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Comments: This is a fantastic bag. I had the previous Aero 12 pack bag and this bag is slightly better, both are great bags. The intelligent strap system is actually really cool, and works quite nicely. My only complaint is that the plastic piece that the strap stores in gets in the way of the racquets in the racquet pockets. In other words, the racquets don't fit quite as nicely as the previous Aero 12 bag. The materials are top notch as expected from Babolat in their bags. I've been very happy with the bag, but if you're using the previous Aero 12 bag, it really isn't enough of a change for $120
From: Kirby, 3/13

Comments: I felt this Aero Line 12 Pack Bag lived up to its expectations and more. I feel the isolation compartments work well and there is plenty of room for organization. My favorite feature is the backpack straps. They adjust automatically. The one downside I feel was lacking was an insulated drink holder that was in the last version. Overall, this is a great and stylish bag, and I'm glad to own it.
From: Cristian, 12/12

Comments: Based on all your comments I ended up going with the Aero Line 12 Pack Bag, and I love it! Thanks for the feedback! I'm a big Babolat fan! The only negative would be the color, as I now realize that the yellow and black are the signature colors, though I wish this Aero Bag would come in various colors like other lower end Babolat Bags. Overall, tremendous!
From: Frank, 11/12

Comments: The Aero Line 12 Pack Bag doesn't have as good of features as the same version from a few years ago. I had to replace my three year old bag after 4 of the 6 zippers failed or broke off completely. Babolat should spend a little more and use a quality zipper. They don't hold up to regular use and the zippers on the new version appear thinner and of lesser quality than the old version. I was disappointed to receive it and find it had so many fewer (nice) features than the bag I had, like an external access point for the drink compartment, more small pockets internally to organize small stuff, etc.
From: Brad, 8/12

Comments: Just recieved the Babolat Aero Line Back Pack Bag and I've got to say its just great. I have no complaints whatsoever. It fits all my needs, and I totally recommend it.
From: Javier, 7/12

Comments: I like the look of the Babolat Aero Line 9-Pack Bag and the fact that it holds its shape, but I've got a few issues with it. First, the non-thermalined side is where I put my other stuff, and there are no pockets or dividers. Second, the BIGGEST problem I (and others) have is that THE STRAPS ARE ON THE WRONG SIDE. This is a major oversight and design problem from Babolat. Also, the curved zipper side for the racquets always gets stuck. Hopefully, Babolat will take a look at Wilson and Prince bags in the future and switch the straps and add some more pockets, etc. Also, Prince's built-in shoe compartment and thermalined cooler is far superior to the Babolat lines. Wilson and Head are, too.
From: Lin, 7/12

Comments: I love this 12 pack bag. The compartments are so big and roomy. The only downside of the bag is that it is very bulky.
From: Rafael, 6/12

Comments: I love this 12 pack bag. I just ordered it, and it was worth every penny. Don't get the 6 pack bag because it is to small. The compartments are very nice, and the isothermal is a luxury. Thanks TW!
From: Anon, 5/12

Comments: I bought the Aero Line 6 Pack and it is awesome!!
From: Anon, 2/12

Comments: I bought the 6 Pack bag 2 years ago and love it. It is very durable and the colors don't fade as mine sits on the court in the sun for hours every week. Although I only put one racquet in it, it is perfect with one side holding my racquet and other side holding all of my gear from apparel and shoes to 2 cans of balls and a snack bag. I could go from work to the courts all in one bag!
From: Rob, 12/11

Comments: I bought the 6 Pack bag and I loved it. The colors are awesome!
From: David, 11/11

Comments: There are so many great features on the 2010 Aero Line in black/yellow backpack, and the construction quality is superb. In particular, I love the separate ventilated shoe pocket - it keeps dirty, smelly shoes and other clothes separate and aired. What really annoys me is that there is no small pocket to put my wallet, keys, ID, and other small valuables. Otherwise, great backpack.
From: AK, 10/11

Comments: I'm surprised that no one has pointed out something that I find very annoying about this 12 Pack bag -- the shoulder straps are on the same side as all of the zippers and handles. This means that when you carry it, particularly with any weight in it, all those handles and zippers are pressed against your back! And when you set it down and want to get your gear out, there are two big shoulder straps criss-crossing all of the zipper pockets. Most bags have the shoulder straps on the opposite side, so the smooth bottom-side is what's against your back, and so that the straps aren't in the way. This is downright crazy. I was trying to carry a lot of gear in a bag made for carrying a lot of weight, only to find it killing my back by pressing handles and zippers against it. Poor planning in my opinion.
From: Anon, 9/11

Comments: I just got the 9 pack bag and its perfect. The only thing that I don't understand is why it's only $5 cheaper than the 12 pack bag.
From: Sam. 08/11

