Babolat AeroPro Drive GT Racquets Customer feedback

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Comments: Just got 4 of these! Been playing for 46 years, it's the best stick I've ever used. I have to thank Mark Boone at TW for all his help!
From: Ed, 5/14

Comments: I just got this racquet from Tennis Warehouse a few days back and I have been playing with it for few days now. Key points for this racquet are: 1) It has the best topspin; 2) excellent power for groundstrokes and serves; 3) it lacks a bit of control (I was used to playing with Head Microgel which was a control racquet); 4) It's a little stiff. I strung it with Babalot Excel strings at 60 lbs. All in all, a perfect racquet for 3.5 and above. I am definitely impressed by the play so far.
From: Akash, 10/13

Comments: Just got this stick as a birthday present -- it replaces my Dunlop 500 Tour, which I really liked. This racquet is a good replacement! Solid feel, easy to swing with good spin and ample power -- I don't understand the comments about no power. I'm a 17g multifilament player and the combination of these strings at 58lbs with this racquet generates too much power. Not interested in changing to a poly but considering a 16g string at a higher tension. Any suggestions TW?
From: AJK, 8/13
From TW: We would suggest trying some RPM in there and just have fun experimenting with different polys -- you may want to drop your tension slightly with full beds of poly, or you can hybrid the poly with a multi!

Comments: I have been playing with this raquet for about a year and a half now and my serves have become a lot more powerful and this raqcuet has a lot of spin. I already hit with a lot of spin and now I get so many winners off of my topspin from this racquet. This is a great racquet.
From: Nathan, 8/13

Comments: This racquet immediately improved my game as I noticed at least a 30 MPH increase on my first serve and I was able to hit baseline shots much faster as the spin potential was greatly increased. I really like this racquet and would recommend it to almost any player.
From: Brandon, 1/13

Comments: I have tested the Babolat AeroPro Drive, Babolat Pure Drive GT, Donnay Formula 100, and Dunlop Biomimetic 500 Tour. The Dunlop was a complete disappointment. It felt like I was playing with plywood with no sweet spot. Shots off center were not that manageable, and the power was the lowest. The Babolat AeroPro had more spin and racquet moved faster compared to the Pure Drive. I am a hard hitter, and the power was very similar. I will give 5% more power to the Pure Drive GT. The stiffness was similar but I will give a little less stiffness to the Pure Drive GT. The Dunlop Formula 100 took me by surprise. This racquet had more power (10%), more feel (30%) and a better sweetspot (15%) for all the racquets mentioned above. Off-center shots were also ok. Better than the above. For those who go to the net and volley or use drop shots then this is the racquet. If you love power then this is the racquet for you. I notice that the Formula 100 is very arm friendly. Do not be fooled by the 69 stiffness. It is actually 65-66. Those of you who want a softer raquet and perhaps more powerful with more feel, demo the Donnay Formula 100 or Donnay Formula Light. I hear that Babolat is coming out with new racquets in 2013. They say that the stiffness of the frame is more but the Cortex makes it softer and arm friendly. The power is similar or a little bit more. Try them out and compare with with the Donnay Formula 100. When hitting hard from the baseline and serves, you can feel the stiffness of the Babolats. All the racquets were strung the same at 55lbs, and had the same strings (Pacific X-Force in the mains and Gosen OG Sheep in the crosses). Good luck and try out the new 2013 Babolats. Time to change to a better racquet for the year 2013. Go ahead and look for new toys.
From: Peter, 11/12
String type and tension: Pacific X-Force mains / Gosen OG Sheep crosses @ 55 lbs

Comments: Disappointing racquet. Very light, but terrible control and very low power. I have to constantly put on more gas to hit deep shots. I don't like the big head size. The spin is not bad, but volleys don't feel great. I would rather use the Wilson BLX Prostaff.
From: Anon, 8/12

Comments: I'm pretty much one of the few people who cannot jump onto the Babolat AeroPro bandwagon. I honestly felt like I wasn't giving it a chance though, so I borrowed one from my coach and started a day with it. It did have some pros that impressed me. The easy spin generation was a huge plus (I always really liked the Aero beam design), and it did have quite a bit of extra power to it, which I also liked when I was stepping in a ripping topspin winners. I also really enjoyed it on slice, which was surprising. However, I hit with a semi-eastern grip, and this racquet is just not made for that style. The beam was just way to thick for me, and I didn't like the headsize as well. It was stable enough, but not as solid as my favorite frames. The biggest drawback for me however, was the feel. I'm not a fan of the muted, more punchy feel of Babolat racquets, and this one, while I got some decent feel when I was swinging quickly, still had that iconic Babolat feel that I didn't like. Power was also too much at times; I felt like I had to constantly put tons of spin to keep the ball in the court, especially on my powerful one handed backhand (which also kinda lacked stability). I also lacked the crisper, sharper feel at net as well, and couldn't really hit my all court touch volleys. I gave it a shot, but Babolat just didn't do it for me, but they certainly did for millions of others. One side note: I briefly decided to mess around and hit like Rafa. This quick change severely increased the potential of this racquet. However, I hit more classically than that. Semi-western topspin slashers will love this racquet.
From: Michael, 8/12
String type and tension: Kirschbaum P2 Red, 52 lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: I just got this racquet yesterday and have only played with it for about three hours, but it was one of the best racquets I have ever used. It has lots of power for hitting from the baseline. If you like attacking the ball, this is the racquet for you. It has lots of top spin and a lot of control.
From: Anon, 8/12
String tension: 59 lbs

Comments: Just bought and received these two racquets and hit them for the first time. They seemed a little light, and I need a little heavier racquet. The specs say 11.3 ounces, but the racquet shows 10.6 ounces. Not sure why the discrepancy but will call CS to see.
From: Terry, 8/12

