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Comments: I wear Asics running and court shoes. Never have had a problem with them, even new. No break-in time, just felt fantastic from the moment I put the shoes on. But these rub the ankle bone so much that when I stutter step and split, I jammed my ankle. I wore the shoes for 2 days and my feet were sore. Then today I was playing a match, wearing my old ones, but because my ankle had been jammed it compromised my good ankle and I turned it. I do not like them at all and hate that because they are a fun color. I will stick with the cheaper shoes that work for my foot.
From: Nancy, 3/15

Comments: Yes, ditto on the ankle problem, it rubs mine too. I compared the Solution Speed 2 to the previous Solution Speed 1 and it is definitely higher up. As I recall, the old Nike Air Breathe Free had the same issue. Otherwise it's a great shoe. I thought they had it right with the first iteration.
From: Anon, 2/15

Comments: I love these shoes but have the same problem that others mentioned with the rubbing on my ankle bone. I ended up putting a small cushion on the inside where the shoe was rubbing my ankle so that I can still wear the shoes. Hopefully Asics will fix this ankle problem in the next version of these shoes because otherwise these are about perfect.
From: Patricia, 2/15

Comments: I have owned 4 pairs of the Gel Solutions Speed 2. I love these shoes! I feel like I am dancing across the court when I run (I am a runner for all shots). I find these cushion my feel beautifully. I will agree with others -- one of the pairs I had did hurt the inside of my ankle, it wasn't "rubbing" but made a bruise for a while. Also, on the top of my arch, I developed a big bump that looked like a bone spur but it went away. I have adjusted the way I lace the shoes up; you have to be careful not to make them too tight according to your foot. I will be ordering more now that I know how to properly adjust the tightness.
From: Jojo, 2/15

Comments: I loved the look and feel of these shoes but ended up sending them back due to rubbing on my ankles like other reviews said.
From: Stephanie, 1/15

Comments: I love these shoes. I have worn the Asics Gel Resolution 4s for a while. This shoes is lighter and feels great! I am ordering another pair. I wish they had some colors that were a little less loud. I also ordered a 1/2 size smaller than the 4s.
From: Cindy, 10/14

Comments: These are the most comfortable court shoes I have ever owned. They literally feel like pillows on my feet. I have rheumatoid arthritis and have some damage in my feet, and with these shoes I haven't had any pain at all!
From: Mariellen, 9/14

Comments: I was excited to try this shoe as I have been wearing the Gel Resolution for many years and love them. I wanted to see how a lighter shoe would feel. I loved this fun color when they arrived and they felt great when I tried them on. Then once I started actually playing in them, I could not handle where they rub on my ankle bone on the inside of both feet. It wasn't a blister it was more of a deep bruise. I played in them about 5 times and then no more. They were killing me! I was talking about it with a teammate and she said hers did the same thing and too had gone back to the Resolution. I really wanted to love these but it wasn't for me!
From: M Hayes, 8/14

Comments: I've been wearing Asics Gel Resolutions 4s and then 5s for the past few years. I find the Solution Speed shoes to be lighter in weight, less bulky, and overall more comfortable than the Resolutions. It is as if a load has been taken off my feet. I really feel faster in these shoes. No break-in required, true to size. (I do have wide feet, with low arches). I'm a 4.0 league player, playing about 5x per week, 2 hours per session. I just wish they had more variety in colors!
From: Donna, 6/14

Comments: These are the best tennis shoes I have ever owned. They are just supportive enough without being clunky and stiff. I have Plantar Fasciitis and these really help with that. They are also very lightweight. I have them in the purple and neon green. I was worried I wouldn't like the color when I ordered them but they are really nice and I've gotten a lot of compliments on them. I will definitely be ordering another pair.
From: Lisa, 5/14

Comments: Fantastic shoe. Fits perfectly. So light and comfortable. The traction is fine for me, as I was hesitant in buying because of the negative traction remarks. I think this is the best shoe that I have tried.
From: LuAnn, 5/14

Comments: I have to agree with the other reviewer. I've gone through about six pairs of the original Solution Speed and wear a 9.5. The Solution Speed 2 is wider in the toe box, and perhaps a bit longer, though I measured it against the original and can't be sure. Despite tying the laces tighter, it doesn't feel as secure on my foot. I'm going to try a 9. My foot isn't ultra narrow, but not wide either. The original Solution Speed fits like a glove but has less cushion. It's a great feeling to get the right fit, so you can forget how much effort it takes to move when you're really moving!
From: DSG, 3/14

Comments: This is my fourth pair of Asics Gel Solution shoes. I love the way it feels and doesn't hurt my feet. With no doubt, the style is great. They are comfortable that I can play tennis all day and have no break in. However, the shoe does run 1/2 size bigger. I normally wear size 6, but I have to order it in size 5 1/2. I have no compliant but make sure you order 1/2 size smaller than what you usually wear.
From: Cindy, 2/14

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