Asics Gel Resolution 4 Wh/Silver Women's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: I love these shoes! I've had my pair for years, I wear them everywhere and still feel great.
From: Val, 3/14

Comments: My tennis partner and I both have these shoes and were wearing them today when we were playing in our match. In the second set, my partner was just returning a serve when she let out a cry. She completely tore her calf and partially tore her Achilles. She is now in a cast. I have 3 pairs of the Gel Resolutions and now I'm thinking of returning the pair I haven't worn yet now that this happened.
From: Linleigh, 1/14

Comments: Love, love, love these shoes! Comfortable and they look and feel great!
From: Jan, 1/14

Comments: After reading the reviews, I ordered a size smaller and they pinch my toes. I m exchanging them for the next size up.
From: Deb, 10/13

Comments: I think these are great shoes -- they are very comfortable and durable. They have lasted me the longest out of any of my shoes. They lasted for around 3 months and I play about 4 hours everyday, plus tournaments. I agree that these shoes run a bit big so it would be good to get the half a size smaller.
From: Melissa, 8/13

Comments: These run large. Having worn Asics 8.5 for about 10 years and when I bought this shoe in the usual 8.5, they are at least a size too large and run wide in the heel. I tried putting in inserts, but they are still too big.
From: Susie, 7/13

Comments: This is my first pair of Asics and I followed the advice about ordering them a half size smaller. I always wear a size 7.5, ordered a size 7, and they were too small, tight in the toe box and very uncomfortable. However, oddly the heel area was loose and slipped on my foot. Not a good fit. I am returning them.
From: Christine, 6/13

Comments: Great shoe, offered at the best price on the Internet! I read reviews before purchasing and sized down. Typically, I wear a 6/6.5 in dress shoes and 6.5/7 in athletic shoes. I ordered a size 6 and they are plent roomy. Anything bigger would have been too long. So, trust the recommendation there and you will be quite pleased!
From: Ashley, 6/13

Comments: These shoes are very comfortable and durable and fit my feet well. As noted by TW, they run about a half-size long. After about 4 months at 3-4 times a week, the soles still look good, it doesn't look like I will be taking advantage of the 6-month guarantee. I've found the cushioning gel does wear some after a couple months of play, but I find this consistent with Asics running shoes as well. I think this might be my new shoe, coming from Nike where I've had some durability issues with the outsoles.
From: Angie, 4/13

Comments: I ordered this on Friday and it arrived before Saturday noon time. My wife just bought Gel Resolution 5, and this one is an older model but still fits her foot perfectly.
From: Keisuke, 4/13

Comments: I bought a pair of Gel Resolution 4s on sale. I have really wide and big feet and wear a size 10. I was able to wear a 9.5 and from the first day I put them on there was no break in from either me or them. I play about 5-6 days a week and some days I play over 4 hours. They are so comfortable that I can play all day. This last weekend I played 7 hours in them with no issues on my feet or joints. I am about to switch to a new pair as they are showing some wear on the toes. I think they are great but make sure you order them smaller than what you usually wear as they are large.
From: Amiee, 3/13

Comments: I've worn the 2,3, and now 4 versions of these shoes. I usually wear a 9 but had to go down to a 8.5 in these. The shoes are very comfortable so far with no break in. However, I noticed that the laces run short. I have a narrow foot so the width shouldn't be affecting the laces at all. Not really a problem, but just something I noticed with this version. I also drag my toe slightly and haven't noticed any wear there.
From: Anon, 3/13

Comments: I agree with several of the reviewers, these shoes are very comfortable in the beginning but interior cushioning broke down quickly. The bottom tread also wore down fast. I am not known to be hard on my shoes and am disappointed and looking for another shoe. I'm a 3.5 singles and doubles player.
From: Mary, 3/13

Comments: These shoes have been terrible for me. I suffered problems with my Achilles tendons on both sides for the first time in my life, due to the too-stiff sole (my Orthopod and Physical Therapist concur). It's not worth it! Find something with a more flexible sole!
From: Anon, 1/13