Comments: Demo'd this racquet back to back with the PDGT on clay. The APD allowed me to hit with heavy topspin and keep the ball in play against my much more experienced opponent. Swinging/kick serves were easy which is just as well because I really struggled with my flatter first serve. I had to adjust to a slower kicking first serve for any real chance. Be careful though with the swinging serve as they were swinging well out of the sideline initially such is the spin generated. The PDGT gave me better first serves but worse on the 2nd. Groundstrokes were falling short due to massive topspin and I felt I had to aim long to get them deep. Once I dialed in this is perfect on clay but I felt i had to put too much into each shot to be effective. PDGT felt uncomfortable on the clay surface as you need to hit a flatter shot to match the characteristics of the frame. I did hit more winners with the PD and scored more points but this was due to how uncomfortable it felt in longer rallies and I wanted out as soon as possible. Sounds strange, I know. After using these two I played with my mate's Prestige Pro, and it's much heavier feel but more control and depth. I played much better with the Head feeling more comfortable with serves, groundies and volleys though it left me exhausted with the added weight against the better player. Between the three I would choose the Prestige Pro and just work on my fitness. Out of the two Babolats I would choose the Aero Pro and add some lead on the frame. The Pure Drive GT just made me have to change my style of play too much and swing slower and hit flatter.
From: Greg, 8/12
String type and tension: Babolat Pro Hurricane 17g @ 54 lbs

Comments: This racquet is amazing. I get so much more power on everything and I get tons of spin.
From: Paul, 4/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast, 60 lbs

Comments: For groundstrokes, it definitely is amazing. I would say compared to the Babolat Pure Drive, this definitely excels. My backhand swings are quite weak with other racquets, but the Babolat AeroPro Drive adds a lot of spin to it, and make it very similar to the strength of my forehand.
From: Ray, 4/12

Comments: Amazing! I got a lot of spin and control. It can give you a little bit of an elbow problem at the end but killer spin! Must try with Babolat RPM blast strings!
From: Venkatesh, 4/12

Comments: WAAAY way too much power. I don't understand the buzz about this racquet, every single time I've tried it, the balls fly out unless I hit with 100% topspin and zero power. This is with LUXILON Alu power, which is hugely control oriented. I don't understand this racquet's popularity.
From: Tim, 4/12

Comments: I just demoed this racquet and its amazing! Theres no racquet that genrates spin as beautifully as this. Dont think twice just buy it!
From: Nine, 4/12

Comments: I'm a flat baseliner. Lover to hit flat, smack balls and employ very little spin. I've been using the kfactor k zen and realized what a joke of a racquet that was. This Babolat stick is stiffer but it absorbs vibration and I dont have sore wrists or elbows from playing it at all - Federer's racquet gave me tennis elbows after just playing for 20 mins. This racquet is absolutely great. I was about to employ my flat power groundies and there was enough plow on my shots, they felt really crisp. It's also quite stable so it is good for defensive play. The amount of control was fantastic, ball would literally land in inches because of the natural spin without compromising power. Power is there and great for plowing. Spin potentially is great and readily accessible when I want to mix it up. I agree with some of the comments that you need some time to adjust to this stick but after 20 mins it felt really natural. Definitely give his racquet a go if you're a flat aggressive baseliner, dont be fooled into thinking it's great for topsin players only.
From: Anon, 4/12

Comments: Love the access to all the spin anyone could want. Serves were much easier to keep in play with spin and power. Forehand is accurate with pace, spin, (at will) and power. My backhand has more topspin and better slice. The only complaint I have is that my wrist and arm hurt. I do not know what to do, I like the racket but it hurts me.
From: Mike Bean, 3/12

Comments: I don't normally comment on these forums but I just purchased this racquet today after nearly being put off by some of these reviews, I have to say I've just played the best game for a long time, I felt I had so much control that I could put the ball anywhere I wanted, shots that would have normally gone flying over the baseline were dropping in and shots that would've hit the net were going over with ease. I am so looking forward to playing again. If you're unsure about buying this racquet don't be, it's the best money I've spent. Hope this helps.
From: Lee, 3/12

Comments: A little more than a year ago I demoed the Babolat Aero Pro Drive GT, Wilson BLX Pro Tour, and Head YouTek Speed 18x20 racquets. I was intrigued by the Wilson and tried it out first. It was too much for me, so I went to take out the Babolat. All I remember is playing very well that day with the APDGT - I fell in love with it so fast I didn't even take out the Youtek Speed at all.
From: Lee, 2/12

Comments: Strung it up with RPM Blast 16, and this stick has proved to be magical. The baseline play is fantastic and I've yet to find myself with tennis elbow, thanks to the cortex technology. Pretty forgiving on frame or miss hits and solid feel. Every baseline player, should want this, maybe a bit more tactical than the Babolat pure drive, or storm, but its power isn't bad. A bit stiff but its easy to get used to and I find my shots dropping in, partly thanks to a more topspin grip, that goes well with my baseline play as well as the racket which is very spin friendly...
From: Daniel, 1/12

Comments: This is a great racquet. It has lots of stability. My one concern is that it lacks power.
From: Will, 12/11

Comments: I think this is the perfect racquet for technical and tactical players. I am one of those and I got a Babolat AeroPro Drive. This is the perfect spin racquet. It has unbelievable control even when you hit after early bounce. For power players I don't recommend this racquet but I would maybe suggest the plus version.
From: Oskar, 8/11
String type and tension: Champion's Choice- Luxilon /Wilson Natural Gut
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: This racquet has plenty of feel, spin and power. But all these comes with a price, injuries. Tennis elbow is really killing me and I have to stop using AeroPro Drive GT altogether. I have no issues with other racquets and I usually do not use a dampener. Even after trying many different dampeners, my elbow still hurts. I have no choice but use something else.
From: Anon, 7/11

Comments: I demoed three Babolat racquets before trying this one. The first time I hit with it, I hated it. I can't pinpoint how but it just didn't feel right. I thought about returning it but decided to give it another try. The second time I tried it, felt better, and it just got better and better from there. I was serving a lot better, and my shots were more accurate, with just enough power and spin. Volleys are pretty good too. Definitely try this racket out if you have the opportunity, and don't give up on it if you don't like it at first. It's a great racquet!
From: Anon, 7/11

