Asics Gel Resolution 5 Bk/Wh/Blue Men's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: Extremely comfortable shoe, feels great on the court. I was an adizero client before and I will not go back to adidas. I totally recommend this shoe.
From: Nelson, 8/15

Comments: I drag on the medial side of my foot and found the upper durability to be terrible. It ripped within a week. But the shoe offers excellent comfort.
From: Jak, 4/15

Comments: It is not as wide as I thought it would be. I normally wear a 9.5 4E (extra wide) New Balance shoes. I bought the GR5 because of the excellent reviews. I bought one size bigger (10.5) instead of my usual 9.5 4E (extra wide) New Balance tennis shoes. In spite of 1 size bigger, it is still a narrow fit for me. However, it is bearable and I hope it will expand a little bit on the side. It is a very comfortable shoe, especially on the forefoot/midfoot. My only complaint is that it is still narrow inspite of it being 1 size bigger. I hope Asics makes these shoes in wide, at least a 2E.
From: Charles, 4/15

Comments: I would like to start by saying I have owned the Resolution 1-3. The 1st and 2nd generations were the best for stability, in my opinion. However, because the upper material (that made the shoe so stable) was a leather-like material, it was very hot in the South Carolina sun. This was a common complaint about those models. So, I think they really did listen to their customers when they made the Resolution 3 model, because it was much more breathable. However, stability in the upper portion of the shoe was compromised for sure. Also, I was wearing a size 13 in the generations 1 and 2, for a perfect fit. But the Resolution 3 was 1 1/2 sizes too large to wear in a 13, so I had to send back for 11 1/2. Because of the lack of stability, I did not buy the Resolution 4, since the upper looked exactly the same. Just got my Resolution 5s and have been playing in them. I am glad to say they have fixed the stability issue for the most part. I still had to buy the size 11 1/2, but that is not a big deal to me. Just for clarification, when I say stability, I do not mean support of the foot. I mean upper shoe stability. The platform of the shoe has changed very little, if at all, since the 1st version -- which is a good thing! I have not noticed anything different about the shoe except for better stability in the uppers. I don't know why folks are saying that the platform of the shoe seems higher than it normally is -- I have not noticed that. I do know that it takes just a few times out to soften up the platform to where it has that glove-like, bucket seat, customized fit, but this has been the case for the first 3 generations as well. Still the best tennis shoe on the market, in my opinion. Worth every penny.
From: Jesse, 3/15

Comments: This is one of the best tennis shoes that I have ever worn. I am a high school varsity player who plays about 20 hours per week while having a lot of movement on the court. They are very comfortable especially if you have flat feet. These shoes may feel stiff at first, but once you break them in, you will really start to love the Gel Resolution 5s! Overall, these shoes are highly recommended if you are looking for a pair of tennis shoes that are highly durable, comfortable, and stable.
From: Justin, 2/15

Comments: I have been a long time Nike shoe consumer for as long as I can remember. After a number of comfort issues and defects I decided to try something different. Chose these after reading a lot of reviews and I must say, I am now an Asics fan for sure. Hands down the most comfortable shoe out of the box I have ever worn on the court. The shoe feels stable in all areas and once I got the laces tightened up the right way I had to think twice to remember I even had something on my feet. Just a super comfy ride and stable in ever way. As long as they have the color/look that is appealing will stay with Asics!
From: Todd, 1/15

Comments: If you're looking for a nice wide toe box, this is it. I had Asics before that caused loss of toenails and I switched to New Balance in a 2EE width, but those soles didn't last. These fit great and based on the last Asics soles, these will last a long time.
From: Scottie, 1/15

Comments: I bought 2 pairs (size 8) while visiting California last summer because we don't have these shoes in Hong Kong, and I've read many good things about them, they look good too. I am very disappointed with them as the left and right don't fit the same. The left shoe is narrower. Strangely enough, I also had the same problem with Nike at one time with the Vapor Tour 9, but since then, Nike had resolved this and I didn't have any more issues with them since.
From: Kit, 1/15

Comments: I am a 4.0 player and this shoe really has great out of the box comfort with no break-in needed. I used to wear the Barricade 8+ but the right sole got ripped. These are a lot more comfortable, but the P guard wears away fast and the grip is not great. When making sharp turns there is just not enough traction to keep you from sliding all over the place
From: Bob, 1/15

Comments: I've played tennis for 40 years and have worn adidas shoes for the last 22 years. My last 3 pairs have just not fit like adidas shoes from the past. My feet were killing me before I was finished playing. Another member of my club suggested that I try Asics. Wow -- what a difference! Totally comfortable and gives me such a positive feeling while on court.
From: Tim, 12/14

Comments: Great shoe, felt perfect right out of the box. Played 3 sets and didn't even notice I was playing with new shoes.
From: John, 12/14

Comments: I purchased these due to all the good reviews and friend recommendations. They are by far one of the best shoes for tennis. They look amazing, comfort is great! I will never buy another brand.
From: Anon, 12/14

