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Comments: I am a 5.0 player. I have used the Pure Drive Plus Roddick 2012, which I liked a lot. I then tried the new Pure Aero Plus which was a great stick too, but I couldn't get over how ugly the neon yellow was. The brightness of that yellow was very distracting on the court. So, I sold the 3 that I had and bought 4 of these AeroPro Drive Plus racquets. This AeroPro is the best racquet I have ever used. Amazing power on the serve, great power and spin on the groundies. Everything fells solid. Also, this racquet looks great too. I string mine with a hybrid of Solinco Tour Bite in the mains at 57 lbs and Babolat Xcel at 58lbs in the crosses. It gives me the best combo of control and arm comfort. If you are put off by the ugly redesign of the new Aero Pro, just buy this and save your money and avoid an ugly stick.
From: Kevin, 11/16

Comments: I love this racquet. I've played with a lot of Babolat plus models -- mainly the Roddick Pure Drive Plus pre 2013, which is the best looking racquet by far. I also was playing with the 2015 version of the Pure Drive Plus. But I had played with this racquet before both of them and for some reason always was coming back to it. It is such a fun racquet. It gives you power, spin and versatility. It's a bit light for me (I"m 6'2' 210 lbs), so I've weighted it up with lead tape and silicone in the handle and it's a battle axe. It really responds to power well and it really delivers when you want to hit big. I love serving with it -- it's as big as any of the Pure Drives and it's just an all around powerful and healthy racquet. It also looks way better than the new model which is super ugly in my opinion.
From: Robert, 9/17

Comments: I recently ordered this Babolat racquet in a 4-3/8" grip size. When I received the racquet I checked the label on the frame which said 4-3/8". After playing with the racquet I felt like the grip was larger than the typical Babolat AeroPro's that I had been playing with for the last 6 years. Lo and behold, the butt cap said 4-1/2". Once I took the grip plastic cover off, I stuck with it, so could not return it to TW. Too bad I didn't order a 1/4", then at least I could have used overwrap to build it back up to 4-3/8". Now my tennis elbow will likely return and my serves will be impacted. Bummer.
From: LT, 6/16

Comments: I had my daughter switch from a Wilson Six One 95 BLX to this racquet to gain a bit more power and spin to her game. After 3 days of practice she played a junior tournament at the Rick Macci academy in Boca and she was bullying her opposition from corner to corner and had powerful serves. I made the right choice for her. If you play with spin and like to attack this is the racquet.
From: Anonymous, 1/16

Comments: I had been using a Prince Precision 730 Longbody for 16-17 years. I was told that APD+ was the perfect replacement. Not so. This racquet does not work for my eastern grip. I have wrist and elbow pain with it, and never had it before. There is no plow at all. Everything I hit flies out if I put any power in the shot. I can't trust my best shot, the big forehand cut for a service return or on a short ball. I am using Excel 16 strings at 58 lbs. Not sure if I can do something with adding weight or changing tension. I had high hopes from what I had read about this racket, so I'm a little disappointed.
From: Aditya, 9/15

Comments: After many years with a very old OS Prince TT racquet I decided to finally upgrade. I'm a 4.0 player and have had some issues with tennis elbow so I was concerned with using a more modern, stiff, light racquet. Since I also recently started stringing my racquets I figured I could experiment a bit with the strings too. I ordered my racquet with 17g Tecnifibre X- One Biphase at 57 lbs. I honestly didn't think I could hit my groundstrokes with enough power compared to my old racquet which was head heavy and 110 sq in. Serves, overheads and everything else seemed fine. After several sessions with this set up I restrung the racquet to 54 lbs and I like it much better. Now I'm trying to decide which Babolat to get as a back up - maybe a Roddick 2013 model? I might even try 52 lbs or even 18g at some point.
From: Dave, 5/15

Comments: I switched to the APD+ after years of using the PD+ Roddick because it felt better all around. And without my form, the APD+ naturally added a lot of extra topspin to my forehand. I've used RPM Blast 16 at 52 lbs and Pro Hurricane 17 at 51 lbs, and haven't had any problems with tennis elbow or anything. I've heard you shouldn't string this racquet with a poly at anything over 54 lbs, so watch out for that. Otherwise, my new racquet of choice.
From: Albert, 10/14