Comments: Easy access to spin, but power is also present. My favorite shot with it has got to be the serve, with very easy power. One thing to be aware of is that the grip sizes are much bigger than other racquet brands. If you're debating between two grip sizes with this racquet, go with the smaller one because you can always get an overgrip. Definitely one of the bests ticks out there!
From: Davis, Denver, CO, 7/11
String type and tension: Babolat Xcel 57
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: A very good all around racquet for sure. Not as good as the Cortex version in regards to control! I definitely got more control with the previous cortex version probably because it had more flex. This new updated GT version is way too stiff! Too Stiff, Too Stiff. Come on, Babolat, why are you changing this!? Have to go back to the previous version now. This racquet feels like the Pure Drive, good power little control. If I wanted a Pure Drive I would have bought one. The previous version is still the best by far.
From: Kit. 7/11
String type and tension: RPM Blast @ 55lbs.
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: This is a great racquet. I use Head Liquid Metal for about 7 years and just recently transfer to this. This racquet provides much more power and spin compare with Head Liquid 4. My serve is also improved significantly due to this racquet. I strongly recommend to try the demo and buy this one.
From: Harry. 06/11
String type and tension: Babolat PRM Blast, 60

Comments: Being a Rafa Nadal fan myself, I wanted to like this racquet but like some of the comments here, this racquet is a wrist/arm killer even with a hybrid stringing of poly and nylon. I can only imagine what it will feel like with a full string job of RPM Blast, maybe like sticking your fingers on a live outlet, ouch! The only improvement of this Aeropro GT over the previous version is the solidity. Other than that this stick is very stiff, no feel on the upper hoop so serves have no pace. I put 3 grams of lead at 12, and it feels much better. By all means use a soft multi or gut if you can afford it, or a soft co-poly like Polyfibre TCS no higher than 55 lbs. If this set up still gives you arm problems (I'm starting to sound like a doctor now), replace the original grip with a Gamma gel base synthetic grip which is supposed to minimize vibrations. Good Luck and let me know how it works out for you!
From: Jose. 6/11
String type and tension: Hybrid at 57 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This is my favorite racquet. It gave excellent control and the 100 sq in headsize was forgiving on off- center shots.
From: Joe. 06/11
String type and tension: Babolat rpm blast 55
Headsize: 100 sq in.
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: I had the Wilson KBlade team before I got this racquet. I changed because the KBlade eventually got too light for me. This racquet is really nice, I have been able to increase my topspin (I have a lot of it) and I have been able to add more power as well.
From: John. 6/11
String type and tension: Luxilon Savage 16: tension, 60 lbs.

Comments: This racquet is a brilliant on nearly everything to do with the game. But this comes with a warning tag: it will make your wrist on the first go I never had problem with my wrist, and it only developed yesterday during a lesson. Don't let me put you off buying this racquet but you need to tame the power first on forehands and backhands and get used to the wrist action. Overall it's a very good and I love the look of the French Open version.
From: Paul. 5/11
String type and tension: Babolat Pro Hurricane

Comments: The best part of this racket is the feel. There's very little flex in this stick, but it does have a very nice shock-absorbing, solid feel to it which I covet very much. The biggest problem I think is lack of mass in the hoop, which makes this very whippy and maneuverable, but also has poor plow-through and stability (as a side note, I don't feel the swingweight in my racket is anywhere near 330, prob closer to 320). The power is high because of the stiffness and it's very spin friendly with it's roundish head shape and open string pattern. I also feel this is a decently comfortable racket. Although it's very stiff feeling, it absorbs all of its vibration and shock with its solid, not hollow frame. I think Babolat did a great job, and my only change would be to add about .3 ounces toward the hoop, and .4 ounces toward the handle to make it more stable.
From: Ben, 5/11
String type and tension: RPM Blast @ 58 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This racquet's the stuff. Once you add about 36 grams of weight (9 on each side) with 3 more on 3 o'clock and 9, this baby means business. Its spin destroys the ball like no other. My kick serve that was surely going out went straight in a foot away from the line. Backhand was tricky to time, and it's a little unforgiving for topspin, but backspin was a winner of its own.
From: Hyeoncheol. 5/11
String type and tension: Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour, 65 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I bought this stick a couple months ago and I just noticed that on your website it says that the stick is 4pts headlight but on my racquet it says it is 7pts headlight... which is correct?
From: Rafael. 5/11
(They are both correct. Our specs are for a strung racquet, and the specs on the racquet are for an unstrung racquet. -- TW Staff)

Comments: At first this racquet just seemed crappy with no control or spin, but it turned out that it was just the string I was using. I recommend anyone who gets this racquet to buy it with a full polyester set. It wasn't the best racquet that I have used but I will have to say that it was decent and is quite good with RPM Blast. Though this racquet is good, anyone looking for spin, power, and control should consider getting the Head Youtek Extreme midplus with RPM Blast. It is the best setup in the world.
From: Kyle, North Carolina. 5/11
String type and tension: RPM Blast 16 @ 55lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.5

Comments: It is a very good racquet. It offers a fantastic combination of power and control. Comparing with precedent AeroPro Cortex version, this GT version has overall better feeling in my opinion. The feeling is more solid with a crisper ball touch. Though Babolat official specs are the same for this GT and previous Cortex version, the feeling is that the GT version is clearly heavier than the Cortex one, or at least the balance is more in the head heavy side. TennisWarehouse specs (balance, swingweight, ...) are in agreement with my feelings, as AeroPro GT has much more swingweight and is more head heavy balanced than pervious Cortex version. GT is more exigent in my opinion than Cortex version. Overall, the best of this racquet could be its combination of power and control, and also its ability for spin shots, especially in forehands.
From: Juan, Madrid, Spain. 4/11
String type and tension: Tecnifibre TGV @ 53 lbs

