Penn ATP Regular Duty Tennis Ball 24 Can Case Customer feedback

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Comments: I personally don't like these balls. I find them too light and bounce-happy on hard courts (tested them on a hot day). The felt does last longer for reasons too long to list but what is the point if you are compromising game play? I think they are perfect for folks who play just for fun. Not recommended for more serious players.
From: Yonas, 4/15

Comments: These are the best balls I have used so far. I also noticed the ATP Master 1000 Indian Wells uses them. A bit hard when first opened, but they seems to last forever and play very consistent. Their durability is better than US Open or Dunlop Grand Prix. And it is not that much more expensive than Penn Championship and cost less than Pro Penn Marathon.
From: James, 1/14

Comments: I bought these balls when I was back in the US to take back to Europe with me because balls are much more expensive in Europe. I have used them on clay and they are worthless. I'm not sure how they play on hard courts but if you play on clay, I do not recommend these. They fly off the court and the ball is impossible to control if you like to play with some spin.
From: John, 4/13

Comments: I seem to be about the only one at my club who buys these balls. When I break them out, those playing with me always notice and wonder what they are. Having a different stamp on them not only keeps them from getting mixed up on adjacent courts, it makes play better. I have played for almost 60 years now and these are the best balls I have ever used on clay. They are worth ordering.
From: Robin, 11/12

Comments: I've played with these balls for a few years, and I love their consistency and durability. They're a little more firm than "regular Penn" and I think that's what I like so much about them. They've got a lot of life. I initially order them as the customer reviews were all very favorable. I haven't been disappointed. I recommend them highly.
From: Carol, 10/12

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