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Comments: This shoe is very uncomfortable and bulky so it makes it hard to run around on the court. They gave me bruises underneath my toe nails because of the awkward fitting. I definitely do not recommend these shoes.
From: Kari, 11/12

Comments: Really good shoes! I tried the Barricade 6's and 7's but found them uncomfortable, even after break-in time (which I hate). The Barricade II's were/are really good, almost right out of the box. I've played a full season with them now and they still have lots of life left in them. I will buy these again when they wear out, but will order a half-size larger next time. I'm very satisfied overall.
From: Paul, 9/12

Comments: This is the only shoe that I can wear and will buy. Hopefully adidas will not change or take it out of the market. It's a bit heavy but it doesn't bother me at all. Lots of support and great stability. I don't even need to break it in, as I can wear and play from right out of the box. Keep this shoe design the way it is and don't change a thing like what adidas is doing with those other Barricades. They are super expensive but not worth the price (Barricade 6...). Barricade II is the shoe as far as support, stability and comfort when it comes to playing tennis.
From: Kremora, 8/12

Comments: I have been wearing the Barricade II's for the past 6 years and the few times I tried a different shoe because it was cute, I ended up rolling my ankles. These shoes have superior stabilizers to keep your feet from rolling out, even with sharp cuts and turns. I have yet to find a shoe that comes close to the stability of these. I wish they would come out with cuter color schemes though! Be warned, these are not comfortable out of the box. It takes a couple wearings before they mold to your foot. They are also heavy but I happen to prefer my tennis shoe that way. That's what makes them feel so supportive. I have never had a blister or any foot pain wearing these.
From: Judy, 5/12

Comments: I do a lot of sprinting on the court and need a shoe with good support for my weak arches. This shoe does the job well. It takes a little time to break in, but after that they are great. Excellent support. Hopefully they don't change this shoe.
From: Karen, 5/12

Comments: I have been wearing these shoes for the past 4 years and I love the durability and stability they provide and they give me a "grounded" feeling without being too heavy. I was wearing Nike's and needed more lateral stability and support due to a fractured foot and I loved how the Adidas Barricade II provided those features. HOWEVER, I have purchased at least 6 pairs in the last two years and every pair has felt inferior to the pairs I purchased when I first started wearing them. The sizing has changed, the padding is different, even the basic shape feels "off". I tried going up a half size, going back to my old size, wearing double socks everything. It was a feeling almost like the shoe is defective. I just kept ordering new pairs hoping the next one would be better but if anything the fit has gotten worse.
From: Leslie, 2/12

Comments: I love this shoe, have a narrow foot, play USTA tennis at the 4.0 level and now I hear Adidas is no longer making this shoe. Why oh why do shoe manufacturers do this? I'm now looking for a shoe that compares to this one and will work with my narrow foot.
From: Rene, 1/12

Comments: I had the shoes for about 6 months, playing about 8-10 hours a week and no major wear & tear noticed. All I can say is they are great. Very comfortable and great support. Will definitely buy them again!
From: L. 1/12

Comments: These shoes are great. The uppers are a little stiff right out of the box, but all it takes is a few hours in them to make them super comfortable. I have a high arch and the insole in these provides the support I want. They have great support so I don't feel any worry of ankle instability. I bought these and a pair of Prince's and after wearing these for a match decided to return the Prince shoes and just get another pair of these.
From: Tina, 10/11

Comments: I loved these shoes at first. But now that they are broken in the plastic grommets for the laces dig into the bones on the top of my feet.
From: Grace. 07/11

Comments: These shoes are very comfortable right out of the box! No break in required but boy are they hot! I tried and tried to play in them but my feet were on fire!
From: Carrington, VA, USA. 4/11

Comments: I have worn Barricade IIs for a couple of years and love them. Just really comfortable and stable right out of the box. However, I did notice a difference with the last pair I ordered earlier this year. They were not as comfortable immediately and definitely felt less padded. I thought maybe it was a ploy to get players to buy the newer barricades. However, after a few wearings they were back to feeling great. I do think they changed something because they definitely required a break- in period to soften them up.
From: Sarah, Bainbridge Island, WA, USA, 10/10

Comments: These shoes are alright, but after a while, the back started digging into to the tendon above my sock. They are pretty heavy and hot as well.
From: Grace, North Carolina, U.S.A. 07/10

