adidas Barricade V Classic Wh/Grey/Silver Women's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: These are great shoes. It's a shame that adidas seem to have discontinued them yet again. They do run a half a size too big, so order down. I play 5 times a week and have worn them throughout the summer and winter, I ended up having two pairs last year -- the first lasted about 10 months (longer than my K-Swiss) and I have just started wearing the new pair. They are a fairly heavy shoe but are very stable, which I find to be great as I have weak ankles, the cushioning is also very comfortable. I would say that they are wider than an Asics shoe, so a great choice if you have wider feet. Bring back the Barricade V Classic please adidas!! Great service from Tennis Warehouse too -- love the website.
From: Alex, 6/16

Comments: It is true, I bought these shoes in a half size smaller and they fit great. This is my new favorite sneaker!
From: Laura, 6/16

Comments: These are supportive, tough, comfy shoes! I've played in them for years, and though the design has varied, the commitment to performance is always there. Buy a 1/2 size smaller in these for a regular fit. I tried Asics a few years ago when they were getting a lot of press, and developed horrendous Achilles problems. My PT said it was a direct result of the Asics sole, which was too stiff. Back to adidas, and so much better. I play at the 4.5 level, 4 times a week and these shoes are durable! A solid, great all-around shoe.
From: Sky, 4/16

Comments: I won't buy these again. I wore through these shoes in less than 6 months. I have only been playing 2 years and I just started a league 7 months ago -- that is why I thought I was buying good shoes. I am 61 years old and 168 lbs and play 3 times a week. If I can wear through them then how will they last for a 25-45 year old? Poorly made. Plus the adidas customer service wants you to mail them back to them and also send them a check for $13.25. Then they will let you know if they will replace them. I will not purchase again.
From: Maggie, 3/16

Comments: Like others have noted, the sizing is way off. I gave mine to a friend with wider, longer feet and she is enjoying them. So a 7.5 fit a woman who normally wears an 8 and has a medium to wide width foot.
From: Jan, 10/15

Comments: The sizing is way off. Felt like it was meant for a man. I wear a size 8 in Asics and all other shoes. This felt like a size 10 to me.
From: Amelia, 10/15

Comments: I'm happy that they brought these back! The Barricade V was recommended to me years ago for it's support and stability. They did take breaking in, I wore the shoe for many, many years and was disappointed when they no longer were on the market. If you are looking for good support and eventually a glove-like fit, these are it. The guy that recommended these, fits running shoes for Olympic runners -- so he knew his stuff!
From: Vivian, 9/15

Comments: Just like the originals if you go down a half size smaller! I am so happy to have my favorite shoes back! Thank you adidas!
From: Valerie, 4/15

Comments: This is the best tennis shoe I've ever found. It is a bit rigid but it provides the lateral stability I need for my problem feet. I'm so happy that adidas brought this shoe back!
From: Liz, 4/15

Comments: The women's size 7 1/2 felt like I put on a men's 7 1/2. Both length and width are way too big. I guess I should really complain to adidas, because the factory in China that is making these do not have the proper sizing model for USA women's sneakers. I am usually an 8 sometimes a 7 1/2 for boots. I ordered the 7 1/2 because of the reviews that stated they fit long, well it is more than long. I had to return them. I will buy only Asics from now on. I am a level 3.5 player.
From: Pamela, 3/15

Comments: Completely inflexible. Size was larger than previous Barricade shoes I have worn and loved. They were stiff and hard to move in on the court. Since I've already worn them, I can't return them. Very disappointing.
From: Cate, 2/15

Comments: Ran long and felt like clown shoes on me. They were bulky and stiff, but I like stiff. I play 4.5 singles 4 times a week and have always ordered the Barricade 2 (not Team). I go through and order 5-6 pairs a year. Loved those shoes, but not these!
From: M, 12/14