Comments: Great stick. I cut down on my unforced errors from the baseline (hitting the ball just long) and it gave me a bit more control on my serve. In the two matches I've played so far with my longtime hitting buddy, I have won 4 of 5 sets, which I used to lose most of the time before because of the unforced errors. I can take a full cut at the ball without worrying about hitting the ball long, which is great for me. You will feel off-center shots a bit in your elbow, but nothing major. Best racquet I have ever used! You may want to think about going with the 27.5 inch frame as well.
From: JP, SF, CA. 4/11
String type and tension: Gamma TNT @ 58#
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Most people will play with this racquet for a half hour and decide they don't like it. This stick definitely takes some getting used to especially if you were using a racquet with a larger head size previously. After a solid 2 hours of play, you start to get a feel for the combination of power and spin and it is fantastic. You don't need to have a game like Nadal's to use this racquet to your advantage. If placed right, this racquet is great for flat, powerful shots from the baseline, or with high-spin forehands like Rafa. One disadvantage is that if any part of the ball hits the frame, be ready for it to sail to the back wall, or sink to the bottom of the net. This stick is great for 4.0-7.0 players with good technique and the ability to hit the ball on sweet spot almost every time.
From: Dominic, San Francisco, CA, USA. 4/11
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 16 gauge strung at 55lbs.
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: This racquet does everything well, with great control, power and comfort. I find the 100 sq in headsize is very friendly, and it's very easy to swing, getting a lot of snap on serves and overheads. I was playing with the Wilson 6.1 95, but I have a lot fewer mishits with the AeroPro Drive and it is easier to swing in a 2- hour match! All said this is such a versatile racquet and I find it very easy to play with.
From: Barry, San Jose, Ca. 4/11
String type and tension: Babolat Hurricane Tour @ 58lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I was slightly disappointed with this racquet. There was too much power, it was super stiff, and I couldn't control the ball very well. The Cortex Version is much better, in my opinion. There is better spin with the GT though.
From: Joseph, USA.
String type and tension: Luxilon Alu Power Rough / Wilson Natural Gut
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: The best racquet I've played with period. I switched from my Head TiS2 and am never looking back. There is ridiculous amount of spin, and control is very easy to attain. All in all, a great stick.
From: Krishna, Alabama, USA. 4/11
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power/Babolat Tonic+ Ball Feel 55/57 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This racquet is overall very powerful with lots of spin. The first thing I noticed about his is that it is very forgiving, and easy to maneuver. It also has a nice solid feel towards it. I recommended this racquet to high junior players or 3.5 players and up. There is some lack in control, but overall a great racquet.
From: Bob, Chicago, IL, USA, 01/11
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 55
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: This racquet is really a solid frame when hitting groundstrokes the racquet helps you generate spin. Volleys are very crisp and serves are just amazing. I would recommend this racquet to anyone that is looking to improve their game.
From: Troy, USA, 01/11
String type and tension: 62
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: Junior

Comments: After switching to this from the Aeropro Drive Cortex, I expected an improvement from the Cortex version. I was disappointed to say the least. First, this racquet is significantly stiffer and also feels very stiff on mishits. With the cortex, you could mishit the ball and still not feel that many vibrations. The sweetspot of the racket is smaller although the power levels are equal. Also feel is a big drop-off from the cortex version. Here's my comparison of the Cortex and the GT versions:
Feel: Cortex
Control: Cortex, the cortex version has a lot of depth and angle control that the Gt version surprisingly lacks.
Comfort: Cortex, Gt was killing my elbow and I never had any elbow problems in the past 15 years of tennis.
Spin: Equal
Overall: Cortex.
Although I had high hopes for the Gt, the Gt is worse in all departments of the tennis game besides for Power. If you want better all round performance, go with the Cortex.
From: Mark, St. Louis, MO, USA, 01/11
String type and tension: Babolat Pro Hurricane 60 lbs and Weiss Cannon Silverstring on the other racket also 60 lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.5

Comments: After I switched to the k tour 90 from the old APDC, I realized that I was getting really good with the latter and that the former (fed racket) was much too heavy for me. Thus, when I switched from the tour 90 to the APDGT, I thought all my problems would be solved and I would begin to hit like magic. After all, this stick is much, much lighter and has a significantly larger head size. I had another thing coming.
This racket is unbelievably stiff. I'd read review that said the racked was quite stiff, but I was completely unprepared for this racket's stiffness. Perhaps it could've caused by my string, but I have never had problems with full poly in my life.
I couldn't hit flat or with pace at all--only with ridiculous looping topspin shots--no matter how I tried to adjust, and by the time I was prepared to start whipping it forward with less spin and more pace, my wrist was starting to become extremely sore... For about four after, I had to ice my wrist and rest it. I've never used a shock dampener because I think they deaden the feel, but I have never, ever had any problems with full poly.
There was monstrous spin, but overall I thought it was terrible...unfortunately, in my excitement, I didn't care to demo it, and now I'm stuck with a wrist-killing stick. Boo.
From: Anon, CA, USA, 01/11
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger Power Rough 16L, 54 lbs
Headsize: 100sq
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: There are plenty of aspects to like about this racquet; it is great on groundstrokes, as there is plenty of spin and power from the baseline. Plow through is evident with hard hits on the sweetspot. Volleys felt firm and maneuverable. Feel and control has improved over the previous version, but that came as a cost. The stiffness made it more uncomfortable when you miss the sweetspot. The GT version felt slightly lighter although the specs stated otherwise. If I am honest, I would still prefer using the cortex version, as its more comfortable to hit with. The APD GT is not the perfect racquet me, but I still enjoy playing with it.
From: Bryan, 01/11

Comments: Very very nice racquet. Demoed 8 different racquets and decided on this one. Very high spin potential, if strung right. I'm also not the biggest guy (15 yrs old, 5'2, 100 lbs) and I found the power to be quite high. There is also a lot of ability for control, and a decent sweetspot. Overall the best racquet I have tried so far.
From: Alden, Lake Forest, CA, USA, 01/11
String type and tension: Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 16g 60 lbs
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: The racquet is very nice and spin friendly. I am so thankful to Babolat for making this one. It's perfect and it totally suits my game style (topspin baseliner). My one-handed backhand hits more solid, and I could actually see my topspin curve; perhaps arch in mid-air, and do it repeatedly without exerting too much effort, unlike my previous rackets where you have to put extra swing speed to produce a decent topspin. With this it's effortless. I really enjoy hitting with this racket. I highly recommend it to people who like to hit topspins.
From: Angelo, Crescent City, CA, USA, 01/11
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 16, 55lbs.
Headsize: 100sq.
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: It's a great all around racket. I've found myself adding more spin to my serves and forehand. A little bit lighter and feels stiffer than the previous version of Aero pro, but with a little bit of tweaking on the racket like adding some weight I settled in, making it feel more comfortable to hit!
From: Elgin, Makati City, Philippines, 12/10
String type and tension: Babolat Hurricane PRO @ 59lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: In my opinion, I thought this was a great racquet, at first. I got sucked into that massive spin phase most people go through and saw Rafas game and thought "I want that!". Saved up my money for about 2 months, and fell in love with it for the first couple weeks. I thought it might have been the strings, but the racquet just felt, broken and flimsy, almost like it was completely hollow. I customized it, put a new grip, put new strings on it, changed the tension and still that same feeling was there. After a while I realized that the racquet was swinging slower than my others, even though it only weighed 11.3 ounces (I usually play with 12 ounce racquets). Overall, I recommend you demo this first, then you'll see what I mean. Happy playing :)
From: Santiago, Redmond, WA, USA, 12/10
String type and tension: Luxilon and nat hybrid, 57,61
Headsize: 95

