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Comments: I'll echo what others have said about this update. Unfortunately, coming from the originals and the Speed 2, Asics seems to have lost the identity of the speed series with the 3 because they tried to reinforce them and make them more durable but at the expense of comfort. The small rigid toe box is my biggest issue with these, though overall they feel more cumbersome. It's really a shame because I loved the originals and the 2s.
From: Nick, 1/16

Comments: Thumbs way down to Asics for this new version of the Solution Speed model. Significantly narrower fit and reinforcement around the toebox has totally ruined the glove-like feel of the earlier versions. With a bunion on one foot, this new version rubs and was not even comfortable to try on, let alone play. In a nutshell, the 3rd version isn't as good as the previous ones.
From: Larry, 12/16

Comments: As a light weight shoe, compared to the adidas Ubersonic, these have more support, and seem to sit higher. They are also marginally more narrow and slightly heavier. The adidas fit my feet better and are more comfortable but they provide less support and less traction. There was heel slippage with the Asics which almost made me return them, but I was able to fix that with using a butterfly lacing system. This is a solid shoe, but my favorite shoe still is the Nike Vapor Tour 9.5.
From: James, 12/16

Comments: I am currently a 4.5 level primarily singles player. I own three pairs of the original Gel Solution Speeds and the third and final pair is in need of replacement. I was hoping the Speed 3s would be a good replacement. As noted in other reviews, one of the changes in the Speed 3 is the inclusion of a semi rigid material surrounding the boney part of the outside of the ankle. For me, and apparently others, this change causes the shoes to rub and makes the shoes are extremely uncomfortable to play in. I did not notice the issue when trying on the shoes and walking around the house, but it became apparent almost immediately on the court. This issue would likely get worse instead of better as the insole breaks in thereby lowering the heel within the shoe. I am a size 11.5 B in dress shoes (e.g. Alden's) and have a medium to high arch and found the 11.5 to fit well.
From: Charles, 12/16

Comments: One of the best tennis shoes on the market. Great fit, support, and comfort. This is a second pair in a different color that I owe. Simply excellent.
From: Neal, 11/16

Comments: The Speed 3s are easily the best pair of shoes I have ever gotten. The Speed 3s combine the speed and lightweight feeling of the Vapor 9.5s and adds the stability of the Cages. This pair of shoes lasted me over 4 months which was amazing for shoes without a durability guarantee. For comparison, I've worn out the outsoles of the durability guaranteed Cages in the same amount of time.
From: Andy, 11/16

Comments: I'm a mature player at 36 and play approximately at the 4.5 level as an all court player (I don't skid around a great deal). I have a medium width foot and flat arch. These are the best shoes I've ever had (I've worn them for about 4 matches so far). I've come from a long line of 4 generations of Barricades and then the mistake of Vapor 9.5 Tour. They have the comfort and stability of Barricades, but are less clunky for sure. Great balance of support vs cushion. Zero break in time. I'd love to wear them outside of tennis given the chance. The only downside is that they do run a little hot.
From: WL, 11/16

Comments: This is the 5th pair of Solution Speeds that I have purchased from TW. The Speed 3s are slightly narrower in the toe box than the Speed 2s, and with the change in materials used for the uppers, they run a bit hotter than the Speed 2s. The Speed 3s are still an outstanding shoe, light weight, comfortable and would recommend them without reservation.
From: Tom, 10/16

Comments: I recently bought the Asics Gel Solution Speed 3s. I really loved the 2s and have owned at least 4 pairs of those. As a number of the reviews note, the 3s have been changed in a few ways. The problem I've found with them is a binding/rubbing/pressure point on the lateral side (outside) of my ankle at the lateral malleolus (the boney protrusion on the outside of the ankle). Asics changed the material on the shoe here and the new material seems thicker and the way it is formed it is more rigid around the opening of the shoe. I'm not optimistic this material will break in or become softer as it's a rather stiff plastic/rubber and doesn't seem to have much give to it. Sorry to say, these are not nearly as comfortable as the previous model. I won't buy another pair of 3s. Hope they fix it. I found a pair of 2s online and bought those. Maybe they will last until Asics changes this model again. Otherwise I'm back to the hunt for a better shoe.
From: WM, 9/16

Comments: For those Speed Solution 2 (SS2) lovers I have to tell you that this SS3 shoes have more cushion. The SS2 breathes more but I don't see the inconvenience and yes, they are more narrow than the SS2 but I also don't think it is a huge difference. Overall go ahead and try these shoes.
From: Juan, 9/16

Comments: I heard good things about Asics Gel Solution Speed 2, and I needed tennis shoes right away when I moved into a new home. I ordered this without reading through the reviews. Unfortunately, I had my right angle bone rubbed so much with this shoes. I thought that this is a breaking-in problem, but after wearing this shoes more than two weeks (lots of walking and playing many tennis games) does not break in the shoes yet. I often buy my tennis shoes for my "walking" shoes as well as for playing tennis. I don't recommend these shoes if you also wear tennis shoes for daily life. I could not walk with this shoes on because of the pain beneath my ankle bone. Playing a couple of tennis games with this shoes on was bearable but I don't see the point of paying 100 dollars with my shoes rubbing against my ankle bone so painfully.
From: JM, 9/16

