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Comments: I've only used three dampeners, but this dampener has decent feel. I do have to complain about it falling off, though. I played 4th spot varsity last season and it fell off about every other meet and it's especially hard to put back on, especially in the middle of a match. I'd say stick with the TW dampener because it works just as well as this dampener and it's a fraction of the price.
From: Caleb. 6/11

Comments: Super tough to put in, but it's a very nice dampener. I just started using it again after I switched from the Babolat aero dampener, it's a very good choice, it never falls out
From: Nathan, ID, USA, 01/11

Comments: Geez... This thing is really hard to put on. It may not seem like much but I play with 3 racquets and change frequently so moving these shockies is hard work. But then again, once you get it in, it's staying in. Never had one fall off yet.
From: Anon, 11/10

Comments: I personally bought these dampeners for the looks. Hoping it would be like your average dampener. I ended up unfortunately disappointed. The Dampener itself wasn't sticking out all the way, as in appearance wasn't smooth or bold. I also didn't feel great vibration dampening coming from this compared to you're average dampeners such as Babolat Aero Custom Damp's or the Black Pete Sampras O dampener. I also had a rather more difficult time putting these on compared to other O style dampeners.
From: Kevin, San Francisco, Ca, USA. 06/10

Comments: For those who feel that this dampener doesn't do any job for you, try lowering the dampener from the last cross string. What I am trying to say is, you install the dampener closer to the frame instead of closer to the last cross string. It'll be much better, trust me.
From: Ooi, GC, Malaysia 01/10

Comments: I didn't love this dampener. It didn't work for me. The best dampener in my opinion is the Wilson US Open dampeners. Nothing compares in my opinion. I have them on all my Babolats and they NEVER come off and I never feel shock or vibration.
From: Rick, Chicago, IL USA 1/10/10

Comments: I love this shock absorber it works great and hasn't failed me yet!!! And I am sure it will last a long time-very durable.
From: Katarina, Pound Ridge, NY, USA 08/09

Comments: I don't really want to offend anyone, but this dampener is not very good! I used it on my Head Liquidmetal Radical and it feels like nothing is there at all.. you know when you don't have a dampener on and you get all that vibration and ringing noise, it felt like that. I had to use my racquet without a dampener and I actually did better!
From: Alan, Placentia, CA, USA. 08/09

Comments: I have this dampener and it is fantastic! It hasn't failed me yet and it won't! I recommend everyone to get this!
From: Andy, Melbourne, Australia. 04/09

Comments: This dampener is amazing. I have used this same one since I started playing and it hasn't failed me yet. I also like the color of it a lot. Goes great with the pure drive. I recommend this to everybody.
From: Matt, GA, USA. 04/09

Comments: I like this dampener. It doesn't fall off unlike my Head logo dampener. Also, it doesn't affect the alignment of the strings, because it's just the right size.
From: Bagoy, Manila, NCR, Philippines. 1/09

Comments: Better than the Babolat Custom Damp. It dampens better, and it never falls off whilst the Custom Damp does.
From: Chad, New York, USA. 7/08

Comments: I had this and it fell off several times within the first week of play. It gave me no problems the first 3 days out, but since the first time it gave way it doesn't stay put.
From: Brandon, Florence, SC, USA. 7/08

Comments: Great dampener! Never falls off for me, and I hardly feel a thing with this in between my strings. My new dampener of choice.
From: Kevin, Allentown, PA, USA. 12/07

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