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Comments: Got these as a Christmas gift. Had to return them back to TW due to the fit. The forefoot was too narrow even with the flex in the mesh uppers. I wanted to like me because of the upper mesh material that reminded me of my Asics running shoes. Just didn't work out for me.
From: Vince, 1/15

Comments: I am a 3.0 player -- The Solution Speeds are light, comfortable and fast. My first time out so far I played 4 long sets with no break in and I forgot I was wearing them. I prefer a lightweight, flexible and low to the ground feel. I'm playing indoors for the winter and wanted a shoe that wouldn't be too grippy on the rubber like carpet surface; I get just the right amount of give. I wear DonJoy stabilizing pro ankle braces which add some bulk to my heels and ankles so although I wear size 11 dress shoes, I prefer the size 11.5 tennis shoe. I experienced one anomaly so far where I seemed to briefly slide on the shank while chasing down a ball. I'm not too bothered because overall I really like these shoes.
From: John, 11/14

Comments: Based on the ventilation rating, I purchased these shoes. Big mistake. I tried them with wicking socks and cotton socks, and my feet were very sweaty with both. Did Asics change any of the material since the TW review? I have gone through 3 versions of Wilson's ventilated shoes, and had zero problems. Unfortunately Wilson now does not make a ventilated shoe. If you have warm feet, I strongly do not recommend this Asics shoe.
From: Doug, 8/14

Comments: I switched to these shoes because I fit well in Asics but was not very happy with the Gel Resolutions as they were not very durable in the midsole and they lacked support towards the top of the shoe. When I switched to the Speeds, all of that changed. Even though they were light, they have incredible support and I found that for how light the shoe is, the durability was top in its class. I do have a wider foot, and they were a bit narrow but it only took about an hour to loosen up. Many people say that the traction lacks, it is a bit more slippery than most shoes, but I find that give makes me confident I will not roll an ankle. Great shoe!
From: Philip, 8/14

Comments: Asics, you either love them or hate them -- and I hated them, but that was before trying the Gel Solution Speed. With previous Asics models I felt the Gel was just to squishy (if that makes sense) and they didn't give me the stability that I wanted. However, with the Gel Solution Speeds, I've found an Asics shoe I like. These shoes are super light, I can fly around the court with ease while still getting ample traction. The gel is perfect providing great cushioning but not too much. I get great spring action from these shoes when I serve. The length of shoe is just right, the width (medium for me) is perfect and I have no slippage in the heel. The shoe laces are short on the size 14s. However, I love how I can keep the front laces loose and tighten the laces towards the tongue giving me that locked-in security. The jury is out on durability, but so far so good. I play 3 days a week usually on hard court and rubber mat, occasionaly on clay. I'm glad I didn't give up on Asics.
From: Jim, 6/14

Comments: Just got mine over the weekend. Good traction, despite their reputation. Really quick feel, no drag whatsoever, light, easy touch for adjustment steps. Great heel pocketing, solid and firm. A little narrow at the toebox for my weird flat, long feet, so some pushing out at the base of the little toe is needed. Coolest shoes I've ever worn, almost like my Keen sandals, and you can feel the cool breeze in the instep vents, when a gust of wind blows through the court. Lots of friction in the laces, so you can string the toes looser while keep the instep tight. As lightweight as my running shoes, no other tennis shoe matches. As for support, such a lightweight shoe seems to need less support than a shoe that is more substantial, but more time on court will tell. The jury is still out.
From: Domond, 6/14

Comments: I purchased the Yellow/Black Solution Speed in size 13 from Tennis Warehouse with their usual fast service. The size 13 fit me perfectly and are so comfortable right out of the box. For me, the Solution was true to size. I was also amazed how light weight they are compared to the Game 4 shoe. I don't play tennis, but I prefer this type shoe for NRA off hand rifle target shooting. The yellow/black shoe is very striking and looks good with every day wear. I recommend this shoe and Asics is the best.
From: Teetertotter, 4/14

Comments: By far the best pair of tennis shoes I've ever had. They are almost feather-weight you won't even notice that you're wearing shoes on court at all! I'm more of a defensive/counter-attacking player who benefits well from my opponent's power and this shoe really helps me to move more rapidly from corner to corner. Foot-protection is good, I didn't get any blisters from the very first time it feels really soft on my feet (it wasn't the case with my precedent shoes). The only problem I had was the color, the orange parts are quite demanding on my eyes so I bought myself black laces to make it more "neutral." To conclude, if you're an adventurous player who likes to take advantage of every inch of the court, this shoe is definitely for you, you won't even need a minute to adapt!
From: Ranan, 3/14

Comments: Awesome tennis shoe for about 4 to 6 weeks. Then they break down and becomes the most comfortable everyday shoe you could imagine. Fast, light, extremely comfortable -- I am purchasing another pair before they go away.
From: Bret, 3/14

