Asics Gel Solution Speed 2 Clay Navy/Green Men's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: I have been using the Asics Gel Resolution 5 and 6 for the last few years and decided this time to try the Gel Solution Speed 2 to see if I prefer playing in a lighter weight shoe. I ordered the same size that I have been using for the Revolution 6 and discovered that in comparison, while the Speed 2 is significantly lighter in weight, it seems to run about a half size smaller. I had to return the size 7 that I normally wear for the 7.5 size. The major difference I noted in the sizing was that the room in the front 1/3 of the shoe is smaller and created excessive pressure on the top of my foot. The larger 1/2 size was better. I know that the shoe will stretch over time with use, but I couldn't wear the smaller size out of the box even though supposedly the shoe runs true to size. This will of course vary depending on the thickness of the sock being worn
From: Joel, 11/15
Note from TW: Joel -- we do find the Solution Speed 2s to run true to size and we find most people wear the same size in the Gel Res 5/6 and the Solution Speed 2, but everyone's foot is different! Glad you were able to size up a half size and make it work! Also, the Solution Speed 2 is more narrow than the Gel Res 6, so if your foot is a bit wider, that can cause the shoe to feel too small as well.

Comments: There's not enough big toe support for me. I have now played twice in these shoes and both times I've taken them off to find big blisters on my big toes. It's kind of painful and not-sustainable skin loss if you want to play more than once a week. If you win with your wheels, these may not be for you, I typically lean very far forward when I run and wear out the toe portion of my shoes first.
From: Eric, 5/15

Comments: Long time fan on the first Speeds. Saw the reviews saying wider toe box thinking that might be nice. Got these and toe box width is not necessarily or perceptively wider. So the width was fine. Same great cushioning. However, the last changed somewhat. The heel opening is wider than the previous Speeds. Some heel slippage is noticed. My foot does not come out, but it is noticeable. Tried lick lacing, but that feels very odd to me. Worse than the wide heel opening is that the toe box depth is more shallow. I don't have hammer toes or anything like that, but my toes felt too pressed down despite having enough space in front and on sides. Very disappointed as I was wearing the first Speeds until nobody carried them anymore. I hope I just bought an odd off size because I used to love these shoes.
From: Jes, 12/14

Comments: Simply the most comfortable, well constructed tennis shoe ever made! May not be durable, but it feels light and fast on court. Traction could be better but otherwise this is my new favorite shoe! I own a hardcourt and claycourt version and also find the clay version to be the best shoe for clay.
From: Pete, 11/14

Comments: Best tennis shoes since the Breathe 2k10. I'm using the clay version and they're awesome. Light, great ventilation, awesome traction and amazingly comfortable. If you are looking for a "fast" shoe, don't look any further.
From: Luke, 7/14

Comments: Just purchased my first pair of Speed 2 shoes for clay. I have owned a pair of the Gel Resolution 4 and 5 shoes, both great! Immediately after trying the Speeds on I noticed how much more narrow the shoe seemed to be and how much more secure my foot was in the shoe. The fact that I could really tighten the shoe laces as much as needed was also a huge positive change from the Gel Resolution. I am a tennis pro at a resort and spend much time in my shoes, so comfort is important. After spending a day in these shoes, I am very pleased! I am actually looking to buy a second pair so I can allow more drying time in between wears so i'm not putting on a wet shoe the following day. I love the way the shoe hugs my foot and coming from the Gel Resolution which is just over 16 ounces I believe, this shoe at 12.3 ounces is noticeably lighter. I am a huge Asics fan, just sometimes a little tough to spend the money for them. I tell my clients that you get what you pay for in a shoe, and that's the truth! My tennis shop carries Babolat shoes, but I find myself recommending Asics. I will continue to play in Asics. Thank you Asics for a great shoe. Question for you guys at TW: Do you find that on the clay some shoes break down faster on the forward sides of the shoe? I have never had a clay court specific shoe, so this is a first. Both the Gel Resolution 4 and 5 tore on me, now this was after many hours of playing and teaching in them. Thanks Asics for a great shoe and a great colorway!
From: Kevin, 7/14
Answer from TW: We haven't had the chance to playtest the Clay version of this shoe and don't get to play too often on clay, so we can't say with certainty! Sorry! But the shoe shouldn't be tearing on you, and if it is, please let us know!

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