Comments: Received the Resolution 4 shoes yesterday but I am returning them as they are too big by at least a 1/2 size. I felt my heels slipped when I tried them on, something that others have commented on. I am hoping a smaller shoe might fix this.
From: Anna, 1/13

Comments: Love these shoes! They are so comfortable with no break-in period. I will agree with other reviewers that they run a little long but I purchased my usual size and they feel just right. I've had these for 6 months and play 4-5 times a week (3.5-4.0). The soles are still in great shape even with a lot of singles! I get a lot of compliments the style, too. I plan on getting another pair soon -- waiting until they come out with some more fun colors.
From: Kay, 11/12

Comments: Despite the reviews that the toe box is wider in this newer model, it was not enough for me, and I just wear a size 6 medium shoe. I had to return them. But, the info/help center on Tennis has been extremely helpful in suggesting other brands/models to try to find the perfect fit for me. So I'm continuing on my search.
From: Karen, 8/12

Comments: I have tried New Balance and Prince prior to getting my pair of Asics Gel Resolution 4, and what an amazing difference. The shoe is not stiff, and the first time I wore them they felt like they were already broken in. I also love the 6-month durability warranty. The reason I decided to purchase the Asics brand is because both my family practice doctor and podiatrist recommended the brand! Nice job Asics!
From: Marsha, 8/12

Comments: I've worn Asics for the interior foot support for about 4 years now. However, something has changed with this shoe. The interior cushioning wears down very quickly causing soreness in the balls of my feet, which was not the case before. True there is no break-in period, but they wear out too fast. I'm disappointed.
From: Andrea, 8/12

Comments: I am a junior tennis player and this is my first time wearing Asics. These shoes were very comfortable but did not last that long. I bought them in May and I needed a new pair instantly. Even though I do play 6 days a week and junior tournaments, these shoes should last longer than two months. I was not impressed by their durability but they were very cute.
From: Z.M.B., 7/12

Comments: I bought these shoes and within the first few months rolled my ankle and am out for the season. Super comfortable but unstable in the heel area.
From: Anon, 7/12

Comments: These shoes were so comfortable right out of the box! Felt like slippers. No break in time required, super comfy, and they seem to be very durable. Bought them and wore them at district tournament this past weekend. No blisters!
From: Debi, 7/12

Comments: I followed the suggestion by reviewers and ordered a half size smaller. I normally wear an 8 in a street shoe or any shoe other than a tennis shoe. I ALWAYS wear an 8.5 in Nike's so I ordered an 8 as recommended. They felt very tight in the toe box and were not comfortable. So I ordered the 8.5 and they fit as they should. I don't have a wide foot, but I do have high arches so perhaps that's why the toe box was too tight in the 8.
From: Anon, 7/12

Comments: I absolutely LOVE these shoes and I also get tons of compliments! This is my 3rd pair of Asics tennis shoes (I had 2 pair of the previous version) and I haven't had any issues. I wish Tennis Warehouse would have realized how popular these shoes were going to be and ordered more!
From: Marci, 6/12

Comments: I bought both 7 and 6.5 as I wore 7's in the Gel Resolution 3's. TW suggested a 1/2 size smaller but I was skeptical since my size is much smaller than the men's. It was strange as the outsides are exactly the same but somehow inside you have more room and I returned the 7's. The GR 4's did not need the break in that I did with the 3's and have been comfortable without any problems from the first match. I would say my feet are normal width but I have high arches and narrow at the back of the heel. I think these are a big snugger in the heel than the GR3's but I do use the back holes to help hold them on.
From: Peggy, 6/12

Comments: These shoes are super comfy and supportive. I like them in white!
From: LC, 6/12

Comments: Love this shoes only problem is these shoes do not fit the true size, it is very confusing as some model runs small. I wish Asics would stick with the true size for all the models. This GEL Resolution4 runs 1/2 size big. I'm lucky, I read reviews before the purchase. I'm very happy with feel, after first try on indoor courts they felt very comfortable, stable, light, and the traction was very good. I love the bright colors, I'm having many complements from friends and club members. Only problem is, heel became little loose, I had to tighten the lace, I'm 4.0 player, plays indoor and outdoor 4 x week.
From: Jane, 6/12

