Boris Becker 11 Racquets Customer feedback

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Comments: This stick feels heavier than 12 ounces. But it feels more manageable than the Wilson K90 or the PS88. Despite the dense string pattern, what stands out is the weight and spin you can put on the ball with this stick. With a fast, long, windshield wiper stroke, you can't get as much arc on a deep topspin groundstroke as you can with a Babolat AeroPro Drive or a Prince Ozone Tour, but after the ball lands, it really seems to jump up and at your opponent, more so than it can with a lighter racquet. This late movement/acceleration is a real weapon, I find - your opponents are likely to shank more than an average number of balls. Due to the weight, I can't get around on my serve as quickly as I can with something 11 or 11.5 ounces, but the mass of the racquet seems to make up for lowered swing velocity. For flat, slice, and kick serves, you can get a lot of action and weight on the ball. Definitely solid at the baseline. As mentioned above, really good for spin, but also quite amazing for flattening strokes out and just plowing through the ball, much like the classic forehand strokes of Pete Sampras, Lindsay Davenport, and other students of Robert Wagner in southern Cali. Really nice penetration on slice groundstrokes, though you have to get used to the swingweight - at first, my tendency was to be a little late, so the ball would float a bit or a lot. But once I improved my timing, keeping the ball low and penetrating on slice was a delicious experience.
From: Anon, 09/10

Comments: Thanks to TW. I've been hitting with this for a few weeks. I ordered this on a Wednesday @ noon & it arrived the next day at 4pm-WOW. This frame is excellent for serves. I hit a flat ball on the forehand & mostly slice one handed backhand-feels nice. The weight is just right & the racquet is very stable.
From: Chris, Alberta, Canada. 8/10
String type and tension: Gosen OG @55lbs
NTRP Rating:4.5

