Luxilon ALU Power Fluoro 17 String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: This is an excellent string. It is very soft, great for spin but you need to find the correct tension for your game style. The downside of this string is difficult to hit a winner, you need to hit with a lot of force.
From: Marcelo, 7/11

Comments: I wanted to like it but couldn't. The Timo line is much better in any regard, particularly in control and feel. With Fluoro I was regularly lacking control, and really hated the vibration and noise of the string at 51 lbs of tension. It was very annoying and disturbing. The comfort is maybe slightly better than Timo, but I prefer even lower tensions with Timo, as it still delivers that unique feel and great control.
From: Anon. 5/11

Comments: I put it on my Aeropro Drive cortex 16x19 (46.3lbs=21kgr) and I have to say my game has been improved. I get very good spin, good power and slices. It's very good on serve, but not so good with volleys. Before I had Weisscannon Explosiv (54.7lbs=23kgr) and it was very smooth with my arm but lacked in control and spin. I use low tension in order to avoid arm-wrist problems. Hitting with this string after 2 hours I had wrist and elbow pain but not something to worry about. I will know more in the long term.
From: Haris, Athens, Greece. 4/11

Comments: A lot of people go for NXT because it's soft. If you are looking for a string that hurts your arms less, I think Ace 18 is a much more practical option (see my review on NXT). I recommend using Ace 18 on main with Flouro 17 on cross. This sweet hybrid produces more power and control than Ace 18 full bed. You will notice the difference. Start with mid tension for your racquet. If your arms hurt, drop the tension to mid-1, or -2. The lower the tension, the less stress on your arms. This is true for any type of string. The conventional wisdom is that the lower the tension, the harder it is to control. Control is not a factor as big as most people think, especially within 3-5 lbs range. Lower tensions hurts less, gives your more feel and spin. Try it. Hard hitters probably won't like Ace 18, especially full bed. It gives too much and becomes less predictable when hit hard. If you hit harder and still want good feel, try Flouro 17 on main and Power 16L on cross (see my review on Power 16L).
From: PH, Houston, TX, USA. 09/10

Comments: Started playing tennis 3 years ago and donít know about strings. First just used what came with the racquets. I played 3 times a week and practice too. Since then they rank me as 4.5 and change my string to luxilon alu fluoro for 2 years now. I string my own and my friends and introduce them to luxilon alu fluoro now they tell their friend to come to me and string their racquets with luxilon alu flouro.
From: Glenn, Orlando, FL, USA, 02/10

Comments: I have been using this string for about 2 months. I play typically twice a week at the 4.0 level (mostly dubs during the winter). I play with a Head FXP Prestige Mid and had been using hybrid stringing at about 53lbs: Big Banger Alu Rough/Titan Natural Gut 17. I find that the Alu Fluoro is more pleasant to play with without sacrificing any of the benefits of the Alu Rough. I did not notice any decline in spin potential, but I did notice a benefit in touch. Specifically, my lobs became more precise. It was eerie-I have been playing tennis for more than 30 years, and suddenly I could paint the corners with my lob. Power and control are equivalent to the Alu Rough (I have tried many of the Big Banger strings, including TiMo, and the blue pentagonal string over a several year period-Alu Rough had been my favorite, but now Fluoro is). Next I will try the new pentagonal Alu string available in April.
From: Peter, Groton, MA, USA. 3/08
Head Prestige FXP Mid Hybrid with natural gut at 53 lbs

Comments: I had been using ALU Power, and just switched to Fluoro. I love it. It has all of the positive features of ALU Power--control, and spin--while offering a much softer hitting bed. Once I started using Fluoro, I realized that I had been flinching slightly just before contact when using Power. For my taste, Fluoro could be slightly more explosive, but I've gotten very good responsiveness when stringing it at 52. I knew I had the right string when I noticed added precision on swinging forehand (topspin) volleys. If you want Luxilon control without elbow strain, get Flouro. I'm a 4.5 player with an all court game.
From: Jeff, Washington DC, USA. 6/07

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