Comments: I started out with Avia, then switched to Prince (which wore out in less than a week), and then finally came across the Barricade II. They're great; they sit pretty low to the ground, which gives you more feel and the lateral support is pretty good, which means I don't feel unstable while running around retrieving balls. Cushioning starts out great, but then quickly fades depending on the frequency of play but overall I think that might be a benefit (in my opinion) because you end up closer to the ground, which makes for better feel and quicker movements. I play a couple times per week so I don't see much wear and tear initially, but those who play frequently might consider buying two pairs.
From: Amy, Vienna, VA, USA. 6/10

Comments: I've been wearing these for a while now, and I've bought two pairs of them. Throughout this time, I have easily been playing my best tennis. These shoes, for some reason, make you play outstanding tennis while giving your feet a bed to sleep in. After you play, your feet will never complain about anything; blisters, sores, nothing. It's just... the best. Absolutely the best. Nothing else to say.
From: Evan, Long Island, NY, USA 12/09

Comments: I started wearing Barricade IIs in the last couple of years for their supreme cushioning and stability. When I first starting wearing them, I couldn't believe how incredibly comfortable they were right out of the box. So I was frustrated and disappointed when a pair I purchased in September didn't live up to that expectation. I could tell the moment I put them on that there was much less cushioning than previous pairs. They felt looser in the toe box and when I played in them, the balls of my feet and my toes were aching after about 15 minutes. I returned them to TW because I thought they had to be defective. I haven't tried another pair yet, since I've been waiting to hear what TW would say about the pair I returned. I'd be curious to know whether anyone else has had this problem with recent barricade IIs. Is Adidas making them differently now?
From: Kathy, Ann Arbor, MI, USA 12/09

Comments: OK. These shoes are awesome. I buy them two at a time! Love this shoe. If you are an aggressive player who makes quick starts and stops, this shoes is for you. Excellent traction and stability. No break-in required. I buy mine a half size smaller for additional "like a glove" feel.
From: Kimberly, Apollo Beach, Florida, USA. 08/09

Comments: I have worn Barricade IIs for about seven years, and they're the only shoe I feel confident to play tennis in. I've sprained both ankles badly in my life, and if I don't wear these shoes, I fall when I serve! Trust me, they're the best for stability and comfort.
From: Anon. 7/09

Comments: I've been playing tennis for about 4 years. My coach recommended that I should wear tennis shoes instead of running shoes. So, I compared the reviews of the K-Swiss Defier RS, the K-Swiss Ultrascendor and the Adidas Barricade 2. I chose the Barricade 2 because there were more negative reviews about the others than the Barricade 2. This shoe needs break-in time but later on I think it will be worth it.
From: Annie, Greensboro, NC, USA. 6/09

Comments: I just ordered two pair of the Barricade II. I took them out of the box, put them on and went to play 2 hours of tennis. My feet felt great! There was hardly any break-in needed. The soles felt a little heavy at first, but they gave me wonderful support.
From: Yvette, West Bloomfield, MI, USA. 05/09

Comments: I LOVE THIS SHOE! I have been playing in these Barricade IIs since they came out, and only hope they continue to make them. They are comfortable and sturdy with little break in time. I have tried several different brands and I always come back to these. My foot is more on the narrow side and these are the only shoes I don't slip and slide around in the toe box. I am a very active player and get a lot of wear out of this shoe. I find that the Barricade IIIs, IVs, and Vs are all much heavier, and too wide in the toe box for me. I highly recommend this shoe. If you are a very active player try these, stay away from Nike, you will wear through them in no time.
From: Chantay, Canton, Ga, USA. 4/09

Comments: I love these shoes. They fit my foot perfectly, they are lightweight and don't make your feet hot. This shoes is the best tennis shoe adidas has made. Much better than the Barricade IV shoe, it was terrible.
From: kyla, IN, USA. 6/08

Comments: These were my first proper tennis shoes, and after having worn running shoes on the court for months, they were a welcomed change! My feet and ankles were beginning to hurt, but after trying these shoes for a few days, the pain was relieved. I was so impressed that I ran out and bought my 11-year-old daughter a pair of the Barricade IVs. Great shoe so far !
From: Simone, Nassau, Bahamas. 5/08

Comments: I am purchasing my second pair. These shoes are much lighter than the Barricade IVs and I love that. Very quick break in period. And great looking!!
From: Toni, Long Beach, CA. USA. 5/08

Comments: Anyone who has trouble with shin splints while playing tennis should try these shoes. For me, it nipped the problem in the bud! I'm online buying my second pair now.
From: Heidi, Fort Collins, CO, USA. 3/08

