ISOSPEED Baseline Spin String 17L Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: You get what you pay for. I bought this after reading a lot of the reviews because I thought it would be a very durable string at a cheap price. I strung in my racquet at 50 lbs 4 times in the past week and each time it only lasted 3-4 hours. Two breaks were from hitting at the top of the frame, but the other two were because the string was worn down. I play club tennis in college and I hit with average pace and a lot of spin and this string couldn't handle it. I also strung it in a racket at 58 lbs for a friend, but it snapped while I was stringing it so I can confirm that this is a legitimate concern. On the bright side, I like how it plays. It's a softer poly and gives good bite and feel for good spin. That being said, even at $40 a reel it's not worth how often they break. I might try the Baseline Long Life (1.35 mm gauge) and see if that's any better.
From: Lincoln, 6/15

Comments: Best string ever!
From: Rohit, 3/15

Comments: I have this in the crosses of a PS90 at 58 lbs paired with an 18 g synthetic gut at 55 lbs (akin to Wilson Sensation) in the mains. I absolutly love this stuff. It mutes my very flat forehand and gives excellent feel and bite on my one handed backhand slice. On slice serves, I get deep backspin without springy-ness. I string these myself havent had any breakage at high fifties of tension. My hitting style doesnt lend itself to string breaking. I do feel that these strings lose a bit of their feel sooner than a thicker poly (a deader feeling in the stringbed) but for me thats after several hours of play. Overall, a nice biting, crisp feeling, thin poly.
From: Scott, 2/15

Comments: I strung my 90 square inch ProStaff (at 52 lbs) with these and they feel amazing. I'm a college kid with a budget so thought I would try these and fell in love with them. I tried the 16g first, never could break them so went to 17g and still can't break them, which is weird because I break polys often. I do eventually switch them out because I feel that they die out after a while. But for the price, no complaints. Great power, control and spin! Now I hybrid these with Solico Tour Bite (mains) and ISO (cross). Definitely recommend, especially if people are on a budget.
From: Yash, 7/14

Comments: Fantastic string for the price. I string my Dunlop Aerogel 200 Tour at 65 lbs and it feels fantastic. Able to generate good power with a comfortable feel for a poly. No issue with string breaking during stringing. Wouldn't waste money on expensive string after trying this.
From: Ian, 11/13

Comments: I use a Pure Drive, which is very stiff. I've tried several polys, but these are the only ones I've found that are soft enough for me to use as a full bed. It actually feels like a string and not like a metal wire. Decent power, spin and durability. Very cheap too. My string search is over.
From: Mike, 4/13

Comments: Love this string from both a cost and playability standpoint. I have not found any durability issues with this string compared to much more expensive brands. Aside from being a fairly high level player myself, I also coach several high level juniors who are now using this string, one of whom gets better life out of this than the Lux he was using before. Unlike some of the comments below, I have had no issue with this string breaking during stringing and I am on my 6th reel, I don't know anyone who strings their poly at 60lbs so perhaps there is issue at that high of tension.
From: Mark, 3/13

Comments: To add in to my previous feedback, I bought another reel and so far it has not popped, thank goodness! Hence with strings are so soft yet so lively, although durability is its main weakness, it is basically a great soft poly which has great value for its price. By the time the tension drops, it will probably break hence, so I don't see it being a weakness anymore.
From: H.M., 10/12

Comments: I'd like to add some details to my previous comment. If you are a player that enjoys hitting hard and with a lot of spin, this string is NOT going to be suitable for your style of play. It doesn't last for more than 2 sets strung at 60lbs in my Pure Drive GT +. Also, I'm still having problems stringing (even doing so without the help of a starting clamp). The ISOSPEED 17L gauge is too weak and breaks easily. It happened more than 6 times already. I still love hitting tennis balls with this string, it is very confortable and provides lots of spin but I'm not sure if the price beats the loss anymore. It snapped too many times while stringing and this 17L gauge has no durability at all when compared to the main brands.
From: Lu, 8/12

