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Comments: I bought the 12 pack and I really love it. I play in a lot of tournaments and the bag is able to hold all of my equipment. I also like that it had the cooling material on the inside which is able to keep all my drinks cold. Nice bag and I really love it.
From: Tyler, 10/11

Comments: I am a high school player with this 9 Pack Bag. My only complaint about this bag is how much it holds. The sticker says its a 9 pack bag, not a 3. I carry a lot of junk in my bag including two pairs of shoes and spare clothing. If you are a serious player, carry a lot of junk, and plan on holding more than 4 racquets, I recommend upgrading to the 12 Pack Bag.
From: Nathan, 10/11

Comments: I bought this 9-pack bag for my 11 year old son, a 4 times a week player and tournament competitor. We were looking for something proportional to his body and at the same time spacious and convenient to fit 2 racquets, water bottles, a towel and a small first aid kit. This bag does all that, but my son, after putting it on, immediately complained that the wires that hold the shape of the bag and the zippers were cutting into his back and it was very painful to carry it on the back. It seems that the bottom of the bag that is sticking out when the bag is worn is more smooth and comfortable than the top. We tried to switch the straps, but the straps are attached in such a way that makes it impossible to switch the sides. My son hates it already. I am returning it.
From: Ilona, 9/11

Comments: I purchased the Pro Bag w/Wheels for my teenage niece in August 2009 as she was going off to tennis academy for two years and would be traveling to more tournaments than ever. I thought it was very attractive and cute, but I had concerns about the durability especially given the modest price versus what most luggage costs. Anyway, she did love it and used it for tons of serious tournament travel over the past 2 years, subjecting it to lots of airline handling. I saw it a couple weeks ago, and it is showing wear, with one edge getting pretty frayed. Still, a very good showing for a bag that looked like it had more flash than substance. She also said, as many here have, that it is really big, always enough space for everything she wants to take.
From: Auntie, 8/11

Comments: After buying the backpack I am surprised on how much I've come to like it. It is very easy to carry and very durable. I can fit a Gatorade (32 fl oz) on the side pockets or 5 tennis balls without the cans. My keys, wallet, and cellphone goes to the front accessory pockets. What I like most about the bag is the main compartment, it has a solid shape and doesn't cave in even if it's not full, it's very roomy. I can fit a pair of shoes, a change of clothes, tennis cans, towel and more in the main compartment. The back section can hold up to two racquets with no problem at all. The design on the backpack is nice and is pleasing to the eye as I see it as a bonus. The bag seems to have it all! Overall, I am very pleased with the bag and would recommend it for anyone!
From: Mikey, 8/11

Comments: I just got the Babolat backpack. The size of it is just right for me. The side pockets can fit 5 balls without the can or it can fit a regular sized water bottle. The main compartment has a solid shape to keep its volume large. And the racquet compartment can fit two racquets with no problem. Overall, I like the bag and would recommend it for anyone!
From: Michael, 8/11

Comments: I don't care what anybody else says about the backpack. It is amazing. Two racquets fit inside the back section. In the main compartment, you can fit a change of clothes and a pair of shoes. Then there are the accessory pockets. The two on the side can fit a full normal Poland Spring water bottle. It is great. Then, I keep my id in one of the other two pockets and packet of overgrips in the other pocket. Get it!
From: Howie, 8/11

Comments: I purchased the back pack and I would say it is pretty decent. I am able to fit five tennis balls in each side pocket without the cans, and I'm able to put shoes in the main compartment with a little room for clothes also. I would say the bag is a medium sized bag that just needs a little bit of improvement. The racquet compartment has enough room for two racquets. Overall, I am happy with the bag.
From: Michael, 8/11

Comments: The 9 pack has very good durability, but the only drawback are the straps. The are small and aren't very comfortable. I have 3 racquets and space, but the other compartment can barely fit all of my things. The bag is good for intermediate players who play tournaments. It has the space for everything you need. Great bag!
From: Ava, New Jersey, USA. 06/11

Comments: The super-durable 12-Pack bag is very large and can hold 3 tweener frames in each of the side racquet compartments. These same compartments are also easy to access because the zippers curve around at the end--it's not just a straight opening. The center compartment is easy to access but could use some dividers or interior pockets to help organize little things. Straps are okay. The strength of this bag is that it holds its shape well even when it's not full.
From: Retlod, Omaha, NE, USA. 06/11

Comments: I have this 12 Pack from Babolat Team. I absolutely love it. It's a great bag...very roomy...fits all my stuff...from water bottles, balls, racquets (I only have two), change of clothes, shoes, toiletries/make up (if I need to take a shower after), to handbag (can put it in the middle compartment). The thermal racquet compartment is great for the wintertime as I leave my tennis bag in the car. I thought the strap is a little thin for the size of this bag, but its still ok.
From: Jocelyn B., Toronto, ON, CANADA, 02/11

Comments: I purchased the Babolat backpack tennis bag and find it too small to be of any use. I have to force 2 racquets in the racquet compartment; it is a very tight squeeze. There is very little room in the front compartment. It's just too small and needs to be 15-20% larger to be practical. I am returning it.
From: Paul, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 12/10

Comments: Bought the 6 pack, and thought it was pretty fine quality. It's holding up well so far after 2 months. Sometimes the zipper jams because of the aluminum but other than that, I have no problems. Able to fit more than 6 racquets in the bag.
From: Kevin, Irvine, CA, USA. 2/10

Comments: This 12 Pack Bag held all of my racquets in one pocket! (I only have 6 racquets) I love it! must have for tournament players!
From: anon. 09/09

Comments: Amazing 12 pack bag. I can fit anything in there! I have a lot of Aero Pros so I needed something that could fit everything. A must for a big tourney player.
From: Liam, Miami, Florida, Usa. 8/09