Comments: The best shoes I have worn. Tried the adidas Barricade 7.0 and Nike shoes and hurt my toe. It took some time for me to adjust. In Asics, there was no adjustments needed. Just wear and play. That's it!
From: Angel, 12/14

Comments: Very comfortable from the start, probably the most comfortable shoe I've worn. Not too heavy either, so I really liked them. They do start to loosen up over time, but you can tighten the laces enough to compensate. But they are not durable. The soles are (and come with a warranty to boot!) but the mesh on the uppers wears through very quickly (no warranty for that!). I think it may be due to the scalloped synthetic upper near where the forefoot bends rubs/cuts into the mesh and in a few weeks time wears a hole. I liked them but had to replace with a longer lasting shoe (disappointing especially for the premium cost). If I saw them on sale for under $50 I'd get them again but not worth $100.
From: Jim, 11/14

Comments: I liked the feel of the shoes and found them comfortable. However, they just don't seem very durable. After a couple months (I am a 56 year old, 4.0 playing 3-4 times a week), I had a singles match where I was getting run around a bit and the outer mesh at the base of my toes on both shoes tore open and the one seam between the mesh and rubber instep separated. The shoes just seemed poorly made or designed, unfortunately. I went back to my old standbys, the K-Swiss Ultrascendors, which perform well and have always lasted 4-6 months for me before the sole tread wore out.
From: Rob, 11/14

Comments: Great shoes! I finally got rid of Achilles tendonitis. Before I tried Nike Ballistecs, adidas Barricades, New Balances, etc. Asics are really in another league.
From: Kevin, 11/14

Comments: This shoe is very comfortable to wear -- nice style. The weight is average, but poor durability. The outer part started to damaged in less than two months. I play 4-5 times a week.
From: Darwin, 10/14

Comments: My son, who plays high school tennis, recommended these shoes to me. I am a 53 year old, 4.0 USTA rated player, still improving in technique. Wearing adidas Barricade V, VI, and VII models as well as Nike Vapor Zoom 9s, I developed a callous on my right foot, making lateral movement difficult. The transition to the Asics Gel Resolution 5 has been huge for me. I have no pain, and my mobility on the court is markedly better. This shoe is easily worn right out of the box, is extremely good looking, and is durable. I recommend these shoes without reservation.
From: Ken, 10/14

Comments: This is by far the best shoe I've ever used. I had never worn this one before. For the past three years, I've been using the Nike Court Ballestic 4.3. The new version of Rafa's Nike is too expensive. A friend told me to try his one and man, I can't help cursing at myself for not trying this earlier.
From: Obaid, 10/14

Comments: Love this shoe. I've got 2 pairs of them, one in yellow and black. The other in white and blue. They are very comfortable and light. I call these my "Mercedes" as my Lotto Raptor Ultras are my "Porsches." The socks I wear with all of my tennis shoes are the heavy duty Thorlos, which make the shoes feel even better, and give great cushioning to the feet. The sizing of these shoes is correct. Can't say enough good things about them. I guess that is why they are the most popular shoe worn by both men and women at my tennis club.
From: Farhad, 10/14

Comments: Super comfy but I put a hole in them in two months. It took 4 months for them to become unplayable due to the hole but nonetheless I was through the outsole with a quarter sized hole in two months. These do require a bit of break in, and feel slow and clunky to me for the first couple of hours.
From: David, 9/14

Comments: Really loving this shoe! I've always played in Barricades. It was finally time to replace to them. I'm 46, 4.0 player and play about 12 hours per week. I started having sore feet and shin issues. After reading reviews on different shoes I decided to make the change to the Asics Gel Resolution 5. They felt awesome right out of the box. I normally wear a size 9.5 and took the advice of sizing 1/2 down to a 9. They fit my wide foot perfectly. No break in required. I haven't had any issues this shoe being too loose. My feet aren't sore and no shin problems after playing 3-4 hours. The nice thing about the Barricades is the wear and life I got out of them. I'm hoping to get the same wear out of the Asics. I like that they come with the 6 month sole guaranty. Even if they don't last as long as the Barricades, I'll be hard pressed to make a change. The Asics are just too darn comfortable. I highly recommend this shoe. They are pricy but so is the new Barricade 8+.
From: Bruce, 9/14

Comments: Checking back in after a summer of wearing these shoes -- the shoe is holding up nicely with playing around 2 hours of tennis a week (occasionally 4 hours). However, like what some others have reported, the shoe starts to loosen up and the more you play the harder it is to stay tight in the upper front of the shoe. I have the laces tightened as much as the neck of my foot can take but it still feels a little less supportive in the front toe area, creates too much movement when moving side to side. The comfort is still there for this shoe three months in. I wish shoe companies carried a 13.5 size shoe because 13 always seems too small and the 14 runs big. With this shoe I have to wear two pairs of socks because of that problem, and the stretching out doesn't help either. My previous shoes before this were the Vapor 9 and after having these shoes for a while I think I will still go back with the feel, playability, and comfort of the newest Vapor line and just have to substitute the durability because there is no shoe that is as comfortable and fast as the Vapor 9 (never tried the 9.5). Initial rating of this shoe was 4.5/5 and it has gone down, but not much, just to a 4/5.
From: Preston, 9/14

