Asics Gel Solution Speed 2 Orange/Blue Men's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: This shoe has great cushioning. It is light weight and lets me move around quickly and elegantly.
From: Jason, 7/15

Comments: Ankles beware! I purchased a pair of Asics Solution Speed 2's after 12 months of enjoying the original Solution Speed. The originals were brilliant and I had no problems. I play/train 2-3 times a week on a variety of surfaces, I also run a lot (eg. 10km+ events ) so I was on the lookout for light and responsive tennis shoe that suited my quick court coverage. After a long search I finally found the original Solution Speed and was thoroughly satisfied. Not so for the Solution Speed 2's which, out of the box, seemed more true to size in both width and length. However, the second time I used them on hard court I developed ankle pain. I went back to the originas, recovered over a few sessions, then tried out the Solution Speed 2's again. Worse! Ankle sprain! I've stopped using the 2's and considering selling them. I am back on court with a strapped ankle in my originals, the holy grail of tennis shoes for me.
From: Mark, 5/15

Comments: I have worn the Nike Vapors for a few years and they were always good but the durability was an issue. I decided to give these shoes a try and they are perfect. Super light and they provide decent support. And to my surprise, they have good durability. I train twice a day and I'm top 50 in the junior Florida region. I play tourneys almost every weekend and these shoes fit the bill.
From: Sean, 1/15

Comments: I thought the original Solution Speed's were good, but these are an even better fit. I'm always worried when they bring out the next generation of a shoe, they could ruin a good thing. The Speed 2s have a better heel fit for me and seem more stable and have a better locked in feel. I've owned two pairs of the original Speeds, one pair of Resolution 5s and the Speed 2s are the best. The Resolutions feel clunky compared to the Speeds.
From: Michael, 1/15

Comments: For me, Nike is too narrow and Wilson is too wide. But Asics fit just right. I'm as smitten as Goldilocks! I used to be satisfied with every aspect of the other shoes I had tried in the past, but now that I'm 55, comfort is now my first concern about court footwear. I couldn't wait to get out of my shoes after playing before. Now I can't wait put these shoes on -- for any reason! And no one is faster than Tennis Warehouse in California. Get these shoes! (I'm typically easy on shoes -- I'm sure these will be fine for months! I'm a USTA 4.0 player.
From: Mike, 1/15

Comments: I got the shoes and they are very comfortable -- definitely a great choice. I'm a 4.0 player and these shoes are great for me.
From: Peter, 12/14

Comments: I've used Nike Vapors on and off for the past few years, but I've always had issues with the sides of my big and pinky toes. Everything is fine for the first hour or so, but then there's pain and blisters. I've also tried some Adidas Barricades (way too heavy for me) and Head Prestige II (zero stability). I finally tried these Asics Gel Solution Speed 2 shoes and I am very happy. There isn't too much support on the sides, as it's mostly mesh. I'm totally okay with that, as that was where my toe problem originated from. Aside from the low side-support, this shoe is amazing. Very light, extremely comfortable -- perfect for my needs. I compete at the 4.0 USTA level, and this shoe is just about perfect. I would imagine at higher levels, the lack of side support might factor in, but for my game, these shoes are exactly what I was looking for!
From: Ron, 11/14

Comments: One of the best tennis shoes I have worn, if not the best. Hot colors, cool looking, nice cushioning and they makes me float on the court because they feels so light. Durability is going to be an issue as with any lightweight shoe but I plan to enjoy every moment in them!
From: RNY, 11/14

Comments: These shoes have almost no lateral support -- they are light, no question about it, but torsion and lateral support which is a must for tennis, is very poor. I'm injury prone. So I do not recommended these for any tennis player above the recreational level.
From: Nick, 11/14

Comments: Simply the most comfortable, well constructed tennis shoe ever made! May not be durable, but it feels light and fast on court. Traction could be better but otherwise this is my new favorite shoe! I own a hardcourt and claycourt version and also find the clay version to be the best shoe for clay.
From: Pete, 11/14

