Wilson Blade 98 (16x19) Racquet Customer feedback

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Comments: The testers Andy and Michelle are correct that the string bed is a little erratic. And yes, I could use a little more control. But, I play my best tennis with this racquet. I have more confidence in doubles that I've had with any other racquet. This is a racquet that you don't have to practice with. You just show up and play, unlike heavier racquets. I like this racquet and I've come from using an RF97, and a Prestige MP before that. It rocks! NTRP rating: 4.0
From: Mark, 7/16

Comments: Historically speaking, I love playing with the Wilson Pro Staff racquets and especially enjoy the power, heft and control of the RF97. However my shoulder can no longer take the shock and vibration of the stiffness from these racquets. I read about the new Blade 98 16x19 and have hit with a demo for the first time yesterday. All I can tell you is this racquet is the one for me. It is very gentle on the arm much like many of the Volkl racquets but I like the fact that it holds up pretty well to heavy hitters. It does not possess the heft of the RF97 but I'm going to add a small amount of weight to the head and throat area and add even more to the handle to make it a little more head light. I don't care for the Wilson Sensation strings that come on the demo and am thinking of using Volkl Cyclone Tour 18 as a full bed of poly strung at 45 lbs or possibly do a hybrid of Cylone Tour with NXT. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm hoping to find a combination that will offset some of the erratic behavior that the 16x19 string pattern has versus the 18X20 which was reported by TW play testers (although I don't seem to find it as erratic as they do). I don't use the 18X20 because it's harsher on the arm and I prefer to hit a little more topspin. I"m a sold 4.5 player who hits mostly topspin but also goes for flattening out shots given the opportunity. This racquet is light years more comfortable on the arm than the older Blade racquets. My hats off to Wilson for coming through for me. Normally easy on the arm racquets can't stand up to heavy hitters but this one can.
From: Robert, 4/16

Comments: Seems heavier than the spec indicated. It feels like the handle is too short even for a one-handed person.
From: JC, 10/15

Comments: Great stick! I am a strong 4.5 and a current D2 college player and this stick is perfect for my game as I am a big hitter/server. It has excellent plow through and great maneuverability. It really shines when I go for a big kick serve and offers great control and power on the groundstrokes. I highly encourage you give this stick a shot.
From: Trevor, 8/15

Comments: I am a graduated college tennis player and currently rated a 5.0. I used to play with the Blade 93 but then switched away when they came out with the BLX line because I was not a huge fan. I had felt that the BLX Blade has a tin feel to it and lacked stability. When Wilson came out with this 16x19 Blade I immediately fell in love with it. The new Blade was a major improvement. It is more stable and quick at the same time and the sweet spot feels a little bigger. It shines the most on groundstrokes for me but also feels great on serves and at the net. I like to serve and volley occasionally and I like how quick this racket moves through the air. This racquet truly is a lot of fun to play with because I feel as if I can do anything I want to with the ball. The only major critique I have of this racquet is that it is a little on the lighter side of weight. So I did add a little lead tape under the handle and at the throat to give just a little more weight when doing some heavier hitting. The first string job with it I did VS Touch in the mains and Luxilon M2 in the crosses, that combo is a dream to play with. Due to cost, I have been using Wilson Ripspin 17g and have been loving it. Lots of pop with this racquet. This racquet I would recommend to anyone looking for a stable racquet that is spin friendly. I also played with the PS 97 for a couple weeks and found this racket to be more forgiving and much better from the baseline.
From: Andrew, 6/15

Comments: Great racquet! It feels like a blend of the 2015 Pro Staff 97 and the 2015 Blade 98, with more control than the Pro Staff 97. It's an incredible stick as it really does everything well. Exceptional control and power/feel (9/10). I have it strung with Wilson NXT at 58 lbs and it feels plush and nice. Great serves and one handed backhands are easy. It has a big sweet spot too. Nice job Wilson! Really great! I'm a 4.0 level player and have played mostly with the Wilson (K)Factor Tour 90 but had to make the switch to a lighter frame. This is it!
From: Mason, 5/15

Comments: I can only speak for me personally. I'm a "has-been" but still a strong 4.5 player that used to be a 5.0 and played for a state college many years ago. For the longest time I played with original Pro Staff 85 and over the last couple of years I had been developing forearm problems and tendonitis in both elbows. For the last two years, I would go back and forth between the Pro Staff and the Babolat Pure Storm Tour, but something about the latter always felt unnatural to my forehand which is the only shot since I was 12 that nobody ever tinkered with (currently I'm 46 years old). When I would hit hard and flat, the ball just wasn't going where I wanted it to go, often going long or pulling wide, and neither that racquet or anything I would demo would allow me to take the long swing and my forehand when I wanted to crush the ball like I could with the original Pro Staff without fear of it going long, or needing to use too much

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