Comments: The Gel Resolution 5 is the best shoe I have ever worn. There is no break-in period, put them on and start playing tennis. I'm a 5.0+ player, 6'1 205 lbs and they are great. Asics are worn by a lot of tennis pro who don't have a sponsorship. If you go to a Futures or challengers pro tournament you will find most of them wearing Asics. They are just better built then any other shoe company out there.
From: Billy, 9/14

Comments: Great stock feel, but the sizing is +1/2 size (I'm a size 10 and had to buy a 9.5). And like a Chia Pet, they grow with each hit. Yes, a tennis shoe that grows! Pros: Really nice out-of-the-box feel. And the soles have a lot of "oomph" to them, daring a scrappy tournament player to test the 6-month warranty. The hefty sole is what lured me in, after only getting 1-month of use from my ultra-comfy Nike Vapor 9.5s (I was on my 7th pair of them in as many months, so it was getting expensive!). Cons: I've only played in them twice. They felt promising the first few minutes, but for each changeover I had to tighten them up a bit because my feet were sliding in the footbed. Then I started adding extra pairs of socks -- which I never want to do! And the shoes still expanded. At this point I thought I was going a little mad, until I saw the other reviews. The upper is too supple compared with older versions. They need to stiffen it up a bit so get the "locked in" feel of former Gel Resolution models. The result is very poor stability and I rolled my ankle today, which I've never in 20 years of playing at a 5.0 level. I'm not going to blame it on the shoe, but I won't rule it out as a possibility. The combination of a very stiff sole and a very loose upper is an accident waiting to happen. The stiff sole gives you false confidence that the shoe is "solid" but when your foot moves too much from side to side it's dicey! I really like the Asics line (the other GR models are awesome!) but the GR5 was a miss for me. Hopefully this is helpful for other aggressive lateral movers. In competition I need more confidence in moving side-to-side and that I can "dig in" to the hard courts.
From: Steve, 9/14

Comments: I tried these shoes coming from the Barricade family. I'm a junior player that is around a 4.5-5.0 level. I liked the comfort of these shoes. They're very soft and supportive. However, I noticed that they're quite flimsy, as in my foot moved around a lot in the them when moving. Now I'm probably just not used to shoes being like that since the Barricades are a very secure fit. Also, I noticed that these shoes slid a lot. Their traction was not very good. Some people like that, and I understand because I definitely did enjoy sliding in them when I wanted to. However, I did find myself slipping and almost falling a couple times in matches. Not a fan of that personally. Lastly, they're much lighter than my Barricades. I really liked that. Overall, I think these shoes are great, but like everything there's upsides and downsides. I'm going back to my Barricades, I just didn't find the upsides of these shoes to be great enough to make sense to switch.
From: Ryan, 9/14

Comments: Great shoe! Light, but supportive in every way. Actually use on hard and rubico. 11 1/2 fits true to size. If you're thinking about it, go get a pair -- you wont be disappointed!
From: Rick, 9/14

Comments: Excellent shoe. Cushioning is wonderful -- plush and supportive in the right places, especially on the foot arch. Stability is great. Traction is a perfect balance. They feel light (definitely not clunky) and they breath well. Plus they look really cool in my opinion. I agree they run 1/2 size large, but you still have enough room for your small toe when you go that 1/2 size down.
From: Anon, 8/14

Comments: Excellent shoe overall. I have many pairs in different colors. The sole is durable and I would recommend these. However, this model definitely runs "longer" in the toe box so I suggest you get a 1/2 size smaller than what you normally wear. Also, one small complaint is that the laces are slippery and therefore difficult to get them to hold the tension when you try to tighten them up. I have a pair of the KSwiss Glaciators and they have the best laces I've ever used which have kinks in them to hold the tension when tightening.
From: Eric, 8/14

Comments: Recently purchased these from Tennis Warehouse and have been very pleased with the shoes. First off, Tennis Warehouse got the shoes out and to me very quickly and that was a bonus to the experience. The shoes are very comfortable and the added width in the front of the shoe is beneficial to me since I have a slightly wider foot. They have plenty of cushion and excellent traction. I have worn them several times playing and am quite impressed. I have also worn them a few times all day and on these occasions the shoes perform well and my feet have not ended the day tired and sore. Overall, I am very happy with this purchase and highly recommend these shoes and Tennis Warehouse.
From: Scott, 8/14

Comments: I liked the Asics Gel Resolution 4 better than 5. The 5 is a bit wider, so I would have to really tighten up the shoe laces so that top part starts to wrinkle. The sole is more durable and it seems but harder. The Gel Res 4 is a perfect fit for me and I use two socks per feet when I play. I still would not play in another brand, but I am disappointed that with Gel Res 5 because of it is too wide for me compared to 4 and previous years.
From: Joel, 8/14

