adidas Stella Barricade 8 Wh/Silver Women's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: I actually think this is a pretty great shoe. They last me about 5 months per pair playing almost daily for 2ish hours. Really a solid shoe. They do require some break in, although after that I think they feel really good. At about the 5 month mark, they start to rub me a lot more, so I refresh and get new ones. Going to keep buying them. I love the weight, feel, and style. They are really supportive and slim. I'm normally an 8.5, but after reading the reviews I went a half size down and they were perfect.
From: Lana, 5/16

Comments: I knew to size down a half size before I bought these shoes. I usually wear a size 9.5 but ordered a 9 and they are a perfect fit. Tested them today on a synthetic grass court whilst playing in the rain. Shoe gripped well despite slippery conditions. Very comfortable providing plenty of cushioning throughout the toe and heel area. No break-in required and the plain white with a hint of silver and orange matches every outfit. Also, I love the mesh design as its very breathable on humid, sweaty days. Hope they last the distance. I don't see why they wouldn't.
From: Victoria, 4/16

Comments: This is a great looking shoe, but the sizing is way bigger than standard. I am a standard size 7 and ordered same -- the shoe is a full size bigger (I passed the shoe on to a friend who is a standard size 8). It is great that the description includes mention of sizing, however "slightly long" does not realistically describe such a big size difference.
From: Susan, 3/16
Note from TW: Hi Susan, Thanks for the feedback, we will try on the shoes we have in stock. When this shoe first came out and we playtested it, all four of our playtesters agreed it was a half size long, not a full size and most stayed in their true size or went down just a half size. But we will definitely will double check that and update our fit description accordingly!

Comments: The Barricade 8s were a new experience for me when I first got them a little while back. They were my first "real" tennis shoes, (not some random brand from Payless). Though they are true to size in length, I feel that the toe box was a little larger than expected. And for the durability, I'm a pretty terrible toe dragger and had gone through several pairs of shoes before. The Barricade 8s lasted for about a month and a half in comparison to two hours which was a definite plus in durability. Stability was excellent, but the weight was certainly new. A good shoe for people who run through shoes quickly but maybe not for someone who is new to tennis shoes.
From: Shintaro, 5/15

Comments: Worst tennis shoes -- they are very uncomfortable. They have a weird feeling, sometimes it feels normal, but most of the time they hurt my toes. Like I said before, not a comfortable shoe. Some of my friends have used them as well and they think the same.
From: Catalina, 4/15

Comments: I'm 15, I play tennis one to three times a week and I just got my shoes. They are very nice and feel well made. The colors are very different from the picture though, but the shoes are very beautiful! They have good grip too. And when I go on my toes the shoe folds sort of weird. That might be because they are still new. I love them and I think everyone will love them too! I can't imagine why there are so many bad reviews! The bad reviewers must be playing all day everyday for them to wear out like that, and even if you did play all day every day I don't think you would have a problem with this shoe! They are very light (not as light as my last pair of shoes from Nike but still pretty light) and they feel nice on your feet. At first they feel very stiff but if you run a few laps, they loosen up a lot, and I think they will get looser over time. Anyway, great shoe -- cool, light, stay on your feet and they have great grip. Thank you adidas!
From: Avery, 2/15

Comments: Love this shoe! I play on the Pro Tour and would really recommend it. It fits well, requires no break in, is not bulky, and is light and quick.
From: Natalie, 2/14

Comments: I don't know why all the bad feedback for this shoe. I got them because they are Barricades and they were on sale. I'm a 4.0 player and they fit my medium width and arch feet fine. I haven't experienced most of the negative side effects that other reviewers complain about. I've worn Barricade 2, 4, 5 and 7s. The 8s feel closest in fit to the original 5s because they are slightly roomier than other Barricade models. They have slightly less upper stability than the 7s but still outperform most shoes in the market in that area. Traction is at least as good as the 7 if not slightly better. Durability seems to be very good. The soles show only minimal wear after a month of use, 3-4 hours a week. The 8s have slightly less aggressive treads and probably won't outlast the 7s which have treads like the Grand Canyon though. The only negative aspect of the shoe I've found for my feet is that the heels slipped a little while breaking in because I have low heels. They fit much better now with minimal slippage after break in. I haven't experienced painful toe jamming yet with sudden stops like others have complained about although I have felt slight slippage and my toes touching the front on hard stops because of the roominess. I wear 2 layers of socks for better cushioning: Drymax socks on the inside to keep feet dry and Nike cotton over them because cotton slips less than other materials. An area adidas could have done better in with this model is the thin padding. They don't feel as plush as the other Barricades I've used yet these aren't uncomfortable with no pressure points because they do fit quite well.
From: Clarence, 1/15

Comments: When Nike stopped making the original Lunarlites, I was devastated. I love narrow shoes that mold to your feet, so I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find a shoe with that slipper-like feel again. These are definitely my answer! I can't imagine why there are so many negative reviews. If you like super lightweight, extremely breathable, somewhat narrow shoes with no break-in required, you will love these. Not to mention how beautiful they look. Get your normal size as well, they'll fit perfectly. The only downside I can list is that the sole will wear out more quickly than the earlier combat boot-like Barricade models.
From: Alexandra, 12/14

Comments: I miss the Barricade 2 (not team)! This shoe isn't comfortable and feels cheap.
From: K, 12/14

