ISOSPEED Baseline Speed String 16L Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: I briefly thought Anon was a tennis player who writes tons of string reviews. I eventually figured out that Anon is the abbreviation for anonymous. The joke is on me. Near the top of this page (review for Isospeed Baseline Speed 16L reel), Anon at 5/12 compares this string to RPM Team 17. He or she states, "this string feels identical, and it's only half the price." As of now (9-20-2015) the Tennis Warehouse site is selling RPM Team 17 reel for $215 vs. Isospeed Baseline Speed 16L reel for $40. Excuse me, but $40 is not half the price of $215. It's less than one fifth the price. Isospeed Baseline is definitely a good co-polyester string and at about $2 per string job it is an amazing value.
From: David, 9/15

Comments: I've been using this string to find a 'baseline' power and response wise. But I don't like it in the end because it changes too much from the 1st hour to the 2nd hour and after about 4 hours it just gets stiff and dies. Hours 1-4 are ok I guess, medium-low powered for a poly, decent control, lousy pocketing.
From: Anon, 6/15

Comments: A big thanks to TW for the customer feedback section and all who recommended to try this string. Nice comfort, great control, perfectly low powered for my game which allows for aggressive cuts and lots of spin. Great for baseline hard hitters with surprisingly good touch at the net too. Proving to be very durable with long playability. Have tried a lots of strings in the last year and these are in my opinion, very good, regardless of the great price. Waxy and very stretchy for a poly -- takes a long time to completely stop on my drop weight machine but strings up easily otherwise. Will buy another reel for sure.
From: Tim, 3/14

Comments: Not a bad string. It is very soft and I think it plays great when the string is fresh. The only downside is that this string is only good for a hitting session or two.
From: David, 10/12

Comments: Overall, this is a great string. Just switched over from RPM team 17, which was 16 bucks a set, and this string feels identical, and it's only half the price. The only reason I bought this string was to put it in my high school teammates racquets, and I had run out of rpm. So I tried it for myself, and it was the best decision I have ever made. So great for the price, and I recommend it 1000% I usually break string about every 2 weeks, and the setup I have now is now running on 3.5. I can't say anything bad about this string at all!
From: Anon, 5/12

Comments: This is a hiding treasure. It is a soft and durable poly. I hit with heavy topspin and most polys last me about 5 hours. ISOSPEED has lasted over 10 hours and still counting.
From: Anon, 10/11

Comments: String is awesome and plays just like brand name string!!! I play college tennis and I am always looking for the perfect string. I have now found it! I figure the best way to choose a string is by comparing the Pros and Cons, so here goes: Pros- 1) Very soft on the arm for a polyester. 2) Great ball feel. 3) Great ball pocketing which generates amazing spin. 3) Groundies, volleys, and serve are very crisp. String offers great control. 4) Very cheap in price. 5) Popular black color that everyone seems to love now a days. (Thank you Nadal). Now for the Cons- 1) String dies out after about 4 hours of hitting and loses its feel. But at $40 dollars a reel.... who cares!! This is my new string and I don't plan on changing anytime soon. The Pros totally outweigh the Cons. Try the string for yourself.
From: Theo. 6/11
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: This string is great. Nice topspin and power (strung at 54-55 lbs) on Babolat AeroPro Drive (old version). I have tried a lot of strings out there, and this one is great, plus it does not hurt my arm or my brother's arm. And for the price it is a deal. Although I may have noted some tension loss it does not really matter. I have been using it for about a week now without breakage. I'm not quite sure if it is as good as the Babolat Hurricane Tour, but I will compare it when the black ones break.
From: Stefan. 5/11

Comments: A softer and very playable polyester at this price point? I've played with many polyesters from cheap to expensive and compared to many, the playability is comparable. Don't get hung up on brand names, just buy it. It's worth the risk and easy on the arm. I play at the 5.0 level and will stick with this string. Farewell to over-priced polyesters. I'll buy another stick with what I save on strings.
From: Johnny, MI, USA, 03/11