Comments: After playing tennis for 34 years, my feet have developed some nasty calluses and bumps. Plus my knees and ankles have been aching in recent years after two hours of tennis. Over the past 2-3 years, I have played with several New Balance Models, the lastest Raptor Model from Lotto, and the Big Shot 2s from K-Swiss shoes, and now the Gel Resolution 5s. Only the Gel Resolution 5 has been sturdy enough to handle my issues on the inside of the shoe. And since I have switched to the Gel Resolution 5, my knee and ankle pain has subsided and the shoes are not showing the normal wear and tear like most other models. I play 2-3 times per week for a total of 5-6 hours per week so I am not an everyday player. The Gel Resolution 5s are not the lightest tennis shoes but they are sturdy and I strongly recommend them.
From: Marc, 7/14

Comments: These shoes are great on the court, but fit very very big from my experience. I looked all over to see how they fit and everyone said true to size but I ordered a half size down just in case (ordered size 10.) the 10s were too big so I ordered a 9.5 which were also too big and now I am comfortably in a 9. So I ended up sizing down 1.5 sizes.
From: James, 7/14

Comments: I weigh 160 lbs and have a wide foot. I have been using the Barricade 7s for a couple years now and have found them tolerable -- the biggest draw back is they do not breathe very well. These shoes are much better for me. Lots of support and after 3 hours of heavy playing my feet are not dry but far less wet than with the Barricades.
From: David, 7/14

Comments: Good comfort, cushioning, ventilation and outsoles are what makes these shoes one of the best. However, the uppers are too soft and do not provide the same lateral support as the Lotto Raptor IVs. In fact, the mesh on the upper are so weak, you will certainly see tears around the front end of the uppers where it bends the most even before your outsoles will wear through. You need to order half a size down unless you're wearing your shoes for show and not competition. The Lottos are by far more stable.
From: Niccolo, 7/14

Comments: I've worn a bunch of shoe brands including ones from Babolat, the adidas Feather II, the Lotto Raptor Ultra IV and I think the Asics Gel Resolution 5 is the most comfortable, stable and all around tennis shoes for me. Out of the box, I notice the superior build quality and stitching. I work as a photographer and the attention to details in the gluing, cut and stitching are not lost on me. On the court, it is stable, reasonably light and very comfortable. There is no fear of my ankle rolling over when I make aggressive cuts around the court. The same cannot be said of the adidas Feather II. I appreciate the great cushioning when I dash around hard courts. With adidas, the insole and cushioning feels paperweight and my feet hurt after 2 hours of playing. The Lotto Raptor Ultra IV is good but I think the Asics are superior. The latest colorway is just wicked. I would like to stock up another 4 pairs of these because they are just incredible.
From: Luis, 6/14

Comments: RIP Gel Resolution. Anybody who had the Resolution 2,3 and 4 knows the product since these has gone downhill. Those earlier models were the best -- not so much anymore.
From: Liam, 6/14

Comments: Just wore these shoes right out of the box for a full match. Great initial comfort, support, flex, fit to size, etc. This is my first pair of Asics ever and I purchased because of the TW reviews and most of the positive reviews of customers. Previously wore the Nike Vapor 9s and loved the shoes for comfort, and speed and these shoes felt very similar. Maybe not quite as fast as the Vapor 9s but my Vapor 9s wore though the outsole in less than 6 months of me playing 1-2 times a week on hard court. These have the 6 month outsole guarantee so I will be reporting back on durability. I was looking for a new shoe because I didn't like the look of the new Vapor 9.5s and I was very impressed with these new Gel Resolution 5s right out of the box. I am 6'3", 230 lbs, an all court, aggressive player who plays 4.0 so I put some pressure on my shoes. I hope the durability is as good as the comfort is. First impression rating is 4.5/5, and this may change after I wear them for longer periods on the court.
From: Preston, 6/14

Comments: These shoes run a 1/2 a size bigger and are wider than normal. I have been using the Propulse 3s for the past 3 years and it fits perfectly. This shoe has nice cushioning.
From: Giri, 6/14

Comments: For my narrow feet, I think this was an ok shoe. I am a 7.0 player and play tennis every day. These shoes were very comfortable, and they got me around the court quickly, but they really lacked stability compared to the barricades. The shoe also left marks all over the court, and sometimes, even the hard court would feel slippery with this shoe.
From: Dennison, 5/14

Comments: These are about a quarter size smaller than the Gel Res 4 (based on putting on a pair at the store), but still fit longer than normal sizes. A size 8.5 with thick socks seemed tight at first but loosened up after break in and fit perfectly now. For comparison, I wear a size 8 in work boots/dress shoes, size 9 for GR2 and Solution Speed, and 8.5 in Chucks. I also echo other reviewers who noticed that the uppers seemed to stretch out. I'm a month into these and the shoe is significantly wider than it was before. The loss in lateral stability is noticeable. While the durability is superior to the GR2, the stability is not up to par with the GR2. Heel cushioning is comparable to the GR2 but forefoot cushioning is inferior to the GR2. Comfort is on par with the GR2 -- very comfortable shoes with little break in required.
From: Gene, 4/14

Comments: Great shoes! Great fit, support, comfort, stability, traction. These are so comfortable I actually wear them beyond tennis.
From: Pat, 4/14