Comments: Yes! It's true that this racquet is stiff. But for you to maximize its usability you need to do some customization. What I did was, I replaced the synthetic grip and tried the leather to add some weight at the handle. This would compensate the swing weight of the racquet. Do some CUSTOMIZATION guys. Innovate the stick!
From: Roengent, Manila, Philippines, 12/10
String type and tension: Babolat RPM 55lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Although almost identical in specs to the Pure Drive GT, the Aeropro GT is very different IMO. First, the Aeropro is not as stiff feeling as the 70 stiffness rating it is given. The Pure Drive is much stiffer feeling and harsher in play. The Aeropro has a bit of flex to it and is much more comfortable than the Pure Drive when both are in stock form. I know people with injuries who can play with the Aeropro but not the Pure Drives using the same strings and tension. The Aeropro GT is much more solid, stable, and crisp feeling than the Cortex version in my opinion. The Aeropro gives me more of a feel of control than power, and a great deal of spin. I can hit some pretty nice drop shots with a medium power string set up, and killer drop shots with a low power string set up. Skidding and curving slices are also quite nice with this frame. I've actually hit a few slices off the backhand side with the frame that skidded so nicely that the receiver swung and the ball skidded under their swings! Forehand slices that land in the service box act almost like dropshots. The stock weight is nice for quick volleys and doubles. Power level can be controlled and tweaked with different strings quite effectively.
Serves are killer with a high power string setup, and kick/slice serves are easy to hit with lots of spin when using poly. I can win a high percentage of service games against competent players using just second serves and lots of spin.
The frame characteristics and balance take moderate weight customizations using lead tape well, while keeping a similar feel and no dramatic changes to adapt to. Currently I am trying different weight set ups, although the frame is already great in stock form.
This is great all around frame with many strengths and is very easy to use. Power is medium and can be easily adjusted with strings and tension. Spin potential is high. Stock weight and balance are easily manageable and well suited for both singles and doubles. Effective serves are easy with this frame. Stiffness is firm/crisp with a bit of flex in the throat, and this is the most comfortable "power" racket that I have come across.
From: Anon, SoCal, 12/10
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I switched to this racquet from Wilson Ksixone Tour 90 Mid because I started to have shoulder pain. After a few hours with this racquet, my game has improved tremendously. My one handed backhand is more accurate than ever. My forehand gives crazy spin. I have to agree with previous comments on the loss of fine touch but I think the trade off is still worth it. My serve is more accurate but the old Wilson generates much better MPH (at least 15 MPH). The racquet volleys pretty well, might not be as accurate as the Wilson but the lightweight makes me react faster. Overall I've played my best tennis (20 years experience) with this racquet. I wish I had this racquet when I was in my college team.
From: Art, Piscataway, NJ, USA, 12/10
NTRP Rating: 5.5-6.0

Comments: Yes, this racquet is stiff. If you have arm problems, this is not the stick for you. However, the GT technology makes solid hits feel very comfortable, and the frame gives you access to controlled power and spin. If you shank the ball repeatedly, you will feel it in your arm, of course. It comes through the air very fast, especially when you consider it's not the most head light stick. This is basically the ideal racquet for people who like to hit with a lot of topspin; no surprise, that's why Nadal uses a version of it! If you like to lift your forehand up over the net and use spin to bring it back down, buy an APDGT. You can swing it through contact very quickly, and once you make contact, you'll feel a power boost from the frame.
From: Joe, Estero, FL, USA, 11/10
String type and tension: Babolat VS. Touch at 58 pounds
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: Good racquet but it felt too stiff and cumbersome to me, especially with serving. I greatly preferred the original version (best racquet I have played with) over this one. If I were to switch to Babolat, I would get the Pure Drive GT over this one. Still, a good stick though.
From: Anon, 11/10

