Asics Gel Solution Speed 2 Pink/Blue Women's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: I have been ordering this same shoe from TW for years and have been very happy with them except they tend to wear out fairly quickly. This new pink version is very stiff at the top of the shoe where it hits your ankles. The shoe rubbed the skin off the outside of my ankles so I now have to wear higher socks with them. This is the first time I've had this problem after owning 9 pairs of these same shoes. I don't know if they changed the design or I just got a pair where the shoes are cut higher.
From: Lisa, 10/15

Comments: Five stars! The perfect tennis shoe for those with a narrow foot and who don't like a bulky or heavy shoe. It follows to say that support and stability are not compromised. These are my second pair of Asics and neither pair have required a break in period. So much comfort and what a plus that they are also stylish. I'm officially an Asics Girl!

Comments: I thought they were a good fit. I'd say I have medium sized feet, slightly narrow and these fit great. I used them twice so far for fencing. As others have said, I too had a slight rubbing towards the end of the night. They seemed to be rubbing only on my rear foot, sort of the top inside point, possibly it was the edge of the tongue. I will be fencing later today, saber, on a cement tennis court. Let's see how that works out.
From: Nakita, 9/15

Comments: I've had these shoes for less than a year and already they are falling apart at the bottom. The shoe itself is fantastic, the traction is great, I don't even have problems with blisters like with other shoes, but the shoe's durability is really disappointing.
From: Spela, 6/15

Comments: I had two pairs of the original Gel Solution Speeds and loved them so I ordered the Solution Speed 2. They rubbed the inside of my ankles raw. I played last night and could not wait to get them off. I thought maybe it was just a break-in issue but I have worn them more than a few times and it continues.
From: Julie, 6/15

Comments: I have always worn Asics running shoes and had the Gel Res 5 tennis shoes which fit great but felt a little heavy. I play singles so I thought this would be a good shoe for me. This is the most uncomfortable shoe I have worn. It cuts at the ankles as the other reviewers mentioned because the tongue of the shoe is cut at a strange angle. These shoes made my feet cramp to the point where I could hardly run. I have a very narrow foot so I liked the snug fit. I wish I could send these back but they will be going in the garbage because it's too late to return them.
From: Josie, 6/15

Comments: I have had the same issue with rubbing on the inside of my ankle to the point where I cannot wear them to play. This is disappointing as I love them and it is too late to return them. It seems like there is for sure a flaw where the inside top is.
From: Carol, 5/15

Comments: I have always worn New Balance shoes in a narrow width. I was wanting to find a shoe that offered more padding and I knew I could find that in Asics. I read the reviews and saw that the heel runs narrow. I thought I would give them a try. It is true, the heel runs narrow and what a great fit! There was no break-in required. Great shoe!
From: Marcie, 4/15

Comments: Unfortunately these shoes have not worked as well for me as the first generation of Gel Solution Speeds. The Speed 2 has been stiffer and causes me pain in my inner forefoot. The first generation was perfect. I opened the box and wore them on the court from day 1 with no problems. I only got new shoes because I wore the first generation out. Hoping Asics fixes this in the next version.
From: Ginger, 4/15

Comments: I wear Asics running and court shoes. Never have had a problem with them, even new. No break- in time, just felt fantastic from the moment I put the shoes on. But these rub the ankle bone so much that when I stutter step and split, I jammed my ankle. I wore the shoes for 2 days and my feet were sore. Then today I was playing a match, wearing my old ones, but because my ankle had been jammed it compromised my good ankle and I turned it. I do not like them at all and hate that because they are a fun color. I will stick with the cheaper shoes that work for my foot.
From: Nancy, 3/15

Comments: Yes, ditto on the ankle problem, it rubs mine too. I compared the Solution Speed 2 to the previous Solution Speed 1 and it is definitely higher up. As I recall, the old Nike Air Breathe Free had the same issue. Otherwise it's a great shoe. I thought they had it right with the first iteration.
From: Anon, 2/15

Comments: I love these shoes but have the same problem that others mentioned with the rubbing on my ankle bone. I ended up putting a small cushion on the inside where the shoe was rubbing my ankle so that I can still wear the shoes. Hopefully Asics will fix this ankle problem in the next version of these shoes because otherwise these are about perfect.
From: Patricia, 2/15

