from 14 feet behind the baseline.
From: Steve, Horn Lake, MS, USA. 4/08

Comments: This is the only string that my two older boys will play with. They used BB Original through high school and now both play on college teams. They get outstanding power, control and spin although they use different racquets -- one uses the Babolat PD+ and the other uses a Prince Diablo. My older son tried BB ALU but could not generate as much spin and kept hitting the ball long. BB Original seems to grip the ball better and does not feel as hard as ALU. Also, neither has commented about any loss of playability (we string in the 62-64 lb. range and don't follow the 10% tension reduction recommendation). The fact that many pros playing with Luxilon choose BB Original instead of BB ALU also says something. I had personally been using TiMo (17 & 18), which is also good stuff, the past few years and have now also migrated to BB Original. No complaints -- or tennis elbow.
From: Morris, NJ, USA, 04/08

Comments: I had to try these strings with all the promotion from McEnroe. I agree that the strings play really well, but I am starting to have tennis elbow. The pain can get really intense at times. I will miss the power but these strings are obviously not for me.
From: John, Atlanta, GA, USA, 07/07

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