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Comments: Only played four sets with this, but by the fourth I was really loving this racquet. Can't wait to get back out there. I play year round outside and had been looking for a racquet with more power than my Babolat Pure Strike in colder temps. This thing is a beast! I haven't played with the Pure Drive, but have played with a couple versions of the Head Extreme. Burn is similar to that, with its easy ability to hit a heavy ball, particularly any incoming ball that sits up high. Return of serve is a joy with this, also similar to the Extreme. Don't be scared away by the stiffness. The sweet spot is huge and the mains are spaced so far apart that I actually found the Burn to be rather comfortable. Didn't even feel the need for a dampener. One downside is that balls can fly on you if try to hit flat or don't swing through with good speed. Flat shots are not its strong suit. Strung with Wilson Revolve 16 at 53 pounds, which I think is what the TW reviewers used. I'm only a 3.5 player but close to moving up hopefully and I think this racquet could help get me to 4.0.
From: William, 1/17

Comments: Though it is a 16x19 the string pattern, it is much more open to me compared to the Babolat Pure Drive. The feeling is really different. I added some weight (a lot) in the handle. Serve is massive. May be some control problems when rallying due to very open string pattern.
From: Zeus, 12/16

Comments: Love that the swing weight is higher than the Pure Drive Roddick. Good racquet!
From: Vince, 9/16

Comments: Coming from a Pure Drive Roddick, this racquet is bit similar, a bit lighter and stiffer. I hit a few balls with it and my one-handed backhand has more control. Cracking forehands and serves. Need to play more with it. But so far so good. I would use it with poly strings at low tensions. No need to overhit or hit hard, one just has to have good mechanics and use racket head speed to play efficiently with it.
From: Vince, 9/16

Comments: Update for my review: Having hit with the Burn 100 for ten+ hours, here is more detailed feedback. It plays quite similar to a Pure Drive, in my opinion. Groundstrokes are solid, deep and powerful. You can change direction quite easily. It's also surprisingly quick, even when preparing a little late. Much faster than my Blade 98 with the same weight. Serves are strong but the Burn really shines at the net. It can deal with any incoming and wont even wobble. Touch wise, I haven't cracked that part yet. All in all, the Burn 100 is a forgiving racquet with a big sweet spot. I would recommend a hybrid. My setup is RPM and Sensation at 55 lbs.
From: Jon, 8/16

Comments: I bought the Burn recently. Now I've played with many racquets. My current stick is a Blade S and I own two of its bigger brothers as well, having played with the 18x20 for over a year. So on to this one. The Burn is misunderstood in my opinion. It has good mass but can cut through the air with ease. It's one powerful racquet. The Burn has a large sweet spot, not dissimilar to the Pure Drive. I didn't find myself hitting long that much. Which is strange as I'm quite a flat hitter. I actually noticed I was getting quite a lot of spin, even more so than my Blade S, strung with Alu Power Spin. I have read many times about how hard this is on the arm and rotor cuff etc. It's not, not even close. No wrist trouble either. Volleys are solid and powerful. I think the balance is just right. The Burn is an easy racquet to play with. It's a lot of fun as well. I don't get why it hasn't been well received but I'm really enjoying it.
From: Jon, 7/16

Comments: This racquet has incredible power and stability. Bottom line, if you are not a high level 4.0 or higher, this racquet is not for you. The weight distribution in the head of the racquet will make it nearly impossible to keep the ball in the court for someone who does not possess a strong arm and complete follow through off both wings. No difference with the serve. If you like a heavy and stiff racquet and have a smooth swing path, you must try this stick. People who complain about the stiffness of the racquet and sore arms, are not at a level to play with this racquet. I bounce between a 4.5 and 5.0 and switched from a Babolat Pure Drive (2012) and it took several hitting sessions to control the flight path of the ball and take advantage of the unbelievable power and plow through the Wilson Burn 100 offers.
From: John, 7/16