Comments: My first pair of adidas shoes were the "Adipower Barricade W" which I loved the first moment I wore them. Unfortunately, they've been discontinued, so I ordered a pair of these Barricade V Classics. Very uncomfortable for both feet. There's a lot more rubber and plastic on the face of the shoe than I deduced from the images on TW's website. Found it difficult for my toes to move within the shoe and well as bending my foot -- felt very stiff and inflexible. I wanted to like them more, but it just wasn't going to happen.
From: Laura, 10/14

Comments: I have always loved Barricades and this version definitely is as amazing as all previous versions. Just amazing shoes! No break-in needed for me. In fact, right out of the box, I didn't want to take them off. I listened to others who seemed to feel that a 1/2 size smaller was needed. I usually wear an 8.5 so ordered size 8 and they fit perfectly. I have had no issues having worn several times now on court with any friction as some reviewers report around the tongue. Yes, they are very supportive with great arch support and that's probably why some reviewers say they are too stiff. People, you need supportive shoes when playing tennis -- especially those at more advanced levels, 3.5 and higher who highly value court movement. I am ordering 2 more pair as I am so impressed with these shoes and do not want to run the risk of them not being available in 6 months when needed again.
From: Mary, 8/14

Comments: Thank you adidas for bringing these classic Barricades back. I have a foot injury, and the support is awesome. I've tried many pairs of shoes, nothing compares to these. I have to laugh every time someone at my club comments on their court shoes, " just like wearing slippers," -- good luck with that people. Slippers our made for the bedroom, not the court. Please don't ever stop making these shoes!
From: Lulu, 7/14

Comments: Love, love, love these shoes. Have had previous ankle injuries and I love the stability of these shoes. Yes, some might feel they are heavy but they truly offer so much support and they really break right in. Wore them straight out of the box.
From: Lisa, 7/14

Comments: These shoes ran longer for me, about a 1/2 inch, than the original Barricade Vs.
From: Kathleen, 6/14

Comments: I used to wear Barricades about 5 years ago, and I decided to give them a try again. After just walking around the house with them I decided to send them back without even trying them on the court. Too stiff, heavy and clunky. I wasn't willing to risk trying to break them in, when they felt so uncomfortable from the get go.
From: Donna, 6/14

Comments: I was desperately hoping these shoes would be a good alternative to my beloved Barricade IIs. I am a fairly aggressive 3.5 doubles player with a history of ankle injuries. I've played for years in the IIs so I'm used to the heavier shoe and the wide, built up heel. But the V made me feel like I was playing tennis in wedge heels. I felt if I happened to roll an ankle, I was going to roll from a pretty lofty height. I opted instead for the Asics Gel Resolution 5, which gets me much closer to the ground.
From: Michelle, 5/14

Comments: I'm thrilled they have brought these shoes back -- they are by far the best Barricades, or any other tennis shoe, I've ever played in. I'm a 3.5 singles player that runs a ton on the court, and plays five days a week. These shoes provide excellent lateral support and stability. I don't feel they need much break in, but they feel even more solid after a few weeks of play. It seemed that the Barricades 6,7 and 8 were designed progressively more narrow in the toe box, and I had given up on the Barricades and gone to Prince T22s. However, these Barricade Vs provide the perfect fit for my average width foot, and the awesome lateral support singles players need. These shoes may not have the cushiony feel that some shoes have out of the box, but don't let that fool you, they provide the arch support and foot support needed, and don't cause the sole of my feet to hurt at all. While I haven't had these new Vs long enough to determine the wear of the bottoms, my past experience is that the sole on these shoes will last. Thank you adidas for bringing them back. I'm thrilled! Best tennis shoes ever!
From: Carmen, 2/14

Comments: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these Barricade V's! I am a 3.5 player and play about 5 times a week and I think I must be the only person that doesn't even need to break them in. I put them on straight from the box and head to the courts. No blisters - no nothing and they are SO super comfy! My feet never hurt ever. This is the only time in my life I've found a shoe to fit my wide feet. I have bought more than 10 pairs already as I plan to stockpile them now Adidas no longer makes them. I am truly grateful to Adidas for this shoe. Pity they've stopped making them though. If you have narrow feet buy Nike not Adidas.
From: Sandra, San Jose, CA, USA. 09/10