Comments: I'm a club 5.0 singles and doubles player and play on hard courts. I play 1-2 times a week. Here are the pros of this shoe: right out of the box they are extremely comfortable to start playing. Feels like I'm playing in running shoes. The cons: the ankle support is lacking and the soles wore out in 3-4 months.
From: Jimmy, 1/14

Comments: I have both the original green, and the black/yellow. The green looked great for Christmas with red shoelaces; I might just leave the red laces in place. My black/yellow pair looks much improved with the black laces I installed. Use 54" laces which is the length of those that came with the shoes. I think perhaps owners complaining that the laces are too short are lacing both of the top two holes rather than one or the other. Lacing both works for me, but it does not leave much length left to tie.
From: Paul, 12/13

Comments: Great speed shoe for my 125lb 5' 7" frame. Unlike others, because of my weight, I found this shoe perfectly durable, if not more so than the Nike Vapor 9 Tours. Laces were the perfect length for me because I like them shorter and they've never come undone. I am used to more minimal running flats and Sidi cycling shoes, the lateral stability was fine. All- in-all, these are almost the perfect tennis shoe. I just wish the men's colors went to down size 6 because with size 7 being the smallest, I had to get the women's size 7.5 in the somewhat unisex navy/pinkish red color to get into this shoe. Sort the sizing out and maybe shave some more weight and you'll have the perfect shoe Asics!
From: Raizo, 9/13

Comments: Great shoes! My first Asics and I will be back for more! No break-in period at all. Very, very light -- the lightest tennis shoes I have ever worn. Really comfortable. My only knock is the laces -- Asics makes a great shoe but then comes up around 3 inches short on the laces. They barely tie for my foot. But, overall, these are great shoes -- try them!
From: Don, 9/13

Comments: Wow! I love these shoes! I just wish there were more colors!
From: MJ, 6/13

Comments: This is one of the best shoes I have ever worn but it is wearing through the bottom toe edges in less than five weeks. I am a 17 year old female, 130 lbs. who plays an all court game. Love the shoe, but cannot afford to wear through it that fast!
From: KC, 5/13

Comments: These shoes are just great. Light and fast, exactly what a player needs when spending too much time on court. The only problem is that they are bit expensive.
From: Mark, 1/13

Comments: Just as I promised, I bought my second pair when the new color was released. My old green pair are holding up fine. As someone commented, the shoelaces are short, but IMHO not too short; I get aggravated with laces that are too long.
From: Paul, 1/13

Comments: I'm a heavy user of shoes, and am typically a Barricade player. I wanted to try the Asics out because I only use shoes with the durability guarantee, but accidentally ordered these when I meant to go with the Resolutions. The pros are that the styling is bold (like a Shar-pei, so ugly they're attractive), and the comfort is great right out of the box. The uppers are soft, and there's no break in required. The downside is the durability. I've worn through mine in less than 6 weeks. The shoelaces are short. Lateral stability is mediocre, similar to the Barricade 6's. The soft uppers are not for everyone. The traction is merely adequate. Like the Nike Vapor shoes, they're good while they last.
From: Chris, 12/12

Comments: Comfortable, light weight and durable. I've used the Resolution 2, 3, and 4's, and they are great shoes, but these are better.
From: Cam, 10/12

Comments: These shoes are really comfortable out of the box and require no break in period. The uppers are really flexible and breathable and there is a lot of cushioning in the heel and forefoot. They are also really light and fast. There seems to be two downsides to this shoe. The first is the traction, as they are very slippery on court, which is not much of a downside for me because I like to do a lot of sliding, but it is a major downside for some people. The second downside is durability. I've had these shoes for about two weeks and I'm already wearing them smooth on the toe. The synthetic leather is also starting to peal off on the inside of the right shoe. Overall, these are good shoes if you are willing to sacrifice some durability. After I wear these down I will probably go back to a durability shoe like the barricades, or maybe some Court Ballistecs, which I've never tried.
From: Alex, 10/12

Comments: Very fast, feels like a running shoe. I have narrow flat feet and short toes (don't like a large toe box). The color gets a fair share of kidding but I couldn't care less. Even better if they distract my opponent. I love them. I frequently check to see if Asics comes out with another color, and if they do I'm ordering them. I'll buy another pair when these wear out regardless of the color.
From: Paul, 9/12

Comments: Light weight was the selling point but when I opened the box and saw the color I made an instant return/exchange.
From: R.L., 7/12

Comments: Best shoe I have ever played with, bar none! Lightweight and comfortable right out of the box, breathes well and showing surprising durability. There is not a single reason to not like these shoes (unless of course you don't like bright green). They look great, and your court movement will be better than ever. Awesome summer shoe.
From: Tom, 6/12