Comments: I used to play with Babolat Pure Storm, Head Radical L4 and Wilson 6.0 before. And This BB is the best stick I've ever had! Just swing it and the ball will be where and how you wanted it to be. Buy it. You won't regret.
From: Marcelo, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil, 07/10
String type and tension: 60 lbs
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: This is an amazing racquet. I can't say enough about this frame. Puts every thing else out there to shame in my opinion and it's offered at a great price. Unfortunate they made the newer model lighter. The heft of this racquet is what makes it so great. I have an extra 10-15 mph on my serve with this racquet over the Aerogel 200's. It really plows through the ball. It's the most solid racquet I've played with in a long time. Great for playing big hitters.
From: Kelly, St. Louis, MO, USA. 07/10
String type and tension: Syn Gut 16 at 60 lbs.
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: After trying out different rackets in the years: Volkl DNX 10 295, Head Radical (LM MP, LM OS, MG PRO, YOUTEK MP), Head Prestige (MG MP, YOUTEK MP), Head Extreme PRO MG, Wilson N90, PS90, etc., I would say BB11 325 is one of the best rackets for me (the other one will be Head YOUTEK radical MP). BB11 gives me the most stable feeling out of the rest and I play my backhand the best with this stick. Unlike Head Radical, which can be pushed away easily when playing with a hard-hitter, BB11 offers me the stability that I want. Virtually I do not need to customize my racket (which I do for Radical) for the best result to come out. Control, power and feel are also outstanding. Yet, the downside would be maneuverability that takes me some time to get used to it and without feeling painful at the arm after playing. I can finally settle on my choice!
From: William, Hong Kong, 07/10
String type and tension: Luxilon Ace Touch @ 55lbs
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I used to play with i.Prestige mid, and ProStaff 6.0 85" before. I switched because I didn't get in enough practice to take advantage of the other racquets. I figured the bigger headsize and slightly lighter frames would help. I have been very happy with the racquet, it's a tad stiffer than I would like, and sometimes mis-hits kinda resonate in my wrist. Otherwise, very happy with it. I finally managed to get a decent feel with Poly string with this racquet, the Signum Pro has been working quite well, with some good topspin. It has definitely helped my consistency over my old setup.
From: Phil, Montreal, Qc, Canada. 6/10
String type and tension: Signum Pro Poly-Plasma 52 lbs, Prince Duraflex 17g 58 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Finally! I feel like I have arrived at a really sweet racquet, after trying soooooooo many different sticks over the last 20 yrs. If you went through your "too stiff, too powerful, too light, no feel...etc" gripes as I did, you might want to give this puppy a try. The bit of flex provides a nice feel as I stroke the ball and watch it ACTUALLY land in and WHERE I AIMED IT...yes!!!! A long lost feeling for me.
From: Nat, Boston. 6/10
String type and tension: Gosen syn gut. 55 lbs.
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Great Stick. This is a beast of a racquet. Very Solid. Hefty but rewarding with a nice full swing and early preparation. Generates a very heavy ball with a full swing that opponents have a hard time returning. Very comfortable and soft feel. Reminds me of an old school frame, not Babolat Pure Drive junk. Rewards those with classic traditional tennis strokes. Love playing with a heavier racquet and letting the weight of the frame do the work, and not the stiffness.
From: Kelly, St. Louis, MO. 6/10
String type and tension: Syn Gut 17
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: This racquet, BB11, is good if you are are hitting flat to semi spin balls. This racquet is not good for spin "artists" due to its dense string pattern of 19x20. The spaces between the strings are too small, that is why it affects the grip on the ball. If you like a racquet that is good for spinning ground strokes and kicking serves, then get a racquet that has wide string patterns like 16x18 to 16x19 max. I hardly get a kick serve on this bb11 racquet. I wish the BB DC Legend will reconsider making the string patterns to 16x18 instead of 18x20.
From: Anon., WA, USA. 04/10
Headsize: 98"
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Great racquet! I recently switched from Volkl C-10 Pro (with same string setup) to this. Added lead tape, leather grip, and overgrip to the handle to get the balance more headlight. It's now about 9 pts. headlight & weighs 13.1 oz., which is what I'm used to. It's a much crisper feeling and not as muted as the Volkl. I get the same power, but with more predictable results. (I tended to spray the ball more with the Volkl.) It plays a little stiffer than its 61 rating (feels a few points higher). For me, it's the ideal combo of control and power. I miss the buttery feel of the C-10, but I'm enjoying the confidence I get from the BB 11.
From: Kick Serve, Milford, MI, USA. 03/10
String type and tension: Signum Pro Poly-Plasma 17g @ 48lbs., Klip Legend Nat. Gut 17g @ 52lbs.
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I have owned a number of racquets including Prince, Head, Dunlop, Gamma & Wilson. All the racquets I had were over 100sq inches. This is the first time I owned a 98sq inch racquet. I love this bb11 racquet. It has a really solid feel. My shots are more accurate than when I used over racquets. The power of this racquet is kind of on the low side so you have to generate your own power. My volleys were exact. I didn't have too many short balls. My volleys are always close to the baseline. My baseline shots doesn't seem to go long no matter how hard I hit the ball. The ball always lands before the baseline. The first day I used it I had a sore shoulder. I think in about three or four hits my arm muscle will adjust to the weight of the racquet. When I'm holding this racquet it feels like I'm holding a hammer. I like the weight though, I just need to get used to it. Overall this racquet is a great weapon. I loved it!
From: T.V., WA. USA 03/10
String type and tension: Genesis 16g 55/50lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Oh my God. This is an amazing stick at an amazing price. If you haven't tried it you don't know what you are missing. You have to have a good technique and strong swing. Trust me Tennis Warehouse Reviews are really really helpful. I started paying tennis after a 17 years break. I am 37 years old. I used to play at level 6.0 when quit in college and now am 4.0 (I'll be conservative). Started again 5 months ago, found racquet technology changed a lot. I've been playing with Babolat APD Cortex that I liked a lot till I tried this. Bought Babolat APD GT, hated that owing to stiffness that caused pain in forearm and returned. I ordered Vokl PB 10 Mid from TW. My Volkl was on back order and I ordered BB11 as a spare stick after reading TW & customer reviews. With due apology, I'll disagree with Chris on one point in my case. This racquet is not less powerful. I'm a lefty and have s strong single handed backhand. I shook my opponent at volley and he didn't dare come at the net.
From: anon. 03/10