Comments: Simply the best tennis shoe I have ever worn. No issues with sizing. For my feet they have a better fit than the Res 3 and Res 4. Stability is great, feel is great. Not too heavy not too light. Let's see if they are just as durable as the Res 3 and Res 4, which both lasted me 14 months with 3 days of play a week (I hardly even play on hard courts).
From: Kaspar, 4/14

Comments: Aesthetically and comfortable Asics! I traded back to these Asics from having an adidas Barricade 8s pair that just didn't work for me comfort wise. One rubbed my upper foot to soreness. I'm not the least bit sorry that I did switch. These Asic Gel 5s are a nice, supporting fit for my feet. They're true to the stated sized fit. I also bought a pair of the black colored Superfeet inserts at the advice of a different local specialty sporting goods store. They even offer a more stable, in place fit for my sweaty feet when sprinting all over the hard courts! I've had these shoes for a few months and they're wearing well so far. I play 3-4 times a week. Highly recommend these quality shoes even for the price. They look great also. I also have Asics brand cross training, walking shoes which are superb in comfort. I'm a local club level player enthusiast by the way.
From: Harlan, 4/14

Comments: The shoes are very comfortable. The size is about .5 size bigger then expected, but if you wear thick socks it fits perfect. The issue I found with these shows is that i noticed the grey part of the upper part above the sole on the back of the shoe is shaving rubber off the sole. With time it made a hole. Especially on the right shoe. Using the 6 month sole warranty, I returned these shoes and ordered adidas Barricade 8s. Now I regret that as the adidas shoes are too firm, and are heavy and not comfortable.
From: Michael, 3/14

Comments: The fit is way too big for me. I usually wear 11 or 11.5 so I ordered an 11 and fit more like a size 12! Far too much room in the toe,
From: E, 3/14

Comments: Super shoe at first, then they seem to grow and adding socks is not what I want to do.
From: JC, 3/14

Comments: This would be a great shoe if they didn't have such pointy toes. The outside of the shoe angles in sharply, leaving no room for your little toe. Nasty, like women's high heels. Otherwise, a great, comfortable, well-cushioned shoe.
From: Bob, 2/14

Comments: Wow -- this is a great shoe with a lot of stability. Also, this new colorway from Asics is really great. It brings the shoe to a younger audience.
From: Anon, 1/14

Comments: I previously have gone through two pairs of Asics Speed Solutions, size 10.5. I loved these but the traction was poor. Tried the Resolution 5s in 10.5, but the sizing was simply wrong. Sent them back for exchange for a size 10 and those work well. Fit good, traction good, feel good. Only disappointment is with Asics for missing the size on these.
From: Rick, 12/13

Comments: Having played with the Gel Resolution 2,3, and 4s I can say that I was expecting a lot more from these shoes. I had never really liked the Gel Resolutions for clay, or har-tru because of the outsole, but they had by far been the best and most comfortable hard court shoes that I had played with. That is no longer, the quality of these shoes has gone down so much. The first thing that i had noticed when i got these shoes was that they do run a bit larger than some other Asics, but thankfully I ordered half a size down. The next thing that I noticed when I played with these was that although they were pretty comfortable and they sat a lot higher off the ground than previous Asics. This took some getting used to, and it did affect my movement for a while cause you need to regain the confidence in the shoes to stop and turn quickly when they are higher off the ground, but eventually I got used to it. Like mentioned in some of the previous reviews, after a few weeks of play they stretch out a lot to the sides, and I mean a lot, it probably increased the size of the shoe by a half-size or maybe even a full size. I play about 8 hours a week and generally wear out shoes in 1.5-2 months and always use the warranty. With these shoes im not sure if ill get to that stage, the mesh part in the front of the shoe has already started to rip a lot, and the area that is on the side of the upper right above the outsole , and right on the side of the big toe has almost ripped. I think that part of the shoe might wear out before the outsole does. granted that i do sometimes slide on hard court this does happen to my shoes, but with the barricade 7's and the court ballistec, as well as the air max cages this was not present until well after the sole was worn out. I have been an asics fan even before they got big, and as popular as they are today, but i dont know if I will be buying again from them. I really wish that they would somehow add support to the mesh area in the front so it doesnt rip that fast, or even bring the p-guard part back.
From: Bo, 12/13

Comments: These shoes are very good. These are the first good quality shoes I've actually tried so I can't compare them to others. I play lots of tournaments and league singles and my footwork includes lots of lateral shuffling. Great traction and balance. The only problem was the shoes get so loose within 2 months that my feet start sliding inside which ultimately caused me shin splints -- so I had to get new pairs frequently. Hence, the 6 month outsole durability was a moot point.
From: Srinu, 12/13

Comments: My foot is medium/wide so the new Gel Resolution 5s give me that perfect, locked-in feel right out of the box. They have great arch support with a quality insole. Breathable and great durability.
From: Jed, 12/13