Comments: Have had them for about 3 weeks, so far it has been great. Might be my favorite tennis shoes. Lot of mobility. Light, perfect for summer singles.
From: Ap, 6/12

Comments: GREAT Shoe! Have worn a few different Asics lately and have been very happy with all but this is clearly the favorite. Yeah its a little bright but it is so light and comfortable it could be hot pink and I'd wear them. The soles are showing decent durability (I play 2-3 times a week on hard courts) which is a pleasant surprise for such a lightweight shoe. If the fit is right, buy them - you won't be disappointed.
From: Tom, 5/12

Comments: The Solution Speed is interesting. I am a long time user of Asics shoes and have always been pleased with their comfort, durability and design. The Solution Speed is not quite up to the GR3's level of stability, and as you go back through the years, the Enquivist and the Challenge were much more reliable. The construction on the sides has come out in small chunks, especially the white part. While I will always be an Asics Fan, I feel the Solution Speed is a miss!!!!!! 2 out of 10 for me
From: Zeda, 5/12

Comments: I have problems getting a good fit for tennis shoes because I have narrow feet and have had toe and ankle injuries. I play an all court style and am very hard on my feet. The Asics Gel Solution Speed is the best overall shoe I have ever tried. They are extremely comfortable out of the box, have great stability, and are very lightweight. I am now an Asics convert because of this shoe.
From: Matt, 4/12

Comments: I never thought I'd find anything better than the Gel Resolution 2 (actually stock-piled pairs of these). But the lightweight and (hate to say it) the color got me to purchase the Solution Speeds. Wow! Gel Resolution 2 has met its match and more. More comfortable, no break-in, great arch support for me. I'm a slightly narrow foot with not a lot of body mass so the fit was perfect and I was ok on the traction (since I'm not that fast anymore, I'm also not sliding around so much). Absolutely wonderful shoe.
From: Tim, 3/12

Comments: I also love this shoe. Very light, stable, and comfortable. However, I don't expect it to last any better than my last Gel Resolution (3-4 months) based on my first month of use. It would be the perfect shoe if it had a 6 month guarantee.
From: Brian, 3/12

Comments: Fantastic Shoe! Just got mine today and played for 2 hours. It's as comfortable as a running shoe with the durability of a tennis shoe. Absolutely no break-in period at all. Great back heel support and I'm finding that my feet don't scrape on the court as much because of the light weight and balance of this shoe. Highly recommend this shoe. Best tennis shoe I have ever played in, and I have tried every brand on the market since the mid-eighties.
From: Eric, 2/12

Comments: Great shoe! Had mine for about 2 weeks now. I've been a die-hard Asics fan for several years. I wear Gel Kinsei's for the gym (as comfortable as marshmallows on your feet but with good support) and wore Gel Resolution on the tennis courts for the past 2 years, after switching from Nike Air Max (heavy, hard, and unstable compared to Asics). I've consistently found Asics to be the most comfortable shoe on the market by far. The Solution Speed is the lightest tennis shoe (maybe shoe, period) I've ever worn and extremely comfortable right out of the box with no break in needed. I was worried about possible lack of support and cushioning because I have a tendency to get post-play Achilles tendonitis pain and I rolled an ankle really badly a few years back (in the old Nikes). So far, I've had no problems with stability on the court or post-match Achilles pain since I started wearing the Solution Speed. Maybe a slight twinge of arch pain in my right foot today but that might not be from the shoes...have to see see how it goes after a few more weeks of play. The shoe's lightness is very noticeable -- in a good way -- on the court. Despite the lightness, it's a surprisingly sure-footed shoe. It felt like I was in better contact with the court, without a lot of shoe construction materials getting in the way between my foot and the court surface, which can make a shoe feel clunky and unresponsive. These make my old Nike's feel like ski boots by comparison. Maybe it was just a placebo effect from the shocking green, but I could swear I was instantly moving better on the court. The bright green is pretty stylish and it's just a good looking futuristic design overall. A big plus with the Solution Speed is that Asics finally ditched the thin shiny plastic material that they used on the side panels of the last couple of versions of the Gel Resolution, which didn't look very good (cheap) and had a tendency to flake and peel quickly. Overall, I'd give this shoe a 10 out of 10. I can't think of a single gripe.
From: Anon, 2/12

Comments: Just got mine today! They are good looking shoe! I've always played with Asics up until this past season, because I didn't care for the all yellow or black and yellow. I am fired up to get back in them! I got them today and played in them today also. They are awesome! Extremely comfortable, and very light. I can notice a big difference between them and the Resolution 3s, and in a positive way. I am going online now to order additional pairs, because I really found a shoe I love! The big unknown is how long they will last, maybe that's why there is not a 6 month warranty on these.
From: Anon, 1/12

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