Comments: After reading reviews of this iteration of the Asics Gel Solution Speed I was very worried these were not going to live up to the first and second versions (which are the best tennis shoes out there in my book). Luckily, most of the negative reviews seem, at a minimum, a little exaggerated and I have not had problems with rubbing against my ankle bone. The fit is not truly narrow, it is simply a little closer to neutral compared to the slightly wide previous versions. The ventilation is not so much reduced as to make the shoe feel much hotter at all (and I play in 90+ degree heat). There is a very slight increase in stability from the additional upper material, but the shoe feels the same as previous versions otherwise. Since I sprint around the court and up to the net quite a bit, these are still perfect for me and maybe even a marginal improvement over the previous version.
From: Ian, 7/16

Comments: These shoes are great and the best I've had yet. I have a tourny coming up this saturday and really needed shoes (I've been playing in regular sneakers) and these are great. I have a wide food and there is only minimal rubbing on pinky. I was really worried by the video but they're great. I had to ditch my adidas Barricade 7 Novaks because my heels just couldnt take them. They would hurt so bad so I ditched them. These are the best shoes I've had would buy them over any Nike or adidas any day!
From: Mason, 7/16

Comments: Agree with James, below. Loved the Speed 2s. Got scared initially by reviews saying this version was so narrow. Played in them once and they are were just fine after that. In a way more stable with the more reinforced exterior, but still for me the best performing shoes out there in terms of light-but-comfy speed shoes. One knock is that the shoes can be hot, don't breathe. I poked some tiny holes through the mesh up top, easy to do, and presto, feet not so hot anymore. I'd still recommend these shoes. Not perfect, but the closest I've found from the current crop of what's out there.
From: Josh, 7/16

Comments: Based on the video review, I was worried this shoe was going to be too narrow for my slightly wider foot. But, the shoe fit great. After playing for 45 minutes, it was very comfortable and fit perfect. Great match day shoe.
From: James, 6/16

Comments: Sorry to say these didn't work at all for me. I've got 6 hours of on court wear, and they are still tearing into the skin right below the medial side of my ankles. They also really pinch my pinky toes. I thought it might be a break-in issue, so I would let my skin heal and try them again, but I just can't go another round. It's too bad because I loved the Solution Speed 2s. They had just eclipsed the Nike Zoom Vapor Tour 9.5 as my favorite shoe. I love the way the Vapors fit my narrow foot, but the durability is abysmal (I'm lucky to get 4 weeks out of them -- roughly 12 hours per week). The Solution Speed 2s had the same great fit and lightweight feel as the Vapors, but the rubber on the bottom didn't wear out as fast; even when the treads looked worn, the quality of the rubber still gave me great traction. For now the search continues, and I'm stuck with these nearly new Speed 3s that are prohibitively uncomfortable to wear.
From: Court, 3/16

Comments: Best "game day" shoe I've ever played in. Lightweight with ample support and cushioning. Not as much cushioning as some heavier shoes out there (like the Resolution), but this is an amazing shoe. Some folks have complained that this fits too narrow. I have a medium foot and it was slightly tight out of the box, but it only took an hour or two of wear to loosen up to the perfect width. Any wider and my foot would slide around a bit. All time favorite shoe!
From: D, 3/16

Comments: Excellent update. The 2s felt hard and flat in the forefoot, and I couldn't wait to get them off after hitting. The 2s also felt too loose and roomy in the toe box. The 3s fit better in the forefoot and have better cushion in the forefoot so my feet don't get sore and fatigued like they did in the 2s. So-so on the colors, but the performance of the shoes gets an "A."
From: Anonymous, 3/16

Comments: Terrible update. They now fit smaller in length and narrower width. Playing in the South Florida heat, this update makes the foot heat up quickly especially in the darker blue. In the SS2 I wore a 9 -- now I have to go up half a size. This shoe is no longer my first choice. But until Nike or adidas bring out a fast, light clay shoe, it's back to the SS2 Clay.
From: Justin, 2/16

Comments: One major difference between the Gel Solution Speed 3 and the Gel Solution Speed 2 is that the polyurethane (PU) material around the 3 gives it more stability than the 2. The mesh on the 2 felt less stable as my foot would swim around because of the stretchy mesh material. That being said, the 3 felt tight/cramped in the toe box area because of the PU material and the 2 felt more accommodating because of the mesh material. Both shoes felt light and I was able to slide on the hard court with both shoes (a good thing most of the times.) Overall, a good shoe for those with narrow feet.
From: TU Tennis, 2/16

Comments: What happened!? Oh no Asics -- why? The shoe looks better and is also very similar so I was excited to try the update. The Solution Speed 1 and 2 are speedy, fast and feel like running shoes. Like nothing else on the market. This update feels a bit clunkier. They feel mushy. And not sure why, but they feel heavier and flat as well as shorter and tighter. The last versions were already on the edge in that department. I'll be stocking up on the Solution 2s.
From: Stephen, 2/16

Comments: A very good update to the Speed 2. It is definitely hot during play, since the material does not breathe unlike the 2. They feel narrower in the forefoot because the upper is less forgiving, not because it is a narrower shoe. I have a narrow foot and they fit perfectly. This would not be a good shoe for anyone with a wide foot. The Speed 2 could accommodate people with different width feet, but this is not as stable, since the upper stretches with movement. The bottom line -- I like the Speed 2 for general use, tennis and around town. The Speed 3 is a better shoe for game day tennis if you have a narrow foot. It is very light, quick and cushioned.
From: Dante, 1/16

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