Comments: After beating my opponent 6-1, 6-1 with my Prince Turbo Shark, I tried this Babolat. I can see why Rafa hits heavy slice on every have to in order to control this racquet. I'm old school, flat and some topspin, and the ball flew on me. My opponent used my Prince and won the practice set 6-1. Hmmmmm... The Babolat is an unforgiving racquet suited to Rafa but not mere mortals.
From: Don, Phoenix, AZ, USA, 11/10
String type and tension: 58
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: When I first used this racquet, I was so disappointed cause I can't control the ball due to its lightweight. I had problem with the serve and volley also. I used to play with Wilson ncode 95 so it's obvious that I'm used to a heavier racquet. Before I decided to finally give up on it, I put lead tape at 9 o clock and 3 o clock and since then it became an amazing weapon. I am so happy with my serve and my groudstrokes are really nice. But I would say that I could produce the same amount of topspin with my ncode so it's basically the techniques and the right racquet for you. I just purchased it to upgrade with new technology but don't be fooled that racquets will improve your game because it will not. You got to have the techniques and skills and then find the right racquet that would fit your style!
From: Anon, Clinton Township, MI, USA, 10/10
String type and tension: Babolat, RPM blast 59lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Since my switch to this from a Wilson K Six.One 95, all I can say is wow! I was amazed with how much topspin I get. I enjoyed hitting heavy balls and my two handed backhand has improved! Some said they hate to volley with this but for me, this felt really good! I also love serving with this stick! Performs the best with RPM Blast. I'm getting another one as a spare soon.
From: John, Manila, Philippines, 10/10
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast @ 55/ Forten poly 16g @ 55
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: This is a very good racquet if you're a modern player looking for power and spin. The open string pattern gives lots of power and access to spin, and the stiffness really adds a ton of power. The technology seems to reduce the negative vibrations (shock) while leaving enough positive vibrations (feel). Not quite as much as previous models, but it's there with the right string and tension. The Aero throat noticeably makes the racquet easier to swing without affecting the swingweight, allowing for more racquet head acceleration. The Syntec grip is very comfortable, and the grip shape is great for players who use more extreme grips. The racquet lacks a little in maneuverability and touch. Executing volleys is very difficult and hitting drop shots prove very difficult because you don't receive as much feedback and can't always tell when the ball is coming off of your racquet, though this can be managed after some time. Also, the stock version is too head heavy and light for me, I added 18g of lead to the handle and couldn't be happier. Recommended for players who use a modern style and camp the baseline with power and spin.
From: Andrew, Akron, OH, USA, 10/10
String type and tension: Unique Big Hitter Blue Rough @ 52/Gosen OG-Sheep Micro @ 55
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Just switched over to this racquet. I was much more used to much stiffer and smaller frames. I was using a Prince Tour Diablo which I loved and still do, but lately it just feels my arm hasn't loved it as much since I injured my hand. So I decided I needed something more arm friendly. This racquet really gives me a nice boost in the power and the spin. The 2 things that are definitely lessened are touch and maneuverability for me. My topspins really got a huge boost, but my slices now float just a bit more (I'm sure it just takes some form readjustment to fix the slice issue though). All in all, I'm fairly happy with the switch, though I need to rework my net game now with the decreased touch, makes it harder to drop the ball on an opponent for me.
From: Alex, Los Angeles, CA USA, 10/10
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 17g @ 60lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: It's hard to miss with this racquet! I decided finally to change from my trusty K-Factor 6.1 Tour 90, which has served me fantastically. But the unforgiving nature of it, and the weight (my serve, especially, loses its oomph by mid- second set), the small face (90 compared to 100 for the GT), I had to try something else. I tried my cousin's Aero Pro Drive Cortex and a K-Factor 6.1 95, but didn't really like either much. I tried this one and had to have it. It helped my serve immediately (good topspin), groundstrokes were given more spin and power, and surprisingly, the feel on volleys and drop shots are pretty good (which the Cortex lacked). Going to try it with Luxilon strings next. I would recommend it highly. Such a fun racquet to play with.
From: Ervin, Hackettstown, NJ, 10/10
String type and tension: Babolat Pro Hurricane, 57lbs.
Headsize: 100 sq. in.
NTRP Rating: Recreational player

Comments: This is a great racquet for anyone who is not the strongest person, but can still hit the ball. It offers wonderful spin and control on slice shots and wicked topspin as well. I have not been disappointed yet and love this racquet.
From: Ricky, Adelaide, Australia, 10/10
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 16 @ 58lbs.
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I originally strung this racquet @ 56 lbs with Luxilon Adrenaline but it was way too tight and had no power at this tension. I restrung it @ 53 lbs and it was better. This racquet is very stiff and had much less power than the Pure Drive GT. I didn't feel that it had any more spin potential than the PD GT. There was no power on the serve with this racquet. I felt like I need to string this at 50 lbs just to get some pop on the serve when. 53-55 lbs with Luxilon Adrenaline in the PDGT has much more power than in this racquet. I think it's because this racquet is just so stiff. I'll never try an AeroPro Drive again. When it comes to Babolat racquets, my choice is the Pure Drive GT. So far, still looking for a racquet better than the PDGT!
From: Anonymous, IL, USA, 10/10
String type and tension: Luxilon Adrenaline @ 53 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0-4.5

Comments: This racquet is great, easy power, tremendous angle and spin. This racquet worked very well with the rpm blast 16 strings, giving me some really easy power with loads of spin. The stick is light, giving you really great racquet head speed. The stick gave good depth and consistency great stick!
From: Aditya, NY, USA, 10/10
String type and tension: Babolat RPM blast 16

Comments: I have the AeroPro Drive Cortex + and find this to be a great update. This version provides more stability on volleys and overheads. Ground strokes are comparable with previous version. Great update for someone with an all around game.
From: Mark, Chantilly, VA, US, 10/10
String type and tension: Hybrid Tecnifibre Black Code Mains @ 59 Tecnifibre X-one Biphase Crosses @ 57
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Great stick, though at times it was hard to get good control with it. Great spin stick can whip the ball nicely. Serves were bombers but not much control is included. Quite powerful to me.
From: Jonathan, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 09/10
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast @ 25kg
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 5?

Comments: A great racquet! Much more versatile than one might think. Much better feel than the Pure Drive Series. Not as powerful but the AeroPro Drive is more controlled power. Not so easy to hit flat with all the time though. As a player with an Eastern forehand my shots were at first flying out. Once I learned to put a little spin on my shots I was fine. I discovered that you can indeed hit flat with it and keep the ball in but you have to time it correctly or it will fly. Also you have to generate a lot of racquet head speed, especially on the slice backhand or it will float. Racquet head speed is your friend :) Only downside is that it does feel like its stiffness rating so be careful. String it with a soft string or use a dampener otherwise your wrist, elbow and shoulder will hate you.
From: Hoosierbr on TT boards, CA, USA, 09/10
NTRP Rating: 5

Comments: This is a pretty scary racket, if you have an all court game with a lot of variety in your shot making abilities such as slice, punching the ball,topspin, and flattening out your shots, this racket can well suit your game. It has great feel, control, and power. I really liked the way it handles the serve, very easy to pronate your wrist and accelerate the racket through the air. Overheads are great as well. Great racket for someone with an all court game that can really carve the ball and make it dance! A very addictive racket to play with. Not much to dislike with this stick.
From: Rick,Miami, Fl, U.S. 09/10
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast @ 58 lbs.
NTRP Rating:6

Comments: I started using this racquet because I'm obsessed with Rafael. The more I started playing with it the more I realized why he loves it.... It gives me great spin and is very friendly to my arm. I find this racquet very tough to generate any pace with but I am also a very spin oriented player. All in all I would give this racquet an 10 out of 10 for my style of play! I love you Rafael, you're my hero.
From: Youngwoo, Muncie, Indiana, USA, 09/10
String type and tension: Wilson Stamina 67lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Love this racquet. When I first picked it up I thought it might be too heavy, but it plays great. I can generate a lot of topspin easily. I can have some elbow stress with other racquets I have hit with so I was a bit nervous about this since many reviews warned of the stiffness, but I haven't had any elbow problems and the racquet has definitely improved my game.
From: Paul, Forest, Va. 09/10
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 17 ga @ 58