Comments: A good shoe. I am a 5.5 college player. The black outsole marks the court up pretty badly despite its claims. Disappointing playing on courts that were just resurfaced. Couldn't slide very well either, and didn't have the ankle support for it. Comfortable, but I think I will go back to the 4.3 Ballistics.
From: William, 12/13

Comments: I own 3 pairs of the Asics Gel Resolution 5s so I can rotate them for playing. Overall, I have found this shoe to be excellent. They look good and the cushioning is superior. Beware: the shoe absolutely runs a 1/2 size too long, so like me you will probably need to order a 1/2 size smaller than what you normally wear. The laces also feel a little flimsy for the quality of the shoe. Asics could learn something from the laces used on the KSwiss Glaciator, which are a little beefier and have kinks in them that help to make the laces easier to tie while maintaining the desired snugness. These are minor issues that should be improved upon but that won't stop you from enjoying the performance of this shoe. I would definitely purchase this shoe again.
From: Eric, 11/13

Comments: After reading reviews, I was hesitant to order the GR5s. The GR4s were great, hands down the best tennis shoe ever made! GR5 is a step down. Every time I wear the shoe, it expands a little more. At this point, I could be wearing three pairs of socks -- the lateral support is gone and the fit is gone. Why would Asics take a great product and replace it with an inferior one? Bring back the GR4s!
From: John, 11/13

Comments: I love Asics and have been buying them since the first Gel Resolutions came out. This is the first time I've been disappointed, honestly. The look is great, but the shoes didn't feel nearly as comfortable from the start as the previous models (still more comfy than any other shoe I've worn). I've already got a couple tears in the fabric on the toe box and I've lost some traction after only 2 1/2 months. Good thing there is a 6 month warranty! I hope the next version are more like the 4's!
From: Cary, 11/13

Comments: As the GR4s are discontinued, I decided to try the GR5s. My GR4s didn't wear through the soles, but the lateral support and overall stiffness of the shoes are gone, so I am afraid that I will slip and fall, and then be out of tennis for a while. The GR5s seem a little narrower, but it could be because they are new. The traction is excellent, but they do feel heavier than the GR4s, but perfectly acceptable. Seems like a pretty good shoe, but I will try some of the other ones like the Solution Speed or Challenger 9, as I need a couple of pairs for the upcoming season. I play mainly doubles, both mens and mixed, so I need a lightweight shoe, that allows fast lateral movement. For singles, I would go back to my adidas Barricades, because I need the stability and am not concerned about speed and sudden movements.
From: Chris, 11/13

Comments: I was wearing the Babolat Propulses before, and I must say these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned! They are very light and do not run hot at all. They provide a bit more support in the front than my Babolat shoes and they are lighter and cooler. I love them!
From: Rob, 10/13

Comments: Gave these a try after being loyal to the Barricade. I think I will switch back. My heal slips, the left shoe is comfortable but on the right, the arch is uncomfortable. I think it is the insole, because when I use a Barricade insole, it feels better!
From: Robert, 10/13

Comments: The Gel Resolution 5s run about a half a size large. TW indicated that the Gel Res 4s run large, but I think the 5s run even larger. The 4s are lower to the ground and seem lighter. The 5s also have a bulkier feel. I don't get what Asics was trying to achieve with this version because I dont see an improvement over the 4s. Still a pretty good shoe, but I prefer the Gel Res 4s
From: Antonio, 10/13
Note from TW: We find the Asics Gel Res 5s to not run as big as the 4s, sorry that wasn't the case for your foot.

Comments: First off, the TW staff and service were/are outstanding. I play as a 4.0, and am 6'6" and 230lbs. In a shoe, I need a roomy toe box (not roomy shoe) with some good medial support and serious durability. I was sorely disappointed in the Gel Res 5. Medial support was non-existent, my heel was sliding all over the place, the shoes felt very heavy, they ran about 1/2 size too large (I ordered size 14), and felt really high off the ground. Now have the Propulse 3 in size 14 and they fit like a glove, perfect medial support, feel much lighter and lower to the ground.
From: Ty, 10/13

Comments: These shoes feel bulky, but provide good support. It takes more energy to run around the court in them. I'm coming from the Nike Vapor 9s, which were very light and nimble. One thing I don't understand is why can't Asics can't get the sizing right? How difficult could it be? These shoes felt right for the first few weeks, but now, I tighten them more and more each time and they still are a bit large. I would say 1/4 to 1/2 size large. Did not have this kind of problem with any other shoes. Great looking shoes though.
From: Vlad, 9/13

Comments: I'm a big fan of the Gel Resolution 4s, but when I tried the new 5 model, I found the shoe not as comfortable as the 4. Less cushioning, the sizing is off a bit, and the arch in the 5 is not as reinforced as in the 4. Why mess with a good thing just to bring out a new edition to charge more? I wear a 12.5 in the 4s and the 5 is just a bit too big. I still love Asics over any other shoe, but I really wish shoe companies would stick with what works best and not change something, just to change. Thankfully I have some Resolution 4s around.
From: Wes, 9/13

