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Comments: Ok this string is amazing -- it gives you a lot of power, spin, and it is very durable! But after first few weeks my arm started to hurt like crazy! I had RPM Blast before and it was just fine, I didn't have any arm problems. So I recommend doing a hybrid with this strings. I can't focus on my game with the pain. It only hurts really bad when I serve though.
From: Aakaar, 6/14

Comments: I absolutely love this string! The grey metallic color looks pretty awesome with my racquet. It has so much pop and power. This also feels very soft, and it doesn't kill my arm.
From: Anon, 6/13

Comments: I usually string a full bed of synthetic gut/multifilament at 60/62 lbs on the mains/crosses on my Aero Pro Drive. Kept crosses the same, but tried Lux Fluro on the mains at 54 (10% less than normal tension). Nice feel, elbow seems fine. Key difference though: more power than full bed of synthetic/multi which makes the ball fly longer. I put a good amount of top spin but like to finish points by flattening out when the ball sits up. Need to flatten less as the ball would fly long otherwise. I use semi-western grip. First impression is that this string is great for western grip all-out top spinners. Need more care for semi- western.
From: Ki, 4/13

Comments: I really did enjoy these strings, but I didn't get much topspin out of it. They give some good power, especially on the serves and backhand. If you're looking for something with spin and a little bit more power, try Luxilon ALU Power Spin 16.
From: Hector, 8/12

Comments: As a preliminary, and having gone through multiple tennis elbows, I have always stayed away from polys. At my level (NTRP 6.0), all my mates have tried polys and they've been pushing me to give them a hit. That was a bad idea because each and every attempt has taken me away from tennis with elbow pain again. I'm a hard hitter, I can hit flat or with topspin, and control is what i need with my Radical Midplus. Jumping to the new IG Youtek Radical Midplus, I have tried multiple strings and tensions and then came the Luxilon Alu Power Fluoro, which I first refused to test, but I finally did, on a full bed, not even mixed. Well, during the first hour of hitting, it was stiff compared to multis (no surprise), but no elbow pain at all. Tried two days later, heavy hitting, two hour session at full pace, and no pain. Miracle? I don't think so. This poly doesn't give me elbow pain. Third session, one hour and still no pain. Mains broke on a forehand. My arm gets "tired" (that sensation doesn't happen with multis or gut) but no trace of that typical elbow or shoulder pain. It was strung at 44/48 lbs. Last but not least, it had outstanding control, good spin and powerful...I should have tried it before. It worked for me, but it doesn't mean it is going to work for all the tennis elbow members. Use with caution, at a low tension and if you don't break it, cut it after 12 hours of usage.
From: Sebastian, 7/12

Comments: Replaced X-one 17 in crosses with Lux Fluoro, VS gut 17 in mains. Playing with Prestige Youtek Mid, mains strung at 53 and 49 on crosses. Might go a little higher on crosses, but very happy with the change. Better penetration, heavier ball, so far no arm issues. Spin potential is good, though I hit a flatter ball with the tight string pattern. Serves are more accurate, volleying will take some time to get used to. But highly recommend Fluoro, especially in a hybrid with gut in the mains.
From: Nick, 6/12

Comments: I tried 6 different strings over the last 6 months trying to find an alternative to my beloved Babolat RPM Blast. My elbow just could not take the blast anymore. After trying several different mono and co-polys my stringer convinced me to try a full bed of Fluoro. I was and am still truly amazed at how much softer the string is than RPM Blast and yet it still gives me the spin and power I am used to AND no elbow issues! I am a hard hitter with a full swing so I am thrilled with no elbow issues. I find that 52 pounds allows me to produce great power and still control the ball. (my racquet spec is 55 +/- 5) Keep in mind that if strung a lot tighter it might not be as arm friendly. As other reviewers have mentioned you need to find the right tension for a particular string, not just the right string.
From: Brian, 5/12

Comments: If you swing out, this string is for you. Sick string. Use it in my head prestige mp at 51! Quasi gut crosses by tourna at 53 keeps price down and is better than NXT, what a beautiful combo!
From: Anon, 4/12

