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Comments: The only thing I'm doubtful about is the calories burned because sometimes I'd do a stretching workout and it says that I burned 250+ calories in 20 minutes of stretching. Then when I run for like 27 minutes, and it says I burn 382. Well, I guess this is because the calories are just estimates with your speed, intensity and duration.
From: Leo, 10/12

Comments: It has been a month and a half since I bought this little toy. As I am a fan of Nike running systems I immediately purchase this device designed for tennis. As other mentioned in the feedback there is no way to know if the rallies are accurate. But after using it for more than 70 matches and trainings, the data makes sense, and gives me a lot to compare with other matches. Tough ones are reflected on higher rallies and easy ones where you dominate the rallies are less and also the distance changes. I really enjoy the way the webpage is designed, it is very simple to operate. The device connects automatically to the mac, so you do not worry of anything. It will be very nice if two players uses it and then compare datas.
From: David, 4/12

Comments: Very cool and provides lots of data. Obviously adapted from running to soccer and tennis. Is it accurate? I have no way to tell. But it does provide a baseline for training, fitness, something to talk about and compare.
From: Bruce, 4/12

Comments: Its my third week with this little toy, I train 3 to 4 hours daily and it has been working fine. The speed cell is really simple to use you just clip it to any tennis shoes you have. You do not have to punch anything just start playing and check your watch to know at what time you started. When you go back to your mac the device will connect automatically, you just need to connect a wireless divice in the usb port, and down load the software from the micoach page. The page is very NICE, it gives you great description of your rallies, speed, time and distance, the first times all the data is just numbers but after you star accumulating training's and matches you are able to compare similar matches with different or a specific player. That's when all the data will make sense, for an example if you dominate a match it will reflect on the time, the number of rallies and distance, on the other hand if you have a very difficult match you will see more rallies and more distance ran. The data you get is very well organized in the webpage, you can put comments, scores, conditions of every match. For the ones that likes keeping track of your daily progress go for it.
From: David, 4/12

Comments: Doesn't work, plain and simple. This was a pretty great idea but really terrible execution. I was very excited to use this to track my stats. However, the item doesn't sync with the tennis app, which makes it pretty useless for tennis. It took nearly a day to get my iPhone to recognize the device and even then it only syncs about once out of every 25 tries. I've been troubleshooting with Adidas, but they haven't been able to help. I would hold off on buying until they update and fix the problem or go for a Nike Fuelband instead.
From: Anon, 4/12

Comments: I don't write a lot of reviews, but I felt I should warn people. Don't get this thing if you want to use it on the court. I really hate to say this because I am a big fan of adidas gear. But if you want to use this to track your movement and pace while playing you will be disappointed. When I first got this I tested it by doing my regular 1hr morning walk on the treadmill at a pace of 3.2 mph. The sensor told me I averaged 3.7mph and burned 650 calories. I then did my 20 min of jump rope and there is no option for jump rope training in the online software so I picked running and it told me I averaged 2.5 mph and 80 calories. I figured fine, I just confused it. I then went and played 3 hours of hard singes tennis and was told I averaged 2.2mph with one 10mph sprint and in the 3 hours burned 820 calories because there was a lot of starting and stopping. In short this little device, while good in theory, doesn't work for tennis, it does not pick up the quick foot work and the software doesn't translate the experience very well. Save your money.
From: Dave, 4/12

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