Comments: This was my first pair of Barricades, and I was not impressed with this shoe at all -- especially after all the hype. I have had them now for more than two months, and they are the stiffest, most uncomfortable shoe I have ever bought. The tongue continues to bother the top of my foot, and they feel like I have weights on my feet. Looks like I'm going back to Wilson.
From: Sheila, Elk Grove, CA, USA. 11/07

Comments: I just bought my first pair last week as they came highly recommended over the Barricade IV. This shoe seemed heavy initially but once they were broken in (approximately 2 days of playing) the shoes became very very comfortable and now feel light on the feet. LOVE THESE!!!
From: Dana, Newport Beach, CA, USA. 5/07

Comments: Super great shoe. Even better than the Barricade IV. It's softer, and your feet don't hurt after wearing them after the first couple of time. They are as stable, as long during as the Barricade 4 but way more comfortable. They are pretty too...You should really buy those shoes, but I suggest the Barricade 4 to, even if they are a little more expensive, the last very long (mine lasted one year) and I play every day, 8 hours.
From: Amanda, Bradenton, FL, USA. 5/07

Comments: I bought these shoes to try something different. I'm used to K-Swiss Defiers. At first these shoes seemed just about as comfortable as my K-Swiss, but the top of my foot was getting rubbed a little. After a few days of heavy playing, I started having numbness in my foot where the top of the shoe was pressing into my foot. They also have a little less cushioning than the Defiers. I'm a little bummed, because I really like the look of this shoe, but I'm afraid I have to switch back to the K-Swiss.
From: Anon. 3/07

Comments: These shoes are awesome. This will be my fourth pair. They wear well. break in quickly and my feet hardly ever get tired. My favorite shoes by far. I've played twice a week for eight years.
From: Diane, Charleston, SC, USA. 3/07

Comments: I was having all sorts of foot problems and was on my way to the podiatrist, until I started wearing the Barricade II. I wasn't sure if I liked them when I first tried them on, but after two days of play, I am finally able to wake up without foot pain. I'm ordering my 15 year old daughter a pair this week.
From: Nori, Gainesville, FL, USA. 10/06

Comments: I just bought these shoes and played in them for the first time and wow! I have flat feet so I've never found a tennis shoe that was truly comfortable. When I tried them on my feet went "ahh!" There was no break in required and they had excellent arch support, lateral stability and padding. With the collar around the ankle you should probably by 1/2 a size smaller to keep your foot from slipping, but once you start playing you will appreciate the extra cushioning. Don't worry, they have plenty of length. These shoes are great. I plan to stock up on a couple before they disappear.
From: Brett, Quincy, MA, USA. 9/06

Comments: These were my first pair of Barricades that I have had. I have now worn them out and have the Barricade IVs now. But I loved them, they are one of the best shoes I have ever had. I thought when I wore them out I would try the new barricades, I like these just as well! Definitely will be buying more of each.
From: Kylia, New Albany, IN, USA. 06/06

Comments: These shoes are great but if I play too long in them, or if I jump around or run, my feet will start to throb. But overall, they are pretty good shoes.
From: Marina, Mountain View, CA, USA. 6/06

Comments: These are my first pair of actual tennis shoes and I'm really glad I picked them - they do fit pretty much like a glove and are quite comfortable and stable. I'm an intermediate player and I really needed something with good stability, cushion and arch because of painful Plantar Fasciitis. So far so good.
From: Gaige, Berkeley, CA, USA, 06/06

Comments: After wearing New Balance, these shoes were a dream. I will say it takes a couple of matches for them to break in. Also if you have flat feet you may want to get extra support. I have orthotics and had little issue with the arch support. I would definitely buy these again.
From: Dana, Atlanta, GA, USA. 12/05

Comments: These shoes are great and are very comfortable. They were stiff and made my arches hurt the first time I played but they've been perfect ever since. I would recommend buying them at least a half size bigger than normal though (even for people who don't have wide feet) because it gives you a little extra room in the toe box so that you don't smash your toes when you stop quickly. I ended up buying them a full size bigger than my normal size to give myself ample room and they've been perfect.
From: Kristyn, Lafayette, IN, USA. 10/05

Comments: The most comfortable shoes I have ever worn in my life. Though for me and how often I play which is 3 to 4 times a week for about 2 to 3 hours they wear out quite fast the soles of the shoes are still good. But the fabric on the out side is worn of but that could be from just the way I walk. I love the shoes get them.
From: Jessica, Dallas, Texas, US 06/05

Comments: I wear these shoes for two hours a day and have had them for three months. I don't usually look after my shoes that well and I usually need to buy new ones after about three months but these shoes are not even starting to wear on the outer sole but I will have to get new insoles soon. Every where else on the shoe looks brand new! They are also a good weight and were so comfortable after about a week in which I got used to them. I really recommend them. They are also not too expensive compared to other shoes I have had.
From: Suticok, Argentina. 01/05