Comments: Much to my huge dismay and displeasure, Wilson abandoned the very, very, successful 6.1 line of racquets splitting the line into the newer RF aligned Pro Staff line and adding the new Burn line. The majority of the former 6.1 ATP users migrated to the Pro Staff line. Fewer chose the Burn. The Burn is a 'beast-on-steroids' sort of a frame. It is significantly stiffer and lighter than the 6.1 it replaced. With the increased stiffness and 100 sq" head size (PS -- the 95" head size sold in Europe is now available in the states) the frame packs a serious punch from the baseline. For some players, this in-built power will be difficult to control (Ernests Gulbis anyone?) and the stiffness will shred some forearms and elbows (especially those who are flat hitters by nature). I hated this frame when I first got it, lamenting the loss of the classic 6.1 line feel, dealing with the increased frame stiffness, and not really needing the super juiced power. But I have grown to accept it for what it is (a baseline basher). I've added a leather grip to add frame wgt and change the balance point since I hit western forehand and 1hd-backhand. To tame the frame's power, I have chosen to use a Kevlar hybrid, but any very low powered poly at mid to upper tension range should do the same thing. While the pros likely use LUX at upper tensions to control the ball, frame (and string) stiffness with this set-up could be an issue for most club players. Use of topspin will be a requirement to keep balls in the court from the baseline, and because of that, players using full bed syn guts won't get the best out of the frame. Once you have found your string set up of choice (which will set the comfort and control attributes you'll need), this frame is addictive to use from the baseline and it can crush the felt off the ball with reasonable accuracy and heavy spin (topspin or slice). Flat serves are bombs, and slice has nice bite. It is a baseliners dream frame and should be a serious consideration for 4.0 or above singles players who are looking for an alternative to the Pure Drive or Pure Aero lines - just pay attention to the strings you choose to use. Still wishing Wilson didn't cancel the 6.1 line, but I understand the purpose behind this frame and the way the modern game is evolving.
From: Geoff, 7/16

Comments: I started using this racquet recently, and I love it! It has a lot of power, so I needed to adjust my game to that. I originally had it strung with Wilson Sensation, but then got Head Gravity in it at 55 pounds, and it worked great.
From: Surya, 4/16

Comments: Very nice racquet. I replaced the grip with a Babolat leahter grip + Wilson Pro Overgrip and this added 8 grams. Total weight is now 335 grams and it feels just right (more headlight than stock). Strung it with RPM Blast at 53 lbs. The Burn 100 has the same level of control and accuracy as my Babolat Aeropro Drive while playing with topsin, but the Burn 100 has way more attacking power if you drive/flatten out the ball. Very comfy and forgiving with RPM Blast. Shines on serves and can go from defense to offense like no other stick. Highly recommended!
From: Eric, 2/16

Comments: This stick grows on you like a weed. At first, it feels fairly head heavy and has a tendency to launch the ball to the moon. Once I adjusted my string set up to include a poly in the mains (RPM Blast / VS Natural Gut), I found a perfect combination of spin for aggressive ground strokes and pop for serves. No arm issues whatsoever. I play with a one handed backhand and found the extra head weight to provide more stability when returning a hard hit groundstroke on the backhand side. Its a bit slow on the serves due to the added weight in the head, so serves take a bit more effort than, let's say, a Pure Drive Plus or something quick. Groundstrokes shine with this. Overall, it is now my preferred weapon because of what is adds on ground strokes. I'm a 4.0 player bouncing up and down to 4.5.
From: Andrew, 2/16

Comments: I played with this racquet for 247 hours in 2015. This racquet is amazing. I read all the other reviews and don't get half of them. I strung mine at 56 with Luxion 4G and the power and control are amazing. I believe this racquet to be good for players 4.5 or higher. Never felt sore after using this racquet. I think the few that said they were sore in a half hour need to do some strength training instead of blaming the racquet. If you are a good player then this racquet will make you better.ic you don't already have good control the be careful. You need spin with this racquet to keep the balls in. If you hit flat you will have more errors. Hope this helps.
From: Nik, 2/16

Comments: Hello! My name is Matthew and I've currently been playing tennis for 2 years on a high school level and 3 years from my childhood, and after getting the Prince Textreme Warrior 107, transitioning into this racquet was smooth. I like to hit an explosive forehand from baseline and this racquet (strung with Luxilon Element at 53 lbs) really helped me rip my groundstrokes, with a bit of healthy spin in there. My serves are still developing, but I get tons of power and my favorite serve to hit with this is the down-the-T. Volleys are a breeze since the weight and the string pattern fluidly translates the opponents power and easily generates your own if your opponent hits softly. Overall, this is a great racquet and surprisingly, I didn't have any problem with stiffness.
From: Matthew, 12/15

