Asics Gel Challenger 8 White/Pink Women's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: I love these shoes. I'm getting ready to purchase my 4th pair. I have had bad plantar fasciitis is the past and they don't aggravate it.
From: Valerie, 8/12

Comments: I loved this shoe once I got it broken in. However, the toe box is not wide enough for my medium width foot and my toes were cramped and my feet hurt after a while. Too bad. The arch support was amazing and great cushion. I will keep looking. If heal tends to slip, tie them different at the top, and that won't happen.
From: Nancy, 12/11

Comments: I expected to have a lot of "new shoe cushion" but these shoes don't. I had to really tighten the laces, and most importantly the shoes don't hold my heels in. I was also hoping for better arch support, which Asics is known for, but the arch support feels like every other other shoe.
From: Lisa, 8/11

Comments: As a former Prince T10 devotee, I have been searching for a replacement. I like everything about these except the heel just didn't hold my foot in, it feels too wide.
From: Lisa. 5/11

Comments: After going through three pairs of the old Prince T20s, I decided to try Asics with the hope of finding good cushioning with less weight. These are much lighter and less bulky. They have great cushioning. The shoe has that "low to the ground" feeling for speed but could be better with direction changes. Sometimes I feel I will roll over it to the outside of my ankle when I run wide for a forehand, then change direction back to the court. Also they are difficult to lace perfectly. I have to adjust the laces three times during my warm up to get my heel well supported, even though I do have the correct size. Also switched to thicker sock. Next time I will try the Asics Resolution. But overall I say these were true to size and worth the cost.
From: Rachel, Brookfield, NH, USA. 04/11

Comments: After 2 practices and one trip to the gym, the shoes are broken in. They feel wonderful, lots of support and cushioning under my feet. I just played a long match and my feet and legs are not even tired! The break in key was the trip to the gym where my feet got really hot and sweaty from a strenuous session with my trainer. After that, the shoes were perfect! These are definitely worth a small effort to break them in. I highly recommend them.
From: Patricia, Beaverton, OR, USA, 02/11

Comments:First time on the court today. I had to change shoes after 30 minutes - my feet were tired as the shoes are so different than what I normally wear. No hot spots or numbness, though. I've never had to break in tennis shoes, but I think these may be worth it. Lots of cushioning under my foot. When I went back to my old shoes, the soles felt so thin! Back on court tomorrow.
From: Patricia, Beaverton, OR, USA, 02/11

Comments: I love this shoe. I use to wear the Prince T20, but they have been discontinued. These are just as comfortable, but much more light weight. Great shoe! Small break in time.
From: Jenny, NC, USA, 02/11

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