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Comments: Bought it for my 11.5 year old daughter who has been playing for 3.5 years. She had some very light (260g) Babolat racquet with an 105 square inch head before and could not hit as hard as her potential would allow. First strung this one with 24/23 kg, but she could not play -- it was too stiff. Then decreased to 21/20, added a vibration dampener and she immediately admitted it is much better than the old one. She can now hit harder and with more precision.
From: Dmitry, 5/16

Comments: This racquet is a dream. I am a 4.0-4.5 level player but play with a flat style, however this racquet helps me generate more spin than some other "spin effect" racquets that I have tried. I have played with a Pro Staff Tour 90 for the last 12 years and needed to change to a lighter racquet due to the near 13 ounces of my Tour 90. I like my racquets to be very headlight but trying to find one that is around the 300 gram range with this spec was proving difficult. I tried the Aero Pro Drive but found this to cumbersome, so I took a punt on the Aero Pro Team as I was able to get one brand new for a good price. I now have 3, I am that impressed with them. It is a sub 300 gram racquet but due to the stiffness rating (72) it plays more stable than the weight suggests and it swings easily with extra whip. Power, spin, control, light and maneuverable -- it is wonderful. I have it strung at low tension to offset the high stiffness rating as I am using a poly (Mantis Comfort).
From: John, 11/15

Comments: I am an advanced beginner/intermediate player. I started with the Babolot Pure Storm and I couldn't get my service action together at all. My arm was painful. Ran into AeroPro team and liked it immediately, excellent maneuverability, superb control allowed me make my shots a lot perfect and my flat serves are so good now. Enough pop and placement is excellent. I will recommend this certainly for developing junior players, intermediate young and old players as well.
From: Shaun, 10/14

Comments: I am 15 years old and have been using this racquet for about 2 years. I have found that now that I am older this racquet lacks the plow and control I look for. However this is a great intermediate player racquet. I would recommend it to anybody from age 11-15 and if one is on the smaller side until 17 even.
From: Aidan, 9/14

Comments: I am a 12 year old progressing player, therefore the specs of this racquet are great to get me transitioning into a more adult frame. On the court this frame offers it all; great spin, power and control. Being quite a lightweight frame, sometimes hitting back a hard shot like a smash will be tough due to its 2 point headlight balance. I would recommend this racquet to anyone in between the age of; 12-15 -- if you're over 15, then the Aeropro Drive will be a better option.
From: Reece, 8/14

Comments: I find this racquet to suit the intermediate level player really well, providing great spin and control as well as good power. Serving with this racquet is also really easy, providing power on the flat serve and excellent placement of the ball. At the net, it's very maneuverable and has good put away power. Overall, this racquet is a versatile choice for a junior making the transition from a junior racquet to a full-size racquet. After playing with it for a couple of years, I changed to the Aeropro Drive for a heavier option.
From: Kevin, 7/14

Comments: Picking up this racquet today! At 65 years young, I can still dream of playing like Nadal! I had the Drive Max 110 and just tried the Head oversize Range. I tried a club members Aero Pro and did not miss-hit once. I will keep you posted on how it goes. I am a 3.5 and have it strung with excel strings at mid tension range. Great website TW. Please open a store in London!
From: Stephen, 6/14

Comments: Great racquet for aggressive intermediates. Really light, which can be a positive for speed at the net, but a con for control with volleys and even some groundstrokes. I've used it for my sophomore and junior season in high school, so I can second the fact that this racquet is built towards weaker and/or smaller players who need to work on his or her topspin. After the two years I've had this, my topspin is literally an immense improvement in comparison to two years ago. Pair this racquet with Babolat RPM blast string and it'll do great. This summer I upgraded to a heavier, more control oriented racquet since I am bigger in size and in my game. I'd give it a: 8.5/10. Recommend it for middle to low tier doubles and for younger players looking for some spin.
From: Alex, 6/14

Comments: I've been playing with this racquet for a week and I'm impressed. Good access to spin, power and exceptional control. However, I'm having trouble flattening out shots when I need to put away winners. I don't know if it's my string but that's my only gripe. Don't know what level I am at but guessing 3.5-4.0.
From: Liam, 3/13

Comments: I'm in my early 50s and play about 4.0+ on a good day. I'm kind of a big hitter and prefer a power game. I also have big spin on my serve. I started with the Aero Pro Team Light and found it way too light. Then went with Aero Pro Team and liked the extra weight (9.9oz) but still find it too light. I play with the Aero Pro Team with less powerful hitters (3.5-4.0) and enjoy adding spin on serves and ground strokes. But when I'm playing with big hitters (4.0-4.5) and I need stiffness and weight I use my K factor with 11.7oz, and give up spin.
From: Mike, 9/13

Comments: After having some arm issues with heavier racquets, I decided to demo this stick. Overall, I was very impressed. Have to get used to the lightness on the forehand, but it generated great top spin. With the more open string pattern, I got great kick on my spin serve. Forced my opponent take the return very high. Never thought I could play with a light racquet but this one changed my mind. Very good control at the net and over heads. I am going to pick up two for my next match. USTA rating 4.5.
From: Patrick, 4/13

Comments: As I get older and slower, I've kept my eyes open for a racquet that's lighter and stiffer than what I currently use. To put it into a ping pong analogy, I'm not into the spongy paddles because my favorite is a sandpaper paddle. With that in mind, I decided to try the '13 AeroPro Team. This racquet is the stiffest and lightest racquet, yet and I love it. Keeping it basic, groundstrokes are effortless when hitting in and around the sweetspot. Because I am on the high end of the tension range, anything hit near the frame isn't very pleasant. A looser tension should alleviate that problem. Volleys are crisp and I was able to place them without any trouble on either side. My serves needed some adjustment, but once I got used to the racquet, I was able to place them with ease. I'm not much of a power server but I was able to get enough pop when hitting flat. Lastly, overheads were nice and easy as the weight of the racquet is no issue. It's seems to be common among Babolat racquets that the grips are huge, hence my need to use the 4 1/8. If you like stiff racquets and have trouble using heavier frames, give this one a try. My set up is a 4 1/8 grip with Pacific X-Force 18g string at 64 lbs.
From: Robert, 12/12

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