Comments: This is my third pair of these shoes. They got really popular and so I decided to try them out. When I put them on they felt so comfortable. I play 4-5 times a week and I have not had one problem with them. It takes me a little over 6 months to get the soles really worn down. They are the BEST shoes, and they fit good!
From: Elizabeth, Altanta,Ga,USA. 10/04

Comments: First of all let me say that, yes, this shoe is a bit heavy, but I think that is what helps give me so much support. I tend to have weak ankles and have twisted many an ankle in Nike shoes. Not so with the Barricade! I don't even have to wear an ankle support with this one! I used to be so conscious of my ankle that I wasn't concentrating enough on my game. Now, I don't even think about my ankles while on the court, and I am able to almost beat my husband! I hope Adidas never stops making this shoe!
From: Liz, Grand Forks, ND, USA. 9/04

Comments: I got these shoes a couple days ago, and I loved the look. It was very stiff in the beginning, but I got it to break in by a week. After that they had the best stability and durability I have ever seen. If you want a good-looking shoe with great durability and stability, this is the shoe for you. It also is roomy in the forefoot, which is especially good for people with wide feet. These shoes are great.
From: Krissy, EHT, NJ, USA. 08/04

Comments: These shoes are the most comfortable shoes I've ever used! I play every day of the year, and they still stay comfortable. I am definitely purchasing more of these when my pair finally wears out.
From: Ann, Lafayette, IN, USA. 8/04

Comments: I got these shoes at the beginning of June. I am doing an extensive training program this summer, I was expecting to have to replace my shoes. However, these are very durable and I haven't had to replace them. They feel heavy at first but on the court they fit snugly and they are very stable.
From: Jessica, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 07/04

Comments: OK I have wide feet, so I suggest that any person who wants to buy these shoes buy at least half a size bigger because your feet will feel so cramped in the shoes. Plus, if you have a low arched foot, then you better get used to these shoes or else ouch! It does help during play because it forces your feet to stay on its toes, but it is a bit heavy.
From: Jourdan, Carson, California, USA. 07/04

Comments: When I saw Justine wear these shoes I immediately wanted to buy them. When I first got them, they felt kind of heavy. But once I got to the courts, they started easing up and were very comfortable! Buy these shoes at once! They are great! I have been wearing them for about 2 months now and they still look and feel brand new!
From: Colleen, Sacramento, Los Angeles, USA. 7/04

Comments: This shoe is totally great. Compared to my old K-Swiss shoes that lasted two months, these shoes are a ton more sturdy. I did have to change the insole, as I play 9 hours a week.
From: Sarah, Copenhagen, Denmark, 5/04

Comments: These shoes are awesome, but do not breathe well! I love these shoes for stability and sturdiness, but if you look at the shoe you can see that there is very little ventilation. I haven't noticed it while playing doubles, but every time I play singles my feet burn up!
From: Louise, Albuquerque, NM, USA. 5/04

Comments: These are cool shoes. The problem is that the inner arch wears out before the soles do. This presents a problem with stability. I play tennis 5 hours a day (4.5-5.0 player), so if Adidas could only improve on the arch stability and durability of the Barricades they would suit me better.
From: Melody, AZ/WA, USA. 3/04

Comments: I just bought these shoes about 2 weeks ago. They are the most comfortable tennis shoes I have ever worn. I play about 4 days a week, and I've enjoyed wearing them. I almost bought the Barricade III but decided on the Barricade II because of the look of the shoe. At first they seem to be a little heavy, but they have great support and are getting more flexible every time I wear them.
From: Joy, Trussvile, AL, USA. 3/04

Comments: These shoes are awesome! I play 6 days a week, and all my other shoes never ever lasted me this long. I've had these shoes for forever, and they aren't even starting to show holes or damage. I bought two pairs and I wear the one pair for tennis only, and the other for everywhere I go! I love them so much.
From: Lauren, FL, USA. 2/04

Comments: I love these shoes. They are the most comfortable, yet they offer the most support of any shoe out there. I play 10 hours per week and they show no signs of wearing out yet. I was hoping to cash in on the 6-month outsole warranty, but these will not wear out. They are comfortable the minute you take them out of the box, and offer superior arch and lateral support. Plus, they look great. All of my team members want to know where I got them. I will definitely be purchasing more of these. Thank you Adidas for another great shoe.
From: Karen, Florida, USA. 1/04

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