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Comments: The only thing I'm doubtful about is the calories burned because sometimes I'd do a stretching workout and it says that I burned 250+ calories in 20 minutes of stretching. Then when I run for like 27 minutes, and it says I burn 382. Well, I guess this is because the calories are just estimates with your speed, intensity and duration.
From: Leo, 10/12

Comments: Do not buy the iPhone/iPod version of this product at this time. It is nearly impossible to pair this device with the sport specific micoach apps. The device will pair with the base version of the micoach app but that is it. The adidas micoach forums have company spokespeople that say that this is an isolated problem but if that were the case you would think that there would be some other defenders. There are some reports of people getting a pairing with a sports-specific app after a few hours of trying but this is unacceptable. If you are interested in getting the micoach check out reviews on the USB version since it apparently works. There are also reports that this worked on older versions of iOS (4.3.5 I think) but unfortunately it is not all that easy to rollback and frankly should not be necessary.
From: Mark, 5/12

Comments: I just one today as a present (ordered from Tennis Warehouse a couple of months back). I have the same problem - speed cell won't synch (error just says can't locate speed cell, make sure its in range). I have it right up next to the connector! I too replaced the battery and still no luck.
From: James, 5/12

Comments: I couldn't get it to work. I played tennis, and the device would not sync to my iPhone. I contacted the support desk, tried all of the directions they gave me, and now my phone won't even recognize the device. Great concept if it would work.
From: Sandy, 5/12

Comments: After 3 days I am still trying to connect to my iPod 3rd generation. Continuously receive error in connecting message that says it may be too far away or the battery may be empty. Placed dongle directly on Speed Cell and visited Radio Shack for a new battery (I do not think a new out of the box product should need a new battery.). Still get error message. Have deleted and downloaded the app 3 times, going for number 4. Sent an e-mail to Adidas MiCoach. They want the error code number, but there is no code number. I will update my progress.
From: Bill, 4/12

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