Comments: Fantastic and very versatile all-around racquet!. I'm a senior player that has practiced tennis for the last few decades, several days of a week. I am owner of a great collection of racquets and this one is a wild horse that it is necessary to tame to enjoy of this. First, to fill inside the handle with cotton or another light absorbent material. Leather grip, a bit of lead tape at 3 and 9 (3 grams total) for more stability and another piece of lead in the batt cap for more HL balance (6 grams) to increase maneuverability. My string setup: X1Biphase (1.24) and Polystar Turbo (1.25) crosses at medium-low tensions. Now with a relaxed swing I focus on my targets (how Chris said). This beast is solid, consitency, stable, great plow through, power and spin. Thank you, Wilson, great job!.
From: Hilary, 11/15

Comments: I really did not enjoy playing with this frame. It has a very hollow, stiff, feeling. I would recommend a really soft string with this frame.
From: Jack, 8/15

Comments: Sweet frame. With medium/soft strings, it does not feel as stiff. Fantastic plow through and precision. I am also having no issues with touch shots near the net. Love the shaft. Makes serves more bomb like. Also the shape of the head is wider, which enlarges the sweet spot and helps with a wider spin window. A keeper for me. Everyone is different -- demo it and you will know. As always the TW team is super.
From: Tom, 8/15

Comments: As always, the TW staff/team is great! The only place to get anything tennis related! Now, some frames call you, some don't. This has been a big match for me. I had a strong feeling that the specs were right in my wheel house. The X2 is great, I do not feel any big vibrations. I did tweak two things -- strung with medium-soft strings at mid tension. I added a 2 mm replacement grip (the 4 3/8 felt a tad small for me). The precision is spot on, I had no problem with control/touch and the net. Power and the sweet spot is very nice; the ball coming off the string bed just feels very predictable. Point and shoot. Serves are bomb. Again, I like stiffer frames but this did not feel like the stated RA. Spin was above average with my string setup. As a certified tennis equipment junkie, the Burn rose to the top of my pile of a couple dozen frames. Don't fear the stiffness. Use a nice medium-soft (low tension loss) string setup and you might like it too.
From: CoplpyX, 8/15

Comments: I've been using this racquet for a couple months now. Last month I restrung it with Weiss Canon Silverstring, now the racquet is just awesome. I like it better and better each time I use it. Nice power, spin and control.
From: GS, 8/15

Comments: I've been a Babolat Pure Drive Roddick user for a year and thought that was as good of a racquet that I could get (having tried dozens and dozens of racquets). Well, the Burn looks like it tops that. It feels good on every shot for me and even seems to be more stable and have a bigger sweetspot than the PDR. It seems to have much better control than the PDR (without sacrificing any power) and can flatten out shots better with the Burn. I have only played with it a few times, but have already bought a second one and hope it continues to play well for me!
From: Brad, 7/15

Comments: I have demo'd this racquet for three weeks now, and can't say enough about it. I am 47 years old, a 5.0 player, and this racquet has plenty of plow through power, but I actually find there is more control than the Pure Drive, 98S, etc. Excellent pop on the serve, and access to spin and I can volley with it as well. This racquet feels heavier than what it is, which is weird because the specs say otherwise. I have strung it multiple times, each with Lux 4G around 58 lbs in the mains, Sensation at 56 lbs in the crosses. Don't overlook this stick!
From: Jim, 7/15

Comments: I'm a 43 year old, solid built male. I strung this racquet at 57 lbs with Volkl Cyclone in orange and although boardy the first couple of hours, once the tension dropped to low 50s it was fine. I have never had any joint issues using this racquet. I suspect those that do, may have technique issues like hitting too late. Love this racquet, as for hitting long, you have to lean into the spin and trust it to drop your shots in. If you don't hit with topspin, the power of the frame will send them long. You just have to channel the power into spin. Great racquet if you like spin and power. It is heavy feeling though so you have to have good racquet preparation.
From: Greg, 7/15