Comments: Flouro is very different being a poly. Once you move beyond that you will notice control power durability and something extra extra that has never been there with nylon. I wouldn't say is surpasses gut, I would say again it is different yet special all unto itself. I created magic with it, thus it does work.
From: Todd, 2/12

Comments: This is an excellent string. It is very soft, great for spin but you need to find the correct tension for your game style. The downside of this string is difficult to hit a winner, you need to hit with a lot of force.
From: Marcelo, 7/11

Comments: I wanted to like it but couldn't. The Timo line is much better in any regard, particularly in control and feel. With Fluoro I was regularly lacking control, and really hated the vibration and noise of the string at 51 lbs of tension. It was very annoying and disturbing. The comfort is maybe slightly better than Timo, but I prefer even lower tensions with Timo, as it still delivers that unique feel and great control.
From: Anon. 5/11

Comments: I put it on my Aeropro Drive cortex 16x19 (46.3lbs=21kgr) and I have to say my game has been improved. I get very good spin, good power and slices. It's very good on serve, but not so good with volleys. Before I had Weisscannon Explosiv (54.7lbs=23kgr) and it was very smooth with my arm but lacked in control and spin. I use low tension in order to avoid arm-wrist problems. Hitting with this string after 2 hours I had wrist and elbow pain but not something to worry about. I will know more in the long term.
From: Haris, Athens, Greece. 4/11

Comments: I have been using ALU Power 16 since inception and am no doubt the biggest fan. Over the years, they eventuated into serious elbow problems, which warranted a big dip in tension, and persevered through thick and thin. Recently I tried the ALU PPower 17 Flouro on impulse and found the comfort factor derived from technologies incorporated to be insignificant.
From: Simon, Sydney, Australia. 4/11
Various Wilson Tour 95, 16x19 frames through the years strung at 51-53 lbs

Comments: I'm a big fan. I've been stringing up my exo graphite 93's with this string and am pleased. They lasted for a good 20 hours of play before breaking. Which is probably 5x as long as syn gut. Soft, good spin, tons of control, but not a ton of power.
From: Ben, Madison, WI, USA, 03/11

Comments: At the correct tension, this string should appeal to a wide variety of players. This is LXN's softest poly, but it still produces a stiff stringbed if you go too tight. Any poly or poly hybrid that's too tight will strain your wrist or elbow eventually. Finding the right tension is everything. If you normally use a nylon/multifilament (Prince Synthetic, NXT, Gamma Professional) at 58, you should go down to around 50-54 with Fluoro and adjust up/down from there. There is little to no string movement, very minimal or no notching, and the stringbed gets softer and livelier as it ages. And for the 99% of us that aren't college or ATP Tour players, you will probably end up cutting out this string before you break it. If nylons/multis move around too much, notch/break too soon, don't give you enough bite, and stiff polys (RPM Blast, Revenge, Pro Hurricane Tour) hurt your wrist/elbow, Fluoro (on mains and crosses) is for you.
From: J.D., Thousand Oaks, CA, USA, 02/11

Comments: After using Big Banger alu power in a hybrid with Wilson nxt I was after something more durable (nxt got cut into by BB). The supposedly easy on your arm Fluoro kinda works, it's definitely better in that aspect than normal Big Banger but I do have some light discomfort. It;s not serious and I can play through it but it's something I've not experienced before. I've strung it on my Six One 95 16x18 at 54 lbs for the whole stringbed. It plays well, very good access to spin and accuracy is excellent. Not sure if this is the string for me, I'll keep trying but this is definitely a solid 8/10. Also I'm a medium-hard hitter and definite baseline player if that helps.
From: Joe, London, England, 01/11

Comments: I just played with these strings and I have to say I loved them. I think I finally got my strings. These strings suite my style of play with spin, power, and slices. Yes, I'm not too sure on volleys, but I think I will be ok on that. They feel softer too! I like that!
From: Dumisani, LA, CA, USA, 09/10