Comments: If you aren't a serious player who plays almost every day, I would NOT recommend these shoes. They require an intense break in period, but then they are soft as butter, and incredibly comfortable. I have two pairs that have lasted me more than a year (I alternated the two pairs) and they give great support and traction. If you are a serious player, you will not regret these shoes!
From: Nava, New York. New York, U.S.A. 07/10

Comments: I've worn Barricade V's for several years and loved them. They last long but since I play frequently and at a high level, I always go through the sole and get the free replacement pair within the 6-mo guarantee. However, my latest pair in the lilac design caused extreme pain/blistering on the inner ankle from the top grommet and I've had to resort to placing cloth tape over it to reduce chafing. I also have squeakiness in this pair after replacing the standard insoles with SuperFeet ones for arch support. One other cosmetic issue...after just two months of wear a piece of the lilac plastic design on the outer part of the shoe cracked and now sticks out. I was thinking this was just a defective pair of shoes until I read all the similar reviews about the chafing grommet. Not so sure I'll stick with these.
From: Lisa, Laguna Hills, CA, USA 03/10

Comments: I had a pair of these when they were leather (a few years ago) and they were the BEST shoe ever. Bought another pair when they wore out and now they are SYNTHETIC. It's the most uncomfortable shoe I ever bought. Leather gives and forms to your foot, plastic pinches your feet. I am constantly loosening or tightening the laces and then after about 2 hours of singles play, I want to forfeit because they pinch where your toes bend. It feels like my feet are bleeding. Waste of money! I have to buy another pair because this is so bad. I'm going to switch brands back to KSwiss--but always looking for another great shoe.
From: Wendy, Roswell, GA, USA 03/10

Comments: This shoe is REALLY uncomfortable. It is cut too high on the ankle for me and very stiff. It rubbed so badly the first two times I wore it I got a blister and open sore on the inside of my ankle and it started bleeding. I had to resort to wrapping my ankles so the friction wouldn't cause additional blisters. After 3 weeks and playing 3-4 times a week these shoes are now in a bag to give away. I bought the new Wilson Tour Vision shoe and it is more comfortable, more flexible and not as heavy.
From: EA, Austin, TX. 3/10

Comments: When I first got these shoes, I loved them! They felt amazing, looked amazing, and even reduced the impact on my feet more than my previously loved adidas model. Once summer came, and I was out for a few hours each day, instead of a few times per week, the blisters came. I even began bleeding during a match on my ankles. Needless to say, I needed to try a different pair, so I am now using the Prince T22s, which I love even more than the first month or two of the Barricades.
From: Anon, 02/10

Comments: I've worn Barricade's for years and love the fit and durability. They're a little heavy, but, I actually like the stiffness. Well, Adidas went too far with that theme on the V's, adding the external support on the ankle section. Within a few months of wear at twice weekly play, it now feels like a metal bar is rubbing up against my ankles. Still have good tread, but, I can't wear these any more.
From: Al, North Richland Hills, TX, USA. 12/09

Comments: Great shoe! Extremely stable and durable. I reduce break-in time to almost nil by having a strong friend bend each shoe (toe up towards the heel) and twist it back and forth (wringing motion). Heavy at first but I stopped noticing the weight within two weeks. A 3.5 player who plays 5 times a week, I have blown through various $80+ K-Swiss shoes in fewer than two months. The Barricade Vs last me about five months which is long enough to make them a good value and short enough for me to take advantage of the outsole warranty.
From: S, Oakland, CA 12/09

Comments: I have never taken the time to write a review, but these shoes should NOT advertise that they are light weight. They definitely have good support and look nice, but don't think for a minute they are light. They are, in fact, stiff and clunky. I also end up getting foot cramps every time I play. My friend also has a pair and she complains that they are just high enough to rub at the top for her to get blisters. I wish Adidas would bring back the FEATHERS. They were incredibly light weight and comfortable... The Feather is coming back in January 2010 -TW
From: Patrice, 12/09

