Asics Gel Resolution 5 Clay Wh/Green Women's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: This shoe fell apart for me. I called Asics and they said it must be my foot.
From: Morton, 8/14

Comments: Asics has been my running shoes for years so it was all logical what I would choose when I picked up tennis again after a 20 or so years break. I play mostly singles under the hot summer sun in northern California. The GR5 provides very good movement support and ventilation. In my opinion, it is better than the GR3 or 4. No complaints. The Babolat Propulse3 is my other pair (move a bit faster with the buckles but not as comfortable in hot days). As I play more, neither brand can outlast the guarantee. No problem with the guarantee replacements. I sent them in and got the new pairs in couple weeks. A plus for Asics. Not bad.
From: Dan, 12/13

Comments: The one before was much better. I only played for 2 month with this shoes before I got a whole on the side of my shoes. I contacted the company but no answer from them. Terrible customer service from Asics.
From: Ando, 11/13

Comments: I've been actively trying to find a tennis shoe that will help alleviate my plantar fasciitis, and these seem to help very much. I play only on HarTru and this shoe is perfect for that surface. At first, I thought they would feel too heavy, but that is not the case at all. I don't think about my feet or my shoes while I'm playing, only before and after. I have also worn the recent Nike Vapor 9. When I bought the Asics I came down a half size from what I normally wear, and that has worked out well. Size 12 has been my usual size, but I've been wearing that size to lessen the chance of my toes hitting the front of the shoe. That doesn't happen while wearing the 11.5 Asics. A very comfortable shoe. I'm a 3.5/4.0 player.
From: Chris, 6/13

Comments: This is my first pair of Asics, I've previously been a fan of the Nike line, but disapponted on how the new line fits (causes rubbing on outer part of my feet).These shoes don't disappoint! They are perfect for those with a wider toe box so that you don't get blisters. Feels great the first time you put them on, all the way through your match. This shoe has great arch and heel support for those with medium arches. I would definitely recommend a pair!
From: Raymond, 2/13

Comments: I play 2-3 times a week. After months of foot trouble, I finally concluded it was the shoes. I have a slightly narrow foot and research led me to the Resolution 5 Clay. They were backordered, so in the the meantime I bought the new Babolat Propulse as an all-court alternative. I went up a half-size with the Babloats and they felt great and played great. So I was a little concerned that the Asics in my old size would be too small. Finally, after almost six weeks, they came in and they also fit great and played great. I'm now a happy camper with two pairs of comfortable shoes for clay and all-court. I'd recommend either pair to anyone. Looking forward to my feet being pain free!
From: Bernie, 2/13

Comments: The mesh material on mine broke open after a few weeks -- total failure. I considered Asics one of the best shoe brands, until now. Even my second pair had the same problem.
From: Klaus, 2/13

Comments: Love the shoe, but not the black marks the sole left on the courts.
From: Todd G., 2/13

Comments: I was a huge fan of the Asics Gel Resolution 3. It provided a very snug fit, was light and also provided good support. I thought it was the perfect tennis shoe. I did not buy the Gel Resolution 4 when they came out. I read that they ran a half size larger, but I don't really know though. Didn't need them as my Gel Resolution 3s were still functional. Finally my Gel Resolution 3 shoes were wearing out a bit (the uppers) and I needed a new shoe. I waited for the Gel Resolution 5 to come out and bought the black and blue version as soon as they came out. When I tried them on, to my surprise, the fit was different. They are roomy in the toe box, and not snug. I have a slim foot and wear a size 7 shoe (which is the smallest size they come in apparently). Anyways, I do not like the fit. They are too roomy and almost feel too light (like they are not supportive enough). The roomy toe box bugs me, as it feels like my foot moves side to side in the front of the shoe a little. The medial aspect of my knee was bothering me after the second time I used them. The fourth time I used them (today) the medial aspect of my knee again hurt. I don't know why, but it does not feel like a great shoe based on the lack of a snug fit. I am going to have to look for a different shoe. Miss the Gel Resolution 3, as that was the perfect tennis shoe for me.
From: K.A., 2/13

Comments: Got my GR5s today and they look great! The black and blue pair look stunning in person. I'm a first time Asics user previously using Court Ballistics. This shoe feels great and much lighter than the Ballistecs. I really hope they last as long!
From: Anon, 2/13

Comments: I played 4 sets in them tonight, and they feel cozy and quick! Thank you Asics!
From: McKenzie, 2/13

Comments: The biggest and most noticeable difference between these and previous versions of the Gel Resolutions is a wider toe box. As my foot is a bit on the narrow side, I definitely prefer the fit of the previous version.
From: Tim, 2/13

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