Comments: This racquet has the potential to be great, but getting there with this racquet isn't going to happen overnight. First, if neck and shoulder soreness bother you, this isn't the racquet for you. Don't even think about putting gut in this racquet, it will be like hitting with a 2x4. Second, your form has to be perfect or nearly perfect for this racquet to work well for you. This will detour a number of people who do not conform to western style play. Third, this racquet is ridiculously sensitive to the string set-up. A half-pound in tension makes a big difference in this racquet, so get ready to spend a very long time finding the sweet spot in both the mains and crosses that fits your playing style. I've had some issues holding tensions with this racquet, but I'm coming around to it being a stringing error and not necessarily the racquets fault. If you get past all those obstacles, this can be a highly effective racquet. The serve on this is deadly. Groundstrokes are accurate and powerful. Volleys are super crisp.
From: Loren, 9/14

Comments: I've owned this frame for 5 months and the ADP+ generates more spin than my Wilson Six.One, but I started to develop elbow and shoulder tenderness after the first month or so. I've played with the Wilson for 2+ years and it's never given me problems. I even tried to drop the string (poly) tension down to 48 lbs but it's still an unforgiving frame. I've had to go back to the Wilson while my elbow heals up.
From: Mike, 9/14

Comments: I definitely enjoyed playing with this frame back in 2010. I was able to put some serious topspin on all my groundstrokes, back spin on my slices and drop shots, and side spin on my running shots. Having Pro Hurricane Tour strings (17g) at 57 lbs, spin/control was no problem for me, but I had some trouble flattening out some of my shots. If you're looking for a spin racquet, this is definitely for you.
From: Kris, 6/14

Comments: I switched to this racquet after using the last version of the APD+ for the past couple years (half of my racquets were cracked, so it was either switch to the new version or buy a lot of the previous version before they stopped carrying them). I loved the last one so much, but it lacked some key qualities, even with it weighted down with lead tape exactly how I wanted it. I never felt I could place my serve very well with the old version. I could get pop up the middle, but out wide pop on both sides was hard. Put away hard flat shots were also harder for me with the last version, I could get plenty of spin, but putting the final dagger was always kind of hard. I improved my technique a lot, but still felt like certain shots were lacking with the racquet. This version is much stiffer than the previous version. Although the specs say it is the same, it is quite stiffer. And with the same weight added as my previous model, the racquet felt considerably heavier in the swing weight category. I found my arm hurting, getting tired, and I was not able to stay consistent. After about a month and a half of messing with new added weights, and strengthening my arm and shoulder, I think I finally found the perfect combo. (I have to add weight to these racquets because if I don't, the vibration hurts my arm). Adding weight makes the racquet feel more solid and transfers less shock to my arm and shoulder. I agree with Larry from two comments below, you can not string this much higher than 54 lbs or else your arm will kill you. It will feel like a wood board unless you have super strong arms and shoulders. All in all, now that I have found the right lead tape combination, and strengthened my arms and shoulders, I can hit power from anywhere, all of my shots are enhanced, my serve pace has increased, and my shots are penetrating the court more. I like this racquet more because it just feels more solid overall. It feels like I can do more with it. I play 4.5 USTA team tennis, 6.0 in the Ultimate Tennis League, use the RPM blast 16 gauge, and string at 54 lbs of tension. I hope this is helpful to anyone looking to buy this racquet, because it took me a while to figure it all out and come up with the perfect combo.
From: Michael, 7/13

Comments: I loved this racquet at first, I just couldn't get enough, it has amazing power and good spin, the control was above average. But I've played with racquets that were better in that area. When I was caught in transition shots coming to the net, I found that the head was harder to get around in time for anything but bunting it back. I also found that it was harder for me to hit the outside corners of the service box from the baseline, half of the shots that felt like they were in fell long about 6 inches. The same was true for extremely angled topspin shots at the net. The serve and return of serve fell about even for me I sacrificed some control for some power, but after a while though my shoulder started to hurt and I have never had any problems before. The best aspect of the racquet though I felt were the volleys if I wanted a hard volley that didn't bounce much all I had to do was firm up and hit with good form, and if I wanted a more loopy volley a little controlled swing with more racquet angle was all that was needed. Truly a great a racquet but a little hard on your arm, and lacking a little control, but overall amazing. I've previously been using a Babolat Drive Z 105 then a Head Youtek Speed 18x20.
From: Jared, 7/13