Comments: I'm not only a tennis player but also a stringer at a Tennis Club here in Brazil. I find this ISOSPEED Baseline Spin 17L to be a very good string for both comfort and spin. It's not as durable as I thought it would be, but, considering it's price and playability, I can say that, overall, this a must buy string. I've had the same "snap during stringing" problem as mentioned on a comment below. It happened two times while I was stringing the crosses on my Pure Drive GT + (16/19). I'm used to starting the stringing from the middle (both mains and crosses) and because of that I'm obligated to use a starting clamp. After the second time the string snapped, I suspected that this could be happening because of the starting clamp (it's an old one and nothing like the one Tennis Warehouse sells here in the website). So, instead of starting stringing the crosses from the middle (with the help of a starting clamp) I tried doing it from the top, without using the starting clamp, and my suspicion became certainty. The starting clamp was making the string snap while stringing. So, if you face that kind of problem, try stringing your racquet carefully, without "hurting" the string with a starting clamp or whatever other tool you might use. I hope this helps!
From: Lu, 8/12

Comments: I am a tennis professional. During the outdoor season, I average several hours a day of private lessons with players from beginner level to advanced level. I strung racquets for the pro-shop in our club for over two years, so I had the opportunity to try a lot of different strings. I struggled with arm fatigue until I discovered the ISO Speed Baseline Spin 17L string. Can't say enough about what a great value it is in comfort, spin, and durability. I use the Head Prestige Mid and MidPlus racquets. This string and the racquets are perfect together.
From: Paul, 7/12

Comments: This is a steal. Great quality poly. Very soft but bites a lot. Only negative is that at times the string will snap during stringing, not sure why. Happened 3 times for me. So I have to always make sure I have bring enough to the stringer in case it breaks. Value for money though. I can safely say I am sold on this as compared to Cyber Blue, which I was using. And for the price, it is a no brainer.
From: HM, 5/12

Comments: Great string! I use this in a hybrid with Forten Nylon 15L and it produces spin like crazy. The durability is outstanding as well.
From: Kay, 4/12

Comments: I have been stringing for 14 years and I like trying different strings. I tried it for the first time this week 01/10/2012 and was really surprised. I was able to serve with a harder serve and slice the ball with extreme accuracy. I could not believe the way my game improved - unbelievable. This string is incredible. I walked away with an impressive win. I can only explain this string as WOW! I can't wait and try pre-stretching it before I string my racket next time.
From: Tom, 1/12

Comments: I just ordered this string and am loving it. It gives you an extra bite on the ball that you need to spin the ball in play. With some lead tape on 3 and 9 o'clock and this string you can really spin it like Rafa. I have this and Babolat n.v.y synthetic gut in my racket.
From: Woody, USA, 12/11

Comments: This is a good thin polyester string. Good spin and feel. I would buy again. It is solid.
From: Johnson, 12/11

Comments: Spin is good, power is average and predictable. Playability is very good overall. It's similar to MSV Focus Hex, except round rather than hexagonal. Also reminds me a lot of Topspin Cyberblue 17g in its texture, comfort and playing characteristics. I've found this to be the easiest poly to string perhaps because of the gauge and its smoothness. Tension maintenance/durability is similar to other polys like MSV, Topspin Cyberblue, and Signum Pro Poly Plasma at similar gauges. Overall, this 660' reel is an excellent value. I highly recommend it!
From: Marc, Oakland, CA, USA. 4/11

Comments: Am not in love with it. Does not scream "SPIN". Nothing amazing about this string except it's CHEAP and feels good. Otherwise, going back to Tecnifibre Black Code.
From: Victor, Chino Hills, CA, USA, 12/10

Comments: This string is very soft compared with most polys on the market. I pre-stretched before and the tension loss is normal for the type of string. I use it as a main with Tecnifibre E-Matrix and feels great on the arm. If you are a home stringer, don't think it twice.
From: Luis, San Juan, PR, USA, 08/10

Comments: A soft poly sting that play with touch with full or hybrid set up. As for spin its a plus, just like what it say on the cover and also for the price its a must buy!
From: Peter, Morganton, NC, USA, 05/10

Comments:I really enjoy this string. Just played with it for a couple of hours. The 17L gauge really helps to generate additional "bite" and spin. I haven't had a chance to use other polys with the exception of Eagnas Nova Titanium 17, which lost tension within minutes of hitting. So far there's been hardly any tension loss. I use it as a hybrid in the mains with Wilson Super Spin in the crosses.
NTRP: 4.5 I have an extreme Western grip on my forehand and a semi-western one handed backhand.
From: Rodriga, Waipio, HI, USA, 10/09

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