adidas adiZero Tempaia Wh/Black/Gy Women's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: I'm French and I have a house in Naples, Florida. I always buy Barricade shoes, but this time I changed and bought the Adizero Tempaia. They are very confortable, though the toungue is a little long, but it's not a problem. They feel like I always have worn them. My feet feel like they are naked and so beautiful. I will buy another color.
From: Anne, 8/12

Comments: I was not expecting too much since these shoes were on sale and have been for quite a long while. I thought I would give them a try and am very happy with them. They are not stiff as some have mentioned, but surprisingly soft. I agree that the tongue is a bit long and hits the front of my leg, but not terribly uncomfortable. I have only worn them around the house for the past hour and I can see that ventilation may be a problem. Hopefully wearing them in the fall and winter will make that less of an issue. It does run a bit narrow and TTS, though snug. Overall, I am happy with these shoes and will probably order a backup pair since the price is so good! For reference, I am a 4.0 player with an aggressive game and play 3-5 times a week.
From: J, 8/12

Comments: These shoes are fast on the court and very light weight!
From: Sophia, 7/12

Comments: If you need lightweight support, the adidas adiZero line is the best! I am a strong singles player who is quick on my feet. The heavier structured shoes actually make me more unstable causing me more drag and it feels bulky as I move quickly on the court. I think those cause more risk to ankle rolls and falls in my opinion. The differences between all the adiZero lines are the cushioning of the soles. The more expensive ones have a bit more "give" on the sole cushion but they are all very comfortable. I have worn all the adiZero shoes (Tempaia, Feather, and Allegra). All are very similar but they do fit a bit narrow than average, but not extremely so. If you are in between sizes, go with the bigger size. If you are true to size, you should be fine staying with your regular size and it will fit nicely snug. I also wear Nike's Lunar series which I also like for similar reasons and I switch back and forth often so my feet get a break from being "molded" to one shape as each shoe puts different pressures and stress points on your feet. Of the two brands, I like the adidas a little better. I hope they never stop making this adiZero line!!!
From: Anon, 7/12

Comments: I agree 100% with Barbara's 1/12 comments. I found this shoe to be very stiff, uncomfortable and the tongue too long! I didn't feel like they conformed to my feet at all. I have wide feet, and they seemed too narrow. They also seem to lack proper ventilation. I didn't end up playing with them. I returned them after just wearing them around the house. I feared they would cause painful rubs on the feet or blisters. I play tennis 5x per week, and I rarely get blisters from my shoes. I ended up buying the Asics Gel Resolution 4, which I was able to wear right out of the box. I play tennis in the Asics several times per week -- for 2hrs on average each session. Very comfortable, no rubbing & no blisters.
From: DMR, 2/12

Comments: I've always worn Adidas... never been disappointed. The shoes have a very clean look, if you are going by appearance. The tongue is in fact a bit long, but after wearing it a few times, the stiffness of the material loses in and it no longer becomes an issue to be touching the "front of your leg" as Barbara described. The material is a bit hard, like any tennis shoe. Just wear good socks. Touching on Rebecca's comment, blisters are a given for a any shoe when you wear them and you keep running and doing your thing. If you play soccer and wear cleats, you get blisters most likely at sole of your foot's front area... if you play the guitar, you will also get blisters on the tips of your fingers... I guess what I am trying to say is that you will get blisters and any sport person will know that. In the case of this shoe, it will most likely be on the outer side of your foot, or your fifth toe It's true, they are for a quick player and that is what I love about them. They are light which gives you good amount of freedom to run around without that heavy feeling.
From: C, 1/12

Comments: These shoes are unbelievably uncomfortable. They are stiff and plastic- looking. The tongue of the shoe is too long, and it jabs into the front of your leg. I have nothing good to say about these shoes-- except they are going back for a refund!
From: Barbara, 1/12

Comments: I previously wore the Barricade's which provided me a lot more stability but it was also much heavier. I would recommend this shoe for a players who is quick on their feet and quick on the court. But I do have to say after wearing these shoes for 2 practices, I developed blisters on my feet. But overall, I really enjoy this shoe!
From: Rebecca, 12/11

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