Yonex Tour Super 850 16 String Customer feedback

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Comments: I asked for a polyester in my Yonex EZONE Ai 98 demo. They sent me an Ai with this stuff instead. I loved the racquet, but I hated this string with a passion. Even at the high tension it was strung at, it had too much power, and my flat backhands were going long if I tried to be aggressive with them like I normally am. I also found myself hitting up the center of the court and playing the grinder (which is not my style) because I was afraid of anything that wasn't a high percentage shot. It was unremarkable in spin and had some notching when I was done with the demo. It's a good string for pushers, but not for anyone else.
From: Ori, 7/16

Comments: String lasted 10 minutes. Strung up 2 frames hoping to find something more forgiving for my 15 year old son who normally plays with Luxilon 4G. Both frames were done under 30 minutes. He has been complaining about arm pain around the elbow. Oh well, on to something else.
From: David, 10/15

Comments: I have enjoyed this string thus far. Purchased a Vcore 100S and have strung it at 56/54 lbs. The string gives me enough power but is not overly stiff or mushy. So far, I haven't found any string wear and very little movement. It's been in for about a month.
From: Bill, 4/13

Comments: I've been using this string for the past 6 months or so and it was a decent multi for $9 a set, but now that the price has increased I will be looking elsewhere. As others have mentioned it plays well when fresh but it goes dead fairly fast. This is not so much of an issue in my open-patterned EZones, but it made my 18x20 Blades feel very stiff and somewhat harsh (although I do have poly in the crosses). It's not a bad string, but Yonex has priced themselves out of my business.
From: Kevin, 1/13

Comments: I got three plays (about 4 hours) from the string, then it lost so much tension I had to cut it out. It's very comfortable for the first couple of hours, but there's not much spin potential or power. I would not use it again.
From: Mark, 12/12

Comments: This string feels PERFECT when freshly strung in the mains @60lbs, but after 2 hours of hard hitting, the string notches pretty badly and it will break soon after. So as much as I like it, I am looking for a similar string with a coating to prevent it from notching so quickly.
From: Anon, 3/12

Comments: I used 4, 5 sets of Tour 850 as crosses of hybrid stringing, with Gosen Polylon mains. It is an OK string, there is nothing special about power or spin but there is no apparent weakness such as lack of control or poor durability. The durability is on per with most other multi-filaments.
Overall, I prefer Wilson NXT or Gamma TNT/Livewire over this one, because this one does not have any advantages over NXT or Livewire. NXT plays a bit better and TNT, Livewire both lasts a little longer. I'm a 4.5+ player.
From: Tai, Arlington, MA, USA, 01/11

Comments: I love these strings on all shots. I have been using them for four years. I have it strung at 60 pounds in a Wilson Six One 95 18x20. I restring after 80 hours of doubles play (old guy) with no outward sign of wear.
From: Tom, Surprise, AZ, USA, 11/10

Comments: I tried these strings in a demo and they were also fresh. I must say I thought it to be horrible. It was not up too expectations and would most definitely recommend a pass on these strings and try others.
From: Kevin, CA, USA. 07/10

Comments: These were in a Yonex RDS 001 demo I just received. It looked like a fairly fresh string job. So I thought it would be good to demo all week. I played 3 sets yesterday and about 20 minutes into a private lesson today I broke a main. the strings moved ENORMOUSLY. I hit pretty flat with a lot of pace for my size. (5'5" 125 lbs.) I really thought the strings would live up to the durable reviews it was getting...I guess not. It was strung at about 60 or so I would say, and I was still hitting flat. My normal set-up is Pro hurricane mains and synthetic crosses at 57/55
From: Jon, Tyler, Texas 01/10

Comments: I have tried a couple sets of this string in my Yonex 002 Tour Pro rackets. I strung them at 57 lbs. I hit the ball fairly hard and so wanted good control. For the first several hours of play the 850 strings performed beautifully -- crisp, good feel, nice power, and quite accurate. Then the accuracy just seemed to fall off a cliff. The first time it happened I thought it had to be me as my serves, for example, which had been pretty accurate, started missing by a foot or even two. After restringing I had the same thing happen -- several hours of accurate play followed by some very frustrating control problems. The second time I suspected the problem was with the strings, not with me, so I got out my second racket, which had fresh strings and did a few experiments (e.g. serving batches of 10 balls at targets with each racket). The problem turned out not to be me but the strings. I could serve one batch of balls with great accuracy and the next batch with almost no accuracy at all. So ... overall I still like the way the strings play, when relatively fresh, but am now very leery about, say, entering a tournament with strings that aren't fresh. The loss in accuracy just gives away too much.
From: Craig, Portland, OR, USA, 12/08

Comments: For me this string combines a great combination of feel, durability and power for the money in a multi. I have tried many, many multis and I have settled on this. The more expensive multis may offer a more cushioned ride, but they lack the feel and control these strings provide. I'm referring to NRG2, NXT, X-1, Klip Excelerator, etc... These last me about 2 months playing 3X a week.
From: Howard, Hamilton, NJ, USA, 03/08

Comments: I got a free pack of this from the guy who sold me my second 2nd RDX 500, so right now I'm trying this in place of synthetic gut on my hybrid setup of Topspin Cyber Flash @62 and this @60. The first 10 minutes of hitting with it were awful. These strings felt stiff as a board, and I couldn't get much spin or power. But after breaking them in for an hour, I started to get that very soft feel that the manufacturer's description is talking about. At first, I thought the strings had lost tension, but after a crude tests consisting of whacking the racquets on my head and knee, I determined that these strings were in fact still much tighter than the older strings on my other RDX. So the result of all this is, you have that warm, slightly mushy feel of worn strings, with the playing characteristics of a solid control multi, which I think is the greatest thing I've ever hit with. My current 62/60 setup with this string gives me more power, more spin, and more control than my 60/58 setup with synthetic gut. I can see how these strings may not be for everyone, but I think I may have found a needle in the haystack in these strings.
From: Parker, CT, USA. 3/08

Comments: I stung my Yonex RQS11 with this at 60 lbs and did not like it at all. The string has too much feel to it and lots of extra top spin is added. I already had a lot of top spin on my shots. I did like that the tension held up until the stings broke, which was in 7 days of playing for 2 hours a day. I guess I will try other stings for this racquet.
From: Ryan, Narrgansett, RI, USA. 10/06

Comments: This string is great. It is above average in almost every category. I am using it in a Yonex RDX 500 Mid at 60lbs. I've been hitting with it for about 8 hours so far, and it has suffered no noticeable loss in tension, no significant notching, and very little string movement. Power, control, and comfort are all above average. It feels somewhat crisp or firm, and it's not mushy at all. I do want to try a set of Wilson sensation, and NXT Max to compare to, but for 9 dollars this is a really good string. Better than all of the Tecnifibre strings I've tried since most of them lose a significant amount of tension in the first few hours.
From: Kevin, Richardson, TX, USA. 8/05

Comments: I am a 4.0 player, a baseliner and has been using Wilson Sensation 16g. I strung this string at 58lbs on my Wilson Hyper Pro Staff 6.1. Comparing it to Wilson Sensation the feel is not up to par. I would not recommend it. Also see my comment on 880 Ti.
From:Kenny Koay City, State, Country: West Chester, PA, USA

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