Comments: Good string for the price. I do customize and also restring racquets for the 3.5-5.5 players who look-up to me because of the level I play. Many of them just want poly because nowadays is the polyester era, so they want experiment and find out about poly and co-poly playability and feel and some are also low NTRP but string breakers. So I also have reels of Gosen mono polylon 17 /1.24mm, which is great buy. The ISO string is good choice for the $ but don't ever think that ISOspeed baseline is good quality Co-Poly composition string for the price. It's just basic monofilament string with attractive black color. This string is in different league than the rivals like Tecnifibre BC, Luxilon BB, Signum PP, and WeissCannon. So please do not buy this string if you thing it will play with same tension maintenance like the RIVALS!!!
From: Hanz, Baltimore, MD 02/10
NTRP:6.0 wilson kblade tour93@55

Comments: Not bad for the price string but absolutely no comparison with a Luxilon or a Babolat hurricane tour. Absolutely not the same quality. If you looking for a cheap string this one is good as many other brands at the same price range but if you looking for a performance string buy a Luxilon or Babolat hurricane tour. Signum PPP is better but stiffer, Cyberflash is also better.
From: Lopi 01/10
ntrp rating: 6.0

Comments: I've tried many different full poly setups, and this one is as good as any, better than most. A little livelier than Cyberflash, not as "trampoline" like as Signum PPP or Head Sonic Pro. Better on the arm than most, too, although I don't have much of a problem with that anyhow. I string it at middle tension (57) in a Head Youtek Radical Pro, and get tons of power, plenty of pocketing (creating spin), and great control as well. Don't be fooled by the price tag...great string! 4.5 all court, singles and doubles. Play 3-4 times/week.
From: Danny, Jonesboro, AR 01/10

Comments: This string is made in Austria. Put this string side by side to the HEAD Sonic's exactly the same thing. I guess it's even from same factory, same base material, same packaging, same knot tied on the end of the reel. ONLY diff is label. Cheaper than Head Sonic Pro. Shouldn't be too bad. I live by restringing racquet. It looks the same to me to sonic pro. Buy it for cheaper price as the reason. Have fun.
From: Jackson, Brisbane QLD Australia 12/09

Comments: Great string! I am a solid 3.5 all court player and I have been using this string since the beginning of the summer and have it in all of my setups. Great control from the baseline and has great pop. I have increased control on both sides and am more confident to go for high-risk shots. The string increased my spin generation; my racquets are 16x18, so spin potential became much greater. After about 15 hours of use, string seems to lose tension, which isn't all bad. I have tried to hybrid with multi and the multis didn't last extremely long (the baseline string cut right through it within a few hours). I can go all poly and doesn't hurt my elbow, which is great. Definitely recommend. Will try the others in the baseline series.
From: Ian, Raleigh, NC, USA, 07/09

Comments: What a bargain! For the level of feel, spin and power I generate with this string I should be paying premium price. I was hesitant to purchase a reel without trying it, but it's just like purchasing 2 sets of my old strings (ALU POWER) so what the heck, might as well try it. Man was I in for a surprise. I feel like a fool buying ALU all those years. This string even feels better on my arm. If this is how ISOSPEED's cheap poly feels I wonder how their premium line performs. My advice to you guys, definitely do not hesitate to buy this... thank me later!
From: Bogs, Philippines . 05/09
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: So I just lost in the final in a sectional junior tournament, using my Wilson Enduro Pro string on my Babolat Pure Storms. Before the final, I strung all four of my racquets fresh with Enduro Pro. All my strings were dead on all four racquets before the end of the first set (This was an intense final). I couldn't generate any spin, so I ended up losing pretty badly after that. I had ordered this Iso-Speed string like a week before the tournament. It never came because the passes were closed in my state (WA) due to flooding. So today, I finally got my Baseline Speed string, and used it in a several hour session with my coach. They still feel fresh. Superb tension maintenance. The feel is great-- no arm damage, even with the all-poly combo. Spin is better than with any other poly I've used. Great control, and tons of pop. This string is probably the only reason I'm alive right now.
From: Jesse, East Wenatchee, WA, United States. 1/09

Comments: WOW! Spin feels like it is at the top of your fingers. You can get so much gyration on your shot and the durability of the string is definitely worth the price. It's the bomb! Every shot explodes off your racquet and hits the ground spinning hard. This string is also good with moonball shots. Anyone who wishes to play like Nadal should purchase this string. I use it in local tournaments and it delivers!
From: Jason, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 9/08

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