Comments: I have been playing tennis for 20 years and have seen the racquet technology make quite a few changes. I have also liked 12 oz plus frames due to the control and plow through effect. Most of the racquets made today are too stiff and light. This sacrifices control and comfort. I played with the C10 Pro for about 2 years and decided to switch to the BB 11 MP. The BB 11 MP has better control, more stability and has much better sweet spot due to the DNX technology. There was a little adjustment with the serve in the beginning, however my serve now has more velocity and appears bouncing up higher for a tougher return for my opponent. From the baseline, the BB 11 MP is solid, stable and offers great plow through power. I find as my opponent hits harder, my shots go back like a rifle and my opponents are simply amazed! Kudos to Boris Becker! I hope TW continues to sell the BB MP 11 and not discontinue them like the C10 Pro!!! This frame is a true player's racquet!!!
From: Ken, Brooklyn, NY. 3/10
String type and tension: Tecnifibre NRG 17 @ 54lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I used Wilson's Tour 90(s) for about a decade and bought this new stick as I don't swing as hard as I used to (I think). It is just a little lighter and my weekly opponents say it's given me quite some pop. I've used it half a dozen times and have some trouble finding my second serve however the racquet commands so much control, I can go for two first serves fine. I found it interesting that it weighs 12.6 oz with a Wilson leather grip and a Wilson pro-overgrip. I never weighed it "as-is". The touch is a little less than the Tour 90 (highly noticeable on drop shots) however that might just take some getting used it. I like it, I like it a lot. I'm still learning how to kick serve and drop volley with it, but the pop it returned to me was very welcome. My thanks to Mr. Becker!
From: Steven, Bolton, CT, USA, 02/10
String type and tension: Prince Synthetic Gut 17
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: formerly 5.0

Comments: I was happily using the BB 11 mid for about 6 months and I received the BB1198 as a Christmas present this year. I did not want to even try it because I was so happy with the mids, but I am glad I did. The BB 11 MP offers a larger sweet spot and is easier to bring around than the mid. I like the 18 x 20 string pattern and find that the MP offers great control and feel. I hit a bigger ball with the mid, but I am finding that I am enjoying the MP just as much and find myself pulling the MP out of my bag more often than the mids. It is a very comfy frame and fun to play with. Great frame for an all courter as well as a base liner. I switch back & forth easily between the 2 frames without missing a beat.
From: Basil J, Wakefield Mass, USA 01/10
String type and tension: Babolat 17g VS gut at 60#
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I am a 17-year old USTA-ranked player on the east coast. I previously used a Wilson K-Blade 98, which I chose on a whim when told about it by a Wilson salesperson in the summer of 2008. Luckily for me, the 98 fit my game very well and I was very successful with it. However, in tournaments, I always found myself pushed around by hard hitters. The 98 was a solid racket all-around, but it didn't allow me to have any real weapons. After an extensive demoing process, I chose the BB11 as a replacement racket not out of any real dissatisfaction with my K-Blade (in fact I didn't realize all of these failings in the racket until the switch), but because I needed to feel that, after learning more about racket tech, I had really chosen the best racket for me. And boy did I make a good decision. It took me about three weeks to fully adjust to the radical change in racket specs(increase in strung weight, swingweight, decrease in stiffness, etc.) during which time I thought I may have made a mistake. But once I learned to utilize the racket's mass (it happens with experience; there's no technique to it really), my serve, which was average before, became a weapon AND it is more consistent. All of the sudden, I can serve my way out of trouble. In rallies, I used to rely on my consistent two-handed backhand and biting slices to gain advantages to attack the net and finish the point. I'm also known for being very fast. After switching to the BB11, my forehand is now a huge weapon on the court with which I can dictate play completely. My slices have gotten even more bite on them. My volleys have become not only crisp, but incredibly solid. The mass of the racket doesn't allow a ball, no matter how heavily hit, to push it around, which is a big plus.
From: anon. 01/10

