Asics Gel Resolution 5 Pink/Navy Women's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: Do not stray from TW. I ordered these from somewhere else, had problems, bad customer services and ended up ordering from TW. I have never had any problems with TW. These shoes are great. For me, no break-in time. I wore them for 2 hours with no problems. I was looking to replace my Barricade II which I really like but the Gel Res 5 I love! I almost didn't order these based on some of the bad reviews. This is my first pair of Asics, but the 4s must have been the best shoe ever because I love the 5s! Thank you Tennis Warehouse for your great customer service and excellent shipping times!
From: DH, 7/14

Comments: Just got these from Tennis Warehouse. They needed about an hour break-in time and then they were ready to go. These shoes are super comfortable and offer great stability. The sole works on clay and hard courts. They look great as well. I am very happy with my purchase. As always, ordering from Tennis Warehouse is easy, fast and trouble-free. Excellent service.
From: KM< 6/14

Comments: These shoes are very stiff around the toes. I tried to wear them twice but just couldn't break them in. I ended up returning them.
From: Alicia, 4/14

Comments: I agree with Charlynn -- I purchased these shoes hoping they would be new and improved! After wearing them for an hour lesson, I have the worst blisters right under my ankle (both sides). When I got home, I compared the shoes and noticed that the support is about a 1/2" higher around the ankle. I was very disappointed because I love the look of the shoe!
From: Julie, 3/14

Comments: I was looking forward to the 5s after having loved the GR4 for years. Very disappointing! I find the cushioning to be lacking and there doesn't seem to be as much heel support, which is important to me because of Achilles issues. I'm scooping up all the GR4s I can find.
From: Charlynn, 1/14

Comments: I love this shoe! I wear a size 4 1/2 in street shoes, and size 5 in tennis shoes, and this is the first shoe that really fits well. I think it runs very true to size. It hugs my foot and provides great support. Most shoes I've worn before are so wide in the toe area they feel sloppy. These have just the right amount of room. I wore them and played for a couple of hours, and no break in or discomfort at all. Great shoes!
From: Ellen, 12/13

Comments: I completely agree with Donna. I love the 4s and hate the 5s. I have a half size smaller in the 5s, so the length is right, but the 5s feel very blocky and clunky. The arch support seems to be different in the 5s. Please bring back the 4s!
From: Jeannie, 10/13

Comments: I love the 4s, and hate the 5s! The sizing/fit is quite different between the two versions. The 5s are more narrow, shorter in length, and have a smaller toe box. I made the mistake of ordering the same size which I wear in the 4s in the 5s, and now I can't wear the 5s anymore. They're too small. I developed a pain alongside my inner ankle by wearing them. Why did Asics change the sizing so significantly from year to the next? I've ordered all the 4s I can find in my size, and I won't be playing tennis in the 5s. I would like Asics to bring back the 4s, which were my favorites!
From: Donna, 10/13

Comments: I agree with some other comments about the toe box not being wide enough. The stability and cushioning are good, but the toe box is too narrow and flat. When I tried the shoes on, I thought they would break in, but it never happened. I'm sorry I spent so much money on these shoes and was not able to get much use out of them. I bought some KSwiss Big Shot Lights and so far I am happy with them.
From: Patty, 9/13

Comments: I just got these, opened the box put them on and they were the most perfect fit ever! Sometimes it's really hard to fit my feet because I wear a ladies 10 and in the last 15 years, manufactures are making shoes too small so I have to order up. But not these, they are the perfect fit. Toebox is good, it's not huge like I've had in the past. I can't say enough about the shoes! I put them on. Did 1 hour of Zumba and then 1 hour of tennis directly afterwards and they are great. I was skeptical especially because they were so expensive but now I want another pair just in case. Love, love, love them.
From: Tammy, 8/13

