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Comments: Due to their exorbitant price, I was looking for a string to replace the gut strings I have used for years. I stumbled onto this string. I used gut on the mains with a poly cross. That was 4 months ago and the only slight issue is durability. Actually I believe this Alpha string pockets the ball better and I am hitting with more confidence and the power is there due to a more confident swing. I am 4.5 senior all court player with 40 years of competitive all court playing.
From: Clinton, 2/14

Comments: This is a great string and good value. Very easy to string; virtually no coil memory. It holds tension well and has a nice "pop." No reason to look any farther for a better string after trying this one.
From: Bill, 12/11

Comments: This is a very solid string. I have about 3 packages of this at home with me, and I like the feel and the responsiveness. I use Tecnifibre Black Code as the mains and I absolutely love this combo cause it is very easy on the wrist (good for people who have wrist tendinitis like me). What I didn't like though was the tension loss and that this string offers more power than spin.
From: Brendan, 12/11

Comments: It's a decent string. It's powerful and I can't take a full swing at it. I have to bunt the ball but it's better that way because I can place the ball like that and I'd rather have placement. But part of my power could probably be because of the wooden racquet (with an 86 square inch head size)I am playing with is heavy and I strung the strings on it at 50 lbs.
From: Eddie, 9/11

Comments: A nice comfortable string with good feel and bite. Slices are especially noteworthy. The string is a bit on the powerful side, it's great for adding a few MPH's on the serve, but sometimes I have to hold back on groundstrokes or the ball will sail. I use a liquidmetal radical and have it strung at 58 lbs, so I'll try it again at 62 lbs.
From: Jason, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 08/10

Comments: I just bought $30 natural gut and tried nxt tour, kgut, and such but I have loved this string over all of the rest for the value! Its simply amazing for the price... swing it right and the spin the power the control ... its got it all.
From: CJ Dong. 04/09

Comments: I played with this string in my Prince Michael Chang OS and it was a really comfortable string to hit with. Power, spin and touch was really good. This is the string I'd recommend for someone who is suffering from tennis elbow or other arm/shoulder injuries. It is the softest syn. gut that I've tried.
From: Serge T., Elgin, IL, USA. 3/09

Comments: Great string for the price. I played with it for quite a few hours in my Volkl Catapult 8 before it broke. Good feel and nice spin control.
From: S, CO, USA, 01/07

Comments: This is one sweet playing string. Very comfortable and in my LM Prestige Mid it just feels like butter. I would compare this to NXT and NRG2, but at a better value. I also string for a few buddies and have them all hooked on this string now.
From: Seth, Corona, CA, USA. 5/05

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