ISOSPEED Baseline Long Life String 15L Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: This string is a great option for string breakers, especially in racquets with an open string pattern like the Wilson Steam 99S. I actually like it a lot more than Luxilon 4G on the Steam 99 S.
From: Aaron, 9/13

Comments: At 40 dollars a reel, this is a good value in a polyester string. I have a full bed of this strung at 40lbs on a sub-300 swingweight Donnay X-Yellow 99. At this tension, the thick poly isn't harsh at all, it is less spongy than a syn gut at 50lbs on the same racquet and helps give me additional spin when I choose to hit with more top. My BH slice may have a bit less touch, but not much of a difference. After several hundred ball whacks, I can't see any wear. No complaints about this string and I would recommend it.
From: Anon, 6/13

Comments: This is a great string. It holds tension well for an inexpensive poly, especially if you string it lower to begin with. I have used it as a hybrid and in a full bed, and I prefer the full bed because of the soft feel and great spin potential. Also, and this might just be me, I think that a full bed of 15l string is heavier than other sets, which makes sense, but you wouldn't think that it would be all that noticeable. If you're curious, buy it, buy it, I love it! I am a consistent playing 4.0 baseliner that hits with medium spin.
From: Paul, 5/12

Comments: This string is very durable and low powered, but gives exceptional control. Use it with a 1.25mm or 1.20mm string as cross for the optimum performance. The Isospeed baseline string is the best price vs performance strings on the market.
From: Alexander. 5/11

Comments: I used these strings for 2 days and didn't really like the feel of them and playability was horrible. They felt too soft for my taste. Control wise, I didn't feel any whatsoever, probably because I have a Turbo Outlaw OS. Overall, if you have a solid stroke, this would probably be good for you. Not for me!
From: Robert, Los Angeles, CA. 4/09
Strung 58lbs

Comments: You have to break it in for it to play good, but only break in for 5 min then your good, don't expect to play good in first 5 min... I used it in crosses and wilson reaction in mains on my k six one tour 90... very good string. more CONTROL.
From: kg, san ramon, ca. 11/08

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