Comments: I used two pairs of Gel Resolution 5s so far. Out of the box, they are very comfortable. I play a lot of 3.0 league and tournaments and they have very good traction and sole durability. The only problem has been that they got loose and my foot would slide inside within 3 months, both times and I had to stop playing in them even though the sole showed very little wear. I am 5'7" and weigh 145 pounds so I am a bit surprised about that.
From: Prem, 8/13

Comments: Ok, so I'm a guy and I wear a size 10 Asics running shoe for a perfect fit. Had to order a 9 to achieve that same fit in the tennis shoe. However, my wife wears an 8 in an Asics running shoe and the size 8 tennis shoe fit her perfectly. Weird. Now that I have the right fit I have nothing but wonderful comments about the Asics Gel Resolution 5 shoe. Luckily, TW has a great return policy and customer service. Thanks TW!
From: Adam, 8/13

Comments: Asics took one of the best shoes I have ever owned and literally ruined it. For starters, the foot is positioned much higher off the court, so you lose the quick mobility and connection to the ground that the previous Resolution 4's had in spades. Second, they run big. And small. I tried the 9.5, too small. Ordered the 10. Too big. This has never happened to me with Asics, so it's definitely something with this version. I had to wear 3 pairs of socks to get the right fit. Third, the weight feels heavier than the 4s. Feels like glue on your feet. So I won't be ordering or playing with these again. However, if you've never played with Asics, they're probably way better than most shoes so take this review and run with it accordingly. Asics -- please bring back the Resolution 4s and stop messing with perfection.
From: Josh, 8/13

Comments: Definitely a top notch shoe. The sizing is a bit large, so if you have an opportunity to try it before buying it, do so. Otherwise, the shoe performs well. Out of the box, it took me a day to conform to the insole. The shoe has lighter feel than my previous Barricade V, with less stability. But I feel very confident on the court. The durability is better than the 4s but not as much as the Barricades, but it is a good compromise for the increased agility. Overall, it is a very competent shoe that deserves a inquiry.
From: Jonathan, 8/13

Comments: Agreed, these run a half size larger. I tried them on before playing and they seemed like the right size. Playing now, I keep needing to tie the laces tighter. These shoes have a very straight last, which for me is a bit of an issue for one foot. Also, I have a high arch and these shoes have a higher than average arch but the support is more in the middle of foot not at the inside of the shoe. Strange. In other words, the issues for me are not just running a half size large. Positives are well made and seem quite durable and look great.
From: Richard, 8/13

Comments: Awesome Shoes! Never going back to Adidas/Nike ever again. The only issue is they run bigger than normal. My last 20+ pairs of Nike/Adidas/Babolat shoes have been 11.5. I had to get these shoes in 11.0 (1/2 size smaller). I have talked to other couple of friends who wear Res4 or Res5 and they said the same thing, they had to get 1/2 size smaller.
From: Caesar, 7/13

Comments: This is my first pair of Gel Res 5s and I have to admit, I am very surprised about the comfort of this shoe. The arch support is amazing. But they are a bit heavy.
From: Andres, 7/13

Comments: I own the Gel Resolution 5s which replaced my 4s due to the soles wearing out prematurely, (before 6 months). It was nice to see that Asics and Tennis Warehouse stood behind the warranty and replaced the shoes, no questions asked. With that said I have a few issues with the 5s -- the shoe laces are shorter (in my opinion not a good thing), it is a beefy shoe to the point of being heavier, and as a result they don't feel as nimble as the 4s. In my opinion, Asics put too much rubber on the inboard side of the shoes, to that point that I was approaching an overhead and my right sneaker got hung up, I fell down, rolled my ankle and sustained a bad sprained ankle. I have been an Asics fan for many years, but this experience has me questioning if I am going to continue with the 5s once I am mobile again.
From: Don, 6/13

Comments: These are great shoes and a welcome update to the GR4s. I am a fan of the barricade 7 too, but while this shoe is not as durable, overall, I prefer it. The only negative for me is the Drag-Guard ("P-Guard") does not reach high enough up on the shoe and I've torn some of the upper after less than two hours. It only goes to the first lace hole, on the Nike CourtBallistecs it goes almost to the 4th lace hole. If this were improved I'd give this shoe 5 stars.
From: Nick, 5/13

Comments: These Asics do not work for me. I'm a 5'11" 210lbs all-court player that plays primarily singles. These shoes are too soft for me and thus don't provide enough stability for my feet and ankles. I'm coming from the Barricade 6 and Yonex 307, neither of which gave me any ankle issues. These shoes, though true to size and comfortable, are just too soft. I don't turn my ankle when I play with these shoes. I just slowly find my left ankle swelling as I play. Everybody has their own issues. My conclusions is that this shoe is just too lightly constructed to provide me the support I require. I'm an ex basketball player and might be considered a power player. Also, I find these shoes mark up the courts I play on.
From: Pete, 5/13

Comments: The Asics Resolution 5 were a love letter to my feet! I absolutely love them and can't stop raving about the optimal blend of esthetics, comfort, stability and fast feel. Coming from the Barricade 7, which were really stable, almost to the point where you needed so mush energy to move them around a court, I needed to sacrifice some stability for a faster feel. As the TW description says, the arch support is slightly lower than medium so if you have flat feet, low arches or wide feet you will love these shoes. Out of the box they felt heavenly and no break-in was required.
From: Joe, 5/13