Comments: I never played with Luxilon before, and I gave it a shot. Boy, this string is awesome. More power, more control and more spin. And I have never played better before. Slices are awesome too. I could hardly ask for more. I don't know how it manages, but it does! But that was all first few hours of play. I'm not sure how it will hold up for the rest of the time. Let's wait and see!
From: Prem, Seattle, WA. 09/10
String type and tension: Dunlop 4D 200 tour with fluoro @ 56lbs.
NTRP Rating: 4.0+

Comments: I've been playing with Fluoro for 6 months and the control/playability matches Alu Power (the only other ploy I've used). But the Fluoro is noticeably softer and easier on the arm. Recently I had to switch back to Alu Power because my stringer was temporarily out of the Fluoro and after a few days of hitting I was feeling some very mild arm soreness that I hadn't experienced at all with the Fluoro. Next string job, it's back to Fluoro.
From: Amadou, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 08/10

Comments: At first I wasn't to sure about trying this string. I've heard that Luxilon is terrible for the arm, and I have injured my bicep many times. I asked the stringers at my shop if they thought this was a soft poly and they said yes so I had strung on my Head Youtek Speed 18/20. After playin for 15 or 20 mins. the string started to soften up and I was getting insane power on my forehand, backhand, and serve. I was able to take huge swings on my forehand without them flying. Flat serves were bombs! I hit a 110 mph serve and I'm only 14! Overall a great string. I use a full bed but if any of you are hesitant to try it try it in a hybrid. I stung mine at 55 lbs.
From: Jonathan, San Diego, CA, USA, 07/10

Comments: I used ALU power at 58lbs and my elbow hurt like hell. Then I cut it off and string it at 55lbs main and hybrid with Gamma TNT2 16 at 58lbs cross and you know what...they are extremely amazing. Good power, control, spin, feel, etc. I'm not telling you to try this combination (actually you can try this if you want), but at least try this string. It is much better than the ALU power and seriously, your elbow wont hurt like hell as it is softer.
From: Floyd, Toronto, ON, CA, USA, 07/10

Comments: I was using ALU Power Rough on Head Youtek Speed 16x19 then my string broke so I thought of switching to ALU Power Fluoro. First thing I noticed was that my shots went farther than usual (more power) but there weren't much spins compare to ALU Power Rough. Also, control wise, I thought it was pretty easy to control the direction however it was difficult to control how far the balls going. I would recommend this string to people who wants more power than control however, I would go back to using Alu Power Rough.
From: BH, Shanghai, China. 5/10

Comments: String has great pop, feels crisp from the baseline, not as good at the net. Would recommend it for big serving, baseline players. You gotta string it lower than normal. I was playing with the Wilson NXT for a while, at 55 pounds with my k factor 95 team, and only strung this string at 50. Definitely going to stick with it for a while.
From: anon. Burke, VA 02/10

Comments: My coach wanted me to try out this string and I have a hybrid in one of my racquets with gut and then I tried this. I would switch back and forth and I found it hard to control at times because I'm a hard hitter and I lost some control and a lot of topspin. I would not recommend this but it was a fun string to try I was impressed with the pop. I'm a 5.0 player 15 girl with the Head MP racquets.
From: Anon, 01/10

Comments: Do not get this string. It is soft in the first half hour, but it became stiff afterward. At a relatively low tension, there is some strange vibration and noise, does not give you a solid feel as a result. It also does not grabs the ball when you want to put more spin. Really disappointed for a $20 string. Use the "spin" version instead, will at least last you 8-10 hours.
From: Anon. 12/09

Comments: Plays like Luxilon ALU power but feels much softer and thus easier on the arm. I use it in a hybrid with Babolat gut in the crosses and love it.
From: Tom, Wilmington, NC, USA, 11/09

Comments: I'm a level 5+ player,I just started using this string (57lbs) and I really like the way it feels. Only problem is it breaks after approx. 2 hrs. Rather expensive to keep replacing it.
From: Jon, Spain 08/09