Comments: I bought a couple of these racquets off the message board from a previous user claiming it caused tennis elbow. My previous experience with a Pure Drive Roddick+ also cause TE that I've never had before. So knowing this, I re- strung my APD+ at a lower tension (50lbs) with a soft multifilament (Wilson NXT & Sensation). Off-center hits are still very unforgiving as this racquets is so stiff. I highly doubt the cortex system even works. However,I just love the power that this racquet gives me to want to give it up so easily. After a month of play, I still prefer my APD+ as long as my hitting technique is right on. Warning: a full bed of poly above 55lbs on these Babolats is a recipe for TE for sure.
From: Larry, 7/13

Comments: Phenomenal racquet. I was a life-long Wilson user (Jack Kramer Autograph, Pro Staff Original, Six One 95) and this is a massive upgrade. Feel, control, quality -- it's all there. If you have proper technique this frame will reward you. It's simply amazing.
From: Joe, 7/13

Comments: I love this racquet! I've demoed a lot of racquets, and this one is one of the best, so I bought it. Pros: the power! Easy power, great spin, super controllable, great reach, my serves are fast, powerful, and controlled. I've pissed a lot of people off on the court because of it. I add a lot of my own spin, so I wanted more power and this worked out perfect for me. Cons: compared to the regular version, the bad shots hurt the wrist, hitting the bottom of the head feels a bit dead, but I dont usually do that (I think I'm still getting used to that spot not being the sweet spot). Compared to the regular length APD, the power and control is far better.
From: Bryan, 5/13

Comments: Great feeling stick. I was looking for a more powerful racquet that was easier to swing than my Wilson BLX PS 90. Out of the box, this racquet is balanced and weighted well. Light enough to swing fast, heavy enough to add some good plow through and power. Every ounce of power is controllable for me, except for my forehand, that was spraying a bit. Made my one hand backhand lethal, easy to come over ball and rip it good. My serve was also well suited, extra length only felt in a good way, never made it feel slow. Solid volley stick but I can see where some people might not like it as touch volleys might be hard to pull off. Certainly has a bit of a dead feel like some folks say about Babolat, but not so much that you cant tell what you are doing with the ball. Would have bought this racquet if I didn't like the Gamma RZE 95 more.
From: Patrick, 3/13

Comments: I have played enough with this racquet to weigh in on. I am a 4.0 player with a semi western forehand and one handed back hand. The best way to describe this racquet is it takes your current game and adds beast mode! Unlike the regular Aero the plus model is rock solid on service returns and very stable. You will be serving bombs with this thing, it is just like the Roddick Pure Drive in that respect, the difference to me is it is a little more comfortable which surprised me with the stiffness rating. At the net it is the most crisp feeling volleys I have ever seen, and if I played a lot of doubles, this is the stick. The extra length didn't bother me on my backhand, but I just could not get the control on the forehand, as it was really powerful and I like to take big swings and I just could not keep this thing in. The added weight in the plus length was not really a problem (this is the first time I have played with a plus racquet) but when I was tired I could tell a little. All in all, it's probably the best doubles racquet, and way better than the regular Aero. Strung with babolat rmp in mains 55 and nvy in crosses 59.
From: Jason, 1/13
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast mains / Babolat n.Vy crosses @ 55/59 lbs

Comments: Everything that's said about this racquet in the review is pretty spot on. I am coming off playing with the standard length AeroPro GT and this racquet took a minimal amount of adjustment. It felt pretty comfortable from the first hit. Though I have only hit with this racquet for a short time, I had moments where my jaw dropped as I watched my balls just moving with so much pace, spin, and accuracy. Once I tweak my timing a little bit, I can foresee great things happening with this racquet. On serves, it is an absolute beast, and it has so much more put away power on tap then the older version. No bad vibes on off-center hits, and it just feels more solid, faster through the air, and more comfortable then the older version. My slice backhand has never been more lethal, and I can't wait to go out and play some more. That to me is a sign of a great racquet. Thumbs up.
From: Max, 12/12
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast @ 53 lbs

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