Comments: These are the best shoes ever. I play about six days a week in season and would go the soles in about 4 weeks, but not the Barricade V's. I have had these shoes for five months and still no show of going threw them. These shoes are the best!! I find them very comfortable too. The best shoe I have ever owned.
From: Sherri, Caledonia, MI, USA 12/09

Comments: I play at least 2 times a week and train 3 other days of the week . I have found these shoes to be the best in durability and comfort after the initial break in period. From the other customer opinions I have read, it seems that you either love them or hate them. I can also that I find that these shoes are great for dynamic balance and stability when hitting and recovering from fast playing styles. This shoe is not for recreational, non competitive players who are not used to pounding the court for hours in a day. I would not recommend this shoe to weekend warriors. This shoe is meant to be worn, worn, and worn out!
From: Adrienne, Newport News, Va. 11/09

Comments: Tried this shoe based on a pro's recommendation for durability. I'm a 3.5 and play 4 to 5 times a week. My previous tennis shoes wore out in less than 3 months. These are fantastic - but definitely need a break in period. I had blisters and the shoes felt heavy and clumsy for 2 to 3 weeks. Since then, however, they have been amazingly comfortable with good stability and springiness. A couple of people asked if I'd started dance lessons because my movement improved so much! I will break my next pair in around the house before using them on court.
From: Eileen, Sherman Oaks, CA USA 09/09

Comments: Bought these shoes thinking they would fit like my previous barricades, which they initially do, foot fit is great. BUT, after wearing them for a month of playing 3 - 4 times per week, they continue to blister my left ankle where the tongue of the shoe doesn't cover the grommet and lace. (I'm tired of donning the band-aids to protect this spot). I will take them to a shoemaker and see if he can dig out the grommet and move the lace hole so that it doesn't rub. Shame, but you can't play when you have pain like that!
From: Heather, Vancouver, BC, Canada 09/09

Comments: I love these shoes. I am a 4.0 player and I play everyday some days 3.5 hours a day. They are the only shoes I have found that keep my Plantar Facia (sp) from hurting! I am getting ready to order my third pair. They each lasted about four to six months the pair that only lasted four months adidas replaced since they have the warranty on the sole!
From: Susan, Oklahoma City, OK 08/09

Comments: These shoes caused huge blisters on my inner ankle. They are very stylish. They are very stiff. I feel glued to the ground in these shoes.
From: Jewel, Seattle, WA USA. 8/09

Comments: Stiff, heavy, bulky and uncomfortable. Returning this shoe.
From: Lynda, Chattanooga, TN, USA 07/09

Comments: I loved the Barricade IV's so much that I bought every pair I could find online when they stopped making them. I was very hesitant to try the V's after reading quite a few "iffy" reviews about them, but I finally had to, since all of my IV's were worn out. It took a few wearings to really break them in, but now I like these even better than the previous version. They're lighter and more breathable, but still have the same great support and stability. I've never experienced any kind of pain, discomfort, irritations or blisters--it's as if they were made for me! [These shoes definitely run a half size large, so this may be why others have not had good results.] I am a 4.0 player who plays 3-4 times per week. This is a supremely comfortable shoe with the lateral stability and support necessary for the serious player. Highly recommended!
From: Annie, Litchfield, CT, USA. 6/09

Comments: These shoes are awesome and are really easy on the feet. I have foot problems and when I wear these shoes they usually don't hurt. Awesome shoes!!
From: Lauren, New City, New York, USA 06/09

Comments: I bought the red shoes exactly that they had in these shoes last year, and I LOVE them. Normally I go through tennis shoes really fast but these ones have lasted me a whole year, granted I am due for a new pair because there is no traction on the bottom anymore. I had to go a half size down, because they tend to run a little big. It took a few times to break in but I'm in love with these shoes.
From: Caitlin, Pennsylvania. 6/09