Comments: I bought this racquet about two months ago, and I loved hitting with it from day one. I am able to put a lot of topspin on my forehands, but the racquet also allows me to flatten out my shots when I want to. On my backhand, the topspin was also there, and I am really able to place the ball either down the line or cross court shot using the feel that this racquet provides. I have a lot more consistency on my first serve because this racquet really lets me spin the ball into the court. Same on second serves. Kick serves and slices are great. The one weakness I'd say this racquet has is that it is so stiff, it makes it hard to hit anything other than a punch volley, but I assume I just have to work on my volleying more with this racquet. I really recommend string this racquet with Tecnifibre black code 16 gauge strings. Its a softer string, which helps with feel, but the strings also provide great bite on the ball as well as plenty of power.
From: Jordan, Cherry Hill, NJ, USA. 09/10
String type and tension: Tecnifibre black code strung at 57 pounds tension.
Headsize: 100 sq. inches
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: When I bought it 3 months ago, with retail specs, I though this racquet is very light for me, then I sold it. I don't know why, but I wanted to try again with some customization: I put it 10 grams lead tape at the handle plus Volkl Leather grip (Heavier leather grip), my racquet strung weight is around 350 grams and love it, my serve is amazing, my groundstrokes awesome with big top spin and plow!!
From: Anon, 08/10

Comments: I normally use the Babolat Pure Drive Roddick Plus, but for the past few days I was at my tennis camp and have demoed this. I have played with this racquet for about 18 hours. When I tested the cortex version of this, I thought it was extremely forgettable and though I would never pick up the gt version. Boy was I wrong. This racquet gives you a nice blend of spin and power and really improved my forehand a lot. Volleys were nice as well, with pretty good touch. Serving with this racquet was very nice and I was able to serve the ball basically where I wanted to whether I spun it or hit a flat serve. In conclusion, I'd say that I would switch to this racquet without a doubt.
From: Andrew, NJ. 8/10
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: I've had an Aero Pro Drive Cortex for 3 months with 20 hours of playing time, and now I just bought the Aero Pro Drive GT 3 weeks ago, and have 8 hours of playing time, so I guess it's enough time to write what I think. I love the APD-GT. I think is a much better racquet than the APDC. It's more solid, and stable. I always have felt that the APDC was just too light and felt "hollow". The GT is heavier in the head with a swingweight of 331, which is more than enough. But, the overall weight is still pretty light. Some reviewers have said that it doesn't have enough plow-through due to its weight. Well, this is what I did to mine. I added 8 grams of lead tape to the handle, and then placed a white Gamma overgrip. The overgrip itself weights 5 grams. So, basically I added 13 grams of total weight to the handle, making my GT more HL and the results are just fantastic! The feel is just awesome! Now it's not as heavy as the Wilson BLX Six.One 95, but for sure it has better plow-through than the stock weight. The GT is a bit stiff, but don't let that scare you. If you're having elbow, or wrist problems, simply string it with a soft multifilament. YOU DON'T HAVE TO USE THE RPM BLAST! But, if you feel you have to, at least hybrid it with a multi. A reviewer said that this racquet is bad for serving? It's great for serving; especially with the added weight.
From: Wil, Dallas, TX, USA, 08/10
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 16 @ 57lbs on M, Wilson K-Gut 16 @ 59lbs on X
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: This is the racquet for me. I have 2 Wilson racquets that I thought were great...until I got this and hit with it. Absolute missiles that drop at the last second before the baseline. Serves took me quite a while to get used to b/c I was using the Federer racquet and was much heavier and easier to serve with. Backhand slice also lacks a little but after some getting used to, you can still hit winners all over the court. Must use a shock absorber! You will appreciate this racquet much more with it.
From: CJ, Vero Beach, FL, USA, 08/10
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 16G Power 55 Lbs.
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: What a phenomenal racquet. This thing is way better than the cortex version. There is so much more spin and power put on the ball. This racquet is fantastic. String it with rpm blast strings, and it works even better. Best investment I've made my entire life. Still in awe at this racquet.
From: Zach, MI, USA, 08/10
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast
Headsize: 100 Sq. Inches
NTRP Rating: Junior

Comments: I took this racquet for about, strung with RPM Blast at 58 tension, I'm using the 17g. This racquet is great on the groundstrokes, provides easy aces to topspin, it allows you to generate lots of headspeed and feels very solid. However, I found that it lacked feel at the net in contract to the BLX90 I use, but the stiffness helped keep the racquet stable enough to put away shots. This racquet fared very poorly on the serve, I know it's not my technique that's wrong because my serving is just fine when I'm using the BLX90. This will not give you any edge on your serve, guaranteed you get more head speed, but there's no plow-through, I could only get decent kick serves with moderate spin. Returning was a pleasure, I could keep the ball deep and in with minimum effort granted that I had to time it correctly, I found a slight difficulty in keeping the racquet stable against big servers, the mass of the racquet obviously doesn't help. There is a lack of feel in this racquet on slices as well, the ball tended to float around to the point where I hit a slice from the baseline and it flew out past my opponent. Overall, this is a good racquet for the 3.0 + player and the aggressive baseline, not so much for an all court player, this definitely does not help on serve (clearly doesn't help Nadal on his service as well :P) but still a pretty good racquet. I'll stick to my BLX90 thanks.
From: Anon, 08/10
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast 58

Comments: This is the best racket of all thirty rackets I tried it has power when you need it and tremendous control. This is a must. I have played with Wilson, Dunlop, Prince, and Head and Babolat wins by a mile. For beginners I recommend this it will help you get your grips right and get good strokes. And for anyone else this is a racket that you have to seldom restrict so for me I give it 4 and a half stars.
From: Jacob, Edmond, Oklahoma, USA, 08/10
String type and tension: Babolat RPM blast 62 lbs
NTRP Rating: five star

Comments: I've used this racket for about a week so far and I'm liking it. I was looking for a spin friendly frame and this is it. It was quite easy to get the spin I was looking for as well as get those flat shots when needed. Some people don't like the cortex in this and the previous model but I have noticed less pain from tennis elbow, so I think it's doing its job pretty well. I am having no problem with feel at all. I will probably be picking up my 3rd pretty soon to get ready for the college tennis scene.
From: Duoc, Irving, TX, USA, 08/10
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast @ 55lbs

