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Comments: Terrible. They are ripping apart and the cushion has flattened out in a month. I play three times a week and they started tearing after a month of wear.
From: Heather, 2/8/17

Comments: I love these shoes! I've owned the Asics Gel Resolution 6 which are also great shoes but are a little heavy and stiff. I've tried on the Asis Solution Speed 3 and they were just to narrow and light. I think the adidas Stella Barricades offer a nice balance between these 2 shoes. They are super comfortable and offer the perfect amount of lightweight feel and stability for me! Not to mention I love the color scheme of these shoes so much better than the Gel Resolution 6.
From: Annie, 10/16

Comments: I purchased these recently, I forget the exact date, but it was recent. The seam on the upper part of the shoe on top of the toe area came apart. I am very disappointed because they were expensive shoes and the first time I ever bought adidas. I think they should have lasted much longer! The sole is still in decent shape.
From: Pam, 8/16

Comments: Very disappointed in these! Compared to the Asics Solution Speed 3, these don't have a lot of cushion or support. I liked the black color and scaled down look, but they really don't offer anything special for the money.
From: DSG, 8/16

Comments: These are comfortable but they wear out really quickly! The shoelaces and the holes for the shoelaces broke after just one week of wearing them. Really frustrating.
From: Vic, 4/16

Comments: These are wearing on the edge near my ankle after 3 weeks. Nothing like the other Barricades in terms of wear. The fit is great and comfortable but they are falling apart at the seams!
From: Jennifer, 10/15

Comments: The previous model was way better. I don't understand why they keep changing the Stella Barricades! Again, like a couple models ago, they have sacrificed durability and support for a sleeker look. The previous model had a stiff cage around the shoe, so stopping and going was no problem, these again are all fabric like.
From: Audrey, 9/15

Comments: I have been getting Stella Barricades for years (this is my 7th pair) and I get new colors every time. The comfort is a 11/10 and there is no break in time. I play tennis just about every day and I do get holes but that's only because I play in them until they get holes. I played 5 days a week for around 6 hours every day and I started the summer with a new pair and they lasted me the entire summer if they gives you and idea on duration. I just got the Yellow Glow Stella Barricades and I am extremely pleased. I love them as always but the color is exceptionally impressive. Sometimes it is hard to find comfortable and cute tennis shoes but these have marked the spot. Also the laces and bottom edge glow in the dark which is defiantly a plus! If you are on the fence about these shoes I am telling you to go ahead and get them! You will not be disappointed!
From: Anna, 9/15

Comments: My heels slipped out on every step. Heel depth is shallow by half inch compared to my other correctly fitted shoes. I sent mine back after wearing them for just 10 steps around the house.
From: Wes, 8/15

Comments: My dad got these for me -- I have always been a Nike girl. But, these are excellent on the court or for just walking. I would give these a five star rating. Great shoe. Really love them. Thanks Dad!
From: Danielle, 8/15

Comments: Really wanted to love these shoes. I wear a 9.5 in the Voom Zapors and all of my running shoes. Naturally, I ordered a 9.5 and found that there was less than a pinky finger worth of room between my toes and the end of the shoe. No problems, sent them back for a 10. When those came, the padding in the heel cup was already unglued and falling apart. Whatever, I needed a pair of shoes so I stuck with it. The size 10 had over two fingers worth of room between the toes and shoe. Sizing seems really inconsistent. Double socked it to cut down the toe issue and the excess volume issue, but still was getting a lot of heal slippage. Super frustrating. I will say though the forefoot cushioning and stability are amazing in this shoe. There is just so much other baggage that comes with that I would recommend looking else where for a new court shoe.
From: Cory, 7/15

Comments: I have worn the Barricades since the 5s and these were a huge disappointment. They are extremely comfortable and require no break in time as said by reviewers, but the durability doesn't compare to the older models. I played in these twice a week for roughly a month and have seen signs of wear. Although the wear isn't extreme yet, I would have expected more durability out of something that is in the upper half of the price range. Other than that, I have no complaints regarding its comfort or stability.
From: Jen, 3/15

Comments: I just ordered these and loved the cushion and color. But I have a narrow foot with a high arch and I wear a 7 usually and ordered a 7. They were too big. They felt bulky on and too much foot movement in them. I would recommend going down a 1/2 size if you have a narrow foot.
From: Liz, 2/15

Comments: I do really like these shoes so far. I have played in them for a few weeks now, and the comfort is there, but have to get use to the low to the ground feeling they offer! I have to say that I am a Barricade 2 lover, and have only owned this particular shoe until a month ago. I just threw out my last pair. I tried the Asics Gel Resolution 5 however the fit was too big in one size, and then too narrow and small (to a point of my feet getting numb in them) in the toe box in the next 1/2 size down. That was not the case with the 2015 Stella Barricade. I am a solid 8 M (recently measured by 2 different shoe stores), but found the back of my foot slipping out of this 8, so ordered the 7 1/2 and they are fitting really well. I put in the happy feet arches as my feet do have high arches, and this gave me the feeling I needed. I play 4 times a week at least, both singles and doubles 4.0, and hopefully these will just get better and better! The only thing I noticed is that I have to lace and tie them tight in order for them to feel secure on my feet. This could be just because the Barricade 2s I worn were a higher more stable shoe, and I just have to get use to the lower feel. I would definitely recommend this new Barricade version!
From: Carey, 2/15

Comments: Sorry but I found the previous model to be better, yes these ones don't need any breaking in but they have no support whatsowver for more intense playing. The entire plastic cage of the previous shoe is replaced by mesh making the shoe feel extremely lose. I guess that's why there is no break in period. Felt they were great for walking and maybe jogging but not really for intense tennis.
From: A, 2/15

Comments: I love these shoes! It's also very comfortable, I was very pleasantly surprised by that. The "no- break in required" selling point is true! I received them on Wednesday afternoon and I used it to play (and win!) a match the following day. I'm a size 9 but I got a 9.5 and it's perfect! I highly recommend these shoes.
From: Maria, 1/15

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