Comments: Barricade is super durable! Great shoe! I have been using barricades for seven years, so I have used the barricade II, III; IV. After a few months I would feel pain in my right ankle, so I knew it was time to buy new ones. II were the less durable ones, got old very early. It got better every new model they made. The miracle of the V is that I have waited until I got the pain in my ankle and it just did not happen. After a year of intensive use I bought two new pairs of V : And I realized why I did not feel my ankle: the support was just as good as the old pair! Amazing! I can hardly tell the difference if it is my new pair of the old one. Support is the same. So the Barricade V is super durable. This was not really the case with the other Barricades. Well done Adidas! If you have a medium to wide foot its the best shoe ever. If your foot is very "thin" then a Nike shoe is better for you.
From: Flower, Holland. 05/09

Comments: These are the BEST shoes for the aggressive player - that is.. after they have been broken in. Incredible support. They did give me blisters on the inner ankle bones, but they went away & never came back. I found they run a bit large though. I had to go down a 1/2 size, compared to Nike & other brands. Very comfy once the break in period is over. I will never switch back to other brands after wearing these.
From: Joann, LA, CA usa. 5/09

Comments: These shoes are really cute, and I've gotten barricades before. Lets just say they aren't the same as the old ones. They hurt your feet really bad, especially your ankles. 6 month warranty was a good idea because you'll probably need it. Like me, I've had them for about 1 month and already need new ones. Great price though. Oh yeah, and you definitely need to break them in.
From: Jill, Allegan, MI, USA. 05/09

Comments: I bought a pair of the Barricade V and don't like them at all. The toe box is extremely wide and buying a half a size smaller is not an option. I agree with the comment above, price is not an issue but I definitely would choose another shoe if you are looking for comfort and stability. I can't wear them and basically, stuck with a pair of shoes nobody wants... I hope this helps :)
From: Paige, Nashville, TN, USA. 05/09

Comments: OK, so I love this shoe after the break-in period. It's comfortable, fits my foot, has all the stability and support that I love, and then, lo and behold, in less than three months there is a hole in the toe. Cleared the outsole out in less than three months. Despite durability issues, great shoe.
From: Erin, Roseville, CA, US. 4/09

Comments: I've been looking forward to buy the Barricade V. When I bought it, I was so disappointed. First time I used it, I had a pain in my arch and I thought probably because it's new. The second time, I can't play for more than 1/2 hour. It's heavy and I feel like I'm dragging it around the court. The arch pain was even worst. I never expected that kind of pain from a new pair of shoes.
From: Granae, Ojai, California, USA. 4/09
(Before playing in the Barricade V, we recommend wearing them around and walking to break them in before playing on the court. The shoe will soften some and be more comfortable for on-court wear, but it will continue to offer stability and durability. - - TW)

Comments: I have worn Adidas for two years and prefer the comfort of the Barricade III over V. I Like the light weight of Vs except several of us who wear Vs, get blisters on our ankle bones. I have a gigantic blister as I type...I've elevated the shoe sole with folded cardboard, which sits my foot above the shoe rim...It seems to work. I'm very active on the court and play daily so the shoe doesn't last long but for the player who isn't too aggressive, I think the shoe sole would last. I like the looks...I get compliments on the looks but my ankle bone is a concern. I also wash my Adidas shoes weekly; they dry quickly and look new.
From: Ginger, Laguna Beach, CA. 4/09

Comments: I have worn Barricade II's for several years. Absolutely love them; however, I play about 5 times per week and the soles did not last very long. Since the Vs had the six-month guarantee, I thought I would buy them. Don't waste your money!!! Both of my ankles on the inside have huge bleeding blisters ... thanks to these 5's. I am having to wear thick socks, plus pad my ankles. Never again. Back to the Barricade IIs.
From: LaDonna, GA, USA. 03/09

Comments: I love the way the shoe looks but I found it too blocky. Didn't feel like I could run my fastest in them.
From: Sophie, Melbourne, Australia. 3/09

Comments: They look amazing and they feel wonderful. Minor break in was required for me. great balance.
From: ed, edville. 2/09