Comments: I didn't purchase the shoes on this site, however, as a tennis player since juniors and now a teaching pro, I am compelled to comment on how much I despise this shoe. So uncomfortable, so cheap feeling, painful at times, and the worst part is after spending $125, so I tried to like them and it's impossible! Rip off! Almost made me stop wearing adidas tennis shoes altogether. I do not know what the deal is with these very expensive shoes but they feel like ski boots, which offer no support, no court traction and kill your feet.
From: Pamela, 12/14

Comments: Not a fan! I guess I have a bunion on the right foot and where other material can stretch over time, the plastic/rubber material doesn't seem to and causes pain. Also, the padding in the heel on one of the shoes seems to slip a bit. I like a lot of padding but not at the expense of it feeling loose at all.
From: Todd, 12/14

Comments: I have been wearing the Barricade since the "2" came out. Some fitted my feet better than the others but they have always been impeccable designed and made for performance tennis with excellent support and relative comfort. On the other hand, the "8" feels like cheap tennis shoes. It's hot and has little cushioning. The 8th generation is many steps backward for Barricade. It is regrettable that adidas has abandoned their flagship line of tennis shoes to meet the industry norm that a new design must be introduced every two years. This new shoes has nothing to compare to the Barricade 5.
From: Chanh, 10/14

Comments: I can't say enough about these shoes. My daughters, who play on average 20-25 hours a week, love them. Bought the poppy colored (new ones) and my daughter feels like they hold up a little better. I am replacing them every 3 or 4 months with the 6 month guarantee. Have had shoes that last a little longer, but my girls either got blisters or said they hurt their feet. I will continue to purchase these as long as they make them. I have tried other brands for my daughters but these are the ones they keep going back to.
From: Lucy, 9/14

Comments: Love these shoes! They offer great support and no break in is required. I have 3 pairs!
From: Natalie, 8/14

Comments: This shoe looks great. But, I have found it rides up too high on the inside of the foot and gave me blisters.
From: Eileen, 6/14

Comments: I really wish I could return these shoes. Whatever material they used on top of the toes tore up in literally 5 minutes. I'll wear through these in weeks. Not to mention, even after freshly wiping the dust off the soles, I was still slipping on the court. They're pretty, but not remotely durable.
From: Sherry, 6/14

Comments: I purchased these because they were the "cool" shoes to wear on the courts -- everybody has a pair and they are more stylish than other tennis shoes, but, sheesh, are they uncomfortable! I decided not to order another pair for this season because fashion (although it is valuable) is just not important enough to me to have to endure the pain of wearing these during my matches!
From: Kristin, 5/14

Comments: These give me blisters every time I wear them.
From: Maria, 5/14

Comments: I love Barricades but the new Barricade 8 lost me. Too plastic and stiff in the front of the shoe, bends with each step with plastic cutting into the top of the foot. Don't get me wrong -- the shoe is light and beautiful -- I bought a pair in Fresh Aqua and the lining and detail is perfection. But, since I didn't buy them to decorate my closet with, I sent them back.
From: Marina, 4/14

Comments: I ordered this shoe and am sending them back after wearing them a few times inside. My socks slipped and the tongue constantly moved up in the shoe. Very uncomfortable and hurt my feet. I normally wear size 10 running shoe and this size was huge. I do appreciate the wonderful customer service at Tennis Warehouse and ability to exchange the shoe!
From: Brenda, 2/14

Comments: I ordered these shoes, but am sending them back after wearing them around the house for a bit. The heel is wide, and although the shoe was the proper size (length), my heel kept slipping out while walking. Additionally, the shoe kept rubbing my sock so that my sock slipped down my heel fell down into the shoe. I ran around the house a couple of times and the rubbing was awful. Overall, the shoe has a nice design and weight, and the toe box is roomy, but the heel was just too wide for me. I've been wearing a variety of Nikes for the last couple of years, and haven't had a problem with heel width.
From: Kate, 1/14

Comments: Received the replacement pair for my daughter in about 2 to 3 weeks. I am very pleased with the overall shoe. I will continue to buy these shoes and might even try the new version that has just come out.
From: Lucy, 12/13

Comments: I bought this shoe for both of my daughters who are competitive junior players. They play an average of at least 10-15 hours a week of tennis. They love the feel of the shoe. Used to wear K-Swiss RS Defier, but those shoes were so bulky and heavy. Switched to these shoes because they are a much lighter weight. My oldest daughter has a wide foot and these fit great. The drawback is that I am replacing them every 2 to 3 months because the sole wears out. I have sent back a pair to adidas because of the guarantee, but I am still waiting for them to come back.
From: Lucy, 11/13

Comments: Of all the different editions of the Barricade that I have worn, this one is the best. Very comfortable, good stability, and lightweight. (The previous Barricades felt so bulky, like combat boots.) These are perfect and stylish!
From: Emily, 10/13

Comments: I love the comfort and stability of these shoes. But, within 8-10 wearings, both shoes started to discolor on the top and side. TW says it was wear and tear; it is not.
From: Victoria, 9/13

Comments: This shoe is terrible. It is uncomfortable and has no lateral support whatsoever. I wore the Barricade 6 forever and loved that shoe. It had great support and was very comfortable. If you have any ankle issues, do not buy this shoe.
From: Kimberly, 9/13

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