Comments: This is a great racquet! I think the people who are complaining don't have enough skills to hit it in the sweetspot. If you are strong enough and concentrate on hitting the sweetspot, it is an awesome racquet with tremendous power and spin.
From: Tom, 6/15

Comments: I was also not happy with the Burn. After playing with the frame for 30 minutes, my arm and wrist felt sore! I play with BLX Pro Open and wish Wilson would bring back this racquet!
From: Wayne, 4/15

Comments: I demo'd this racquet twice. I couldn't control the ball when returning volleys off hard hit groundstrokes. Not sure why Wilson opened up the string pattern the way they did, I can't sacrifice control for more spin and power.
From: Mike, 4/15

Comments: I strung this up with a hybrid with Wilson Revolve in the mains and Wilson NXT in the crosses. I really enjoy this racquet at the baseline. And for me, it performs really well at net as well. Overall, I think this is a good, solid racquet.
From: Hunter, 4/15

Comments: I literally wanted to burn this racquet after playing with it. Such a waste of money. I have to reach for that muscle pain reliever every time I play with this stick. But I'm not giving up hope yet. Maybe a loose string set up will do the trick. If only Wilson did not discontinue the Kobra series.
From: Kenneth, 4/15

Comments: Really unpredictable frame. Wilson, I'm disappointed.
From: Ted, 4/15

Comments: Stay away from this racquet if you want to avoid injury. Or use a very soft string with it. Sorry Wilson, it didn't work for me. The Burn burned my joints instead of my opponents.
From: Harry, 4/15

Comments: I currently am a 5.0 player and this is not the racquet for me. Really hollow feeling, terrible ball control, worse than the Pure Drive's. And a lack of that "classic" flex/ball pocketing that you would experience in the Pro Staff's. Bottom line, if you are a Babolat fan, then you might want to give this a try, but if you like classic frames then this is a no-go.
From: Jo, 3/15

Comments: I have never played with such a stiff feeling racquet. Babolat APD, Pure Drive, etc. included. After 30 minutes I had to put it down as my wrist was starting to feel quite sore which it never does. Others might not have this issue but if you are at all sensitive or injury prone I would think twice before buying this. A pity because it was actually fun to play with until then. Very powerful, a bit erratic (shots going long), but easy to swing and very spin friendly. Overall, I find the likes of the Pure Drive and Yonex Ai 100 much better frames. If only Wilson toned down the stiffness a little then it would be a different story.
From: SGV, 3/15

Comments: I have been waiting for this racquet for a while now, hoping that it could replace my Wilson BLX Pro Open. Unfortunately, this is not the racquet for me. Some good power and decent shots but too inconsistent. It's disappointing that Wilson just couldn't get it perfect. Maybe I'll try the Blade 98 16x19.
From: Jason, 3/15

Comments: After playing competitively with a variety of Wilson frames, I settled on the Steam 99. It's a great frame, but I decided to go a little bigger for more spin potential. I recently bought a Burn 100, and found pretty much what I was looking for. As I played with this frame, I found it to be solid, but not too harsh on all groundstrokes. I added lead tape to the 9 and 3 position and found this gave it more head mass when swinging away. The open string pattern creates excellent spin serving. I tried to use the same string tension in this racquet as I did in my Steams, but found that it needs to be a little tighter. Unlike the Pure Drives I've tried, this racquet does feel wild if the string is loose. I'm using Luxilon Ace 18 in the mains and Technifibre NRG2 17 in the crosses. If you're curious, I would demo this frame to see what it offers you in the Mid size head range.
From: Rick, 3/15

Comments: I am a current 6.0 player and have been using Babolats since the beginning -- 1st and 2nd generation Pure Drives, 1st generation AeroPro d+Drive and more recently the 2012 Pure Drive and AeroPro Drive. Loved the specs of this racquet and thought it sounded great -- but a mistake. It feels very unbalanced and vibrates way too much. It feels like an imitation of the Babolats. So after after using it for 2 days, and after having elbow pain, I am back to my Babolats.
From: Marl, 3/15

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