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Comments: Strung this string on a Prince Ozone7 105 at 58 lbs. This is by far the worst string I have ever tried on this racquet. This string/racquet feels completely dead and does not pop at all. Any hit other than perfectly in the center produces a significant jarring feel and resembles hitting the ball with a ply wood board. Definitely not for anyone with a sensitive elbow. Interestingly, I also had the same string on a Babolat AeroPro Drive 2013 at 55 lbs. The same string plays lively and provides good feedback on the APD. Go figure. By the way, the string that was on Ozone7 before Addiction was Prince SynGut 17.
From: Brian, 5/15

Comments: Tried this after reading that it is a soft string. It felt dead when I was hitting the ball, so chances are I would not buy again.
From: Lambert, 5/13

Comments: Tried this string with my new Dunlop M2.0 strung at 55 lbs. I found the ball response a bit on the flat side. I had trouble finding a consistent response which led to some lack of confidence in my strokes. I restrung the racquet with Dunlop Sport 17 gauge and found the feel more solid and lively and my stroke confidence returned. I strung my other Dunlop M2.0 with ISOspeed Professional 17 and liked that also. Other strings that I have used and liked include Yonex Pro 850 and Technifiber NGR2, though I have not tried these on my new Dunlops M2.0 rackets. I'm a 4.0 player will fast to medium swings.
From: Carl, 5/13

Comments: Good string. Excellent power. Good spin. Only downside was that it lost tension pretty quick. Overall though it's a great string.
From: Thomas, 9/12

Comments: This string is decent at best. It offers excellent comfort, so I would recommend it to anyone with elbow pain. Unfortunately, that's about the only good thing. It lacks the liveliness and power that some other multifilaments have, along with offering little spin potential and average control. Also, they are not the most durable strings, as they started fraying after about 2 weeks of moderate play and went dead about the same time. Overall, there are better strings out there.
From: John, 9/12

Comments: The best aspect of this string I have found so far is durability, but there are better multi-filaments out there starting with Tecnifibre NRG2, Babolat Xcel, and Wilson NXT Tour. I am using this in a Wilson BLX 6.1 95 16x18 at 50 pounds and find it not to have as much feel and pocketing as other good multi-filaments. I have put about 8 hours of pretty solid hard hitting on these and they haven't frayed much so that is why I say they have good durability. But I will likely not buy these again. Will go back to NRG2 17g and Babolat Xcel 17g. The Addiction is a little less money, but sometimes you get what you pay for. For a couple extra bucks you can get some better multi-filaments. If you want to compare along a more equal price scale, I'd say Tecnifibre's Multi-Feel string is better than Addiction.
From: Anon, 2/12

Comments: Great transition from poly considering it's a "stiffer" multi. However, this string loses tension very fast. I wasn't sure what this meant until I tried this string. I strung it at 55 lbs and at first it felt a little stiff, but within a day the tension dropped 10% or so and it played perfectly. The next day though it had dropped dramatically more in tension and it now feels very muted and bouncy. My balls go long and I don't get the same great feeling I had when it was around 50 lbs. Might do okay to get a reel of this if you don't mind restringing every 3-5 days or so. Great string if it didn't lose tension so much.
From: Jay, 11/11

Comments: This is just a so-so string for the price. It has a nice pop and feel but loses tension fast and does not break easily. It ight do well in hybrid set-up.
From: Allan, 7/11

Comments: I'm on my second Addiction restring, and I think it's a great string. I feel I have more control than with any other synthetic I've tried. I strung it at 63 the first time and had excellent control but couldn't blow my serve or forehand through the court without effort. The 2nd time around I restrung at 61 and there's a great balance of power and control. Also found strings to be pretty durable.
From: M.J., Columbia, SC. 6/10

Comments: This string is great, the reviews really don't make sense to me. This plays a lot like xcel premium but it is a lot less expensive. Strung in a full bed at 58 a couple times and now as a hybrid with a poly at 57/55.5. Good spin potential with the 17g, and it seems to have pretty good durability for a multi.. i recommend giving this string a try, and i'm willing to bet you'll like it.
From: Tennis player, UT 5/10.

Comments: Nice string but loses tension fast. don't like the extra feel from it prefer moderate feel with a bit of extra spin and pop.
From: Kris, Los Angeles, CA, Us 09/09

Comments: I think this string is terrible. No feel at all. I'm not sure why people keep saying it's similar to natural gut. I didn't get that feeling at all!
From: Tim, New York, NY 08/09

Comments: Good string. Nice pop. Feels soft. String moves around and loses tension on the quicker side. Good price point for arm-friendly string.
From: Joe, Ellicott City, MD, USA. 8/09

Comments: So much touch/feel, comfort, and spin. Average with power, control, string movement, ect. I would recommend to anyone, but I want something crisper so I might hybrid it with synthetic gut (mains) for above average control, power, and addiction (crosses) for touch/feel,comfort, and spin.
From: C C, Madison, Wisconsin, USA. 08/09

Comments: I don't know if I just drew the short stick with my particular set but this string was horrible. It felt unwieldy and broke after less than an hour of play. I usually can go over a month with a 16 gauge for reference. All in all I would recommend technifibre's NRG2 for better durability as well as better feel in my opinion. However I broke a 17 of that pretty quickly as well.
From: Paul, Ut, USA 08/09
Racquet and Tension: Technifibre T-Fight 320 VO2 Max at 61 lbs.

Comments: For the price, this is as close as you can get to natural gut. I found high levels of comfort when hitting groundstrokes. Power and control ratio was great as well. Wish I could get more spin out of the string though. This string loses tension fairly quickly. I played 6 sets with this string so far, and noticed the tension decreasing during my 4th set. Perhaps stringing at higher tension will solve the problem. I had this strung on a Babolat Pure Drive GT at 58 lbs. I think I'll go with 60 lbs next time.
From: anon. Long Beach, CA, 07/09

Comments: An excellent string for an all-court player like myself. Great for the arm. But tension loss ramps up pretty quickly when all your opponents are baseliners. Probable better in a hybrid than a full string job.
From: Kristian, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. 06/09

Comments: Awesome String, however as stated before one needs to string at a higher tension. I strung it at my usual 55 and it was way too loose for my liking. String a few pounds higher and you've got some great strings.
From: Yamin, North Andover, MA, 06/09

Comments: Great string! I had a full job in my PSL and now I have it running as the mains with nat gut crosses in both of my PSL's. Fantastic. Great feel, soft, nice pop. Both the full job and now the main's strung at 60#.
From: Chuck, NEPA, USA. 05/09

Comments: I had 17g natural gut in my Prestige Pro MP at 58 lbs. and it was too powerful. But I still wanted something arm-friendly, so my stringer, who is extremely knowledgeable, recommended Addiction. I had him string it at 62 lbs. I played two sets tonight with it and it was awesome. It plays a lot like natural gut. At 62 lbs. it still had good power but not too much. This string and tension played exactly like I wanted. This string also gets some nice praise if you research it on the TW message board. It has only been available for around six months so that probably explains the lack of feedback here.
From: Craig, Charlotte, NC, USA. 2/09

Comments: Addiction 17 plays very much like Xcel Premium 17. Great feel with more than adequate power. Seems to last a few matches longer than Xcel. All in all, a great string for the price. Head Microgel Prestige at 60lbs.
From: All around player, 5.0 NTRP. 1/09

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