Comments: I have used all previous models of Aeropro and I appreciate the feel and aerodynamics that Babolat racquets offer comparing to the other brands. I tested the new GT for few days and the general conclusion is the new GT keeps the Aeropro Cortex characteristics excepting the following major aspects: ~ Stiffness: the GT is much stiffer than the previous model loosing the overall feel, specially at finesse shots. The feel is more like some of the Wilson models. Probably playing with this racquet would cause arm issues in the long term because of the higher stiffness ~ Weight: Despite the same advertised 300g weight, the new GT feels a bit heavier, head heavier than the previous model. Maybe because of the new composite. The advertised balance is 7HL as the previous model. ~ Power: Because of the stiffer frame the shots have a bit more power, maybe 5- 10% more. ~ Overall if come from previous Babolat Aeropro and you prefer the specific Babolat feel and touch the GT may be a drawback. If you come from another brand you may find a good choice because of the overall Babolat Aeropro specific features.
From: Florin, Toronto, ON, Canada. 07/10
String type and tension: Babolat RPM @ 57
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.5-5

Comments: This racquet is good! I used this in couple of games. I can control the power and direction using this racquet. This racquet improved my play, ground stroke is solid, volleys and serves are good, but I still not used to it so I need to get along more with this racquet, slice feels crisp, and my backhand improved with this in terms of power and direction. Stable, and not giving me the vibration or twist when receiving hard balls.
From: Stan, USA. 07/10
String type and tension: Cyber Flash 17 tension 60
NTRP Rating: 4.0-4.5

Comments: Best advice is to buy this racket smaller grip than you might be used to (be sure via demo); seems to run one or two sizes larger than indicated in the grip. I went from 5/8 to 3/8. Had an Aero Drive Cortex in 5/8 I had to sell as it was too hard to snap on serve. This racket also feels more responsive and little easier to maneuver than the Cortex, but perhaps not quite as powerful. Great overall racket for all court play - feel, precision, power and stability all in one.
From: Ken, Wilton, CT, USA, 08/10
String type and tension: Wilson K Gut 58lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 3.5 (4.0 on a good day)

Comments: I have been an AeroPro Drive owner through the last 3 versions. The GT is my favorite. It does not seem to matter if you hit the ball off center, it still feels comfortable on my arm. I am 46 and also purchased one for a 75 year old friend of mine and he loves the racquet also.
From: Henry, Pittsburg, KS. 7/10
String type and tension: Babolat Excel 60 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Not at all a fan of this racket. I'm in my mid 50's with new elbow problems and was hoping the cortex technology would be beneficial. This is terrible for the old elbow. Seem very dead with small sweet spot. Been using it for a few months but fear I wasted my $. Unless you demo this and are quite sure I would avoid it.
From: Hopkins, Johnny, MD, USA, 07/10

Comments: I just bought this racket and all I can say is wow. I injured my shoulder two days ago so I have only used my backhand with this racket. I use a two-handed backhand and it improved a ton, I was blasting backhands cross court and down the line with tons of pace. My slice, which usually sucks, still sucked but not nearly as much, I would add some lead tape to solve this. I am a 3.5 player but I'm hoping to go up soon all thanks to this stick.
From: Sergio, Boise, ID, USA, 07/10
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Spin 16 string at 59lbs.
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I own every Aeropro Drive Model from Original to Cortex, Cortex to GT. The GT personally for me is a little bit to stiff comparing to its ancestors. For some reason the racquet feels a little bit head heavy (may it is just for me). Don't get me wrong; the racquet is an improvement from the Aeropro Cortex (but not from the original), with better accuracy, power, and spins.
From: Jie, Chicago, IL, USA, 07/10
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast @ 58
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I just switched to the GT from the Cortex version and the improvement in stability is pretty remarkable. It vibrates and torques far less on off-center hits and it maintains the whippy, light feel of the previous version. The increased stiffness has had no impact on my play. Overall, a great update!
From: TC, California, USA. 07/10
String type and tension: Spin X
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: This is my first Babolat racquet and I've been playing with it for 5 or so months. It's a really good racquet and if you know how to hit with topspin, it's the racquet for you! Though, after I bought it, I tried my uncle's Pure Storm Drive Ltd. GT and wow, I loved it. Why? Because it's much less stiff and it's 9 pts HL. So if you like to really whip through the ball this isn't the racquet for you. If you use a topspin a lot then you should get this racquet. Volleys are hard to do with this racquet and serves are good. Definitely a groundstroke stick
From: Tiffany, Boston, MA, USA, 07/10
String type and tension: Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 16 @ 55; changing to RPM Blast 16 @ 58 though
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I can get A BUNCH of spin and power with this racquet and lands right on the baseline every time. Before this racquet I used the cortex version. The new GT has way more feel and a lot more power. You can really move your opponents around. Putting away the short ball was really easy because of its power level, you don't really have to hit it that hard you just hit topspin and just put it in the corner. (Which is really easy) I'm 11 years old and found this racquet a good match for me. I was skeptical about getting the GT version because its stiffness was so much higher than the cortex, but if you own the cortex and are thinking about getting the GT, IT WILL BE A GOOD DECISION.
From: Alex, VA, USA. 7/10
String type and tension: Tecnifibre Black Code @56 lbs
NTRP Rating: Junior-no rating

Comments: It's a pretty good racquet. I had the Wilson ncode 95 before so it's taken me a while to get used to this racquet. I'm not worried about hitting the ball out of the court and I get great spin. Serves are also good with this racquet. I like the 16x19 string pattern. Only problem is my control during volleying isn't that great compared with my previous racquet.
From: Sam, Florida, USA. 6/10
String type and tension: Babolat excel premium 16 at 60
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I'm not a big fan of this racket. I wanted to like it I couldn't get into it. It surely generates some good spin but seems vague compared to my Pure Control. Good action on the serve and cut/slice volleys but it gives up some pop on the serve and flat volleys. In all fairness, I'd like to try it with the RPM Blast I have in my PCTs. It also felt like it was working my arm more than I am used to but it could be related to the string set up. My buddy enjoyed it much more than I did; his shots had visibly more topspin and control. Go figure -
From: Ed, SSI, GA, USA, 06/10
String type and tension: Babolat Syn, unknown
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

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