Comments: Out of curiosity, I got a pair of these popular Barricades during the sale. Coming from the lightweight Asics Resolution, I was skeptical about how I would like these heavier, stiffer Barricades. I definitely wore them around to soften them up before playing in them. They are surprisingly comfortable, even with the extra weight. Good traction and very stable. I didn't feel that they were too heavy as I had first expected. I now understand what other comments refer to when they describe these as tanks! Overall a comfortable shoe - I don't think I'll be able to wear these out anytime soon. These should be great for high level, competitive play. For recreational players these could last you forever. I'd go with lighter weight shoes since I don't really need to worry about durability.
From: Anon, California. 2/09

Comments: These shoes were very stiff, and I trouble breaking into them. Although they had great traction on the court and help me get to balls very well, they gave me major blisters on my ankles and my toes. These shoes aren't very good, but they look really cool.
From: Tram, Piscataway, NJ, USA. 1/09

Comments:I have been wearing Barricades for years and have had every model. The fives are a big disappointment. The inside of both of my ankles are bleeding and they don't break in. I have to lay on several band-aids and hope they hold. These are a disaster--I got them recently from TW and am thinking about sending them back.
From: Linda, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, USA. 1/09

Comments: Love the color. Really wanted to love the shoe. I've worn II's and IV's and I don't like these at all. They are too long and too wide, and I've returned them.
From: Linda, Pittsburg, PA. 1/09

Comments: I love these shoes! I roll my ankle really easily and since they are wide I haven't been able to roll them. The only thing is they take FOREVER to break in.
From: Caitee, Huntley, IL, USA, 12/08

Comments: I loved the look of this shoe and really wanted them to work but they are just too wide! I even tried wearing two socks just to see if that would work but they are just too big and clunky.
From: Connie, San Jose State, CA, USA. 10/08

Comments: I have had 2 pairs of these shoes, and they are wonderful! these shoes have lasted so much longer than other shoes that I have previously worn. They don't take very long to break in and are super comfortable. I just love them!
From: Kate, Rochester, MN, USA. 8/08

Comments: Gotta say I am not a fan of these shoes. They just still aren't that comfortable and I've been wearing them for two months. I have gotten a few blisters which I've never gotten with any other shoe. They also make the foot look very long and big. Won't buy them again and am online now researching new shoes.
From: Robin, La, Ca.. 8/08

Comments: My daughter liked these shoes, especially since they matched her tennis uniform. However, beware of Adidas' replacement guarantee. When the soles wear through, and you send them back for a replacement, they won't necessarily send you the same color you bought originally. I was VERY DISAPPOINTED by Adidas. The guarantee doesn't state that they can substitute another shoe, but that's what they did to us.
From: Ruthann, Keyser, West Virginia. 7/08

Comments: The Barricade V feels like a thick running shoe; heavy, higher at the heel than the toe box, unlike the Barricade IV. I would recommend the Barricade IV over the Barricade V.
From: Jenny, Orange, California. 7/08

Comments: I have been wearing Barricades since January of this year and have had no problem with them. I have been playing with the same pair, and they haven't worn a bit. I, too, play on a daily basis. These shoes provide stability for my game and also are very comfortable. I would tell anyone to buy these shoes..THEY ROCK!!
From: Shanna, South Boston, Virginia, USA. 7/08

Comments: I really love this shoe, they are really comfortable and there are a lot of variety for different tastes. They last long and since I train a lot, about 5 hours per day, they are very good and last me about 3 months. Everybody should buy this shoe, plus Tennis Warehouse ships them fast so you get them the next day! Love it!
From: maria, montreal, canada. 6/08

Comments: I absolutely do not like these shoes. They are hot, heavy and too wide for almost any woman's foot. They feel like you have boxes on your feet. I was very disappointed with this line from adidas. The Barricade II shoes are the best ones yet. They need to make a shoe more narrow and light weight for women.
From: KYLA, IN, USA. 6/08

Comments: I bought a pair of Barricade IVs. At first, they felt heavy and stiff. I didn't like them at first. But after I wore them a couple of times, they broke in. Now they feel very good on my feet and I love them!
From: Emily, Dayton, OH, USA. 6/08

