adidas Barricade V Classic Carbon/Mint Women's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: Just like the originals if you go down a half size smaller! I am so happy to have my favorite shoes back! Thank you adidas!
From: Valerie, 4/15

Comments: This is the best tennis shoe I've ever found. It is a bit rigid but it provides the lateral stability I need for my problem feet. I'm so happy that adidas brought this shoe back!
From: Liz, 4/15

Comments: The women's size 7 1/2 felt like I put on a men's 7 1/2. Both length and width are way too big. I guess I should really complain to adidas, because the factory in China that is making these do not have the proper sizing model for USA women's sneakers. I am usually an 8 sometimes a 7 1/2 for boots. I ordered the 7 1/2 because of the reviews that stated they fit long, well it is more than long. I had to return them. I will buy only Asics from now on. I am a level 3.5 player.
From: Pamela, 3/15

Comments: Completely inflexible. Size was larger than previous Barricade shoes I have worn and loved. They were stiff and hard to move in on the court. Since I've already worn them, I can't return them. Very disappointing.
From: Cate, 2/15

Comments: Ran long and felt like clown shoes on me. They were bulky and stiff, but I like stiff. I play 4.5 singles 4 times a week and have always ordered the Barricade 2 (not Team). I go through and order 5-6 pairs a year. Loved those shoes, but not these!
From: M, 12/14

Comments: My first pair of adidas shoes were the "Adipower Barricade W" which I loved the first moment I wore them. Unfortunately, they've been discontinued, so I ordered a pair of these Barricade V Classics. Very uncomfortable for both feet. There's a lot more rubber and plastic on the face of the shoe than I deduced from the images on TW's website. Found it difficult for my toes to move within the shoe and well as bending my foot -- felt very stiff and inflexible. I wanted to like them more, but it just wasn't going to happen.
From: Laura, 10/14

Comments: I have always loved Barricades and this version definitely is as amazing as all previous versions. Just amazing shoes! No break-in needed for me. In fact, right out of the box, I didn't want to take them off. I listened to others who seemed to feel that a 1/2 size smaller was needed. I usually wear an 8.5 so ordered size 8 and they fit perfectly. I have had no issues having worn several times now on court with any friction as some reviewers report around the tongue. Yes, they are very supportive with great arch support and that's probably why some reviewers say they are too stiff. People, you need supportive shoes when playing tennis -- especially those at more advanced levels, 3.5 and higher who highly value court movement. I am ordering 2 more pair as I am so impressed with these shoes and do not want to run the risk of them not being available in 6 months when needed again.
From: Mary, 8/14

Comments: I used to wear Barricades about 5 years ago, and I decided to give them a try again. After just walking around the house with them I decided to send them back without even trying them on the court. Too stiff, heavy and clunky. I wasn't willing to risk trying to break them in, when they felt so uncomfortable from the get go.
From: Donna, 6/14

Comments: I was desperately hoping these shoes would be a good alternative to my beloved Barricade IIs. I am a fairly aggressive 3.5 doubles player with a history of ankle injuries. I've played for years in the IIs so I'm used to the heavier shoe and the wide, built up heel. But the V made me feel like I was playing tennis in wedge heels. I felt if I happened to roll an ankle, I was going to roll from a pretty lofty height. I opted instead for the Asics Gel Resolution 5, which gets me much closer to the ground.
From: Michelle, 5/14

Comments: I'm thrilled they have brought these shoes back -- they are by far the best Barricades, or any other tennis shoe, I've ever played in. I'm a 3.5 singles player that runs a ton on the court, and plays five days a week. These shoes provide excellent lateral support and stability. I don't feel they need much break in, but they feel even more solid after a few weeks of play. It seemed that the Barricades 6,7 and 8 were designed progressively more narrow in the toe box, and I had given up on the Barricades and gone to Prince T22s. However, these Barricade Vs provide the perfect fit for my average width foot, and the awesome lateral support singles players need. These shoes may not have the cushiony feel that some shoes have out of the box, but don't let that fool you, they provide the arch support and foot support needed, and don't cause the sole of my feet to hurt at all. While I haven't had these new Vs long enough to determine the wear of the bottoms, my past experience is that the sole on these shoes will last. Thank you adidas for bringing them back. I'm thrilled! Best tennis shoes ever!
From: Carmen, 2/14

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