Comments: I play 4-6 times per week and am a 4.0. I have a wide foot and various foot issues. I have found the Gel Resolution 5 to be the best shoe that I've worn. I had the 4's, but noticed the longer length in the toe area was awkward. The 5s have corrected that issue. These shoes are great. I had previously worn the Prince T22, but there is a little more cushion in these. Durable and stylish!
From: Diana, 6/13

Comments: I was disappointed with the Resolution 5 from the start. I loved the Resolution 4s! The change in the sizing and the toe box is a complete disaster. I wish they would bring back the 4s and come up with some great colors, I love the look of the new Adidas Stella shoe in yellow, but haven't seen any reviews. I'm hopeful Asics will bring back the 4s!
From: Staci, 6/13

Comments: I was looking for a replacement shoe for the Adidas Barricade II (which I've worn for years) and was hopeful this shoe would be it. Unfortunately, I found this shoe to be too tight in the toe box and my heel slipped while just walking no matter how tight I tied the laces. I tried different socks hoping for a better fit but to no avail. I ended up getting the Nike Air Max Cage.
From: Donna, 5/13

Comments: I have been looking for a shoe to replace the Adidas Barricade II, and this is it, possibly even better. It fits the same way the Barricade does except the gel makes it more comfortable. The first time I wore these shoes I played for two hours in the midday heat without any issues. It was like wearing slippers. I have been quite stressed about finding a replacement for my Barricades as I have a history of plantar fasciitis (even had cortisone shots in my feet) so good supportive shoes are vital. I am so pleased with these shoes I am ordering a second pair.
From: Patricia, 4/13

Comments: Have loved the Gel Resolution series for a number of years. Ordered the 5's and hate them. Sent both pairs back and have ordered any 4 series I can find. The new 5's are sized differently. The arch is in a different place, very small toe box and the ankle area is very low so you feel you have no support in the back of the shoe. Asics please stop changing the shoe every year. You had something good, why did you change it up so much with this new style!
From: Amy, 4/13

Comments: Love this shoe. I have a narrow foot and heel and these shoes fit like a glove. So comfortable with lots of support. They have great arch support, I did not need to buy a new insert. Getting ready to buy a 2nd pair in another color. I had tried on a different Asics shoes a year ago (because I love their running shoes) but I didn't like it for my foot (not snug enough) so I almost gave up. The sales man got me to try on the new Gel Res 5 and they fit great!
From: Kristi, 4/13

Comments: These shoes are the best! I have feet issues and my toes go numb in every shoe. I have luck with Barricade 6.0 but not the 7.0, so I tried these. I got my first pair at a store where they measured my foot and suggested the Asics 5 as the toe box is wider than the 4. As far as slipping, a lot of shoes do that, not on me, but if they do, just simply tie them different at the very top. This will stop that problem. I love these shoes. First time out, just a little snug, but second with thinner socks and they feel so great.
From: Nancy, 3/13

Comments: This "upgrade" from the Gel 4 is worthless. The toe box is smaller and the shoe is shorter. Would sizing consistency between one year and the next be too much to ask?
From: Lisa, 3/13

Comments: These shoes feel great on your feet but are cut very low around the ankle and heel. I couldn't keep the shoe from slipping in the heel no matter the thickness of my socks. I felt no support in the ankle and would be afraid of injuries on the court. Asics, please make this shoe higher around the ankle and heel and you would have the perfect shoe!
From: Kath, 2/13

Comments: I have been looking for many years for that perfect tennis shoe. Recently, I have tried many different tennis shoes and these are by far the best shoe out there. These fit true to size. They are very comfortable right out of the box and fit like a glove similar to running shoes. I took the insole out and put in my orthotics and they are perfect. They also provide great support on side to side movement and running forward and back on the court. My feet are medium width and these give plenty of room in the forefoot but are still snug at the ankle. I play 5-6 times a week for hours at a time and could leave them on all day and be comfortable. I bought all three colors and they all fit the same and look great on the court, they even help me run faster! Ascis please keep making these shoes forever!
From: Julie, 2/13

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