Comments: Very nice balanced racquet. Very similar in weight and power to the Volkl C10 Pro. I love the Volkl classics and I was hoping Boris would carry on the tight German Engineered stock into his line. He did! The best feature of this racquet is the the unlimited power band from the racquet swing speed. It is all up to you how fast and heavy to hit the ball - and the control is UNMATCHED.
From: Mark, Long Beach, CA, USA. 12/09
String type and tension: Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 17 String 53lbs
Headsize: 98 lbs.
NTRP Rating: 5.5-6.0

Comments: Great racquet! Absolutely, crushes the ball. Shots come off with incredible weight and control. Fantastic stick for tennis elbow (heavy and relatively flexible). Just place it in front of the ball and let the mass do its job. Makes you feel special.
From: Rich, New York, NY, USA 12/09
String type and tension: Tecnifibre NRG2 @ 55lbs.
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Personally... I'm switching from my MGPP... I used to use the k six one felt like a skillet with strings. Went to the kpro tour, everything was going long. You cant really get the sweet spot with it, then to the Babolat pure drive gt regular. Everything either had to much spin or to much power, then the Dunlops AG100 which is probably the best feeling and most rewarding racquet I've ever used. I mean you can really hit them deep with some crazy spin and pace. So then I switched to the MGPP thinking I was getting the best. Boy was I wrong. When I got the BB11 it felt just like the MGPP but without all the unnecessary pop. I can hit it even cleaner than the AG100,the BB11 is so solid. It's solid like the k6.1 tour, but with a lighter weight. Its not as springy as the k6.1 be honest the closest racquet to this would be the prostaff 6.1 classic si. To me the cosmetic is even nice especially with my smiley dampener. I've tried nearly every hot racquet on the market from MG radicals/pro to Fischer m comp Dunlop AG100,200,300,500 tour. I can honestly give a real opinion that this is the best racquet you can get on the market right now. That is until Wilson comes out with there new line *NEXT*. I will demo the NEXTS and come back and rewrite if the NEXTS can compete with the BB11...but for now this is the hottest weapon on the market..
From: Tennisboy_77545, Texas 11/09
String type and tension: Wilson kgut pro 16 mains, tecnifibre black code 16 crosses
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments:I recently started playing again after about 6 years away from the game. During my junior years I played with the original pro-staff 95 and loved the control that it had. As racquet technology advanced I tried different rackets and was never able to find the control and feel that I remember as a junior. I ended up having to alter my strokes to fit the rackets. This time I told myself that I would find a racket that I could swing like I used to, long and fast. After trying 6 or 7 of the current "players" rackets I found the BB 11. Wow! I will admit the weight is taking some getting used to but when I hit the ball off instinct, the control is like magic and on serves this racket is dangerous with plenty of pop.
From: Anon, 09/09