Comments: Without a doubt this is one of the top 3 monofilament strings out there, and I will absolutely come back to it when my racquet speed and consistency gets better. I am in the 3.5 to 4.0 range and have tried many, many strings on the market. I feel that to get the best performance out of a string like this you really have to go after your shots on a consistent basis from the back of the court; otherwise the string will hurt your groundies rather than help them. Also, they are less forgiving on volley and touch shots in my opinion. It is amazing how much spin these strings create and when you rip a cross-court backhand with them there are few things that feel better on the tennis court. I will stick to my Tecnifibre Red Code strings for now, as I feel they are a little softer and suit my game better right now. I also might try the luxilon again in a hybrid set-up, perhaps with the Klip Venom or another more user friendly string as the crosses.
From: Joplin, Longview, WA, U.S.A. 8/09

Comments:Great string. I haven't seen anyone else using it so far in all the tournaments I've played. I have been using this string since last year, and the only problem is replacing it. It gets pricey to replace every few months. It just dies without warning.
From: Sarah, Westlake Village, CA, USA, 07/09

Comments: I'm a 5.0 level player and have never used a better string. It changes how I play because I can do more with the ball...great for all levels...string at regular tension though...
From: Wayne, N. Andover, MA USA. 6/09

Comments: Great String. The best for Babolat AeroPro Drive. Tension 24 KG. Good control and feel. I do not recommend who have elbow or shoulder problems. Other players will be able enjoy to play with it.
From: Claudio, Genova, Italy, 05/09

Comments: Just played my first match with this string and I am impressed. I previously used the Big Banger Alu Power 16L and had some soreness in my wrist and elbow after playing for extended periods of time. I decided to give this string a try because the reviews said it was softer. So far, I love it! My arm didn't hurt after the long match and I was able to get a little more spin on the ball because of the smaller gauge. The price is a little high, but it is worth the money. I use this as the mains in a hybrid with NXT 17 as the cross string. This string is for anyone who likes the control of Big Banger strings but would like a more arm-friendly version.
From: Josh, NY, USA. 04/09

Comments: It's an excellent string that eliminated the previous "high chance" of getting tennis elbow from this company's strings. Excellent feel... you don't need use different cross strings anymore. Also, string at normal tension (skip the 10% less). One negative comment. Need to replace them about once a month if you play much. They go dead on you, without any visual evidence (it's not you, it's the string). Once replaced, you will be back in tennis nirvana again.
From: Steinway, Novato, CA. 2/09

Comments: It is a good poly, but a little too soft of a poly for me.
From: Greg, Lewiston, Idaho. 10/08

Comments: I've used the Luxilon 17 g fluoro for about a yr. It does allow me to hit out. In my 18x 20 Head Radical I don't get much topspin. My only complaint with this string is after 3 months it just dies with no warning. Based on what I have been reading 3 months seems pretty good, though. I'm not a hard hitter so the string does last well for me. I have never broken a string when using this. Even with my good results, I'm still not completely satisfied, since a string this expensive shouldn't go completely dead in 3 months when playing only a few hrs a week, previous to this string I used Gamma TNT 18 g for years. It performed well and was good on my arm but I had difficulty keeping the ball in the court even when strung at 62 lbs.
From: Dr V, Manhattan Beach, CA, USA, 10/08

Comments: ALU Fluoro is a very positive move for Luxilon. Reason? You don't need to use a different brand for the cross strings to "tone-down" the stiff feel of their other string lines. Very nice feel and touch. Worth buying and NOT TOUGH on your arm. Also, don't string at 10% below your normal range or you'll be sorry as the tension will be too low... stick with your regular tension level.
From: SteinwayBroo, Novato, CA. 7/08

Comments: This string is softer than ALU Power but you will still have moderate soreness in your shoulder and wrist after a hard match, but the spin and ability to swing out with as much force as you want are great and well worth the little joint pain.
From: Ron, Iowa, USA. 7/08

Comments: If not the best, the top three on the market. Power, Control, Feel, Durability, the LOT. A bit pricey, but hybrid is an option.
From: Harry, Australia. 6/08

Comments: Real good string. I've tried several strings trying to get comfort and durability and I found all in this string.
From: Hugo, Spain, 06/08