Comments: For many years, I've avoided most tennis shoes because I found them too stiff and heavy for my game. I've tried so many popular pairs made by various manufacturers but could never find something that fit my game. Most tennis shoes have thick stiff soles that always left me with a feeling that I was stumbling all over the court. Others were too wide, too narrow, or had too much arch support. I eventually came across a pair of Nike cross trainers that I really liked. They provided adequate lateral support but were also feather light. I was able to fly around the court and reach way more short or wide balls that I used to have major trouble with. After the last pair wore out, I've been longing for another pair of shoes that gave me the same ultra light and down to the ground feel. But virtually nothing existed like this in the tennis world, until I found the Gel Solution Speed2s. These are the closest thing to what i was looking for. They might even be better since they didnt require any break in (every shoe ive ever had have always required break in even when advertised as not necessary). Note: I had to go with 1 whole size smaller than my normal shoe size to get a nice snug glove fit.
From: Av, 11/14

Comments: This shoe is light, comfortable, and well constructed. I do not feel any heel slip as I do with other models of Asics shoes.
From: Mark, 10/14

Comments: This shoe offered me little support and cushioning. It is a lighter shoe, but the support doesn't hold up.
From: David, 10/14

Comments: I have bought both Gel Resolution 5s and the Speeds and find that the Speeds are far more adaptable to my game style which involves strenuous impact on my legs. I also found this shoe to slide very well on hard courts. Love them, these are by far my favorite shoe!
From: Lee, 10/14

Comments: I have used the shoes for over a month and a half. It has been amazing to move around the court, feels so light I forget I have them on. I feel very confident when moving aggressively around the court. It takes about 2-3 weeks to get a real good feel. They are super comfortable. The durability is good so far (I only play on clay courts).
From: Giri, 8/14

Comments: I have been using this shoe for the past week. I bought this shoe 1/2 a size smaller and it fit right. The front half of my feet move a bit, which reduces my confidence. The main issue I had was it did not have the low to the ground feel. On the plus side it is very light and looks awesome. Did I mention it looks awesome?! I also have the feeling that in another week or so, the performance and feel of the shoe is going to improve. Will get back in a month with updates.
From: Giri, 7/14

Comments: I bought this shoe after considerable research as I was looking for a light weight shoe so I could move quickly around the court. I also needed good support as I have high arches and I tend to pronate outward. Initially, I was very happy with this shoe, it was lightweight and enhanced movement. However, I quickly noticed that the arch support was inadequate for my needs. So I purchased some arch support inserts that did the job better. Nevertheless, I started to experience problems. Early in a singles match I incurred an ankle strain, something I rarely do. However, I couldn't point to an actual event that caused the sprain or strain. Anyway, for several matches after that, I taped both ankles with concern that the shoes may have been a contributing factor. Most recently, after what was for me moderate exertion, a one hour lesson and a 1 /1/2 hour clinic with 7 other players, my right foot just started to hurt. The pain was on the bottom, middle right of my foot. It was pain that had no singular event cause but was seemingly more like stress induced inflammation. I could barely walk without a limp much less chase down a ball. Is it the shoes? I believe so. The shoe is relatively narrow and snug and perhaps doesn't have the broader support my feet need, especially considering how my feet pronate. When I switched back to my other shoes, Fila or Yonex, my feet seemed to cry out "thank you, thank you!" While the inflammation is still there, I can move effectively in the other shoes without exacerbating the pain. So I have to conclude, this shoe doesn't work for me.
From: Jerry, 6/14

Comments: Played my first match in these last night and I have never felt as quick or light on my feet as I did. The best tennis shoes I have ever worn. Would buy these again, twice, for sure.
From: Neill, 6/14

Comments: I was a fan of the original Speeds and absolutely love the Speed 2s. I do think lateral stability is better, but the strength of this shoe is that you can flat out fly in them. They're the lightest most comfortable shoe for me out there. Light like a running shoe, stable like a tennis shoe.
From: Mark, 4/14

Comments: The Asics Solution Speed 2 feels very similar to the previous Solution Speeds. Like the original, the 2 is a great fitting shoe for the mid to narrow foot. For me, it's a better fit than the Gel Resolution 5. Arch support in the 2 remains prominent as before. I didn't notice any difference in lateral stability but it wasn't a problem for me in the previous version. Bottom line -- a very comfortable, lightweight shoe.
From: Tim, 2/14

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