Comments: I wear Asics' running shoes and thought I would try these for tennis. They are so uncomfortably. I couldn't wait to get them off my feet, it was to bad because they are so cute with all the colors.
From: Sheri, 6/12

Comments: I love these shoes. No problem with heel or slippage. I play 5 times a week in tournaments and league. I have been trying to find the right shoe. I have had a lot of problems with my toe jamming and this shoe does not cause this. I usually wear 9 and actually had to order 8!
From: Dawn, 5/12

Comments: I really like these sneakers. I play singles at 4.0 level and find that my toe doesn't hit the front of the shoe. The Gel Resolution 3 was a bit too short and toe hit the front when I had to run up quickly to get to drop shot. They are not too wide for in the front and the length works well for me. They are a tad roomy in the heel, but if you wear a thick sock it is ok. I like the added length
From: Mary, 5/12

Comments: I love these shoes! No problem with heels slipping and I have narrow heels. Yes, there is a little extra space in the toe which it clearly states in the description that they are extra long. Get this shoe. Lace them properly, and you will love them too.
From: Christy, 5/12

Comments: I love these shoes! This is my first pair of Asics for tennis, and I'm very impressed. They were comfortable right out of the box, but definitely "relaxed" quite a bit after the first set. Nice and supportive with a roomy toe box. Pay careful attention to the sizing recommendation! If you buy your "normal" size, they will almost certainly be too big. I wear an 8.5 and ordered an 8. They fit perfectly with plenty of room between my big toe and the end of the shoe. Glad I splurged on these.
From: Deb, 5/12

Comments: This is my first pair of Asics and I am not impressed. Heel slippage is a problem. I have wide feet and they had to be laced up tight so that I wasn't sloshing around in them. Coming off an ankle injury, they have aggravated the rehabbed area. However, I LOVE how they look and will teach in them but cannot wear playing.
From: MBP, 4/12

Comments: I bought these as replacement for earlier model of discontinued men's Asics Gel Resolution 2 (E900) and absolutely hate this newer version. Made me feel as if I am learning backwards - felt harder to get on your toes. Also, too much toe space. Felt as if I was wearing a pair of flippers on the court and not tennis shoes! Felt much slower on the court overall. Dreadfully uncomfortable design in comparison to previous/earlier versions.
From: Annelise, 4/12

Comments: I have worn prior versions of this shoe several years running, playing competitively a couple times a week. I ordered same size in the new version but I'm disappointed in the heel slippage of the GR 4. I have rolled an ankle and when stopping/starting I feel like I'm stepping out of my shoe. Will make a snazzy work-out shoe, but can't wear for tennis anymore.
From: Deborah, 4/12

Comments: Had high hopes for these shoes, but after trying for two weeks to make them work, they still cause pain in my heel and toes are numb. I ordered my true size and had problems with my heel slipping. I play 3-4 X a week, 3.5 player. Very disappointed and not happy with spending so much on a dud.
From: Sunny, 3/12

Comments: I agree with the other comments that these shoes run big. Easily a half size smaller than the Resolution 3. I pre-ordered these shoes so didn't know about how big they run. I wore them around to test and they seemed a little longer in the toe but OK. Now that I have worn them on the court for two weeks, they have loosened up and slip around when I change directions. I am a 3.5-4.0 mostly doubles player, drill or play 3 times a week. Too late to return, an expensive lesson!!
From: Michelle, 3/12

Comments: Shoes definitely run big. I love these lightness and easy break in. I ordered regular size as in past but after having a severe fall and breaking my nose on the tennis court I believe these shoes do not fit properly . Of course after reading today about shoes running big I now know that that was a problem with the fall. Of course it's too late to return because I wore them already. Not sure if I will order again.
From: Darlene, 2/12

Comments: These are the most comfortable tennis sneakers I've ever owned. Very cushioned, no break-in period. They feel stable, without being heavy. I have wide feet, and they fit well. (Don't know if they would work as well for narrow feet.) I'm not so crazy about the navy color, which is a bit too bright, slightly purplish. I wish they had more options in colors. I may order the silver to also have a more neutral colored pair.
From: DMR, 2/12

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