adidas barricade 7.0 White/Blue Women's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: This shoe was very comfortable and did not require any break-in time. However, after about 3 months of wear, the upper did not feel supportive at all. The side of my foot felt like it was hanging over the side of the shoe. I turned my ankle a couple of times and one day I felt something in the side of my foot give way, like a sprain in the side of my foot. I've never had that issue before. Needless to say, I stopped wearing these shoes. I play about 2-3 times per week, so 3 months of playing 2-3 times per week is not a long life span for a pair of high performance tennis shoes. I'm a 4.5 player and rely on quick movement. These shoes did not work for me due to the lack of stability. I'm glad I got them on sale. I would have been very unhappy if I had paid full price.
From: Patty, 9/13

Comments: I was so unhappy with these shoes but kept them only because I had paid so much money for the pair. The outsole wore out in 1.5 months. There was zero lateral support and the upper forefoot area was sooooo soft that you could see my entire foot move with the shoe (like those Reeboks from the 80s) I rolled over a few times with these on. Not only that, they made my feet look huge and 3x wider. Just bought a pair of Babolat SFXs and am super happy with those - sturdy, fab lateral support, lots of room and stylish. Everything I was hopping the Barricade 7 would be.
From: Talar, 6/13

Comments: No support at all! The whole point of barricades had always been support and durability, these have neither. I've worn barricades forever and have never rolled my ankles or fallen due to my shoes until these! Another thing, these shoes will not make it past the one month mark (I'm a competitive player) and I've already completely tore through my pair in 3 weeks. Hope they bring back the 6's. if you love the old barricades and that type of support I would recommend the Yonex Power Cushion as they are the closest shoes I've found.
From: Ally, 5/13

Comments: I have used a various number of the Adidas Barricades with the 2.0s and was very pleased with the comfort and endurance of the shoe. I play girl's varsity matches 2-3 times a week, and used the Adidas Barricade 7.0 The outer body of the shoe was broken in no time, but the bottom of the shoe is still in excellent condition. The shoe is torn up on the outside after about 2 weeks. Still very satisfied with the comfort with the shoe, but will definitely not be ordering any more of the 7.0s.
From: Makayla, 5/13

Comments: I play varsity girls tennis at number 1 doubles. The first match with this shoe broke my whole big toe nail off it bled thru my sock. And by the 7th match (3 and a half weeks) I wore a hole under my big toe. I used to love the durability of the barricade but this version is absolutely terrible with no durability and a very painful break in period. I would not recommend this to a friend.
From: Anon, 4/13

Comments: It has been a long time since I tried on a pair of Barricades. I remember them being awkward, clunky- fitting jobs - these Barricade 7's are neither. They are snug, streamlined, and unbelievably stable. The cushioning and arch support are amazing. I am all over the court in these things! They are the best shoe, hands down, I have ever worn on a tennis court. Honestly cannot comprehend reviews critical of this shoe's stability; that is its strong suit.
From: BH, 4/13

Comments: Great arch support! Super comfortable from the first minute.
From: Julia, 3/13

Comments: Further to my previous comment, the mystery continues. The royal blue edition of the Barricade 7, while forcing one to go up in size, were solid. The next pair I bought, (with the violet and yellow accents), seemed far flimsier by comparison and I felt not enough support. So I use them for walking around. Just received the black pair (with the flashy pink), and the feel of them is back to the solidity of the royal blue pair. Wore them for two hours right out of the box and they were great. However, they seem bigger than the previous two pairs - not enough to go back down half a size to the previous Barricades, but enough that I'll probably have to wear two pairs of socks. Seems perhaps quality control is not happening at the factory. Or something. It's strange.
From: Stephanie, 1/13

Comments: Weird thing about these Barricades. I've been wearing them since the 4s, and while I wasn't happy going up half a size with the new 7s, the first pair I had (the bright blue ones), were amazing. The second pair (the white with yellow and purple accents) were supposed to be the exact same shoe. But they were worlds apart. So much softer and less support. Remember, we're not talking about going from 6s to 7s. These are both 7s, bought only a couple of months apart. I use them to walk around in. I've ordered the pink and black pair. Let's hope they're more like the blue ones (which I still wear) are. Because otherwise I'm going to have to go to a whole new brand, and I came to adidas in the first place because Nikes just didn't fit my foot well. I don't know why they keep messin' around.
From: Stephanie, 1/13