Comments: This is at least my 8th pair of Barricades, and it's the only disappointing one I've had. Wide, heavy, hot and uncomfortable compared to the other Barricades!
From: Julie, Las Vegas, NV, USA, 05/08

Comments: I heard only good things about the Barricade IV so I bought a pair recently. I was excited to try them out on the court but was a little disappointed. They are a nice looking shoe, give great stability but are way too heavy. I feel like I have no mobility on the courts. It seems to be taking a while to break them in.
From: Anon., Atlanta, GA. 5/08

Comments: I love these shoes! I have had mine for almost a year, and they are still holding up quite nicely. I would highly recommend these shoes for any player, plus they are really comfortable too!
From: Lyndsay, London, KY, USA. 3/08

Comments: I just ordered these shoes and have found them to be very stiff and clunky. They slip at the heel and make me feel slow and cautious on the court. I play a lot of tennis, both singles and doubles and find these shoes slow down my game. Going back to my old shoes. I would not buy them again, although I think they are a nice looking shoe.
From: Rita, Brunswick, OH. 1/08

Comments: I have worn Adidas Barricade II and III for several years and loved them, so fully expected to love the IVs, too. I have worn them since July and actually fallen on the court twice and rolled my ankle once. I've been playing 4.0 doubles for 15 years and never fallen before. They are clunky and heavy and the huge heel provides too much traction. My foot stops, but the rest of my body keeps going.
From: Betsy, Findlay, Ohio, USA. 10/07

Comments: I just bought this shoe and have been waiting for it for ages. I have a reasonably wide foot and found that it was not suitable. I also have quite flat feet and they gave me considerable arch problems. I would not recommend this shoe to people who have a similar kind of foot to mine. I play 5 times a week and I just found that my feet were in too much pain to play in them. The only positive that I had found is that they look very nice!
From: Tania, Australia. 10/07

Comments: By far the best tennis shoes I have ever worn. It has lasted longer than the others. I love the ankle support. It was heavy at first, but in time it was no problem. I recommend this to everyone.
From: Jelaine, Downey, CA, USA, 06/07

Comments: I love these shoes. They are so comfortable and they look nice too. The only problem is I play high level tennis 6 days a week and they only last me about 2 months. If the soles lasted a little longer they would be the best shoes for tennis.
From: Catie, Atlanta, GA, USA. 5/07

Comments: I love this shoe. It is a little narrow, but it fits like a glove. The sole of the shoe is wearing down, but that is just because I play for hours every day. I definitely recommend the shoe.
From: Anon. 4/07

Comments: I like this shoe, I even have the white/pink/silver color which was the first color they launched in Dec '05 or Jan '06 here in Bangkok when I was waiting till available in the market...having this white/blue color is sort of "Barricade IV collection" hehehehe.....thanks to Adidas...
From: Chai, Bangkok, Thailand. 3/07

Comments: I love this shoe!! I have always gone with Nike and I want to try another shoe and this shoe is amazing. It fits like a glove on my foot, and the ankle support is incredible. The added weight didn't bother me at all. Thanks Adidas!!
From: Erin, OR, USA. 12/06

Comments: I have wanted these shoes FOREVER and I just ordered them recently. They are amazing and I am so glad that I got them. They are extremely comfortable, not to mention they look pretty sweet. They are definitely a great buy!
From: Anonymous, Hartland, WI, USA. 12/06

Comments: This is my first pair of Adidas shoes and I loved them. I always wore Nike shoes and the soles wore out in 2 months. They are everything I wanted!
From: Preslee, Strongsville, OH, USA. 12/06

Comments: Great shoe!! This was my first pair of Barricades, and I love them. They did feel a bit heavy the first time I wore them, but after a day or two of wearing them, they felt like slippers. I highly recommend them!! Great job Adidas!!
From: Maddie, Bedford, PA, USA. 10/06