Comments: I bought it as a replacement after accidentally breaking one of my Volkl Tour 10 VE MP. I was debating about buying this in replacement of my former racquet because of the different pattern (18 x 20 instead of 16 x 19), but the spin I am able to generate with the Volkl and the BB11 MP is very similar. I found both racquet play very similarly, the BB11 fells softer and with a better feel. Also, maintenance is much cheaper, since due to the denser string patter string last much more. It has an extremely solid and buttery feel. It has more than decent pop, and I am still able to put the ball again in play even in off-center shots. Return of serves is great as well as my one handed backhand. Compared to my previous racquets (Flexpoint Prestige MP, Flexpoint Radical Tour, Dunlop 300g), together with Volkl the best racquets I have ever used. Finally, a very well finished racquet, I have 2 of them for more that a year playing 3 times a week and they look as new.
From: Daniel, Lima, Peru. 06/09
String type and tension: Luxilon BB ALU Power 16L, 57 pounds.
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I hit one-handed slice and topspin off the backhand side, so I first look for stability in a racquet, then feel. I had never hit with a Becker racquet before and was surprised to find I liked it better than comparable racquets (I like mid-plus size in the 325 swingweight range) like the Babolat AeroStorm, Head Microgel Prestige Pro, and Kneissel Black Star -- all fine racquets that I have enjoyed playing with. I thought the Becker 11 had a big, stable sweet spot that allowed me to plow through mishits on the backhand side. Like the Babolat, I felt when I wanted to go for a shot with a big swing, I got the power and control I wanted. What really surprised me was getting both great topspin and slice control with the backhand. Unlike some similar racquets, it felt really smooth -- no pinging sound or vibration.
From: Craig, Spokane, WA. 05/09
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I played with a Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 Midplus (95) for many years and thought it was finally time to make the change (pretty much against my will). Thinking I would fall for another Wilson, I tested 10-12 demos of different brands and ended up getting the Becker 11 325g. I surprised myself with the decision, but it just felt right. This racket is really strong for both singles and doubles. I've been able to get a lot of pop on both the ground strokes and volleys. After a year of play, I truly believe that this racket was a very good choice for me. I will warn people that this racket is a little heavier than most, so you will need to make a little adjustment with your timing early on (especially with serves and volleys). If you are hard hitter, or like to stay out on the courts for a while, you better hit it consistently clean. Otherwise, this racket will take a toll on your arm. Other than that, I personally rate it a pretty strong racket.
From: Phil, North Carolina. 04/09
String type and tension: Various string types @ 58-60lbs
Headsize: 98"
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This racquet is my second, before this I used Dunlop Tempo 265. The BB 11 mp is a little heavy to me, but when I swing and hit the ball, not shock isn't too much for me, in my opinion, it's because of Volkl's DNX technology! BB 11 and DNX10 have the same specs, but DNX10 much more soft. I like the feeling of the BB 11 when you hit the ball, and the volleys performance is very good.
From: ming, shihezi, sinkang, China. 9/08
String type and tension: common line, 56pounds
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: This is a strange hitting racket. I couldn't get any kind of consistency with it. Even when I found the sweet spot, it had sort of a dead feel to it and doesn't give you the warm fuzzies like with a K-Blade. Think I'll pass on this one.
From: Ben, Cape Town, South Africa, 07/08
String type and tension: Synthetic gut @ 60 pounds
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I have moved from the ProKennex 5i to this racquet. I have tried the Wilson K Factor KSix-One line whose rigidity gave me shoulder pain, to Microgel Head Prestige (I prefer the older Prestige), to Wilson K Blade Tour (good racquet but you have to string it very low not to have arm pain problems). So I always continued to play with the ProKennex 5i looking for a heavier racquet. I found this racquet a very good combination of a power with a good weight, good control with power. A racquet I could really hit the ball and play a heavier game. Since I prefer the Head grip I was happy with the Boris Becker grip, very similar in shape to Head. Everyone who likes a heavier racquet should give this racquet a demo, it is well worth it!
From: Alejandro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 07/08
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger Alu Rough @55/53
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: This is the best racquet yet by Volkl and BB. Great for serving with, great for volleying with, my returns are more consistent, and did I mention it improves your volleys. The only trouble that I had is that the few times I tried hitting an aggressive topspin lob, it ends up being a little shorter than the ones I hit with its predecessor, Volkl C-10 mid, but that's something I can work on and it's not the racquets fault. My arm is loving me for this stick, it's like a magic wand, the ball lands wherever you tell it to, lol...
From: Kal, Rancho Cucamonga. 7/08
String type and tension: Pro Supex Blue Gear(Comparable to Luxilon BB) 60lbs
Headsize: 93
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I demoed this stick, and it feels very buttery in the sweet-spot. Sweet spot seems a little small for a MP, but still accessible. Good pace on serves, good control from the baseline, and feels more maneuverable at the net than the specs would suggest.
From: Alan, Boston, MA, USA. 7/08
String type and tension: Klip Scorcher 16, NA
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: I've been with Volkl all my life, on the team for only really 4 years. I have used the Tour 10 Generation II, and now I use the DNX 10 MP. This Becker frame does not offer the same maneuverability as the DNX, and it just feels flimsy to me. When I rip forehands with the DNX, there is a distinct solid feeling that the Becker misses for me. Well seeing as Boris Becker is basically the owner of Volkl, I can almost guarantee that this new Becker line of rackets will get placed at the forefront of Volkl tennis. Am I happy about this? Well not as of now, but I am sure Volkl will figure this out.
From: Mark, USA. 3/08
String type and tension: Luxilon ALU Power Rough 62
Headsize: 93-98
NTRP Rating: 6.0