Comments: Poor shoe compared to the Barricade II (I do not mean Barricade 2). The 7.0's have uppers that provide no support or stability, not too mention that the uppers are not snug enough. If you want a replacement for Barricade II, try the New Balance WC 804.
From: Grace, 1/13

Comments: I normally don't write reviews but I felt like this one was a must. I have been wearing the Barricades for many years but stopped for the last couple of years due the new sizing (half a size bigger) and I'm a size 5 and cannot go any smaller. I have been in search for a new pair and have ordered and used Nike. All of my Nike shoes unfortunately gave me blisters, arch pain and now knee pain. They just don't have enough support in any of them. When I saw the Barricade 7 went back to its original sizing, I did not hesitate to order my new pair, and based on some of the positive reviews I was brave enough to wear it out of the box and played for 2 1/2 hours without breaking them in. I cannot tell you enough how happy I am with these shoes. No blisters, no arch pain, and no knee pain. This was also a lot lighter than the previous style but still have a lot of support. I just ordered the other color and will be ordering more pairs and stock up on these shoes. Thank you Adidas for going back to your true sizing. The search is over! I recommended this to my tennis partner and she also bought two pairs and loves them.
From: Reg, 12/12

Comments: First of all let me say that I have not worn Barricades since the 2's back in 2001 after my first child was born. All of the models since then have been too wide or if I could get them to fit, they were too wide in the heel and slippage was a problem. They were also too bulky on the court. I felt like I was wearing cinder blocks on my feel. These, however, fit perfectly. I have a narrow foot and an even narrower heel. No slippage with these. I typically either wear 2 pairs of thin socks or Thorlos Level 3's. I read that some people complained about lack of lateral support but I have not had that issue. I'm able to move up, back, and side-to-side feeling very supported in these shoes. The light weight is a nice surprise. I can usually tolerate a heavier shoe as long as my feet feel supported. Prior to these shoes I have been wearing the Asics Resolution 2's and 3's. I haven't tried the 4's yet because I read that they were a bit wider than previous versions. I haven't had these shoes very long so I can't speak to the durability. I'm also not a toe dragger so I can't comment on that either. The only thing I don't like about this shoe is how plastic-y it looks. I can live with that as long as my feet are happy. I also noticed in the TW review the testers mentioned the lack of ventilation. I didn't have that problem. I am a 4.0 doubles player that plays year-round on hard courts exclusively.
From: Jackie, 10/12

Comments: I've always played in Nike, but my feet would always hurt after playing. I'm so happy I switched to Adidas a few years ago!
From: Anon, 10/12

Comments: These shoes are cheap, thin and have little support. They look cheap, and they have no side support. They may be light, but I want support when I run for a ball. I'm an open level tournament on court 6 days a week, and these shoes have lasted 3 weeks. The uppers are falling apart. I hope adidas gets the idea that these are NOT the shoes for serious players. These were sent to me by adidas to replace Barricade 6 warranty. I hope to find more Barricade 6's.
From: Debi, 10/12

Comments: After wearing out the Barricade 5 and 6 (I play 4 times a week), it was time for me to get new tennis shoes and I didn't hesitate before ordering the Barricade 7. I must say I find them better than the old Barricade. The first improvement you will notice right away is the weight. They are so light that before I opened the box I was scared for a minute that the box would be empty! Being less heavy and less bulky, they made me feel like I'm moving in a lighter way. I felt they supported lateral movement well. I felt completely confident to make sharp changes in direction without fear of stumbling. Another improvement is that there was literally no break-in time needed. The shoes felt comfortable and ready to wear right out of the box. Not that I think it is so important to have a short break-in time, but just saying. I've never worn any other brand for tennis shoes so I can't compare, yet I definitely recommend these shoes.
From: Shif, 9/12

Comments: I have been wearing adidas for at least 20 years on the tennis court, and these have zero lateral support. I guess I will have to buy up all the Barricade 6's I can find, or switch to Prince or Nike.
From: Wendy, 9/12

Comments: Seriously, they took the best shoe in tennis (the Barricade 6) and made it into this cheap, thin, unsupportive tennis shoes. Looks like I will have to go back to the Barricade II's or find another manufacturer - only problem with that is none of the shoes on the market for women (now) are durable or sturdy and if you are like a lot of tennis players and have foot and ankle injuries in this shoe, you will probably have more injuries. I tried them on and it was an immediate "not in a million year". Please adidas go back to making quality shoes for us! I can't have my fore-foot and toes bending that much and I can't have my feet nearly on the court from thin, flexible materials on the sole/heel. I can't imagine one set in these things much less three. Come on adidas, make the real court shoes for real tennis players.
From: NB, 8/12