Comments: These are by far the best tennis shoes I have ever owned. I am a high school player who will be playing D2 college level next year and these shoes hold up! Regarding comfort, this is the ideal shoe. My arches are lower than most and I have a wide fore-foot. I have tried everything from the Barricades to the Courtballistecs to the Propulses and all of them either caused me pain in my arches, loss of toe nails, or lack of durability. The Gel Res 5s have great cushion, a wider toe box, and lower support which feels great. I have put about 50 hours on them in just a little over a month and I have worn them down to the insole along the left toe and they still have some bounce! I am a pretty heavy toe dragger and the fact that they have lasted this long without being completely dead is amazing because that means I can really milk the durability guarantee. So in short, as long as Asics doesn't make any major changes to the shoe, this will be my shoe for life.
From: Jonathan, 5/13

Comments: I have a high arch and medium width forefoot and wear a size 12. These are the perfect fit for me as I find Nikes to be too narrow.
From: John, 5/13

Comments: Extremely comfortable and great support. I normally use Babolats and Yonex but I am very happy about this shoes. No break-in required. Only problem is the black marks it leaves all over the court. That's an issue if your tennis director cares about it.
From: Dario, 4/13

Comments: This shoe is very comfortable and has great traction and support. It would be my favorite shoe except for the black marks it leaves all over the court! Avid toe draggers beware!
From: Luxinterna, 4/13

Comments: Good arch support, fits true to size, very comfortable shoe even during 4-5 hours of play. No break-in required. Love them in black!!
From: SS, 3/13

Comments: These shoes were great during the first couple of weeks, but as they started to break in, they became loose fitting. I really put them to the test. I played about 6 USTA 4.5 matches with them, and by the end, my feet were sliding all over the place inside the shoe. I may need to wear 2 or 3 pairs of socks to make them fit now, but I think ultimately I need to move on to another shoe.
From: Jeff, 3/13

Comments: I have used the previous version and now am trying these. The previous version was great, I never thought it was a size longer. It did open up with time and towards the end of its life the shoe did feel bigger. They also felt more like running shoes rather than tennis shoes not providing as much sideward stability. These shoes are an enhancement. They fit tight, are comfy, seem to provide great stability and look awesome. 5 stars and highly recommended. The other shoe I would recommend is the Babolat Propulse 4. I have wide feet and wear a size 13, I play everyday and weigh 200 pounds.
From: SK, 3/13

Comments: I need to amend my review below. I loved the Gel Resolution 4 but didn't like the Gel Resolution 5 in the same size. However, I tried a half-size smaller and it's much better. In my opinion, the GR5 runs a bit bigger than the GR4. Good shoe.
From: T.T.,3/13

Comments: First time Asics user and I love them! They are quite comfortable, but what I like is that they are quite stable as well. I feel very fast on the court. The colors look awesome as well!
From: Kai, 2/13

Comments: I agree with the other reviews that this shoe does not lock down to fit as snug as the GR4. I really loved the GR4 but I'm disappointed in the GR5. But the black/blue color is awesome. I'll be playing in Nike Vapors this year.
From: T.T., 2/13

Comments: I was a huge fan of the Asics Gel Resolution 3. It provided a very snug fit, was light and also provided good support. I thought it was the perfect tennis shoe. I did not buy the Gel Resolution 4 when they came out. I read that they ran a half size larger, but I don't really know though. Didn't need them as my Gel Resolution 3s were still functional. Finally my Gel Resolution 3 shoes were wearing out a bit (the uppers) and I needed a new shoe. I waited for the Gel Resolution 5 to come out and bought the black and blue version as soon as they came out. When I tried them on, to my surprise, the fit was different. They are roomy in the toe box, and not snug. I have a slim foot and wear a size 7 shoe (which is the smallest size they come in apparently). Anyways, I do not like the fit. They are too roomy and almost feel too light (like they are not supportive enough). The roomy toe box bugs me, as it feels like my foot moves side to side in the front of the shoe a little. The medial aspect of my knee was bothering me after the second time I used them. The fourth time I used them (today) the medial aspect of my knee again hurt. I don't know why, but it does not feel like a great shoe based on the lack of a snug fit. I am going to have to look for a different shoe. Miss the Gel Resolution 3, as that was the perfect tennis shoe for me.
From: K.A., 2/13

Comments: Got my GR5s today and they look great! The black and blue pair look stunning in person. I'm a first time Asics user previously using Court Ballistics. This shoe feels great and much lighter than the Ballistecs. I really hope they last as long!
From: Anon, 2/13

Comments: I played 4 sets in them tonight, and they feel cozy and quick! Thank you Asics!
From: McKenzie, 2/13

Comments: The biggest and most noticeable difference between these and previous versions of the Gel Resolutions is a wider toe box. As my foot is a bit on the narrow side, I definitely prefer the fit of the previous version.
From: Tim, 2/13

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