Comments: Interesting weight distribution - feels like most of the weight is slightly above the heart of the racket. The tip feels extremely light. Good all-round racket you can play pretty much anything well with. At the same time, this was the problem for me: I couldn't get any killer strokes out of it.
From: Jonas, New York, NY, USA, 02/08
String type and tension: PolyStar Classic @ 53/51
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Previously using DNX 10 MP for the past 1.5 yrs and decided to give this one a go. Personally, I've fallen for this stick but it does depend on what your looking for, spec wise it is pretty close to the DNX but is definitely less maneuverable in quick net exchanges. That's the only con I see in comparison...this stick rewards head speed greatly with a noticeable increase in both power and control vs the DNX. There is an added stability to this stick that helps with volleys and returns as well as adding a much heavier ball off the serve without a noticeable speed change. Even at the same weight as the DNX 10MP, it does feel heavier in doubles play, I would assume it's the slight balance change that does this but once the stick is in motion, watch out...crack your shot and watch it hit your spots... I use a semi western forehand, 2h back playing both 4.5-5.0 doubles and singles.
From: Matt, St. Paul, MN, USA, 02/08
String type and tension: M: Babolat Ballistic X: Tecnifibre polyspin @53lbs
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Agree with previous posts that this is one comfortable frame. I have had shoulder problems throughout my tennis playing years and my shoulder won't hesitate to act up if the frame is too light or too heavy, too stiff or unforgiving. The BB11 is very comfortable and stable. It is a control-oriented frame that has decent pop. This increased innate power is most noticeable on the serve compared to the prior Volkl 10 Series.
From: Sam, TN, USA, 01/08
String type and tension: M: Klip Legend 17 @ 53, X: Isospeed Pro 17 @ 53
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 3.5-4.0

Comments: I switched to this from the Volkl Tour 10 MP Gen II. I find this racquet has better control, power and stability. Everywhere I was, whether baseline or volleying, serving or doing an overhead, this racquet provided me with comfort and performance. It does live up to its name.
From: Ron, HK. 1/08
String type and tension: Mains: KLIP Legend Natural Gut 16 at 60 pounds Crosses: Luxilon ALU
Power Rough at 57 pounds
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: This racquet has a buttery but super solid feel. At the net, it performs as well as the old ProStaff or Dunlop 400i. The difference is in the stiffness. You can pretend to be Rod Laver and come up with otherworldly results with the proper swing through the ball technique. This is slightly more maneuverable than the Babolat Pure Storm Tour racquet, which I also like. It's my main stick now.
From: Winyu, Los Angeles, CA, USA. 1/08
String type and tension: Babolat VS gut, 65-67
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Been playing with the Volkl Tour 10 V-Engine mid for a while now and wanted something newer with a little larger head size. The Becker 11 is exactly what I was looking for. Very comfortable racquet at net or when hitting from the baseline.
From: Curtis, Largo, FL, USA, 11/07
String type and tension: Tecnifibre NRG2 17 @ 55lbs
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This is a very good racquet. I did put some extra weight at 10 and 2, and it did help. I really like the slim frame. It feels very good at the net. So many racquets under 11 oz. are fat and feel very cumbersome. The racquet is great from the baseline as you really have to hit out. It doesn't have great power, but that is what I liked about it. It is very similar to the Wilson 6.1 or whatever it is today, but easier to handle. I always thought that racquet was too wide. I have been wondering why someone did not offer a lighter racquet with a thinner profile. This is it!!
From: Anon, Atlanta. 10/07 Headsize: 98 NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I really enjoyed this stick. I switched from my nBlade seeking more weight. Boy, did I get it. I love the heavy weight. It's also good to finally have a Becker spec racquet with the Becker name on it.
From: Max, Okeechobee, Florida. 10/07
String type and tension: KLIP Uncoated Legend
Headsize: 98
NTRP Rating: 4.5

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