Comments: I have owned 4 pairs of the Gel Solutions Speed 2. I love these shoes! I feel like I am dancing across the court when I run (I am a runner for all shots). I find these cushion my feel beautifully. I will agree with others -- one of the pairs I had did hurt the inside of my ankle, it wasn't "rubbing" but made a bruise for a while. Also, on the top of my arch, I developed a big bump that looked like a bone spur but it went away. I have adjusted the way I lace the shoes up; you have to be careful not to make them too tight according to your foot. I will be ordering more now that I know how to properly adjust the tightness.
From: Jojo, 2/15

Comments: I loved the look and feel of these shoes but ended up sending them back due to rubbing on my ankles like other reviews said.
From: Stephanie, 1/15

Comments: Great speed shoe! However, slipping/traction was a problem for me when changing direction. I also have had a problem with the shoe laces breaking so you may want to have a back up pair of laces in your bag! I would recommend this shoe to those wanting to enhance comfort and support speed around the court. Easy to wear our of the box and overall a good shoe. I have used 3 pairs of these now but will be trying another brand next time in hopes of getting better traction!
From: Anon, 12/14

Comments: I love these shoes. I have worn the Asics Gel Resolution 4s for a while. This shoes is lighter and feels great! I am ordering another pair. I wish they had some colors that were a little less loud. I also ordered a 1/2 size smaller than the 4s.
From: Cindy, 10/14

Comments: These are the most comfortable court shoes I have ever owned. They literally feel like pillows on my feet. I have rheumatoid arthritis and have some damage in my feet, and with these shoes I haven't had any pain at all!
From: Mariellen, 9/14

Comments: I was excited to try this shoe as I have been wearing the Gel Resolution for many years and love them. I wanted to see how a lighter shoe would feel. I loved this fun color when they arrived and they felt great when I tried them on. Then once I started actually playing in them, I could not handle where they rub on my ankle bone on the inside of both feet. It wasn't a blister it was more of a deep bruise. I played in them about 5 times and then no more. They were killing me! I was talking about it with a teammate and she said hers did the same thing and too had gone back to the Resolution. I really wanted to love these but it wasn't for me!
From: M Hayes, 8/14

Comments: I've been wearing Asics Gel Resolutions 4s and then 5s for the past few years. I find the Solution Speed shoes to be lighter in weight, less bulky, and overall more comfortable than the Resolutions. It is as if a load has been taken off my feet. I really feel faster in these shoes. No break-in required, true to size. (I do have wide feet, with low arches). I'm a 4.0 league player, playing about 5x per week, 2 hours per session. I just wish they had more variety in colors!
From: Donna, 6/14

Comments: These are the best tennis shoes I have ever owned. They are just supportive enough without being clunky and stiff. I have Plantar Fasciitis and these really help with that. They are also very lightweight. I have them in the purple and neon green. I was worried I wouldn't like the color when I ordered them but they are really nice and I've gotten a lot of compliments on them. I will definitely be ordering another pair.
From: Lisa, 5/14

Comments: Fantastic shoe. Fits perfectly. So light and comfortable. The traction is fine for me, as I was hesitant in buying because of the negative traction remarks. I think this is the best shoe that I have tried.
From: LuAnn, 5/14

Comments: I have to agree with the other reviewer. I've gone through about six pairs of the original Solution Speed and wear a 9.5. The Solution Speed 2 is wider in the toe box, and perhaps a bit longer, though I measured it against the original and can't be sure. Despite tying the laces tighter, it doesn't feel as secure on my foot. I'm going to try a 9. My foot isn't ultra narrow, but not wide either. The original Solution Speed fits like a glove but has less cushion. It's a great feeling to get the right fit, so you can forget how much effort it takes to move when you're really moving!
From: DSG, 3/14

Comments: This is my fourth pair of Asics Gel Solution shoes. I love the way it feels and doesn't hurt my feet. With no doubt, the style is great. They are comfortable that I can play tennis all day and have no break in. However, the shoe does run 1/2 size bigger. I normally wear size 6, but I have to order it in size 5 1/2. I have no compliant but make sure you order 1/2 size smaller than what you usually wear.
From: Cindy, 2/14

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