Comments: They are light weight but too narrow. They made my feet hurt very bad.
From: Mia, 7/12

Comments: I have been buying the new models of the Barricade for the past 5 years. This is the first model I have not found the support which I buy the shoe for. I have never had problems with my feet, but after playing in these shoes for two hours, my feet are in pain. I think it's time to try another brand.
From: CC, 6/12

Comments: I bought these shoes, they were fine walking around then I played tennis in them and my feet hurt for the rest of the day. They kind of slide up and down my feet. I'm still wearing them because I can't return them and had been saving up for a pair of shoes since september. I usually buy nikes but this time decided to try adidas shoes... I'm going back to Nike once I can save up for another pair.
From: M, 6/12

Comments: I have tried to love these, but they're just impossible to play in. I'm tall and wear a 10.5 medium. These feel tight at the forefoot and loose at the heel to the point where I'm lifting out of them. Also, should've known this from looking at them, but there is zero ventilation so I race to pull them off when I'm done playing. I was a fan of the Barricade 2's.
From: K, 4/12

Comments: Adidas, stop chasing the market in what catches the eye and get back in the driver's seat for the player. Barricade II (the last of the IVs) were the shoes that put you on the map with hardcourt players. When you feel the need to tweek, either hire a player to advise or take some time off. I don't know how many high level players you have forced to sideline with foot issues due to a need to change up or start a trend. Coming from the mouths of USTA players who are now on the fence, "try playing in them before you go to market and that's try playing tennis!" Go back to the original toe box. Body types may have gotten wider but not feet.
From: Debbi-o, 4/12

Comments: This is a very comfortable shoe right out of the box. A little on the hot side, they could be more breathable. They feel very stable. They are a little flashy but have kind of a cool look. I do wish the blue material wasn't so shiny and cheap plasticy looking, but they feel so comfortable I think I can put up with it.
From: Anon, 4/12

Comments: Love this shoe. I could never wear adidas shoes before - they always were too big in the heel. I now just bought two pair and highly recommend this shoe. I find them true to size. My feet are very happy in these shoes - like the K Swiss Tubes - but the tread in those shoes wore out after 2 months. Hopefully these shoes last. Wish they came in more colors.
From: Tina, 3/12

Comments: I have to agree with K. Harris. I have been playing with the Barricades since they came out a very long time ago. I had horrible feet issues with the 6's to the point that I had to take 5 weeks off of tennis (regular 4-5 time/week player) and tried the 7's but had to return those after one wearing. I went back to Barricade 2's and my feet are fine. The barricade is not what it used to be - the best stability and supportive shoe in the business.
From: Marie. 3/12

Comments: I've been playing with barricades for about 3 years an USED to love them, I bought the new ones and actually took them back to the store. They are extremely flat and hurt my feet just by walking in them. The previous models were really cool but these just look cheap! Not recommended at all.
From: Anon, 3/12

Comments: Been wearing these for a couple of months. pretty nice shoe, good support and comfort, I didn't find it needed much breaking in. I take a half size larger in this shoe (6.5 instead of the usual 6 I wear, which is what I need in Adidas Running shoes, also). Compared to another review, I didn't find this shoe to be narrow in the forefoot at all, and I have a wider forefoot so I'm unable to wear a lot of shoes. I have stayed away from barricades in the past because they were too heavy - I prefer this version. Not as comfy as my Babolat V-Pro's but these will probably last longer, as the Babolat's don't have the structural integrity and break down quicker.
From: Seralee, 2/12

Comments: Excellent shoes! Very light and narrow. Probably the best among recent models.
From: Irina, 1/12

Comments: I am (was) a big fan of the barricade shoes until Adidas changed the women's barricade for the worst. It is no longer what the barricade was designed to be: a highly supportive shoe designed for the best stability and support in the business. Now it is a light weight slipper - fine for most but disappointing those of us who have relied on the Barricade to give us the support we need for various foot problems.
From: K. Harris, FL, USA, 12/11

Comments: Already have played 3 matches wearing the new generation, there will not be a fourth one in this shoes. A few pros: Much lighter, no break in required. Cons: Very narrow in the forefoot, and the cushion in the heel part is not as good as with the B2. The pain was so bad after the matches it was like my neuroma was back in the forefoot and I had a heel spur. I am 4.0, and play 4 to 6 times a week(singles and doubles).
From: Anon, 12/11

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