Comments: This was my first pair of Barricades and they're REALLY comfortable. As a doubles and singles player I find them great as they provide great support. After I had knee surgery I switched to these and they've helped my knees greatly as they tilt inward slightly. It felt weird to me at first, but not bad at all. I don't know about you guys, but I don't get ANY blisters from them. I've had these for like 3 months and I already have a hole in them but I play about 30 hours of tennis a week. I don't find them clunky at ALL. I think they bend a lot. I give them 4.5 stars out of 5!
From: Briana, Texas, USA 08/06

Comments: Had the Barricade III's and loved them. Knew that they were being replaced by the IV's so I tried them on. Bought them a half size smaller and they have been great. NO break in period for either shoe. They do seem to fit better now that I bought the right fit for that shoe. I wear 8's in most shoes, but in the Barricade IV, the size 8 seemed to hit me in all the wrong places, but when I tried on the 7.5's they were perfect. Made the switch no problem.
From: Grace, Barrington Hills, IL USA 08/06

Comments: I bought these shoes trying to replace my Nike Air Zoom. At first I found them very heavy (much heavier than my Nikes) and a little stiff. After I broke them in (3 days- 15 hours of tennis) I LOVED them! I got used to their heaviness and don't even notice it any more. They are very easy to move around in and give lots of support. These are one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever had and will be buying them up once they go on sale. They run half a size big.
From: Elizabeth, PA, USA 08/06

Comments: These shoes gave me the worst BLISTERS! They are awful. Way too heavy also. Go with the Barricade 2's!
From: Ellen, Warrenton, VA, 20187 07/06

Comments: First pair of Barricades. They're great. My feet no longer hurt after playing. Will buy a back up pair for when these wear out. I agree that they run about a half size large but the toe box is nice and roomy.
From: Elaine, Bradenton, FL USA 07/06

Comments: I bought a pair of these to replace by barricade IIs and hate them. I can not break them in. I have blisters every time I play in them and never had the problem with my old ones. They are EXTREMELY stiff and feel clunky while trying to play in them.
From: Beth 07/06

Comments: I loved the previous versions of Barricades, but don't like the Barricade IV's. I wore them yesterday for the first time. They are heavy and felt clunky on the court. They do not fit true to size. I ordered an 8.5 as always, and these were too big. After 1.5 hours of play, my toes were hurting and numb. I even tried giving them away, but couldn't find any takers. I wish I had returned these. I guess I'll wear them with sweats around town, but not on the court. I will go back to Barricade III's.
From: Cheryl, Leesburg, VA, USA 06/06

Comments: I just got the new barricade 4 shoe to replace my barricade 2 shoes that I have worn out. I thought the barricade 2 was the best shoe I had ever had until I got the barricade 4. I love them, great support and stability. I think they provide more control and traction on the hard court.
From: Kylia, New Albany In USA 06/06

Comments: Look Great but are heavy. I trained every day in them for 2 weeks and then played half a game of Netball in them and still found them too heavy, flat, hot and stiff. I had to change shoes into a lighter pair with more shock absorption. I no longer train or play sports in them, but wear them with my sweats when running to the shops.
From: Moreen, Smyrna, TN, USA 05/06

Comments: Bought a pair of Barricade IV's in March to start to break in to replace my Barricade III's. I HATE THEM! I'll never be able to play tennis in them. I'm buying up all the Barricade III that I can find as I LOVE the III's. They are hot, heavy, hurt my toes and are just enough higher around the ankle to rub. Did not fit true to size either.
From: Nancy Hobaugh, Indio, CA, USA 05/06

Comments: These shoes are over all great. They DO need some break-in but after they are nice and worn it, they are fantastic. They are a little heavy, but they last, and there is a 6-month guarantee on them so really for me I'm buying 2 pairs for 105 dollars. So over all a GREAT SHOE!
From: Haley, AZ, USA 04/06

Comments: I bought these a couple of weeks ago and found them to be very heavy and hot. I wore the Barricades previously and loved them but could not break these in.
From: Rhonda, Rome, GA, USA 04/06

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