Comments: I switched to this string after using Luxilon Big Banger Alu power 16L for four years. I like the feel of this string and I feel less strain on my arm. This is one of the best strings in the market!
From: Mon, New Haven, CT, USA, 05/08

Comments: I hated this string. I put it on my Aeropro Drive w/o cortex, and my arm and wrist got really sore. The only thing I thought is was OK for was on slices, other than that, it just felt uncomfortable, and there wasn't that much power from it. I recommend using Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour, it is softer and plays better.
From: Brett, Menlo Park, CA, US. 5/08

Comments: I've been using ALU Power for quite sometime and been reaping the benefits of this string - including having a sore elbow and shoulder the following day. I just tried the ALU Power Fluoro and it feels the same as ALU Power - WITHOUT THE ELBOW & SHOULDER PAIN THE FOLLOWING DAY!!! :) YES! Thank you for this product...
From: Rommel, Philippines. 4/08

Comments: I've used Alu Power for a few years and thought I would never change to another string, but I gave this Alu Power Fluoro a try when it came out. It is indeed softer than the Alu Power. I used to have some minor arm and shoulder soreness once in a while when I used Alu Power, I haven't experienced any soreness in the arm or shoulder (unless I try too hard on the kick serves) since I switched to Alu Power Fluoro. Although it's thinner, its durability is almost as good as Alu Power. I'm glad that Luxilon keeps improving their strings. Maybe in the future we'll have something that feels like gut and plays like poly...just dreaming.
From: Allan, NYC, NY, USA, 03/08

Comments: Very nice string. Much softer feeling than ALU Power. After a few trial and errors, I realized that it performs better on the mains if you keep the tension under 50 pounds. On my Wilson K90, I use this string on the mains and Gamma TNT on the cross at 47 and 51 pounds respectively. At this configuration, I felt a great improvement on the stick's performance.
From: Firat, Sunnyvale, CA, USA, 08/09

Comments: I've been using ALU Power for 4 years now but used to played with the Wilson 95 (16x18) string bed. I recently changed to the (18x20) string bed and I started to get elbow and shoulder pain that I had never felt before. The tighter string bed and new Fluoro are great. I immediately noticed a softer feel and less arm strain.
From: Joe, La Jolla, CA, USA, 08/07

Comments: Amazing string I wasn't able to hit with polys until Luxilon produced this string Thanks a lot! I use it my crosses with Titan Gut in the mains and I love the combination well worth the price
From: Trent, LJ, TX, USA, 07/07

Comments: All of my friends (5) concluded that alu power fluoro was not soft enough. X-force from pacific was a lot softer and had noticeable more power. However, Alu power fluoro had 10% more spin. Control was very similar. Overall, x-force was better. Pacific power x (multi, pacific) is an excellent choice for cross for many poly's. However, tennis warehouse does not offer this string. Note: Two of my friends did say that the new alu power fluoro is better than the old alu power.
From: Peter, Vancouver, Canada, 07/07

Comments: I had been using ALU Power, and just switched to Fluoro. I love it. It has all of the positive features of ALU Power--control, and spin--while offering a much softer hitting bed. Once I started using Fluoro, I realized that I had been flinching slightly just before contact when using Power. For my taste, Fluoro could be slightly more explosive, but I've gotten very good responsiveness when stringing it at 52. I knew I had the right string when I noticed added precision on swinging forehand (topspin) volleys. If you want Luxilon control without elbow strain, get Fluoro. I'm a 4.5 player with an all court game.
From: Jeff, Washington DC, USA. 6/07

Comments: String has great pop and great Control. Very similar to the ALU Power with just a LITTLE more spin and a tad bit easier on the elbow. Loved it. Real receptive down the line and crosscourt with my one handed backhand. Great for the slice and dropshot. I used the Big banger original for three years before changing to the ALU Power. Now with the Alu Power 17, I don't think there is a better string on tour. I only used it in the mains. I am using Pacific Prime Gut 17 in the crosses.
From: Albert, Atlanta, GA, USA, 05/07

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