Comments: I have both this 12 pack and a former tour version of the Babolat 12 racquet tennis bag. Plus: Both racquet compartments are insulated (a lot of new tennis bags only has 1 insulated compartment). Minus: The material in the old bag got a quality fabric feel. The new one has a pretty plastic feel.
From: Marv. 7/11

Comments: Just got the 12 pack and I personally think its an awesome bag. It's got a lot of room in the main compartment and it does a good job of keeping my drinks cold and storing my shoes. It is definitely a good buy for competitive players. There is also plenty of space for your racquets. I highly recommend it.
From: Collin. 6/11

Comments: I had the previous version of the 12-pack bag but sold it because I switched to Head. I recently switched to the new APDGT and thought I would buy the new bag to match. BIG MISTAKE!! A LOT smaller than the previous version. A LOT cheaper feeling too. Sent it back and got the other version. Plus, I really like the bottle water cooler in the old bag opposed to the new one. Don't waste your money!
From: Jamie, Winston-Salem, NC, USA, 11/10

Comments: It is amazing how many things fit in this 12 pack bag. Also, a small bottle of water, which easily holds 2 liters of liquid and maybe more. I highly recommend this bag only if you compete in tournaments because of the large size.
From: Tasos, Athens, Attiki, Greece, 10/10

Comments: Well...first of all, I LOVE the color scheme on this 6-Pack bag. It looks very eye-catching and attractive. That can be both good and bad. It seems to be pretty durable as long as you take care of it well enough. (Don't just toss it around carelessly!) The bag makes good use of its storage space. However, I do wish that Babolat made the bag have isotherm in both compartments. That's because I like to keep my drinks cool, and the isotherm really helps. Unfortunately, this forces me to put my rackets in the other compartment. That's alright though. The with any other tennis bag, you should take care because they can break easily if you are very careless. Keep that in mind. All in all, I love this bag very much. The only thing that would have made it absolutely if they lower the price on it. I definitely don't feel like this is worth $79.95!! Otherwise, I highly recommend it. It's an awesome bag that many of your friends will be jealous of. Be careful though, it is pretty bulky so if you are short it will make you look smaller.
From: Angelo, OR, USA, 08/10

Comments: I got the 9-pack and it is a great bag!! I think Babolat makes the best bags out of all the companies. Perfect to match my new Aero pro drive GT racquet. My only dislike was that the 9-pack was like 10 more dollars expensive than the six-pack and by comparing my 9-pack to the 6-pack on TW, they seem to be the exact same thing.
From: Alex, Virginia, United States. 07/10

Comments: I got the 6 pack bag and it is amazing!!! I love it and so do all my friends they want bags like mine now.
From: Ashley, Fort Worth, TX. 6/10

Comments: The Babolat Aero 9 Pack Bag is an amazing looking bag. I love the feel and the coolers of it. It definitely matches my new GT's so I am quite happy about my decision of buying this bag. It holds 6 of my racquets and that is when I jam it all in there but I guess you can put some in the clothing compartment if you have space. I actually use the racquet compartment for the shoes and balls so I can't fit the racquets in there. All in all, I love this bag and I hope it lasts a long time.
From: Ken, Camas, WA, US. 6/10

Comments: This is a great 12 pack bag! I am a great Rafa fan, so my eye was on it the moment I saw the signature. JUST AWESOME!!!!!
From: Sara, Toronto, Ontario, US. 6/10

Comments: I purchased the 6 Pack Bag and I think it is much better than its predecessor. It feels more durable and the styling of it is much better. The 6 pack is perfect for me, as I only have 3 racquets, but is more than adequate for other items. I'd recommend a bigger bag if you have more than 4, unless you plan on just putting racquets. Overall I love this bag. You can't go wrong. Babolat makes the best bags out of every brand.
From: Michael, Australia 03/10

Comments: Comparing 2010 Aeropro x12 to the old. The old bag is definitely wider by 3 inches. Overall, I perceive it to be smaller than the old bag when caring it around. The 2010 bag does not have the center mesh liner for miscellaneous things in the middle compartment as the old 2009 bag did, which I miss. But the center one zipper open/close system is way better than the old two zipper open/close system of the 2009 aero bag. Both are still hard shell, with the plastic feel instead of fabric feel. The new bag has the nice side compartment organization. The Grab handle on the bottom of the bag is more practical than the old bag. As for colour the new bag is definitely brighter (better? purely subjective). Overall, I like the new bag, b/c the old bag broke; ripped easily after 1 month. I was able to get a 2010 replacement bag. It seems of better construction? Only time will tell of course.
From: Dan, Toronto, Ontario. 03/10

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